"You fool." Elsa growled, spitting at Hans, forcefully, slamming her fists against the stone walls of the prison she had been cast into, "You useless motherfucker!"

"You were hopelessly in love, captain!" Hans growled back at his captain insistently, shouting over the noise of the pirates roaring insults at both the captain and her first mate, "You weren't going to steal from her once you fell for her, I KNOW it!"

"She would've given us things!" Elsa shouted back, pounding her fist once more against the wall separating the two murderous pirates, "I was going to ask for money! And she sure as hell would've given us some!"

"How can you be so sure?" A pirate in the cell adjacent to Elsa's called, "You fell for a fancy ass princess, Elsa, what the fuck where you thinking?"

"I understand that I made a mistake and I should've left when I had the chance," Elsa shook her head, "but I was convinced by this asshole of a man to stay and execute the plan!" she gestured to Hans,"I should've known better. I-I even tried to KILL the princess for all of you to get the gold you deserve, but that devil woman knew all of it from the very start!"

The pirates growled and murmured amongst themselves.

"But!" Elsa said, gaining everyon's attention yet again by raising her voice and lifting her hand for silence, "...I know there's a possibility of her freeing us by the end of this night. If I know Anna, she's going to get what she wants. She's as stubborn as an ox and as reckless as I am, but she's smart. She had a plan before I was captured and I know, with help or not, she's going to execute it." Elsa clenched her hands around the bars of her cell, "She's going to save us. I know it."

crouched in front of her bedroom door, the furious princess exhaled a breath she had been holding and turned the doorknob to the door quietly, peering out into the shadowed hallway as she cracked the door just slightly. Clutching the sword in her hand, her grip tightening around the handle of the heavy cutlass so hard her knuckles turned white, Anna spied Oaken standing outside her door as he usually did, awake and alert as he stared out the window adjacent to him. Anna slipped out of her room silently, using the shadows as cover. She knew for a fact that Oaken was distracted easily since he had been her body guard since Anna was a child. The princess never really did like Oaken since he never spoke to her, and refused to build a snowman with her in the wintertime. The princess crept alongside the wall, pressing a hand to the cool stone, her body moving along silent and tense. Closer and closer she kept to the unsuspecting guard. The rage that had ignited in Anna's chest only intensified her desire to destroy everything between her and her pirate captain...

Anna whispered an apology to the innocent guard, grabbed Oakens' shoulder armor with her left hand, then slammed the sword straight into his gut, through his armor and clear out the other side. The soldier made a strangled noise, the only noise Anna had ever heard in her 18 years of knowing him. Oaken's eyesight blurred as he found Anna's hard, teal eyes staring back at him with malice.

"I hate to repay you this way for all your years of service," Anna whispered, jutting the sword up into Oaken's gut further, causing the guard to cough and wheeze, "but I can't have you warning anyone of what I'm going to do." Anna studied the intense fear in the soldier's eyes for a few moments, hen ripped the sword violently out of Oaken, blood flinging from the blade to splash over the soft carpet and dripping onto the stone floor. Oaken let out a final breath, calling for help before crumpling to the floor where he grew completely still and Anna stood over him, staring at the pool of blood that began to surround the corpse.

The fire in Anna's heart had not been extinguished.

Anna turned away and walked silently toward the spiraling stair case that lead to the main hall, branching off into the other rooms of the castle. She would have to move past the guards quickly and silently, if they were down there, and somehow find a way to enter the small door to the left of the castle's entranceway. That door lead down into the dungeons; the only place in the castle Anna wasn't familiar with. It would be a miracle if she could pull something as daring as this off, considering the fact she was so clumsy. And even if she did get down there, how would Anna manage to get the pirates out without creating a ruckus? Anna shook her head, putting all of the possible things that could go wrong with her plan out of her mind, and began her descent down the spiraling staircase.

She walked down step after step, listening intently for any sound of approaching footsteps behind or in front of her, getting ready to make a run for it at any moment. As she neared the bottom, she heard two voices speaking in the main hall. The princess recognized the voices immediately and mouthed: "Mother? Father?"

"I knew I should've never let that pirate in here." Anna's father was saying, his heavy boots clumping along the carpeted floors as he paced back and forth, "I knew something like this would happen."

