By Ekai Ungson

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"I want the 1021 room shift."

"No way, I got that one first!"

"What do you mean, you got it first? I got it!"

"What?! Give me that—"

"Wait your turn!"

"Stop pushing!"

A loud whistle broke through. The volume was glass-shattering. The nurses turned to find out who it was, and sure enough, it was the Head Nurse, Miss Yoko.

Yoko snatched the clipboard from one of the befuddled nurses and looked it over. Then she turned back to her crew. "None of you is going to get this shift."

There was a half-hearted chorus of "whaaaaat".

Then, Tomoyo entered the nurses' station, pulling her hair back into a high ponytail.

Yoko set the clipboard directly in front of her. Tomoyo looked up. "Ma'am?"

"You get the 1021 assignment until he's checked out. Understood?"

Tomoyo nodded. Then she looked around. The other nurses avoided her gaze.

Oh. I get it.

Cinco: Hijo de Diablo

Tomoyo had thought that if she was scarce enough, she could avoid the 1021 assignment. Apparently, she'd been wrong.

Blue Eyes was a lady killer. In the one week he'd stayed in (he was free to go, really, but he insisted on being kept as if he were suffering from cancer) he had managed to enamor all the nurses in his department. It was annoying, Tomoyo thought, as she picked up the clipboard and the wire basket of medicine.

She heard female giggling through the door of 1021. She stopped, rolled her eyes, and breathed. Then she turned the knob.

Sure enough, three nurses were fawning over Hiiragizawa Eriol. Tomoyo cleared her throat and they all looked at her. In her calmest voice she ordered, "Scat, all of you."

Blue Eyes gave the girls a charming smile before shooing them away, reassurances abundant. If this kept on any more, Tomoyo would swear that her eyes would roll all the way to the back of her head.

Eriol gave her a charming smile. She frowned.

"I figured you'd be here soon enough," he said winningly.

"Your half-assed attempts at seduction are useless against me, Little Boy Blue," she replied. "I'm only here because I'm the only nurse you haven't yet won over."

"Ah, but that'll change soon enough," he answered confidently.

Tomoyo turned to him. "Hiiragizawa-san. I take my job very seriously. I can poison you today if I wanted to. I'd be doing the world a favor. If you don't mind, I rather you didn't pull any of your tricks on me. They'd never work."

He put on a wounded expression. "I'm hurt, Tomoyo-san."

"And I could care," she said, pulling out a syringe and filling it. She swiftly found a vein in his arm and injected the fluid. The process didn't take five minutes. She turned to leave, but he grabbed her hand and refused to let go.

"Blue Eyes. I've got a job to do," she muttered in the calmest voice she could muster.

"Why are you avoiding me?" he asked.

"I am not avoiding you," she said.

"Yes, you are."

"And even if I was, I'd have very good reason to."

"And what reason would that be?"

She looked at him. Looked at him for a very long time. Eriol flinched under the scrutiny.

"I don't like your type, Hiiragizawa."

And she walked away.

Not her type?

That was impossible! Hiiragizawa Eriol was everybody's type. He made sure of that. He spent a lot of time and money just so he could play the part of every girl's fantasy. And some… some… girl had the gall to claim that he, the one and only Hiiragizawa Eriol, was not her type?

When the door closed behind her, he found in himself a growing sort-of rage and sort-of fascination. What did this girl want, if it wasn't him?

He would have a lot of fun finding out.


The next morning, when Tomoyo brought the usual medications prescribed to Hiiragizawa Eriol, he was still asleep.

It had to take a lot of energy to keep up the smooth act, she mused as she unscrewed the bottle cap of a bottle of pills. There was something about him that made her think of him as some sort of… there wasn't another word for it—gigolo. That he aimed to please any woman within arm's length, so they would, in turn, aim to please him.

Tomoyo filled a glass of water and set it down on the side table. Then she turned to look at her patient and promptly stopped thinking.

Later, she would tell herself that she stopped thinking because she wanted to stop thinking. Tomoyo liked to think she had control over her life and actions. Right now she only stopped and stared at the picture Blue Eyes made.

It was a very pretty picture, she had to admit.

He had dark circles under his eyes from too much booze and parties, but they had faded into a barely discernible gray. She remembered the first time she walked into his room and she could very well say that he had looked like hell. The absence of liquor in his system and secondhand smoke in his lungs had been doing him some good.

He was so very pale. She unconsciously took a quick peek at her own arm just to see if he could be any paler than her. And his dark hair was mussed all over his head, giving him a boyish sort of look.

She found that she liked him better like this—boyish and unkempt and totally vulnerable. The man had a tendency to bomb on her every time he opened his mouth. He liked the sound of his own voice too much, she thought. Even if he was spouting absolute nonsense.

Before she could stop herself, she ran her fingers through his hair, brushed them away from his closed eyes. Then she turned around and walked out of the room.

And Eriol dreamt that he had been touched by an angel.