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So this is a Sequel to one my stories "It's a Man's Man's world" You can read that first to get a better perspective of the whole plot.

Characters are not mine, their Richelle Meads from Vampire Academy but the plot is all on me. No copying please, you will feel much prouder if you write the story yourself :)

And a small update that might be helpful:


Rose: 39

Dimitri 46

Andrei 20

Adam 16


15 Years Later…..



I sighed, heavily putting down the papers I'd been trying to read over and over during the last half hour. My eyes fell closed focusing on my breath and taking several deep ones.

The two voices of my sons were carried through the hall, all the way into my husbands and my shared study. The walls are pretty thick; imagine how loud the children were.

"Mama, Adam took my horse again when I told him not to because she needs rest." My eldest son barged through the doors having no regards for silence. Sometimes, he is just like his father...and I.

"He's such an annoying little fuck…"

I cleared my throat and gave him a stern look that the words got stuck on his tongue. He licked his lips and swallowed as my second son came through the doors.

"He never takes her out. My horse's left leg is hurt and really needs a rest. I don't see why I couldn't, I was just going out in the woods.

"Reading your precious books I know, I know." Andrei rolled his eyes crossing his arms over his chest while sighing. He was just an exact copy of his father, which I found a super cute at times and sometimes it drove me mad.

Adam was about to open his mouth for a comeback when I stood up and lifted my brows giving them my best 'shut up and listen' look. Both their heads fell, as if they were ten and six again, before they mumbled apologies and sat down on separate chairs in front of me.

"Sorry, mama, for barging in." Andrei said, sitting down arms still crossed.

"I'm really sorry, that we bothered you, mother, did we disturb your work?"

Andrei shot Adam a dark look for sounding so formal and well, a bit sucking up. They were so different my boys. Andrei has been the outgoing charming man just like his father but they also shared the ability to not shut up and drive you mad. Adam had his fathers' quiet and sensible side, although he could grow slightly feisty just like me.

I licked my lips before I spoke, "How many times do I have to fix things between the two of you? Your father is coming home in a matter of days and I'm up to my ears in things to do, and you fight about horses?" I shot them both a ridiculous look. "I mean how old are you? And stop calling me mother say mama or don't even bother with it; mother sounds like I'm sixty."

Smiles grew on both their faces, "I still don't get how you're able to act so proper among people and can totally loose it inside the palace walls" Andrei grinned.

I rolled my eyes, "I never lose it, a queen never loses it, and I just use some bad language from time to time."

They both strangled laughter because they knew as well as I do that I don't just swear from time to time. It's several times a day but that doesn't mean I let my sons get away with it.

"Now, try solving things out on your own and please don't you be late for dinner. I want my sons to be grateful for what they have and not take things for granted like some spoiled know-it-all." I shot them both a look, but especially shot Andrei a look. He's known for always being late which I found very annoying.

"Yes mama" they said in unison. Adam happy and ready to go and Andrei rolled his eyes.

"Off you go." I smiled shaking my head. They were quickly gone and I sighed, sitting down in my chair again.

Where is Dimitri when you need him?

I sighed again; he's been gone for a bit longer than twelve months. He was traveling around the continent to set truces, to collect a few favors and visit a few friends. It took its fair time and he left the common of the royal duties to his wife.


Rose before Hathaway now Queen Rose Belikov of Russia.

Quite the upgrade huh?

I'm glad he trusts me enough to leave it to me and I learned a lot during my soon twenty years on the throne alongside my husband. But leaving me to fend with one teenage son and one in his early twenties, now that's where I wonder what he was thinking...

I love my sons to death and they are so precious to me but sometimes they're too alike me and I just want to strangle them.

Dimitri promised he would be back by Christmas and he better be because I'm not entertaining the Christmas dinner and New Year's ball alone. Hopefully he'll be back on time.

And god was I sucked dry on the sex front... I haven't gotten a piece of my husband in twelve months! No wonder my sons drive me mad.

