Summary: How Kagami becomes an owner of another pet.

Warnings: none

Beta: My lovely Di

Little ball of fur

The cat is small, meowing pathetically in the rain from its flimsy cardboard box while looking at Kagami with downcast blue eyes. It shivers from the cold and actually sneezes when the red-head walks to it. Knowing his conscience wouldn't let him live if he left the cat there, he takes off his jacket and, with a startling tenderness, wraps it around the black ball of fur before picking the animal up.

Kagami isn't used to holding something so small, so he checks his grip every few minutes to make sure he's not suffocating the cat. The kitten is lying peacefully in his arms, blinking every time Kagami gazes down at it, but not trying to squirm away from the warm cocoon.

Rain is pouring harder with every second so Kagami decides to run to his apartment before he catches a cold. Tightening his arms around the bundle laying in them, he starts running, splashing water everywhere from the puddles and avoiding water splashed by cars at the same time. He doesn't want to be even more wet, thank you very much.

It only takes Kagami a few minutes to be at home. Surprisingly, there is someone waiting for him.

"Finally you are here." Aomine is as wet as Kagami, his shirt and pants clinging to his body in all the right places, lips almost blue from the cold. "I thought you were never going to come back home."

"It's not like I invited you. We were to meet at the court, not my house."

Aomine smirks.

"Like I would miss the opportunity to mess with you, Bakagami."

"Asshole." Kagami walks towards Aomine, raising his arms a little. "Hold this and I'll open the door."

The blue-haired teenager takes the jacket from his boyfriend, only then noticing that there's something soft and very alive inside it. Eyebrows raised, he lifts the material up; a small black mouth with two identical deep blue eyes meows at him.

"Kagami, is this –"

"A cat, yes." Kagami opens the door, gesturing to Aomine to go inside. "I couldn't leave him on streets."

"Your heart is almost as big as your stomach." Aomine goes into the apartment, sighing with relief when warm air envelops him. "What are you going to do with it?"

Kagami scowls at him, taking of his shoes.

"Feed. And if you want to eat too and get dry clothes then be quiet."

"Yes, mommy." Aomine rolls his eyes while Kagami goes to his bedroom, putting the cat on the floor.

The little kitty meows at him again and starts licking its fur clear. But when the teenager wants to pet it, it hisses, showing his claws.

"Whatever." Aomine eyes the cat, noticing how skinny it is. Kagami is still looking for towels so Aomine walks towards the fridge to look for something to eat. There's no cat food, but a few slices of ham will be fine, right?

When Kagami goes back to the living room, ready to yell at Aomine for leaving wet puddles all over the floor ('Why did you even move? You should stay near the front door!'), he then notices how Aomine is feeding the cat with small pieces of ham. The usual scowl on that dark, handsome face is replaced by a big smile and shining eyes – he looks almost like a kid who got his Christmas presents.

Kagami kneels next to them slowly, putting one of the towels on his boyfriend's shoulder.

"Do you want to name it?" he asks, smiling too. There's no way he can't smile at seeing Aomine so happy.

The other man quickly masks his expression, but doesn't stop feeding the cat or gently petting its head with only two fingers.

"Do I look like I care about its name?" Aomine huffs and Kagami has to stop himself from laughing out loud. Gods, his boyfriend can sometimes be so stubborn. "But," he continues, making the red-head look at him curiously. "I think 'Dusty' would suit it."

"Dusty, huh?" Kagami reaches to pat the kitty's head too, his fingers gently brushing against Aomine's. "I like it."

Somehow Kagami ends up making them dinner alone without Aomine who usually tries to help him a little ('Dusty is shaking from cold so I'll keep it warm while you'll be making us something to eat') and when he brings the plates with flaming hot curry to the living room, he can't shake off the feeling that he doesn't have one cat, but two. Aomine is sprawled on the couch, lazily checking the channels in TV with one hand and petting Dusty, whom lies on his chest, with the other. Two pairs of identical blue eyes meet Kagami's warm fire-red orbs and two noses move when they smell the scent of the meal.

The red-head can't help but chuckle at this.

"Something funny?" asks Aomine, while sitting and taking the plate from his boyfriend.

Kagami shakes his head and then kisses Aomine softly on the lips.

"Nothing at all," he answers with a small smile.


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