Elsa loved the feeling of the wind on her face. She loved the way it ran through her hair and buffeted her clothes.

She loved the smell of salt and sound of water lapping against the side of the ship. She simply adored the sound of her crew singing happily-off key most times-but happily together in a unit, as a whole. But what Elsa loved most of all, was the glittering blue, seemingly never ending expanse of water that surrounded her and her ship almost always save for when they stopped at ports for supplies.

Elsa, the captain of the white storm had loved nothing more than standing on the poop deck, watching the waves of the surrounding sea flash and glisten around her as they sailed along. The white sails caught the warm sea air the buffeted them loftily, carrying Elsa and her crew to their destination, plummeting the ship onward through the calm seas. Elsa took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the clean, fresh air before turning to descend the ladder to the ship's deck.

Elsa jumped from the ladder and landed hard on the ship's deck, startling a young boy they had picked up from the last village they had pillaged. He had been taken by Elsa herself to be a part of her crew, drafted without consent and taken from the only home he had ever known. The boy cowered slightly as Elsa fixed him with a cold glare and a heartless grin. She bent down and said, "How are you faring, whelp?"

"I don't like it here." whimpered the boy, clutching the broom he was holding to his chest, "I don't like the sway of the ship, and the constant swearing and drinking and bottle smashing…" just as the boy trailed off, the sound of a bottle of rum smashing behind the two made Elsa chuckle. The captain simply shook her head and slammed a hand down on the boy's shoulder, making him stagger a bit unsteadily backward. She straightened him roughly and said, "You'll get used to it soon enough, now don't be a pussy and clean up that bottle."

The boy simply stared at her with wide, pleading eyes and Elsa apathetically moved him aside, walking towards the ship's wheel. Her good friend and first mate, Hans, was at the wheel. The redheaded man had always been at Elsa's back and always had a sword at the ready to protect her whenever she needed it-if ever she needed it. He was a tall, burly man with a scar down his nose and an ever-present scowl on his face.

"Oy, cap'n." Hans barked, handing the wheel to Elsa who kept her eyes ahead, "We're about five hours from the city of Arendelle. Should we port?"

"We're running low on food and alcohol. We definitely need to stop. But I just wish it wasn't Arendelle." There was a hatred on her voice that Hans immediately recognized. He said nothing further, in fact, her left her there to go find some rum. Elsa's eyes narrowed on the horizon where the sun glistened off the waves as she remembered the mutiny that happened on her ship due to an Arendelle citizen she had taken aboard her ship. The man nearly cost her all of her loyal crew and half of the crew that she had replaced the men she lost never came close to the crew she used to have.

She hated the very city. She loathed the fact everyone was so merry and cheerful and joyful and constantly singing and giving each other flowers and…it made Elsa sick. So sick in fact that she involuntarily screwed up her face thinking about it. If she had the choice to move right past Arendelle she would, but since she needed food, she had to stop. She had no choice.

A few hours passed and soon the peak of the mountains of the province of Arendelle could be seen approaching swiftly as the wind carried the ship onward. Elsa muttered to herself as Hans approached.

"We going to pillage this food or are we payin'?"

Elsa spat off to the side before grinning at him, "As much as I'd like to sack and burn those blasted bastards all I want is a bed to sleep in and a good drink of beer."

"Aye." Hans nodded, "An' maybe I can pay off the village whore, see what she can do."

Elsa chuckled deeply as Han's rubbed his hands together greedily, staring at the approaching city, smiling with a dark glee. As the ship approached the port, music could be heard from inside and Elsa moaned inwardly. Her crew was silent, all staring at the colorful city of Arendelle. Children walked around with baskets of flowers and the citizens were talking and laughing with one another. Music was being played by several bands, the music merging together.

Elsa shook her head to try and clear her head of the unbearable sounds but to no avail. She called out to her crew, "Time to make an entrance, boys. Let's makes sure these flower picking, pussies know who we are." The men all responded with a loud chorus of shouts and hollers. Elsa strode across the deck and onto the docks, her boots clomping against the wood. A few children who were running around with fishing poles stopped to stare at the approaching band of pirates.