"There was no way you could've known something like this would happen, dearest."Anna's mother said comfortingly, "I just don't know what we're going to do with her! Our little Anna has become violent and has committed an unspeakable forbidden act…"

Anna listened intently, her heart beating rapidly in her chest as she waited to hear what her father would say. She clutched the bloody sword in her hand as she heard the words, "We can't have her as an heir to the throne after today."

"But who-" the queen began.

"All we can do is…try for another child."

Anna squeezed her eyes shut, leaning against the cool stone of the narrow staircase's wall. She felt tears welling up in her eyes as her mother said, "…You're going to banish our baby...?"

"We can't have her fouling up the line of the throne." The king said lowly, as if the weight of his words lowered his voice, "…She will be banished and her title as princess removed...for she is no longer welcome in the "

Anna clutched her chest and fought back tears as she heard her mother let out a small sob. The two in the main hall were quiet for a long time, then the mother said, "She might not be our daughter anymore…but she will always be my princess."

"So be it." The king said, "And…I understand. I'll miss her too, but you understand why I need to do this."

"Yes, love." The queen replied, "I do."

Anna's rage intensified. She unbelievably hurt that her parents didn't love her enough to accept her for who she was. They couldn't even keep her in the castle anymore, they would remove her entirely from the picture for what they thought was right. Anna scowled for the first time in her life, feeling hatred unlike none other. Anna wished the worst on her father…but her mother…

Anna crept down the last set of stairs silently, listening to her father walk towards the throne room. Anna peered out into the main hall to see her mother standing alone, holding onto the necklace she always wore around her neck. The princess knew there was some kind of meaning to that necklace, but she had never asked because whenever something bad happened in the kingdom, her mother would always clutch that necklace like it was her lifeline.

Anna slid into the dark shadows of the hall and watched as her mother lifted her hands to cover her face. She began to sob silently, her shoulders shaking and Anna fought internally with herself whether or not she should run to her mother, but if she did, her mother would immediately call for help and the castle would know in only a few seconds of her treachery and…her first act of murder. Anna fought back the urge to comfort her mother, and focused on the task at hand. Luckily, there were no guards in the main hall since the king and queen had excused them all to go to bed which made Anna's job a lot easier.

Hopefully in the time that Anna had reached the pirates, someone wouldn't have found Oaken. Anna lurked through the main hall, moving away from her heartbroken mother to the door that lead to the dungeon below. Anna opened the creaky door as quietly as she could, then slipped inside successfully without her mother taking notice. Anna immediately wished she would've brought a candle.

Anna put her hand on the wall as she descended the staircase in order to steady herself if she were to fall at any given time. The longer she descended, the more she heard the pirates moaning and cursing from below. She wrinkled up her nose at the sound, but suddenly her beloved Elsa's voice rang out above all the rest:

"Listen to me you pussy ass bastards!" Elsa cried and Anna's heart quickened, "This princess is so much more than you think she is. She'll be coming down here any second now to set us all free, and I can give you my word on that. I've spent enough time to know that when this fantastic bitch wants something, she's sure as hell gonna get it no matter what happens! So quit yer whinin' and bellyachin' because she'll be any second now!"

Anna's cheeks flushed at the sound of Elsa's voice, raised in confidence, putting faith in her, believing in her. The pirate captain truly did love her…and the fact that Elsa had said this in front of her entire fleet of pirates was nothing short of a compliment directed towards Anna.

"I bet you all a drink o' rum, this lass isn't gonna show." A pirate said as Anna reached the bottom of the stairs. In the dim light of the room, Anna saw the dungeon keeper propped up against the wall, drunk, and completely asleep with his keys hanging from his belt. Anna paused, then moved towards the man, her sword ready for combat. As she moved closer the more nervous she became. She approached him, then carefully reached down to take the keys…

The man's eyes shot open just as Anna's hand wrapped around the key ring. The jailer grabbed Anna's arm and she shrieked in surprise, causing the pirates below to stop everything they were doing to listen to what was going on at the other side of the room with the princess and the jailer. Elsa pressed herself against the bars of her cell straining to see the princess, and shouted, "Anna!"

