Summary: This is something new, exciting, embarrassing as hell and Kagami fucking loves it.

Warnings: nsfw, spanking

Beta: Di0

Burn me with your gaze (part 1)

It happened a few weeks after the Winter Cup.

They almost knocked the door down in the attempt to go into Kagami's apartment, kissing and gripping each other's clothes like starved animals, unable to even form coherent sentences. Both of them were only moaning and groaning in annoyance because Kagami can't find his keys – it would be helpful if Aomine wasn't groping his ass and nibbling his throat at the same time – and once they finally stumbled into the apartment, Kagami found himself pressed against the wall with Aomine's body rubbing against his back.

"Shit, I missed this." Aomine moaned, quickly pulling down Kagami's pants, his erection nudging Taiga's thigh.

"Just –"

Whatever Kagami wanted to say drowned in the sound of his ringtone.

"It's my dad." Kagami pushed back, but Aomine was holding him tight."Ahomine, let me go, I need to pick it up."

"No you don't." Aomine's voice was like the calm before the storm and it made Kagami's insides twist in the most pleasant way, his breath becoming erratic again. Daiki's hands started to massage his boyfriend's ass, kneading it skillfully and hitting all the right spots- Kagami could only moan like the best porn actor, 'cause gods, he loved to have his ass played with!

Yet, the ringtone was annoying and it was his father so Kagami tried to free himself again half-heartedly, wanting Aomine to fuck him.

Aomine growled like a sleek, dangerous panther threatened of its prey and in the next moment Kagami felt a sharp, ringing sting on his left asscheek. The red eyes widened in a sudden rush of embarrassment and pleasure. That was unexpected, but… but Taiga enjoyed it.

No-one moves. The cell phone stops ringing underlining the silence between them even more.

Licking his dry lips, Kagami turned his head a little to take a look at Aomine who seemed to freeze on the spot. Their eyes locked and Kagami realized that Aomine didn't freeze because he was embarrassed. No, the look in his boyfriend's eyes clearly said he would love to do that again. The amount of lust swirling in that midnight blue orbs almost made Kagami cum in anticipation.

Forgetting about his embarrassment and focusing only about how good was it feel to be spanked like that by Aomine, Kagami whispered quietly:

"Do that again."

Aomine stayed motionless for a moment before his hand went down again, this time onto the right asscheek a lot more delicately than the last time. It barely hurt and Kagami felt like howling in frustration.

"Harder," he hissed, pressing his hands flat against the wall and thrusting his ass back at Aomine.

The other man hesitated. He leaned a little, pressed a small kiss to Taiga's nape and asked quietly, his voice tense like he was restraining himself.

"Are you sure?"

Those big, talented hands were stroking his ass slowly, almost making Kagami purr in delight. Yeah, he was sure. He didn't know why he was behaving like that; normally he was much more reserved during their love making. Yet he was behaving like a bitch in heat, practically offering his ass to Aomine to abuse it and, weirdest of all, he liked it. Gods, he actually shivered at the idea of having his butt spanked till it was red with Aomine being the one who would spank him.

But the most important was that Daiki wasn't laughing at him. No, he wanted it as much as Kagami, maybe even more.

"Yes," answered the red-head, lowering his head. "… Do it hard, Aomine."

The silence came back.