Elsa smiled with pleasure as the children fled immediately upon the sight of the band approaching.

The captain led the group into the city's streets where the citizens all backed away and music stopped here and there. Elsa eyed men and women who couldn't hold her gaze and she strode confidently onward. She stopped her men at the center of town when she had gotten everyone's attention. She walked up to one of the stalls that was selling baking goods, kicked over a barrel of wheat and climbed atop the structure, drawing her sword raising it to the skies and speaking in the loudest voice she could manage,

"All ye scumbags around here know this!" she gestured to her crew with her sword who grinned evilly at the men and women around them, "If ye so much as look at one of my crew members funny, we won't hesitate to cut yer head clean off, ya hear?! An' don't even go trying to steal from us. You never know if we might show up in your house at night! So lock ye doors and fear the worst! Now show us to the nearest tavern! We're THIRSTY!" The men all drew their swords and shouted so loudly the citizens all fled from the city's center.

"And WHAT are you planning to do here other than get drunk, buttface!" came a loud, high pitched cry from behind Elsa. The shouting and laughter from the men died down as they all focused in on the person the voice came from. Elsa took one look at the woman, deciding from the dress and fancy hairdo that she was the princess. Elsa let out a mighty laugh which the men echoed with guffaws.

"What do we have here!" Elsa roared, hopping down from the stall to stride confidently toward the princess who was clothed in a summer green dress. Her red hair was tied up in an intricate, fancy bun with braids connecting to the back. Elsa lifted her sword to set the tip under the princesses' chin.

"Looks like we got ourselves a pussy-ass princess."

The men responded with greedy chuckles and rude whistles.

"If you would kindly remove your sword from my chin, I would appreciate it." The princess said sternly, her teal eyes boring into Elsa's ice blue ones. Elsa took note of how bright and intense the girl's eyes were. The captain couldn't decide if her eyes were more green than blue or blue than green. Elsa slowly lowered her sword from the girl's chin to in between her breasts where she smiled smugly and poked at the princesses chest lightly.

"I'm going to be very clear with you." The girl said to Elsa, "If you dare harm any one of my citizens I will not hesitate to-"

"What!" Elsa laughed loudly, "What will a little, prissy, spoiled, sheltered, princess like you do to a vicious, bloodthirsty, cutthroat, stab-you-in-the-back-the-moment-you-turn-around, murderer like me?"

The girl and Elsa stared at each other intensely for a series of long moments in which the tenseness of the redhead's shoulders intensified and the smug look on Elsa's face grew even more so. The princess looked the captain over for a minute, taking note of her dirty clothing and raunchy stench. Overall, the captain was a mess.

To the princess, having a sword thrust against her chest was the most terrifying thing she had ever experienced. But as she realized that this woman was merely teasing her, treating her like a child, expecting her to run away like a coward, she grew unafraid and hardened herself against the woman in order to give her the impression that she was completely able to handle herself. Suddenly, all at once, the princess had an idea. This pirate woman had threatened her people. If Anna distracted her somehow...maybe bringing her into the castle she could capture her away from her crew and they would be separated...At least the captain wouldn't cause any harm to the the princess was able to look into the eyes of the captain her own eyes widened.

The blue eyes that stared back at her were unlike any she had ever seen before. They were vibrant and expressive, sharp and bright. The jewel like irises almost swallowed up the small pupils hidden inside her eyes, giving the woman an intense gaze. As the captain stared at the princess and the princess stared at the captain, both seemed transfixed with the other for a moment, simply staring at the other. Elsa, looking at the freckles dotting the younger girl's face, was aware that her piercing green eyes were boring into her own. In mere seconds, Elsa reconsidered attacking the princess.

"I can do nothing." The princess said without thinking properly before she said her next words, "Except invite you into my castle to stay for as long as you will."

Elsa immediately went to decline the offer, but suddenly had an idea. If she went with the princess, into her castle, who knew what kind of expensive things she could steal from the royal family? Who knew what fancy food they had in there for the taking? Who knew what kind of beds they had in there?! Elsa slowly brought the sword back up to the princesses slender neck and pressed the tip to her throat.