Anna jumped back as the jailer took a swing at her with a dagger her had kept hidden from view in his pocket. Anna lunged back again as the man took another swing at her. Anna swung back at him with the cutlass and the man with the dagger blocked it, then kicked Anna in the stomach, sending her sprawling back against the staircase. Since there was next to no light in the dungeon, Anna had trouble seeing the man as he attacked her. She rolled aside as the man lunged at her, the clank of a dagger hitting the stone stairs sounded and Elsa called out for Anna again. Anna stumbled to her feet and swung at the man, succeeding in slicing a cut through his arm. The jailer stumbled backwards and grabbed his arm, crying out as a gush of blood fountained from his wound. Anna took that moment of weakness and ran with it. She grabbed the man and struggled against him as he tried to plunge the dagger into her neck. Anna pushed with all the force she could manage but she just couldn't overpower him.

"Anna!" Elsa cried, "You can do this, Anna! I KNOW you can!"

Anna heard the shout from the cells below and the fire in her chest ignited once more and that feeling had all at once, overridden her fear. Anna received a rush of adrenalin and managed to twist the man's wrist away from her neck. Then she, with massive effort, angled the sword a certain direction and pressed it against the man's stomach.

The pirates, who knew she was their only hope of escape, called out encouragements and coaxes, hoping the princess lived up to what Elsa was saying. The princess turned murderer glared into the oblivious eyes of the dungeon master and cried out with effort, overpowering him and sending Elsa's cutlass right through his chest. She pulled out quickly and watched as the man fell to his knees, clutching his chest and gasping for air...as he fell to the ground, Anna grabbed the keys, bolting down into the cells where she was met by cheers and roars of approval.

Elsa pressed herself against the bars of her cell and held out an arm for Anna calling, "Princess!"

Hearing Elsa's voice theought the ruckus, Anna bolted towards it and caught sight of her pirate captain's head of platinum hair through the darkness. Elsa's eyes absolutely glowed with pride as Anna took her hand.

"I told you I'd get you out," Anna said breathlessly, "Now hold on. I'm going to get as many of you out as I can, but in order to do that you all need to quiet down!"

"DID YOU HEAR THE LASS?!" Elsa roared louder than everyone else. Every pirate in the room hushed and watched with anticipation as Anna inserted the key into Elsa's cell lock. With a quick turn, the cell door was open and Elsa pushed the door back hastily and gave Anna a quick hug before the princess went off and opened more cells. Elsa aided in keeping the rowdy, still somewhat drunk, men quiet and keeping them together so that they didn't wander off in their oblivious state.

When Anna had freed the very last of the prisoners, she walked through the room and stood on the first step leading up to the front doors of the castle.

"Everyone!" She called, but they didn't stop to listen, "EVERYONE!" still they didn't listen, "You stupid ass bastards better listen to me or you're all gonna get your head lopped off at the nearest sign of sunrise!"

Everyone turned to her and she sighed in exasperation, placing a hand on her forehead. Elsa smiled in embarrassment as Anna glared at her as if to say, 'you're not helping anything.' Anna then went on to instruct each of the pirates to be as quiet as they possibly could. She informed them of the risk she was taking and how important being as quiet as possible was. Anna then went on to say, while the rest of the pirates would escape, Elsa and Anna would sneak into the kitchen to steal as much food as they could from the castle, then they would meet the crew back out by the ship. Assuming the late night guards at the front of the castle would be taken care of without a problem, Anna thought this plan would go off without a hitch. As Anna lead the pirates up the stairs to the main hall, she hushed each and every one of them as they clomped up the stairs, murmuring and whispering. Anna halted in front of the door, put a finger to her lips and Elsa smiled. Then Anna opened the door...and came face to face with the king of Arendelle.

The king's eyes grew wide as he saw his beloved daughter, standing in what looked to be peasant rags with a bloody cutlace in her right hand, and a cut on her cheek. Then he looked passed her to the group of pirates who stared back in equal shock. The king went to shout for the guards, but Anna, with a quick movement towards him cut him off, "I didn't want to do this, daddy."

The king backed away as Anna went to strike him...

"NO!" came a heartbroken cry that echoed through the hall. Anna's mother bolted up to the two and thinking quickly, Anna reached up, putting her arm around her father's throat, and setting the tip of Elsa's bloody cutlass on his chest.

"Give us all you have in the kitchen or I'll run him through." Anna said weakly. Elsa stared on in complete and utter shock.

"Anna, you don't need to do this!" the queen said in a comforting voice, holding out both hands to her daughter, "Please…Let your father go…"

"NOT until you get us food." Anna growled, pressing the tip to her father's chest harder, cutting through the fabric of his shirt, the blood of two men staining his clothes, "Go and get it, now. And get the servants over here too to carry it to the ship."

