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Specific Unit Modes

Your Spider-Man/Peter Parker Unit has a range of modes which can be activated or witnessed, and whilst most basic modes are self explanatory we have included this section to look at the most extreme and Unit specific modes of use. Please read the following so you can be aware of what might trigger them and how best to deal with or avoid them if needed.

I Love Being Spider-Man! & I Hate Being Spider-Man!

One of the most important modes to be aware of for your Unit! These two modes are highly interchangeable due to one of the main subroutines of your Peter Parker Unit, the 'Old Parker Luck' system. Your Unit will as a result experience highly varied experiences with other Units and situations both positive and negative due to being a Super Hero, conditioned in part to the key With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility routine. This can make your Unit switch regularly from comfortable to uncomfortable, and he may often feel that his hero mode interferes with his civilian one. Expect long monologues over dealing with the Otto Octavius Unit or getting medicine to the Aunt May Unit, or attending a vital Avengers meeting over an arranged date with the Betty Brant/Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Unit (delete as required). If these systems bother you... tough, it's the blessing and curse of your Unit being Spider-Man.


Whilst there might be several explanations for its activation, this mode often occurs when your Spider-Man Unit is finding severe conflict with his core 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility' setting, often in terms of a more normal problem. Ill health of the Aunt May Unit can bring this along, as can when harm befalls an ally or love interest Unit which your Peter Parker Unit finds himself feeling responsible for. It may be important for you and your Unit to discuss these problems when they arise as the majority are easy to fix, so long as they are not a product of the 'Parker Luck' system as explained above. Aunt May Units are great listeners, but if directly tied to your Unit's super hero lifestyle and if your Aunt May Unit is unaware of your Unit's secret identity, consider having your Unit speak to a fellow super like Human Torch or Daredevil. Ultimately ensure that your Unit recognises that not everything is his fault and he can't save everyone. You'll be saving yourself a lot of annoying whining if you do.


This mode is usually activated when your Peter Parker Unit is demonstrating some science experiment or else is attempting to explain complex aspects to yourself or fellow Units – depending on the Unit in question this has been known to result in interest, boredom or annoyance upon extended usage of the Nerdy Mode by your Peter Parker Unit. If you wish your Unit to cease this mode, simply inform him politely that you understand or, if a love interest Unit is present, direct them to activate their You are Such A Nerd sub-routine and kiss your Peter Parker Unit – this will shock him into submission and cause mild blushing. Outright cutting him off is only likely to result in upset or mild irritation with your Unit.


In some respects an extreme version of the Distraught Mode. This mode is an uncommon setting, but can sometimes be seen when your Peter Parker Unit is under great pressure or more likely, is seeing friends or loved ones threatened or harmed by super criminals. Your Unit is not known to have a quick temper but if this mode displays itself be cautious and try to determine the core root of the reason for it. Whilst it might be advised to allow your Unit the opportunity to get out his aggression be advised that due to his super strength this can be very costly and might result in severe damage to your Super Villain Units if involved. Once aggression is dealt with your Peter Parker Unit will likely be better unless a friend or love interest Unit has been killed – if so, consult the troubleshooting section for dealing with this highly distressing problem.

Super Quibbing

This mode can be generally activated when your Spider-Man Unit is engaged with super powered criminals and is demonstrated by a range of bad puns and jokes pertaining to the criminal in question, but your Spider-Man Unit has also been known to demonstrate this mode around allies. This has been known to irritate or anger these enemy units and become less focused and prone to mistake as a result. However, your Spider-Man Unit can often utilise Super Quibbing Mode around allies as a self defence mechanic and in part because he is expected to do so! You are therefore advised to ensure that ally Units do not become irritated at the numerous lame jokes and punch-lines . To cease any joke simply smile or nod your amusement. Do NOT laugh or this might extend the action. Under no circumstances must you allow your Spider-Man and Deadpool Units to engage in a 'joke war' – there will be no winners. Trust me.

Spider Sense!

Technically more of an ability for your Unit to utilise over a precise mode, this setting should nevertheless be watched for as it can spell extreme danger or threat to yourself or your Spider-Man Unit! If activated to appear visually, it can be recognised by a distinct flash of sparks above your Unit's head, though also watch out for evident sudden turns or nerves to appear on your Unit's features. Once activated this will likely result in some form of conflict or danger, the precise nature of which may wary. Be sure to keep watch for the Spider-Sense mode at all times!

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