"You really want me in your castle?" Elsa growled.

"I invited you in didn't I?" the princess replied lightly, narrowing her eyes as she felt the sharp tip poke her delicate skin. She took a shaky breath and kept the pirate's unnerving gaze, "Are you going to accept or not?"

Elsa paused a moment in thought then said, "Who's to stop me from taking you hostage and getting all the riches I want instead?"

"Because I can offer you a place to stay for a few nights." Anna said, nervously, "And the beds in the palace are so much better than the one's in the tavern!" as she felt the tip of the sword press against her neck so hard she felt a drop of blood roll down her neck to her collar bone. She stared into the merciless eyes of the pirate cutthroat and felt fear for her life. Then Elsa looked over her shoulder and shouted, "HANS." so loudly, the princess jumped. Elsa's right hand man plodded over and leaned down to hear what his captain had to say.

"I'm going to live with this little…royal thing. Take the others to a tavern and then have them stay at the inn. I'll meet you here tomorrow. We need to discuss some…things."

"Sure." Hans said, smiling, knowing exactly what Elsa meant when she said, 'things'. Elsa turned back to the princess as her crew departed with shouts and laughter. Both royalty and pirate looked at one another again and Elsa took her sword back and sheathed it slowly.

"My name is Anna." Said the princess to the pirate as she whipped the blood from her neck.

"What, no princess, or future queen of Arendelle before that?" Elsa scoffed.

"I prefer Anna." The princess replied curtly wiping her bloody hand on her dress, "now come with me. You need a bath."

Elsa just laughed cruelly at this and the princess led her through the streets to the castle. Elsa walked behind the princess and noticed Anna's quick, wary glances back at her over her shoulder, just to see if she was doing anything suspicious.

"You have a right to be afraid." Elsa smirked.

"And you have a right to be afraid as well." Anna replied, "If anything happens to me, you'll be hunted down and executed."

"Nothing I haven't dealt with before." Elsa replied without so much as a blink, causing Anna's heartbeat to slightly quicken.

"So…planning on staying long?" Anna asked, in efforts to make conversation.

"If this is your idea of kindness then all I ask is a bed to sleep in and a few bottles of the finest alcohol you have. Any will do. Just make sure it's strong." Elsa said, looking at the castle they were approaching. She was inwardly excited about this new place she was going to stay in. She was even more excited to see what kind of food and drink they had to offer, but most importantly, the gold and precious artifacts like a jeweled crown or a scepter or something expensive like that.

"You haven't answered my question." Anna said quickly, breaking the pirate's train of thought.

"I don't know," Elsa snapped, spitting at a nearby cat who hissed when the spittle splattered on the sidewalk next to it, "depends on how long we wanna stay in this god damn city."

Anna didn't reply. Elsa and Anna approached the castle gates and the two guards keeping watch immediately jumped to attention once they saw who was trailing behind the princess. The guards pointed their spears at the pirate who put her hand on her sword hilt and patted it, smiling smugly. Anna eyed the two guards and ordered, "Open the gates."

"M'lady, you can't be serious…" one guard protested.

"Surely the king and queen will be displeased when they see you invited this…scum…to the castle."

"I prefer sea dog if you don't mind." Elsa called tapping her sword a bit harder.

Both guards scowled.

"I know what I'm doing boys," Anna said comfortingly, "Now open the gates. She is our guest and we will treat her as such."

The guards apprehensively opened the gates, staring angrily at the pirate who sauntered past them, bowing very un-ladily like to them. Anna rolled her eyes at Elsa's dramatic gesture, watching with a smile tugging at her lips as the woman took off her black leathery pirate's hat, bowing her head so low that her braid fell over her head. As Elsa straightened, a haughty smile on her face, she plopped the hat back down on her head and followed after the princess.

"I have a feeling you won't like it here at first, but at least you'll have a warm bath and a bed waiting for you." Anna said as she entered the castle through the front two doors into the main hallway. Upon entering the building, Elsa took one look at the milky marble floors and the pillars supporting the wide ceiling and felt slightly amazed at the openness of the hall. She had seen many places in her travels but never before had she set foot inside an actual castle.