"Anna," her father said softly, "If you don't release me at once I will have no choice but to-"

"What?" Anna asked, "What are you going to do if you're dead, dad?"

The queen gave a shriek as Anna dug her sword deeper into the king's clothes, cutting against skin, making a paper thin incision down the middle of his chest, "Get me the food…NOW, mother."

The queen looked to the king with tears in her eyes, and he eventually nodded his head the slightest bit, giving the queen permission to do what their betraying daughter had demanded of them. Elsa watched with a massive grin on her face as the queen rushed off to wake the servants, and then there was a bustle in the kitchen, the servants all murmuring amongst each other, mumbling against Anna as they gathered the sacks of food and drink together for the pirates.

"Anna." Elsa said, standing beside her, "Are you sure you want this?"

"Are you kidding me?" Anna scoffed, tightening her grip around her father's neck, "…They were going to banish me anyway. I might as well take what I can and get out. Isn't that right…papa." Anna spat.

"Anna, you don't have to do this." The king said in a wavering voice, "I know who you are…you're a good person."

"But not when people turn on me and banish me just because I was doing something disgraceful. I was following my heart, father, and you've always told me to do that…but now that I've done something you disapprove of..."

The king remained silent as the servants lined up in front of Anna with the sacks of food. Elsa ordered the men to each take two bags of it and carry it with them to the ship. As pirate after pirate left the room, lead by Elsa who gave Anna a small nod and a smile. As the last pirate left the hall, Anna remained in the castle with her mother and father for a few more minutes.

"Please, Anna." Her mother begged her, moving as close as she dared to her daughter who still held her father tightly within harms way, "You don't need to do this."

"Yes," Anna said, slowly letting the king go, "I do." She shoved him away from her and she scowled at both of them, much like Elsa had done the day she arrived. Anna stared at her parents for a long time, giving them a chance to say something.

"It doesn't need to be this way." Her father said, rubbing his neck.

"Shut up, dad." Anna hissed, turning her back and walking across the carpet to the doorway where she stopped, then turned and said, "You both want me banished, then so be it."

The last Anna saw of her parents was her mother running after her with her hand outstretched, a shout on her lips for her beloved daughter to stop. Anna slammed the castle doors and she fled the castle as fast as she could, tears rushing down her face. Halfway to the ship, she heard the shouts of the soldiers behind her, hot in pursuit.

If the king and queen thought that Anna would come back to them if they sent soldiers out after her, to capture her, they were sorely mistaken. Anna ran through the streets of the only home she had ever known; she rushed passed the center of town, through the middle district, then through the lower district where, in the night, she could see the mast of the White Storm jutting up into the sky.

"Princess Anna!" the captain of the guard bellowed from behind her, "Pleas halt!"

"NO!" Anna shouted, running across the docks and to the ship where Elsa and the pirates were waiting, "Fuck you all!"

As Anna reached the end of the dock, she jumped from the dock to the deck of the ship where she stumbled and Elsa caught her. Elsa immediately yelled at one of her crew members to deploy the sails. As the ship jolted forward, the soldiers all gathered at the end of the dock shouting as desperately as they for Anna, their princess, to return to them.

Anna, listening to their cries and fully realizing the weight of what she had done, turned her head and buried her face into Elsa's shoulder, letting out a loud cry into the night, dropping the blood soaked sword where it clattered against the wood of the deck. In her heart, she knew what she had done was unbelievably horrible…unthinkable. Yet there she was, the princess of Arendelle, running away with the woman she loved to live a life of a pirate.

"It's alright." Elsa whispered in her ear, holding Anna closer, "Everything is alright now."

Elsa turned her head to look at her crewmates and roared, "Now what do ye think of THAT display, eh?!"

The pirates all turned to each other for a moment, then let out a roar of approval, reaching into the many sacks of expensive food and taking out the bottles of wine, popping the corks in celebration.

"The lass Ain't half bad!" A seasoned pirate called as he knocked a wine bottle back.

"Pretty impressive if I do say so myself." Another commented.

"Took lot'sa guts to do what ye jus' did there, lass." A more kindly pirate said to Anna.

"I could've betrayed my family better." A cocky pirate called and Elsa roared with laughter as he was shoved around for his comment. Anna lifted her head to look into the shining, joyful eyes of the pirate captain. Elsa had been overjoyed with Anna's decision to come with her, and hadn't fully understood the weight of the pain Anna felt.

