John Smith walked out of the railway station and hailed a taxi.

"Where to Gov" asked the driver.

"I think it is called Parkgate House on Kent Road"

"Oh yes, the hotel I know it hop in"

John looked round at the scenery as the taxi moved, its was a small town Tadchester,very quiet after London, that is what he wanted.

"Hoilday,is it ?"asked the driver

"No, said John I've come to work ,I'm the new manager"

"Right,you will find it very quiet here,just up from London are you?"

"That's,right" said John,he did not volunteer any more as it was his own business.

The taxi pulled up outside a small white building,it had ivy growing up the sides but looked clean and quiet.

John paid the taxi driver and walked up the steps into the reception. There was a girl with dark brown hair behind the desk,she looked up as John entered.

"Good afternoon,Sir may I help you"?

The badge on her lapel read CLARA OSWALD-HEAD RECEPTIONIST.

"I have an appointment with Mrs Drew,I'm John Smith the new manager"

"Hello,of course you're expected please come his way"

Clara came out from behind the desk and knocked on the door at the side of it.A voice called "come in" and Clara opened the door.

"Mrs Drew,Mr Smith as arrived"

"At last ,John how lovely to see you"

A woman of about 60 with graying hair stood up and hugged him.

"Clara would you be so kind as to arrange some coffee please"

"Certainly Mrs Drew" and smiled at John,but he just gave her an icy stare back as she shut the door.