Not for a moment did she let Anna think she was impressed by her home. Elsa simply strode proudly onward, ignoring Anna's slightly eager gaze directed back at her. Elsa thought the princess stupid inviting her into a place such as this where she clearly didn't belong. Elsa understood Anna's intentions. The pirate queen knew that the princess was trying to convert her to 'the good side' but she loved the open seas too much to stay in one place on land for very long. She doubted the princess would even get very far in her plan.

As the two reached the end of the hall, the princess turned and held out her hands to stop Elsa. The pirate crossed her arms, watching with a scowl on her face as the princess smiled excitedly and skipped over to the two large doors at the end of the hallway leading into the throne room. The redhead peeked into the crack in the doors and Elsa shifted uncomfortably.

"Now try to be civil." Anna said to Elsa, "These are my parents, the king and queen. Just try not to do anything obscene."

"I make no promise." Elsa replied haughtily.

As Anna shot her a look, a mix between holding back laughter and the are-you-kidding me face, the cold hearted woman's heart suddenly palpitated for the briefest of moments…

Odd. She never felt that feeling before…

The princess pushed open the doors and Elsa craned her neck back, striding into the room proudly, her nose unnecessarily high in the air. Anna ran to catch up to her and awkwardly introduced the pirate scum to the king and queen, "Um…mom, dad, this is…what did you say your name was?"

"Elsa." The pirate spat at the king and queen who wrinkled their noses in disgust, "Elsa, captain of the White Storm. Pillager of cities and-"

"She's a friend." Anna said, cutting her off.

Both the king, queen, and Elsa turned to stare at the princess incredulously.

"Yeah, she's passing by and she needs a place to stay for a few nights."

The king and queen looked condescendingly down on the pirate captain who was fighting the urge to spit on the carpeted floors. The king narrowed his eyes and looked at Anna who nervously fidgeted with her hands, waiting for her parents approval. The king looked at his wife and the queen gave him an equal look of uncomfortable hesitation.

"You must be crazy if you think I'll let that...that murderess in my household!" The king said sternly to Anna who immediately counteracted,

"But daddy! You always told me to be kind!"

"But never to a pirate!" the king replied levelly, "That woman is the scum of the earth, Anna, you shouldn't have even spoken to her!"

"But daddy!" Anna protested.

"No 'buts' young lady." the king said, "My word is final. She may not stay!"

Elsa immediately wanted to draw her sword and run it through the ing's gut. Her hand clenched around the golden hilt of her sword and the king noticed this and narrowed his eyes. Princess Anna thought for a minute, then bolted up to the king and leaned down to whisper a few things into his ear. Elsa watched as the king's face slowly changed from stern, to thoughtful, to understanding, to worried, then back to stern. Anna leaned back and smiled at Elsa. The pirate looked at the king in astonishment as he said, "You may stay, scum." he turned back to Anna, "but her room must be locked at night and a guard positioned outside her room at all times. Her sword must be taken along with any other weapon she has."

"Thank you daddy!" Anna giggled, kissing her father on the cheek.

Elsa wanted to hurl.

Anna walked from the thrones to the pirate who had gone slightly pale, grabbing her wrist and pulling her toward the hallway they had entered the throne room from. The pirate captain, not used to gentle contact, tilted her head as she was gently pulled along to the quarter's area of the castle. Anna's eyes were sparking, glad to have company for the evening, even if it was the company of a cutthroat murderer. Anna guided Elsa up a set of spiraling stairs to the bedrooms in the upper floors.

"You can take the bedroom right beside mine." Anna said.

"Lucky me." The pirate growled.

Anna pulled her over to the door where Elsa would be staying and Anna opened it wide for her to walk in. The pirate stepped into the carpeted room, looking around in disgust at the frilly looking blue bed accompanied by a silky canopy over the top of it. Two windows let in the light of the afternoon and a dresser, along with a vanity and a closet, was painted many bright and beautiful colors. Elsa wrinkled her nose at the faint smell of perfume that lingered about and sneered at the cleanliness of the room. For so long she had been used to the hammock on board her ship, her bedroom being a small, grimy room littered with dirty clothes and empty mugs and bottles…this was a massive change and the pirate hated it.

