Hi! Just here to telll you that there will soon be a new SH fic, another 3rd season fic, inspired by some intel a friend of mine told me; and possibly another, this one being a gender bent, Cycloniss is Crowe, and Aerrow is Sparrow. If you follow me you won't miss it but please ignore the other fics if they're not what your waiting for. I'm sorry, there's only so much I can do to make sure you're all happy and entertained Xs.

With infinite love forever,



I don't just write for fun or for myself, I do it for you, to entertain. I'm a rarity, not to toot my own horn, but I'm someone who cares about everyone. Strangers are friends you haven't met yet. And I care for you through my stories. Hopefully I'm not creepy. I hope to make a living as a novelist because I can't do anything else. Or much if I'm lucky and I haven't been for a long time.

I would love it you guys if you just read my original work and gave me your honest feedback, if you love it, want more, or it could use some tweaking here and there tell me where. There's a 'story' I uploaded called 'Stories', how unoriginal; ironic right? XD Follow it and you'll get updates. Hopefully no one flags it but no one flagged MANIFEST, my first novel so I'm taking my chances. Bad idea maybe but I do really need your help.