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The World We Saw

Chapter I – What Should Be Done

The day she received the letter, confirming that she was going to participate in the project, marks the point in her life where everything changed. For the better or worse, you may cannot say yet.

A gentleman with the name of Erwin Smith sent her his congratulations in it and gave her all the instructions she needed.

He told her she wasn't allowed to bring any personal things, for one would not need them during the game itself, not even clothes. She also had to sign to never in her life give away any information about her or others participating in the project and anything that happened within to anyone. This whole 'experiment' like they called it, was top secret until the day it started.

At first she was not that eager to enter in and was almost completely positive they would never pick a woman or more likely girl like her as a competitor. What did she have to offer them? She had no combat experience, nor any fighting skills, was not the best in sports and never had any survival training. Maybe she was chosen to portray the 'easy match' so that the real attendants felt better, or something.

But then the day came when the letter flew in and suddenly she was curious. Almost excited. She was about to experience an adventure, something not everyone could do, something more, yeah better, than everyday life. And maybe she could even succeed, the price for succeeding in the game was a huge amount of money. And she could clearly use that money very well. With it, she could finally attend a college of her choice, get educated and have a life on her own, independent of her father's financial support. She would be free.

So she started training in her free time, started to run and hike and also to swim, taught herself to make fire with things you could find in the forest, to cook and distinguish between poisonous and eatable plants and herbs. But she had to admit, she did not do very well in most things connected to sports.

She prepared herself and kept her mouth shut for half a year, told absolutely nobody about it and then had to leave her apartment and got transported in a minivan all the way through the country. She got a 'hello' but nothing more. The driver did not answer any of her questions, not even if anybody would join her on her little journey. They drove in total silence which soon lost its awkwardness.

Now she almost felt couragous because of what she was doing. Normally she was not the type for adventure. Normally she was the girl standing in the back, smiling awkwardly with a certain blush on her cheeks. Always there for everybody but never really seen by anyone. All she ever did was living up to someone's expectations, always busy with pleasing everyone around her. But then, after high school, she felt like doing something new. So she told her father she would go to college, work hard for it and moved out. Five years later she was indeed working hard but her dream of going to college was still out of reach. Reality struck her hard and she had to learn that intelligence alone was not the key to education, instead it was money. Money she did not have and would not accept from her father. And so she started lying. She told her dad she worked a lot and that the money she earned was enough to pay for college but also that she was just too busy to visit him or to be visited by him. And so she was a maid in a cafe and a waitress in arestaurant and also a delivery girl on weekends, but not a student. She did not like to tell her father lies, of course, but she rather lied than disappoint him. After her mother's death, she was the only thing her father could hold on to and with that came great responsibility and a great burden at the same time.

Now she was a very nervous, for she did not have any clue what lay ahead of her and looking back now, it may would have been better if she had just jumped out of the minivan. But on the other hand, it maybe wasn't.

The location the driver was driving her to was top secret as well, the only thing she realized was that it was pretty far away from where she lived, or maybe the driver drove in cricles for distraction. You couldn't even look out of the window, they were tinted black and not see through. She almost felt like a culprit on her way to prison, not aware of how right her presumptions were.

Sometime after nightfall she fell asleep on the backseats, without wearing seatbelts, but the driver, what a surprise, did not even bother to check on her. Her dreams were wild and unclear, like fever dreams in some ways but she would not remember them after waking up.

It was hard to guess how long they were driving, she overslept most of the time but when they finally arrived wherever that was, she was still deadbeat tired.

''We're there. Leave the bus'', the driver commanded in a deep and monotone voice. She wondered what would have happened if she would've had to pee on the ride, if he would have stopped or not. Shyly she climbed out of the car and thanked him politely. Speaking of the devil she suddenly felt a great urge to relieve herself.

Outside she was greeted by great darkness. Tiredly she blinked rapidly until her big caramel colored eyes got used to the absence of a source of light. She made out a great bulding infront of her, it looked like an old military station with its high grey walls, the very few windows and the lack of any decorations.

She looked around but could not find any other building near by, there was a small road on which she had got here but beside that, there were only trees. Lots and lots of trees. A forest. She was in the middle of a dark forest. How creepy. A shiver ran down her spine. It had gotten cold lately.

There was no sound but the wind that played with the leaves and caused her shoulder long hair to poke into her eyes.

After she scanned the environment she was in, she had to decide how to proceed. She checked her possibilities and then guessed the only logical thing to do was entering the only building in sight.

There was not a real path, only a line where someone had cut off the wild grass so that you could approach the building. She followed it hesitantly, never dropping her gaze from the building. The distance got shorter and she made out a tall but slim figure standing next to the entrance door. It was not moving. Had he or she been standing there all the time? Did he or she monitor her?

She raised her hand to greet that someone but the figure remained motionless. So she slowed down her pace, a little suspicious if she was doing the right thing. But then she saw the figure walking towards her and after a few metres you could make out that it was a she. And she was smiling brightly at her. In her hands she carried a bag which was the reason she did not wave back, she assumed. She was indeed tall and appeared to be rather fit. With her ponytail, the overly excited look on her face and her glasses she made the impression to be a mad scientist or something like that.

