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Adam POV

"Can I talk to you about something?"

Julia's head snapped up from her book, "Yes of course" She put a bookmark in her book and closed it, "What's up?" She leaned forward a bit showing me I got her full attention.

"Well," I felt a bit pathetic for asking this, but it was true, I needed a few pointers or just a huge amount of help!

"So, uh" I scratched the back of my neck, "I was thinking about going to one of the local pubs tonight, just to grab a beer and maybe... try to, um talk to" I took a shaky breath. The funny thing now was that Julia had this big smile on her lips, it actually freaked me out a little.

"You wanna go to the pub to find a girl?" She sounded so excited I quickly went through my intentions with this and this thought it must be good to have her there. She is the best friend I have who is a girl, so she was the best choice!

I nodded timidly feeling anxious of what she might say. Will she think I'm pathetic for not manning up and going at it alone? Or will she just feel sad for my pathetic loneliness?

Dear God why did I do this to myself?

"I'd love to!" She said as a huge grin painted her lips and she clapped her hands in a very girly way. "This is so exciting and I'm so happy you asked, I'm always here if you need me" She said sweetly.

I swallowed again, but this time feeling a lot lighter hearted about the whole thing. Maybe this was a pretty good idea after all?

I smiled, "Thank you so much, I really need some support I'm not very good with talking to girls" I said grimacing slightly. She chuckled, "No worries, you'll be a pro when the nights over" She winked.

I laughed nervously, we'll see about that...

We agreed to meet by the big door tonight at eight so we could have dinner, then get some time to get ready.

Finished with my first mission I moved on to the next. I stopped outside his door and knocked and then stepped in. I know him in one way found it annoying, I always knocked, but the times I haven't I've seen things a brother never wants to see! I won't mention everything here, but it all involved a ruler and a part I never understood why men measured.

"What's up brother?" Andrei smiled slyly as he was half lying in one of his coaches and surprisingly also reading. Julia and he are so much more alike than they think they are.

"Hey, " I said, walking in stopping behind one of the chairs and leaned on it. They my words sort of getting a bit stuck in my mouth. I swallowed, feeling the struggle I just felt when asking Julia. I licked my lips and caught Andrei, looking at me with eyebrows raised.

"You ok?" He asked to give me a strange look.

I swallowed again, "Yeah , um, I just wanted to ask you something."

Just as Julia did he put his book down and sat up leaning forward, resting his elbows on his knees giving me his full attention. This is a bit weird how similar they are...

"Uh, " I shook my head, trying to focus, "OK, I was thinking about going to the pub tonight" Andrei nodded along listening to me, "And am I wondered if you wanted to come along cause I was thinking about giving it um, I mean a girl or something a chance or I mean talk to her or I um-"

A grin spread on Andrei lips and he chuckled, "You wanna go out and find a girl?"

How come both of them understood what I said from me just babbling?

I nodded, feeling anxious for what he might say as well. He rubbed his hands together looking excited I knew he was no it.

"Of course!" He laughed lightly, "This will be fun, I'm happy you're finally grabbing your balls to get out there. There are plenty of good girls out there for you brother"

The weight slowly left my shoulders and I actually felt sort of confident now. Both of them were coming and I was actually going to do this tonight!

What I didn't tell the other one was that the other was coming. They might not have agreed if they knew! They're so touchy lately and honestly I think both of them need a break from this whole trying to force feelings or whatever. Or trying to hide them away, it's getting pretty ridiculous and when I'm saying that it's just awkward. Cause I don't know that much about girls.

And I need them both because they both give very good advice. Even Andrei, it's a bit rare, but it happens. So when Julia lowly said through her teeth, "What's he doing here?" as Andrei walked towards us as we waited by the grand door I tried to hide a smile. Andrei looked quite surprised as well.

His eyes moved between Julia and myself and I just shrugged and smiled, "I need all the help I can get, you both know that and believe it or not I think both of you have more experience with boys and girls than anyone I've ever known. So who better?"

