This is based on the Trapped! Fandom Style FanFic by just-ship-it and Derpytertle. It's basically the game show Trapped! using fandom characters, but I've made it eight floors instead of six. Heh. Diamond and tag are in here because I read the book recently and really enjoyed it. Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson, if anyone wants to know.

I own nothing.

Katniss, Tris, Percy, Harry, Hazel Grace, Diamond, Tag and Jack Frost remaining.

Jack POV

This is not good. I am trapped in a cage with seven strangers. Surrounding us is sea. We seem to be on some sort of island with a huge tower in the middle of it. Everyone is just looking at each other. Finally, I clear my throat.

"Hi. I'm Jack Frost, does anyone have any idea what the hell is going on here?"

A girl with brown hair in a side plait speaks up. "Nope. I'm Katniss Everdeen." The girl next to her clutches at the wooden bars as we swing upwards.

"I'm Tris."

Two boys around my age shake their heads helplessly. One of them has glasses and a scar on his forehead, but they could be twins. The other one is clinging to the bars muttering something about Zeus's idea of a joke.

"I'm Harry." Glasses boy says. "Percy Jackson." Says the Zeus mutterer.

There is another girl around our age. She has an oxygen cannula and a little tank of oxygen. She looks the most panicked out of anyone.

"I'm Hazel Grace Lancaster."

I look down and see the last two people. Two children, one boy and one girl. The girl has blonde hair. She can't be more than five or six. The boy seems older, maybe the same age as Jamie is. He has his arm around her.

"I'm Tag and this is Diamond." I sling my staff over my shoulder and kneel next to the girl.

"I'm scared." She mumbles. Katniss kneels down too.

"It's okay." I say. "We're gonna have a little fun instead." She looks up at me and frowns. I suddenly realise that she's older than I first thought. Maybe seven or eight. Katniss reaches out and touches her arm. She flinches.

"What's wrong?" Katniss asks. Diamond just shakes her head and shrinks away. I conjure a snowflake and send it spinning towards her. It touches her nose and she laughs a little.

"It tickles!"

We're interrupted by Tris's exclamation.

"Look!" We stand and see that the cage is level with a door. One of the sides of the cage fall to make a bridge towards the now open door. I stare at it. Tris walks straight across. Diamond and Tag skip straight after her. My mouth falls open. They have no fear. Then I take a second look at Diamond's retreating back and can see faint red lines showing through the dress she's wearing. I look at Tag and see them through his shirt. My jaw clenches.

Percy groans and mutters something about gods hating him. He closes his eyes briefly, then takes a deep breath and runs across. On the other side, he gives a great sigh of relief.

Harry follows him. Then Hazel. I hold out my arm, gesturing to Katniss to go first. She is about to, then turns to me.

"About Diamond. Did you see-"

"Yes. We'll talk later, please just let us get out of here."

She nods and runs across. Just as she reaches safety, the bridge creaks and groans. I leap across, just as the rotting planks of wood fall into nothingness. I didn't judge it right and manage to grab hold of the ledge with one hand, the other clenched tightly around my staff. Percy and Harry grab my arms and haul me in.


We stand and the door slams shut behind me.

"Di immortales." Percy curses in a different language.

"Dobby's Sock." Harry mutters. It doesn't have quite the same effect. A voice speaks out of nowhere.

"Unfortunates. You have been brought to this tower for my amusement. You will work your way down to the bottom, but one person must remain on each floor. Trapped."

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