"Like it?" Anna asked, twirling past the pirate to land on the bed with a giggle, "I painted the flowers on the dressers myself!"

"I think I'm going to be sick." Elsa responded.

"Don't be rude!" Anna scolded.

"Well, I AM I pirate." Elsa responded apathetically.

"Let me pour you a bath." Anna said, "You're stinking up the room just by standing there."

"Now it's your turn not to be rude." Elsa quipped.

"If you get to be rude, I get to be rude." Anna replied snidely.

Elsa's lips curled into the smallest, faintest smile she ever made. She nearly slapped herself immediately after she realized what she was doing. Why was she smiling at this little whelp? She was supposed to be a big badass pirate! She wasn't supposed to show any emotion other than contempt and hatred and loathing. No matter how much Elsa didn't want to accept it, there was just something about the princess that made the cold pirate feel drawn too. She didn't quite understand it.

From inside the adjoining, smaller room, Elsa heard the beginnings of water running. She sighed and took her sword from her belt. She slid her boots off, set her captain's hat aside on the bed, and took out the many daggers she had hidden all over her. She pulled out the knives in either of her boots, under her hat, the two in her sleeves, the two in her pant legs, the two hidden in either sides of her underwear, and one in her collar. She set them all on the vanity along with her sword. She began to unclothe. When Anna returned to the room she stopped to watch as Elsa unbuttoned her white, loose fitting shirt.

"Shall I find you a toy boat to play with in the tub?" the princess smiled.

Elsa frowned at this remark, fighting against that little smile that fought to show, and replied with a roughly spoken, "No."

"I was trying to make a joke, smelly." Anna said, rolling her eyes, "I'll set out some clean clothes for you once you're finished in there."

"Won't be long." Elsa muttered.

"Why don't you actually try to take a while?" Anna said as she passed Elsa on her way to the door, "You need a good scrubbing."

Before Elsa could respond, Anna slid out the door, closing it behind her. The captain was left alone in the girliest room she had ever seen in her life and she immediately scowled again, regretting her decision to stay there. But her scowl morphed to an ugly grin once she remembered why she was truly there: to steal what she could and sell it for a good, healthy price. She proceeded to walk to the bathroom flicking her clothes off of her onto the floor in a trail as she approached the bathroom.

She slipped inside the smaller room, closing the door behind her, looking at herself in the full body mirror beside the tub…

"Maybe the prissy-ass princess was right…" Elsa muttered, looking over herself and noting how grungy she had become. She waited until the tub was somewhat full of warm water before sitting down inside it. She let out a soft sigh as she slid into the soothing warmth. The water relaxed her tense muscles and eased her disgruntled mind as she relaxed instantly. A washcloth and a bar of soap had been lain out on a side table for Elsa and she took it, beginning to wash herself clean.

Anna, meanwhile, had been searching through her closet to find something for the mysterious woman. She was not much older than Anna, and with that fact alone Anna found it more comfortable to be around her. Although she had certainly murdered, killed, destroyed towns and villages, assassinated people and undoubtedly stolen from nearly every province she wanted to see if she could convert the stranger, and stop her from doing anything like it again…she just wanted to see…

Anna found a pair of loose fitting flannel pajama pants and a soft undershirt for the pirate to wear and she made her way back to the room. Upon her entry she found the Elsa's clothes scattered along the floor in a trail leading to the bathroom. Anna paused a moment as she saw a splattering of blood on the back of Elsa's white shirt. She gulped deeply, then picked up the dirty clothes and put them in a pile outside the door for the servants to wash, keeping in mind that Elsa would probably want them back eventually. She set the pants and the undershirt down on the bed, reaching over to the vanity and placing a comb down on the bed as well. She smiled as she heard Elsa splashing about in the washroom.

Anna exited the room, feeling proud of herself that she would be entertaining a guest for the day. She wanted to get to know the pirate as much as she could and as well as she could…and also as carefully as she could. The fact that Elsa had greeted Anna with a sword to her throat right off the bat didn't exactly scream: "get to know me" but Anna wanted to try nonetheless.