"Are you nicely calling me a slut?" Julia asked to give me a sideways glaze. I gave her an innocent smile, she had told me about the different guys she's been with. She's not a slut, but there were a few. She rolled her eyes and Andrei just shrugged, "It's true there's not a typed woman on this earth I haven't met so wise choice brother."

I could see Julia rolling her eyes and I laughed in my head, this would definitely be an interesting evening...


Walking into the pub I felt nervous, what have I gotten myself into? Was it wise to bring both of them after all? Would they fight? I hope not, I hate it when they fight.

The tension was stiff between them as we sat down in a half circle booth in the back. We had a good view of the whole pub. The waitress came by to order drinks and we ordered a round of beers. Julia loved beer, which is pretty rare for women around here, but I thought it was cool. She was different, an original.

Andrei seemed to like it too, he looked a bit surprised but he didn't make any snarky remark or anything. He just looked really cool about the whole think, which is rare for him.

Andrei seemed to like it too, he looked a bit surprised, but he didn't make any snarky remark or anything. He just looked really cool about the whole thing, which is rare for him.

When the waitress left neither of them said a word and I just sighed.

"Ok, so I got both of you here cause you're the closest friends I have, stop making things so freaking awkward! You're here for me not to talk to one another or whatever business going on. Tonight is Adam night and working on what I need so drop any thought of the other person now and focus on how to get me to talk to a girl because I never do that."

Looking from side to side, I saw Julia wearing an amused smile on her lips and Andrei was shaking his head slowly but a smile was on his lips as well.

I sighed again, feeling lighter. Ok, cool they would do this for me I smiled. This might turn out better than I thought?

"Ok" Andrei said, leaning forward on the table, "So how do you want to do this?" both having their eyes on me.

Licking my lips I suddenly got nervous, "D-do what?" I looked between the two of them.

"Approaching the girl" Julia said easily, "Well, you have to choose one first." Her eyes scanned the crowd and so did Andrei's. Panic was suddenly entering my body, holy shit, we're actually doing this!

"Uh-uh, I um- uh"

Andrei chuckled, "You're not backing out now, you've dragged me down here, and we're doing this"

Julia made a face, "Well, you don't really have to because we can't force you but-"

"It's time!" Andrei said obviously.

"It's a time when he thinks it's time." Julia said shooting Andrei looks.

"He's sixteen, it's time to talk to a girl!"

"It's not your decision to make, it's his" Julia was getting worked up and was shooting me daggers. I rolled my eyes.

"Fine, it is, but you wanted this Adam and we're here for you. I'm just saying don't waste the chance. It might not go perfectly the first time, but it's the only way you'll learn."

Since when did he get so Zen lesson-ish?

I looked over at Julia and she grimaced a little before looking over at me, "I hate to admit it but I think he's right"

Taking a deep breath I nodded, "Ok, so maybe you are right, " I was fiddling with my hands, "So got any pointers? Any guidance?"

"First pick your goal" Andrei said, looking around the room. "What about Blondie by the door?"

"She's too skanky" Julia grimaced, "What about that black haired girl in the left corner?"

"That's not better than skunk" Andrei grimaced, "She looks like she's on a mission to kill herself."

Julia shot Andrei a killer look. Luckily I sat between them so they couldn't really kill each other. On the other hand, they're both very stubborn people, so I guess a table and myself won't stop them if they want to go on a killing spree.

Sighing I looked around the bar as they kept mentioning girls hair colors and positions. None of them really appealed to me and Julia and Andrei just kept arguing that their pick would be better so some stupid reason that didn't really make sense.

Then something caught my eye or someone.

It was either the red hair or the bright green eyes that reeled me in. It was almost like a punch in the stomach sort of beautiful if you know what I mean?

"Wow," I breathed.

"Who?" Julia was searching the bar trying to find who I was looking at

Andrei found her instantly as well and I could see him nodding approvingly from the corner of my eye, "Nice" he grinned.

"Who? I can't see who you're looking at" Julia grew irritated since Andrei saw her and she didn't.

