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Kori stuffed the buttered popcorn in her mouth. She was watching Jump Cities Most Wanted. She didn't really like the show, she hated the stories that were in there. She was only watching it right now because her favorite show, The World Of Fungus, was coming on next and she didn't want to miss it.

The show returned after the 30 minute commercial break. She instantly stiffened when she saw what childs story was on. Her brother. Now, when she was 10 years old she had a 7 year old little brother named Kam. He mysteriously dissapeared after her sisters, Komi, soccer practice. Her parents had called the show and asked to show his story when he didn't come back after a year.

She grabbed the remote off the the green velvet couch and turned the channel. She decided she could catch a re run of the episode tomorrow.

"Sister?" Komi had appeared in the hall from the right of Kori. She had her hair bunched in rolls and her nails nicely done. She had lipstick in her hand.

" Yes Komi?"

"I want to watch Girl Code."

Kori passed her the remote. Komi looked at it as if it was poison.

" You turn the channel, you have the remote."

Kori turned the channel to 24. "Do you require popcorn, Komi?"

Komi looked at her as if she was the dumbest person in the world.

"Kori, you idiot, my nails are drying. I just brushed and whitened my teeth. Why would I want to dirty myself up again with popcorn?!"

" I had just thought you would want one of the t.v. snacks since you are watching t.v."

"Well you thought wrong. Now get out of here, I'm trying to watch Girl Code."

Kori gladly went to her room. She didn't want to be near Komi as much as Komi didn't want to be near her. She went to her closet, Changed out of her sweat pants and T-shirt, and changed into green shorts and a long sleeved black shirt. She put on her black ugg boots and swiped the keys off the door.

She went down the hall to her caretakers office. Galfor brightened up as she peeked her head in. "Galfor, I am going to the mall of shopping to look at those knomes I saw last time. Is that okay?"

"Yes, that's fine."

She bid goodbye as she closed the door.

When she arrived at the city mall, people were already looking at her as if she was some kind of alien. Maybe because she was taller than a basketball player. She ignored the rude stares as she turned into the "Spring Store" as she called it. She immediatly spotted the knomes and ran over to them. There were skinny ones, fat ones, long ones, short ones, every knome of every kind. She personally preferred to fat ones. They just looked so jolly with their rosy cheeks. They reminded her of the Saint Nicholas.

She picked one that was holding a plant. She admired the colors on it. "Are you going to buy or what."

She turned around to see Rachel Roth, One of the workers here. "Are you?"


"Almost everyday you come in here and look at the same one. Do you wanna buy, or not?"

The credit card she was holding was Galfores. He said she could use it to see one movie per week, one hairstyle per week, and five things per week. She didn't want to make wrong choices on her spendings.


She followed Rachel to the check out counter and payed. She was curious as to why would Rachel Roth pick a store like this to work at. She always imagined her in a Hot Topic store, or something like that.

"Forgive me if I am intruding in your personal buisness, but why would you choose to work here?" She asked.

Rachel stared at her for a minute. "Curiousity killed the cat." She simply said.

Kori had recently learned this saying. "Sorry, again, for intruding. It was not my personal buisness."

Rachel gave a coupon to her as if saying It's okay.

Kori was honored. She heard that Rachel Roth only gave coupons to her valued customers. Rachel Roth once gave a coupon to her ex-boyfriend Malchior, when they were dating. So, after the breakup, the coupons were rare.

Kori gave a little smile before exiting out the store. She had almost run into Richard. Knocking the glasses he was wearing to the floor. He immediatly bent down to pick up them.

"Why don't you watch where your-" As soon as he slipped on his glasses, and took sight of who he had ran into, he immediatly froze.

"I am so sorry Richard, I had my mind on other things." Is there any way I could make it up to you?"

He just stared at her.


Rachel quickly came to his rescue. "He gladly excepts your apology. And no you don't have to do anything."

Kori smiled. "Oh, well, I'll be going now."

As she turned away to the food court, Rachel lightly slapped Richard upside the head. "Wake up. You still have to help me carry some stuff up to the office."

Kori sat alone in the food court. She was drinking some Pepsi in hopes of drowning down the greasy pizza down her throat when Splat! A cheese burger landed on her face. It slipped down from her face to her shirt to her shorts. Thats probably going to stain. She looked up to see a short haired blonde and her friends laughing hysterically at her. She hastily pulled a tissue and wiped it all over her face to get all the gunk off.

She threw her lunch away and exited the food court. She ignored the comments behind her. But she didn't see the shoe in front of her. She squealed as she fell to the floor. Her perpetraitor leaned over her and said " Have a nice trip?"

Oh, how this day was getting better and better.