"I'm still just a princess." Anna whispered in Elsa's ear.

"But what you did tonight proved that you are more than what you seem." Elsa replied, placing a hand on the back of Anna's head, tugging out the braids in her hair and letting the red locks fall free, "You have much to learn if you're to be with me, but I assure you, it won't be hard. The more you work at it, the easier and more enjoyable it will become."

Anna turned her head back to stare at the city of Arendelle, the only home she had ever known, all her friends, her family, her memories, they all seemed to grow smaller as they moved farther and farther away...

"Hey," Elsa said softly, taking Anna's cheek and moving her head so she looked back at the captain, "…Anna, the first rule of being a pirate is to never look back."

The princess didn't like the sound of that very much, but still chose to accept it. What else could she do? Elsa leaned down and pressed her lips to Anna's and Anna completely forgot about everything Elsa. She was with Elsa, and wherever Elsa was, she would be happy. When Elsa moved away from Anna, the princess put her arms around Elsa's neck and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Well, then!" A pirate boomed with laugher, "Look at the captain getting' all snuggly with tha princess over here!"

"Hey, she's been like this since day one." Anna teased and the whole of the pirates laughed as Elsa furiously denied that claim. Elsa went on to introduce Anna one on one to each of the pirates. Some were more welcoming than others, but Elsa made sure that the one's that didn't like Anna didn't feel that way for long. Anna immediately took a liking to some of the pirates, for they treated her with a certain liveliness, so unlike how everyone else treated her. Back home she was a princess, always treated with respect and no one could be comfortable around her due to that fact. These pirates simply didn't care and viewed her as a simple girl rather than a delicate princess. As the night progressed, Anna slowly began to grow tired, and Elsa, noticing this, dismissed her and Anna so that the two could retire to bed early for Anna was going to be taught the ways of running a ship in the morning and she needed her rest.

Elsa lead Anna across the deck to Elsa little cabin. Anna screwed up her nose at the stench upon entering the room and Elsa smiled in embarrassment.

"You'll get used to it." Elsa said, sitting down on her hammock and taking off her captains hat. She pulled out her brain, and opened her arms for Anna. The redhead ran to her and both women laughed gently as Elsa caught Anna and laid her comfortably down beside her in the hammock. Anna's hand rested on Elsa's chest and the princess watched as Elsa stared up at the ceiling for a moment.

"What are you thinking about, captain?" Anna asked, smiling, liking the way the hammock rocked in time with the sway of the ship.

"I'm thinking about…how you'll go down in history as the pirate princess." Elsa said, lifting her hand above her, "Can't you just hear it? Elsa, the pirate captain and her princess turned pirate!"

Anna chuckled softly and cuddled up to Elsa, kissing the pirate on the cheek and shutting her eyes saying,

"I love you."

Elsa paused for a long time, then held the princess close and replied so quietly Anna strained to hear: "Before I met you, I thought I was incapable of loving another…I mean, I'm a pirate. Pirates are ruthless cut throat killers…a-and considering everything we've been though how could I not feel the same way about you? I mean...apparently people fall in love and love is a normal thing right? Except for pirates because pirates are kind of..."

Anna opened one eye to look at the babbling pirate.

"...I love you too, Anna." Elsa said awkwardly. Anna leaned up and kissed Elsa softly, then laid her head on the captain's chest. The pirate chuckled and the two fell into a comfortable silence. In the darkness of the cabin, Anna felt warm and safe…especially since she was in Elsa's arms. Anna, when she was sure her captain was asleep, moved her head a certain way to rest between Elsa's breasts, listening to the pirate's steady heartbeat.

Ba-dum Ba-dum Ba-dum.