"It's the red head by the bar next to the girl with the flat ass" Andrei said, sipping on his drink and I could see Julia shot him a look, "What does that girl's ass have to do with anything?"

He shrugged like it wasn't a big deal, "She was next to her and it was the first thing I noticed" he shrugged again.

"You're so superficial I just want to puke in your face" She said clearly disgusted.

Andrei rolled his eyes, putting his drink down, "So her ass is flat, I comment on it, what's the fucking deal? It's not like I said your ass is flat, because I know it's perfectly round and yes, I've been looking at it" Before she could say anything in return Andrei continued, "And that's a compliment, I don't say that to many girls."

Julia's eyes met mine and I nodded, Andrei notices a lot of things about a girl, but he rarely gives them a compliment if it's not exactly how he feels. He also doesn't feel he has to use compliments very often, he once told me actions speaks louder than words. I didn't want to know more after that.

I could see Julia was ready to continue the fight, but I spoke beforehand, "She's wearing the soft pink dress and she has amazing green eyes"

"You can see her eyes from here?" Andrei said, giving me weird looks.

I smiled awkwardly, "Yes and they're very nice looking..."

Julia smiled, "She is gorgeous Adam, go talk to her"

I looked down at my hands, "It's not that easy..."

She frowned "Why not?"

"He's never spoken to a girl he's interested in before." Andrei said before emptying his glass waving his hand for another one.

Julia gave him a look before saying got me, "There must have been someone?"

I shook my head, feeling ashamed, "I mean I talk to you, but you're my friend, the only time I tried at one of the dances she laughed at me and went off to dance with another guy."

"That girl was fucked up Adam" Andrei said, giving me a meaningful look, "She was the one missing out."

This is one of those rare moments when I like having an older brother. He could cheer me up at times, if he really wanted to.

"So what do you want me to do exactly?" Julia asked, "Do you need help with what to say or not to say or?"

"Yeah," I nodded, "I have no clue how to start conversation"

"I usually start it all off with a compliment" Andrei said leaning back.

Julia rolled her eyes, "That's the cheesiest thing in the book" She snapped before turning towards me with a kind look on her face, "Just wait until you see her drink is running low and offer her a new one. Then just be honest, you saw her across the room and you really wanted to talk to her. Honesty works in the long run."

"Not always," Andrei filled in, "If you tell a girl you want to fuck her straight off them usually end up slapping you-"

"No one was asking you, " Julia said, cutting him off with a bitchy voice. Andrei shot her a glare, but I thought Julia was bitchy was pretty amusing

"So I'm just supposed to say what's on my mind, in a nice way?"

"Exactly" Julia smiled, "Compliments are good, but don't go overkill with them, and let her talk, make her know you're interested and that you're listening"

I took a deep breath, "Ok, that doesn't sound too hard."

"You can do it, you're a Belikov." Andrei smiled genuinely, "You've always known how to charm your way with the elders, and it's easier than you think"

I smiled towards him and nodded, I was pretty good at talking to them and they all loved me!

"Now go" Andrei smiled, nodding toward her. I nodded and got up but as soon as I got onto the floor I felt like my throat was going thick and my feet heavy. Was I freaking out? Shit, am I having a panic attack? I started breathing heavily.

I heard a sigh from behind me and suddenly a heavy arm was around my shoulders and I instantly knew I was Andrei and he was gently pushing me forwards towards the bar.

"You can do this, " he said, squeezing my shoulder, "That girl from last year's bash was seriously crazy, so forget her, this is a new girl and she looks like she's a really nice girl. Don't worry too much, just try to make conversation and be a gentleman."

I nodded as we got closer, Andrei smiles "I'll even help you start."

I gave him a look, but before I could say anything we were there and Andrei was tapping the girl on her shoulder. She spun around looking slightly surprised, Andrei gave her a nice smile, "Hi, I'm Andrei and this is my younger brother Adam, he's been looking at you ever since she came here and he's a bit shy so I thought I'd come over here with him as moral support."

