They were sitting in chairs at the Minot police station. Komi was in a secluded room across the hall. The police had some questions for her.

Kori was holding Richards hand, unaware that Richard's face was heating up as time flew by.

They're parents burst through the doors. Some looked pissed, some looked desperate, some was gleeful and some was filled with concern. The moms ran as fast as they could in their high heels and embraced their children with hugs and kisses. Which was really only Rita. Trigon looked at his daughter in disgust and disappointment. He had her run all over the city, risked his butt to talk to the cops, only to find out his daughter was in some little group helping a girl look for her pathetic brother.

Galfor hugged his daughter with tears in his eyes. "Never worry me like that again, do you understand?" He scolded.

"I will make sure not to," She said as she hugged him back. It lasted for a few minutes. He finally turned to Kam.

"And you, you may sure to come to your family when you need someone to talk to, got it?" He stared at Kam hard in the eyes.

Kam nodded and they hugged as well. "So Komi did it?"

"Yes." They both answered. They were a bit more quiet due to the shock.

Galfor of sighed. He couldn't believe he had housed that girl without getting suspicious. "I hope she get what's coming to her," He muttered.

The parents hoarded they're teens outside. Before parting, Victor gave something to Garfield. It was a sheet of notebook paper filled with formulas and cheat codes. "You might need it. It'll help you." He smirked.

"I don't need these! I'm just as good as a gamer as you and you're just afraid to admit it!" He accused.

"Heh heh, sure green bean. See ya at school!" He waved farewell as he got into the car.

Rachel frowned as Trigon got into his limo. Gee, she'd actually been hoping for a better ending.

"Bye Rae," A voice from behind her said.

"Don't call me Rae, my name is Raven." She said almost automatically. She turned to Garfield. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. "May I get a kiss goodbye?" She asked bashfully. Red colored her cheeks.

Garfield quietly gulped as they both leaned in, closing the gap between them. It took three seconds, then Rachel pulled away. "Bye," She waved goodbye as she stepped into her father's limo. She watched through the corner of her eye as her father did a double take as he realized what he had witnessed. She smirked.

The worst he could do was lecture her. He never touched her. That doesn't mean he really or her. He mostly just let her sleep in his house. She had to work to get her own food, clothes, everything really. He was still holding on to the hope that she'd partAke in his business someday.

Kori thanked Richard. "See, I told you you'd find him." He said awkwardly. Kori nodded. They stood there for a few seconds.

"So, uh, I have to go." Kori excuse herself. She stopped and turned to him again. She hesitantly stood up to him, then kissed him on the cheek. "I will see you at school," She says before hopping in her car with her family.

Richard, stunned, stood there simply and watched her go.

"So, whenever you're ready." Bruce calmly said. Richards face went red and he threaded back to the car, mumbling something.

10 Months Later

Komi had gotten bail, but she has to do community service, which means serving lunch at the homeless shelter for two years. Also, her family had gotten a restraining order against her.

Kori Anders had automatically begun to spend time with her long lost brother. Also, her and Richard had begun to flirt a little more.

Victor Stone had graduated and went to college. His relationship with Sarah Simms emerged and someday he's been planning to "pop the question". He recently won a hot dog eating contest and had been crowned "The king of meat".

Garfield had surprisingly gotten better at video games. His relationship with Raven is on cloud nine right now, despite their arguments, the two can be inseparable at times.

Raven confronted her dad about his business and that led to him getting arrested. (Don't ask why.) When she sees Terra, she doesn't gagg anymore. They can simply nods to each other.

Richard is planning to buy his own house soon after this year.

Silkie has picked up a relationship with another deer. (They're taking it slow, what I heard.)

All of them continued to be friends, and even grew to what could be considered family for years to come.

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