Anna smiled involuntarily and snuggled closer, listening to the comforting noise. Anna loved the feeling of having another body next to her. It was comforting and warm, knowing Elsa was so comfortable around Anna, she could fall asleep made Anna so happy she could burst. Considering the events of the night, the pirate-to-be then rested herself against her lover and began to drift off into sleep…

Then she heard the door open slowly, just a crack, then shut ever so quietly that she could barely hear it. There was complete silence in the pitch black room and Anna remained completely still, straining to hear any kind of noise. Perhaps one of the pirates had just opened the door to check on Anna and Elsa, then went off to bed…

There came a gradual creaking of floorboards and the small barely audible draw of a blade. Anna remembered that Elsa's sword lay off to the side and out of reach. Anna couldn't so much as move a muscle, lest the intruder strike her or Elsa. Anna's heart pounded in her chest as she listened to the floorboards creaking under the weight of a large man…

Anna gripped Elsa's wrist so hard the pirate woke and opened her eyes, but did not stir. Anna gripped harder and Elsa slowly regained consciousness, blinking in order to see properly. In the darkness, she could just barely make out the silhouette of a man…

…With his arm raised and the flash of the moonlight shining off the edge of a sharpened cutlass.

Elsa quickly moved to action just as the man, shielded by darkness, struck. Anna cried out, but Elsa didn't know the damage due to the pitch blackness of her cabin. Elsa reached forward and grabbed for the man but couldn't find him. She heard Anna scrambling backwards in the cabin, shouting for help. Elsa rushed forward when she heard Anna fall against the back wall. Elsa, tripping over her boots, accidentally landed on the man who was above Anna, ready to run Anna through. Elsa grabbed onto his shirt as hard as she could and flung him towards the door.

With a mighty crash, the man fell through the wooden door and fell out onto the deck. The moonlight illuminated his face and Elsa stood in the doorway, shocked, to see Hans, the traitorous bastard, standing with his cutlass drawn and a look of pure hatred on his face.

"You're honestly going to replace me with that…that WHELP!?" Hans roared, "You can't be serious!"

Elsa turned her head slightly to see Anna emerging from the darkness behind her, a cut along her right arm, drenching the entirety of the arm of her shirt a dark red. The princess was crying in pain, but she threw Elsa's cutlass to her with the little strength she could manage. The amount of her blood flowing from her arm made Anna panic and loose control of her thoughts...

The pirates, who had all gone to bed, heard the crash and one by one rushed up to the deck to wacth the spectacle. Elsa drew her still bloody cutlass, and pointed it at Han's, shouting, "You fucking bastard! I'm going to keep my promise and kill you. Right here. Right now."

"Bring it on you pussy-ass whore!"

When Anna heard Hans call Elsa what he did, something in Anna's delicate mind snapped. Anna's fury returned and she strode across the deck towards Hans, fire blazing in her eyes.

"Nobody calls my bitch a whore but ME!" Anna roared suddenly, grabbing the cutlass out of Elsa's hand and surprising everyone by fearlessly approaching Hans and cutting up his left leg, causing him to go down on one knee.

"THAT is for being an absolute bastard!" Anna shouted. Then she swiftly kicked him in between the legs where he fell and curled up on the floor with a loud moan of pain,

"THAT is for fucking everything up!"

Anna, with tremendous strength despite the cut on her arm, grabbed Hans by the shoulders and thrust him up against the mast, slamming his head off a notch in the wood,

"And this-" she began, grabbing a piece of rope and beginning to tie him up with the help of some other pirates who saw what she was about to do, "Is for all the pirates here who you fucked over with your stupid ass plan to raid the castle!" Hans struggled mightily against the rope but found no way to break free. Anna stood back and held her bleeding arm to her chest protectively, becoming slightly timid in her pain. Elsa put her hand on Anna's shoulder and smiled reassuringly as if to say, 'that's enough.'

"We'll get you patched up." Elsa said aloud.

"T…this is my first scar right?" Anna asked quietly.

Elsa broke out into a massive grin that Anna no longer found frightening.

"Yes. The first of many stories you'll tell in the future." Elsa smiled, then turned to Hans who was glaring murderously at each one of the pirates as best he could. Elsa walked up to her former first mate, leaned up and said, "Well hello there, Hans."

The pirates began to chortle and chuckled as Elsa let the fear build up inside of the pirate tied to the mast. As he realized he was completely helpless, he stopped struggling and his eyes begged for mercy, although he verbally asked for none, for he knew he wouldn't receive any. Elsa threw her hand back and slapped Hans in the face violently.

The pirates, including Anna, erupted in cheers and Elsa lifted her first into the air, shouting, "Let's HAVE AT 'IM BOYS!"

Then, Anna was surprised to see the pirates insist she hit Hans next with loud shouts and guffaws. Anna was shoved playfully, heartily forward, and Anna giggled...then looked Hans straight in the eye, grinning smugly.