The girl blushed and I tried to smile, but I felt that I was blushing too.

"He thinks you're beautiful and he really likes your hair, sorry, what's your name?" Andrei continued.

"Meredith" She smiled sweetly.

"Meredith, nice" Andrei grinned, "Adam here would love to buy you a drink, is that ok with you?"

She nodded, "I'd love that"

"Cool, I'll be over here if you need me, have fun!" Andrei gave me a last pat on my shoulders and then he was gone.

I took a deep breath, looking over my shoulder towards him and he gave me a wink before he turned around. I sighed, looking back towards Meredith and swallowed again and then smiled awkwardly, "S-sorry for the whole introduction thing, " I said, scratching my arm, "But I am pretty shy I guess."

She giggled, "No worries, I find it pretty sweet actually"

I was pleasantly surprised, "Oh, why?"

She shrugged, but continued to smile "Most guys these days are so up in your face and just won't let you talk, plus you're-" she moved a few strands of hair behind her ear, "You're very good looking."

I blushed and looked down, "Thank you, you um, you're very beautiful too"

She giggled as I blushed. I laughed nervously, "So do you want a drink?"

"Yes, please, one vodka with lemonade please" She said, sitting down on one of the chairs and I took the one next to her.

I smiled, feeling a bit more comfortable already "Great, " I ordered our drinks and then turned to look at her. I didn't really know what to say now I bit my lower lip.

"So you think I'm beautiful?" she smiled, her eyes sort of sparkling. Her eyes are really amazing!

"Yeah," I breathed, "Your hair was the first thing I noticed, I really love the color"

She blushed and played with the ends of her hair, "Nobody really likes my hair color apart from my mama, papa wants me to be blind because they getmore attention but it's not like I can do anything about it"

"Well, I like it" I smiled, "I also, um, I really like your eyes."

She bit her lip, trying to hold back a smile, "Really?"

I nodded "Green's my favorite color"

She blushed, "Thank you, " she took a sip on the drinks as they were placed in front of us, "So that was your brother or?"

"Yeah, " I smiled, "He's the brave ladies' man"

She chuckled, "And you're not?"

I shook my head, "Nah, he's more like my dad in that way, always know how to smooth talk people. I'm more in the background taking things in"

She nodded, smiling, "What about you?" I asked.

"What about me?"

"What things to do you like or dislike?"

"Um" she gave it some thought, "I love reading and I play the piano. I'm a bit laid back as well, don't really crave to be the center of attention but it's ok. I really dislike people who brag about things, it's something I find very unattractive."

"Luckily you didn't speak longer with my brother" I chuckled, she laughed too, "Does he brag a lot?"

"Not that much, but it works on some girls apparently"

She shook her hear snickering, "I'm not some girls though"

I smiled, "That's what I think I like so much about you."

She blushed hiding behind her hair a little before taking another drink. "So do you live here in town?" I asked.

She nodded, "Yes, I was born here and I work in the music shop for my father"

I pointed over my shoulder, "The one in the corner of the village center?"

"Exactly" she smiled, "Been there?"

"I've only walked passed it to be honest" I said meekly, "But we have this huge piano I think my mama bought from there, I'm not kidding" I said describing with my hands, "It's huge!"

Not thinking as I was gesturing to how big it was my hands were everywhere and bam! I felt the glass against my wrist and then her drink was all over her dress.

She stood up in surprise and I stood up too going completely ridged with fright. Shit, shit, shit, what have I done?

"I'm so, so, so, SO sorry!" I said over and over again, not really knowing what to do with this. Will she kill me? Will she slap me? Holy mother of god I hope she doesn't hate me!

Should I just run away or should I stay here or-

Then next thing that happened completely caught me by surprise. She started laughing.

My eyes grew wide in surprise and she just bent over laughing, holding her stomach. "It's ok!" she laughed, hiding her mouth. My smile grew and I could feel how a laugh was building up within me as well. We laughed together and it felt so weird but so good?