When Elsa felt clean, which was something completely new to her, she stood in the bath and went to find a towel. She found one hanging on a rack off to the side and dried herself off, bringing the towel to her head where she rubbed it all over her hair, ruffling the platinum blonde locks. She shook her head, and felt the peculiar feeling of her hair feeling lighter on her head.

"Hmph." She grunted.

She walked to the bath and unplugged the tub, letting the dirty water rush down the drain. Elsa watched it for a moment before turning back to the other room and finding that her clothes had been taken and new clothes were set out for her. She walked across the room to the bed where she looked at the clothes curiously. Her brow furrowed at the prissy clothes the princess had picked out for her to wear. She frowned with displeasure as she pulled on the pants, unfamiliar to the soft flannel and fabric on her skin. She took the comb curiously, turned it over a few times, then brought it to her head where she began to run it through her tangled mane of blonde hair.

A few minutes passed and it seemed like it had gotten Elsa nowhere. She was two seconds from throwing the comb across the room. She threw her arm back, her arm tensing to throw the comb at the door, but she froze immediately as the handle twisted and Anna poked her head in to find the peculiar sight of the pirate with her hair sticking out in all directions, the comb in the air, and a surprised look on her face.

"Troubles with the comb?" Anna giggled.

"No." Elsa spat.

"Come here, I'll comb your hair for you."

"Don't even think about it, princess."

The address of 'princess' was not one of respect, it was one of loathing and the pirate retreated backwards on her bed where she went back to furiously trying to comb the knots out of her hair, clenching her jaw in pain and effort. Anna sighed and rolled her eyes taking a few steps toward Elsa who paused a moment, before going back to brushing.

"So…I take it you've never used a comb before?" Anna said.

"Never knew they existed." Elsa grunted, "I bet these things were invented in hell. This HURTS!"

"What, the big bad pirate afraid of a few knots?"

"I won't hesitate to beat you over the head with this if you don't shut the hell up." Elsa growled.

"Okay, okay, fine." Anna huffed, sitting on the edge of the bed while Elsa's eyes shut tightly as she raked the comb through her tangled hair, "But really, I could get those knots out for you much easier…and it would be a lot less painful if-"

"I said, NO!" the pirate yelled, losing her temper, ready to grab the princess. But when the pirate took one look into the jewel green eyes that stared back with equal determination and intensity she stifled the urge to destroy the princess then and there.

Anna smiled at her then, watching Elsa with a sudden affectionate gaze. Elsa awkwardly stared back, her combing slowing down a great deal. She tilted her head slightly at the princess when she shut her eyes and flopped back on the bed, bouncing them both with the force. Elsa bristled when Anna's hand came in contact with her leg.

The captain moved away from the princess and continued to brush her hair, furiously, not liking the close contact, or the company of the redhead. It was making her nervous.

"So…You're a pirate captain." Anna said.

"You bet your ass I am." Elsa replied darkly.

"Well, then, you must've had many adventures out at sea…many stories to tell."

"Aye." Elsa replied, "Not so much adventures as they are disasters we've lived through, but, aye."

"Mind telling me one?" Anna asked.

"I do mind." Elsa said, "I ain't telling an undeserving princess my stories!"

"I'm not prissy!" Anna said, her green eyes burning into ice blue, "I'll have you know that I've taken archery and sword fighting lessons for years!"

"How many?" Elsa asked, slightly interested.

"Seven years." Anna replied, proudly.

"I still doubt yer any good." Elsa said, wincing as she pulled out a particularly painful knot.

"I think I'm decent at it, but probably not as good as you." Anna replied, stroking the pirate's ego, "We'll have to spar sometime, see how long I last against you."

"Not long, I assure ye." Elsa said impatiently, barely acknowledging the princess at this point, "Now…god damn it how the fuck do any of you people manage to do this bullshit every day!?"

Elsa tossed the comb aside and angrily glared at the princess, waiting for an answer.