"Still think I'm a prissy princess now, you absolute douche?" Anna asked and all the pirates, including Elsa, chuckled deeply. Anna threw her hand back and aimed another slap right at the red mark Elsa left, inflicting twice as much pain as before on the already sore spot.

Elsa and Anna stood back and let the pirates go at Hans as much as they wanted. There was a massive amount of bottle smashing, punching, swearing, laughing, and yelling. Elsa, hallway through the festivities, took Anna's hand and led her away from the ruckus into her quarters where she lit a candle and opened up the cupboard on one side of the room, pulling out some medical supplies.

"How are you?" Elsa asked, concerned, "Are you hurt?"

"Well, considering the fact I'm bleeding profusely from my arm, I should say that I'm not entirely alright…but I will be as soon as you stitch me up." Anna answered softly as Elsa got on her knees and pulled out some thread and a needle as well as some disinfectant and bandages.

"This is going to hurt." Elsa warned, "A lot…"

"I can take it." Anna smiled, "How bad could it be?"

As Elsa stitched Anna up, the pirates didn't cease their assault on Hans for one moment. Anna, in her pain, cried loudly and Elsa did her best to make the stitches hurt as little as possible. In the end, Anna's wound was taken care of and bandages covered her bicep.

"Let's get some water to clean you up…you lost a lot of blood." Elsa said, patting Anna's leg, "You did well, by the way, warning me the way you did."

"Th-thanks." Anna sniffed.

"It could've turned out a lot worse. You just keep surprising me, princess." Elsa took her hand and helped Anna to her feet, whipping away some of her princess's tears.

"Hope I didn't make too much of a fuss." Anna smiled.

"Nah." Elsa said, honestly, "I'm not exactly used to stitching up someone's wounds so that couldn't've been the best experience for you…but, that aside, let's get some food in you, and maybe some alcohol. Trust me, you'll feel better."

As Elsa led Anna out onto the deck, they both paused for a moment to watch the pirates decking the miserable traitor. Anna, always sympathetic, frowned slightly, but Elsa was smiling broadly at her men, proud to see what a bunch of miserable sods they were.

"Come on, Anna." Elsa guided Anna to the galley where they both got something to eat.

All throughout the night, the pirates had their way with Hans, and come morning, they all gathered about the mast, snarling and spitting angrily, as Elsa and Anna approached the beaten down man who was somehow still able to lift his head.

Elsa scowled at her former first mate and said: "I hope yer happy, you miserable pile of shit."

Hans said nothing. He only spat at Elsa and Anna shook her head.

Elsa turned to Anna, then both nodded, knowing exactly what the other was thinking. As the sun rose over the horizon, Elsa moved forward and cut Hans free of the ropes. With a moan, he fell face first onto the deck where he lay for a while, unmoving. Anna kicked him in the side experimentally and when a moan sounded, the pirates all grumbled and murmured amongst themselves shifting slightly and casting each other glances.

Elsa roughly forced Hans to his feet, then dragged him over to the side of the ship where she gestured for Anna to approach. She nodded and did as Elsa asked. She approached the traitorous man and stood before him, her arms folded over her chest and her teal eyes boring into Hans' dark green. Elsa moved away from the two and said to Anna, smiling, "Will you do the honors?"

Anna cast Elsa a glance out of the corner of her eye…then smiled back.

The princess lifted a leg, then kicked Han's off the side of the boat by slamming her boot to his chest with crippling force. Hans went straight over the side of the boat and into the water where he landed with a heavy splash.

"RAISE THE MAINSAIL!" Elsa cried happily, and the men did as she asked, the musician aboard the ship began to play a song and her men rose up in singing a shanty. The merry sound made Anna smile and Elsa took Anna's hand, bringing her to the back of the ship to watch Hans disappear into the horizon together.

"I'll drink to this." Anna smiled, resting her head on Elsa's shoulder.

"You're well on your way, Anna." Elsa smiled, putting her arm around Anna's shoulder, "You're well on your way."

A/N: NOT THE END. I've had one more idea I need to put through this story. I haven't watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and played the whole of Assassins Creed Black Flag for nothing. So...it's not over yet. And I feel like I owe you guys some more badass Anna...(I feel like her official song is "What the Hell" by Avril Lavigne or something like that.) Thanks to everyone for reviews and follows and favorites. It really helps the process along. :) I appreciate every one of you!