"I'm really sorry, " I chuckled, looking at her wet dress.

She snickered, "It happens, I'm so clumsymyself, I'm just so surprised it wasn't me I can't stop laughing"

I chuckled again, "Well, at least buy you another drink and then send me the cleaning bill, it's the least I can do. Or do you want me to buy you a whole new dress?"

"God know you don't have to do that," she smiled sweetly, "I know it wasn't on purpose, it's fine"

"You sure?"

She nodded, "One hundred percent"

At that moment it was like a small thing just went between us. She was definitely different from other girls and I really like that. I liked it a lot!

Maybe Andrei and Julia were right, maybe I'm better at this than I thought I was? Apart from the spilled drink, of course...

Andrei POV

"And off he goes" I said as Adam was nervously walking away from the table towards that bar.

"Don't be mean" Julia said, I looked over towards her, but her eyes were glued to Adam. It wasn't the sort of loving love, love type of look it was more loving like a sister or a very dear friend. So I wasn't jealous or anything...

"How am I being mean in any sort of way?" I asked ludicrous by her statement. I didn't get a reply though, I just got a stern look.

I sighed and leaned back in my chair. I followed Julia's gaze and looked over towards Adam as well.

He looked nervous like shit. I silently chuckled to myself, I actually remembered the first time I approached a girl and I'll admit I was equally nervous!

Actually, seeing him walk up that girl made me nervous too. I know how clumsy he gets because he's so nervous. He should feel more confident now when he's gotten a few tips, to brag or anything but we did give some very good pointers, he should be able to do this!

Or so I thought...

The beginning was sort of awkward and we only continued to look at him. It wasn't until I could tell he got a bit more confident that I realized that he wasn't really thinking of what he was doing and all of a sudden he got her drink all over herself. She was completely shocked by this and I could tell Adam was slowly dying inside and probably begging to sink through the floor. I would've!

"Shit, " I heard Julia swear covering her mouth with her hand.

I was shaking my head, feeling concerned as well "He has always been a bit clumsy, but when he gets excited and forgets about what he does it just happens" I told her.

"Well, she doesn't seem too pissed?" She said still looking a bit scared for him. I pursed my lips taking in their situation and all of a sudden she was laughing.

My brows instantly rose and as if on cue Julia's and my eyes met and we were equally surprised by the action.

"Did you also just think that she might as well just have slapped him?" Julia said, looking between me and the laughing couple by the bar.

I nodded stunned, "I was almost counting down until she'd do it!"

A smile then appeared on her lips and she snickered, "It's kind of cute though"

I looked over and smiled, "Yeah, not that I want to call my brother cute, but I'm happy it's moving forward or in any direction" I looked over at Julia and she shot me a meaningful look and tried to hide a smile.

"How come you can't say anything nice about your brother without adding a witty comment?" Her focus was on me now. I have to admit I really enjoyed the attention.

I shrugged leaning back in my seat, smiling, and "It's the way I show love"

She laughed, "A very weird way"

"It works as long as the people I'm loving know about it" I chuckled laughing with her. I looked at her, taking her in. She looked so sexy when she laughed, seriously.

"What?" she smiled as she caught me staring.

I ran a hand through my hair, should I tell her the truth? Adam said it works sometimes. Not when they ask if they look fat, we all know to never call a woman fat!

I pursed my lips, trying to hide my smile, "You look very good when you laugh, so relaxed, it really suits you"

She moved some hair behind her ear, "Thank you"

"See," I said, grinning, "I can say nice things without witty comments"

She laughed, "Well. Congratulations."

We laughed together. I liked this side of her. She felt so easy to hang out with, light. I smiled, this is what I want in a girl, to be able to smile and laugh with someone I want to call my girlfriend. To feel that she can sort of lift you up and sometimes talk you out of shit when it's not what you need.

For some weird reason I felt that Julia might be that sort of person, she could be what I need even though I don't want to admit that I need someone at times. But we all do, I guess.

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