"Well, we've all had practice for one." Anna replied, rolling over and reaching for the comb that had Platinum strands of hair sticking out from in-between the bristles, "For another thing, we've been taught since we were very little to do these kinds of things. Now don't be a dummy and turn around so I can get the rest of those knots out of your hair."

The pirate stiffened at her request and went to turn her away, but suddenly, Anna grabbed for her and the pirate found herself unable to move as a soft, delicate hand cupped her cheek. The pirate's face turned beet red in fury and embarrassment and Anna moved forward, sitting directly in front of Elsa. Anna took notice of how stiff Elsa became and how red her face turned. Anna wasn't afraid of the pirate for she somehow knew Elsa didn't dare attack her. She knew there was a guard stationed outside her room and no matter how much Elsa wanted to strike the princess she held it back. She had a mission to fulfill. Elsa remained still as Anna brushed her hair. The pirate's eyes were wide and her whole being looked massively uncomfortable. Someone could cut the awkward silence that came between the two girls with a butter knife. Elsa's eyes then looked everywhere except for Anna's face. She couldn't look at the girl without blushing with heated rage and...something else

"You have impressive arms." Anna said, breaking into the icy pirate's murderous thoughts, "You must be really strong."

"I…I have to be." Elsa replied in a voice that sounded like a grunt, "Running a ship and a crew."

"You have a lot of scars on your arms and face..."

Elsa didn't reply.

What would her crew think? Her crew would turn mutinous in a second if they saw their captain sitting in a frilly royalty bed having her hair combed by the princess just after her relaxing bath.

"How long have you had your ship?" Anna asked.

"Since I was fifteen." Elsa growled.

"You've been a captain since you were fifteen?"

"No," Elsa said a dark flash behind her eyes, startling Anna, "I was stolen from my family at fifteen an' brought aboard the ship where I won the trust an' loyalty of the crew. After a while, I planned mutiny, an' killed the captain myself as a sixteen year old woman. I took over the ship and killed off any pirates who were mutinous against me without hesitation." Elsa smiled with an evil glee, "I hope their bodies are still at the bottom of the sea getting preyed on by the scum of the ocean."

Anna paused for a moment, her heart stopping in her chest…

"Well that's impressive." she said, her voice shaking the slightest bit and the pirate grinned as she heard it's hesitant waver.

"I'd feel better if you were horrified." Elsa replied.

"That's a strange preference."

"Not if you're a pirate."

"What makes you say that?"

"We take it as a compliment…"

Anna managed a smile as she finished combing out the last of the knots in the woman's hair. Elsa's eyes half closed as she watched the Princess's hands come to her face again to wipe away a few stray hairs that had fallen stray.

"There." Anna said sitting back and admiring her work, "beautiful! And you smell a lot better too."

Elsa cringed at being called beautiful and scowled at the princess who set the comb on the vanity beside the bed before turning her attention back to Elsa.

"I think you're going to liked it here eventually, no matter if this is unpleasant for the salty sea dog you are." Anna smiled.

Elsa paused.

A servant knocked on the door and walked in carrying a tray of food for Elsa who's mouth immediately began to water at the sight of an entire bottle of wine and whatever was in the large bowl in the middle of the tray accompanied by exotic fruits and a large roll.

"I hope you like this. I ordered it specifically for you." Anna took the tray with a nod of thanks to the servant. She set it between she and Elsa and smiled at the pirate who's jaw went slightly slack at the food before her.

"W…what is it?" Elsa asked, reaching for the spoon.

"It's beef stew." Anna replied, happy to see Elsa's intense interest, "I thought you'd like it."

Elsa dug in without a moment's notice and Anna smiled affectionately as she watched the ravenous woman devour her first decent meal in decades. By the time Elsa had finished everything and was halfway done with the bottle of wine, Anna stood slowly and smiled at the pirate kindly before saying,

"I'll leave you to sleep then. Glad you enjoyed the food."

Elsa didn't say a word and Anna left the room.

The minute she was gone, Elsa sighed in relief and took another swig of wine.

"What the fuck am I getting into here." She sighed, laying back on the bed and tipping the bottle back.