He will hopefully be home very soon. I miss my king, my husband and my love.

Dimitri Belikov.

Andrei POV

Walking out of mama's study, Adam and I passed some of the newest maids. My killer smile painted my lips and they instantly started giggling.

"Ladies." I grinned and winked as they passed.

"Your highness." The blonde one giggled as the brunette kept on giggling. They kept walking and I looked over my shoulder watching their asses sway as they walked.

"Don't do that, it's not nice!" Adam said, shooting me a look.

"Not nice? It's a very nice view let me tell you that! What's not nice is that you interrupted me from admiring the view." I said shooting him a smart look.

"Mama would definitely hit you in the back of your head if she saw it." Adam said crossing his arms over his chest, "So would papa."

"Just shut up and stop being such a good mama's boy all the time, you're so fucking boring!"

"I'm not a mama's boy…"

I rolled my eyes, "Just go, Adam! I got things to do."

I guess I was a bit short with him at times, but being around your brother all the time, is pretty overwhelming. And I'm just having fun, women are for men's eyes to feast upon, a beautiful view! He's just too boring and a good boy to take any chances. BORING!

I had little interest in my life, women being one of the biggest! They always swarmed around meatballs and different gatherings. I do like the attention, it's a nice ego boost, and why wouldn't they look? I was a mix of the biggest power couple in the world and I have awesome hair. Shoulder length brown hair just like my papa. A mix of their features, I'm a god! I'm also a future king so there are a lot of features women will want in a man and I can give them all, of course, they want me.

I understand why my mama wanted my papa, he's a great king also he does know how to tempt a woman. I see why she fell for him. I also want that sort of relationship in the end I admit. To be able to (hidden verbs) choose my woman and I will take the task upon me. I think my mama hope that I will find someone promising to court during this season of Christmas and New Year's celebrations. I can't think about marrying someone now, all I want now is a woman to adore the ground I walk on and a real tease between the sheets. Is that so much to ask?

Adam POV

I groaned as I shut the door to my suite. My brother can be the most annoying egotistical bastard at times! He's so full of himself, he can't even see it's hurting himself and the way people see him. I don't even know who he got it from? Both my parents are very kind and humble people, I don't see how Andrei turned out the way he did?

We're complete opposites. I love to read and be outside while Andrei loves to mingle and to go extravagant gatherings.

I sighed, I'm not that great with socializing either... I mean I know how to talk to important people and to friends and family, but trying to talk to a girl? I just mumble and stumbled on my words before I escape the scene very quickly. Mama is being very nice and helpful telling me there's no rush but Andrei can talk to five women at ones and make them all feel special. Why didn't I get that gene? Why did I have to become the silent nice type, my mama say's it's better than being loud and stuck up but sometimes I'm not sure.

I groaned again, where is dad when you need him?


"We will arrive to the palace early afternoon, my king said one of the horse keepers. "The horses just need an hour's rest and we are ready to go again."

I smiled, "Of course, take your time, you are all good to me and I am grateful for your hard work."

His face lit up, "It's my pleasure, my king" He bowed quickly before leaving me by the carriage.

It felt like such a relief to be so close to home, at least be in my home country again. I've traveled Europe and Asia for more than twelve months for business and meeting a few old friends. I've seen a lot of new things and loved my time traveling but I truly miss my family.

I miss my sons bickering and teasing, I miss the family dinners even the ball and parties but most of all, I miss one person. One very special person, special woman, my wife.

Roza Belikova.

I still love saying that, even after almost twenty years of marriage, she is so close to my heart and I can't see my life being this good without her. I was really looking forward into seeing her, to touch her. Kiss her. Hell, I haven't made love to my wife in a year!

"We're ready to go, my king."

I woke up from my daydreams before they got too inappropriate for the public. I smiled and jumped in my carriage, I'm ready to go home!

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