When they were only ten metres apart from each other the woman started to talk to her.

''Hello Petra! You are Petra aren't you? Petra Ral? My name is Hange Zoe! I will give you some instructions and prepare you for the next couple of days. I've got here some things for you, you should try them on, to see if they fit. You can take a shower before, if you want to! Take your time, I guess the journey was quite exhausting! I will be waiting for you. Maybe I should show you where you can change and shower at first, shouldn't I? Where am I again with my thoughts? Am I babbling too much again? Oh well, you should get used to it! Hi, nice to meet you'', she said, shaking Petra's fragile hand after she put her arms full with the things she should throw over.

''Hello, nice to meet you, too'', Petra mumbled while trying to not lose anything on the way.

Hange guided her into the building. Inside it was almost as cold as outside and Petra hoped that Hange would give her a jacket some time soon.

There was no entrance hall, just a long corridor with many doors on each side. The corridor was dimly lit so Petra could see Hange better. She was wearing a leather jacket with matching boots and tight pants with a button down shirt that looked like it was designed for men instead of women. Her hair was a dark brown shade, similar to chocolate, she had tanned skin and pearl white teeth; all in all she looked healthy as can be.

''Don't be frightened of how it looks here. This building is not beautiful but it has everything we need for the project. Plus you won't stay here for long, you want to play the game, don't you? That's why you're here, why all of you are here! This is going to be so exciting! I can't wait! Here we are! This is your room, it's not much, but you have a bed and a wardrobe and a small bathroom with a shower. I'll leave you alone for now, but I'll be back! Haha! Do you understand? I'll be back? Whatever, see you later!'', Hange babbled and laughed hysterically. Petra was torn between liking her weird attitude or detesting it. She thanked the still laughing woman but it seemed she did not even hear her.

Hange shoved her into the room and closed the door in front of her nose with a big grin on her face. There she was, alone in a small, dark room like a prisoner, without any knowledge what was happening.

I volunteered for this right? I can quit anytime I want. Petra said this again and again in her mind to calm herself down. Where were all the others? In their rooms as well, she guessed. Or maybe they were one step further and already played the game?

She looked around. In the top left corner was a small bed with folded bedsheets on it. Next to it stood a wooden nightstand with a few candles on it. Candels? Was this supposed to be a joke? On the opposite wall was the so called 'wardrobe' more likely to be a shelf. Petra put the things she was carrying down and explored the things lying on this shelf. Most of it was underwear, everything black. She examined a pair of panties.

''Sexy'', she whispered ironically and put it back. Then she turned to look out of the small square window, but she was too short and failed.

Finally she noticed the door next to the bed that led into the bathroom. It was clean and had everything you needed but exactly beautiful was something else. The white tiles looked old and some of them were even broken. The sink had a few cracks and the mirror above it missed a corner.

She took a good look at herself in it and was surprised by how well she looked except for the dark circles under her eyes and the messy hair.

Petra then decided to take the opportunity to shower and searched for some towels for afterwards. She found some in the cabinet underneath the sink. Like the pieces of clothing they were pitch black but very soft to touch.

She didn't have to wait long until the water was warm and so she stripped off her pants, blouse and undergarments and showered, washed her silky, honey colored hair and body and enjoyed the warmth coating her. She thought about what lay ahead of her, what was awaiting the attendants and hoped that somebody would give her some information about it soon. How many competitors were there beside her anyways? When would she meet them? Would she meet them at all before the project started?

Questions filled her head so that she completely forgot about the time. A soft knock on the bathroom door brought her back to reality at once.

''Petra, are you in there? I am sorry to interrupt you but we have to follow a time schedule and that says that you have to be in the main hall in ten minutes! Can you make that?'' Petra recognized Hange's voice through the door and stopped the water flow to understand her better.

''Euh, yes, of course! Miss Zoe? Do I have a hairdryer?'', she asked.

''Yes under the sink! Hurry up, I'll wait for you outside'', Hange stated.

And so she did. In no time she was outside the shower, had fresh clothes on and blow dried her hair. Petra was used to having no time to spare, with three jobs at the same time just so she could live without starving.

She took a look in the mirror again. The things Hange gave her to wear fitted quite well. The black pants suited her and the also black T-shirt was nothing special. The leather boots were exactly her size so there was nothing to complain about.
Petra opened the chamber door and noticed Hange leaning against the wall.

''There you are! Let's get going! You're going to meet the other attendants now and you are going to get to know what will happen in the next couple of days. Are you excited yet? I bet you are! Hopefully you all get along and become friends! You're all so cute and nice! I'm glad we have only nice people to participate in the project. Aw, I am so curious if you put up a good show! But I am sure you will. Here we are. If you open this door, there is no turning back! You ready?''

For the first time it seemed, Hange waited for Petra to answer her question and for the first time she was not sure what to answer. She inhaled slowly and thought the whole thing over in her head. You need money, Petra, you finally want to go to college, you want to be independent and this is your only chance to accomplish all of this. What should happen? She would not have to sacrifice the life of her firstborn child or even fight monsters or anything. Childish thoughts.

''Yes. I am ready'', she finally answered and exhaled.

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