A/N: Enjoy "The Way I Was Before"! This is a (mostly) canon tale I concocted lo these many years ago, and is the very first I'd ever done. I focused on the pre-Buu era a bit because at the time I felt that it was a period of missing time that hadn't yet been explored very thoroughly.

I hope you can find some B/V emotional clarity from this fic. I enjoyed writing it those years ago, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Chapter One

~~ The birds did not sing this morning when I awoke. My alarm went off promptly at 6:45 A.M., rousing me from a fitful sleep plagued by dreams that still haunted me. As usual, the sheets next to me were cold. The man I call my husband had probably been awake over an hour before me. He does that quite often. After living with him for nearly ten years now, I suppose I should be used to it. But there is a nagging voice in my head that rejects his obvious neglect

Our son, nearing the age of nine, craves attention from his father like any boy would. But there is a burning desire in Trunks's eyes that rivals his father's. Within those beautiful blue depths that mirror my own, I can see the need that very much reminds me of Vejiita; the need to be the best. . .the need for superiority and achievement in all things. But the most important has always been power. It is frightening to see my demi-Saiya-jin son with the same wild look in his eyes as that of his ancestors, but I have come to the conclusion that there is little I can do to suppress his warrior instinct.

Vejiita and Trunks have been training together since the boy was old enough to walk. But with the Budoukai fast approaching, they've been up at dawn nearly every day. Two days ago, as I was returning from my office, I saw a golden light shoot from the small windows of the gravity simulation room. Startled, I dropped my things on the sitting room carpet and rushed over to look inside. When I could see the room clearly through the dense light I knew…that look of hunger would never die from either of their faces.

Vejiita had stood, opposite my view, never blinking once as he gazed at his nine-year-old son; surrounded by the golden hue of the legendary Super Saiya-jin. ~~

Bulma Briefs eased the grip on her pen and closed her journal. Slowly, she pushed the worn book into its place in the top drawer of her office desk. Glancing around, she decided that her office walls were entirely too bleak, and that since four o'clock P.M. had come and gone, it was time to leave.

Gathering her things, she looked around the office once more-decided things were in order-and left. Her long legs carried her down the huge flight of stairs that cornered off her work area from the other employees and sealed her off from the usual headaches of the day. . .but only temporarily. When she reached the reception area of Capsule Corporation, the secretary at the desk waved to her.

"Goodnight, Miss Briefs!"

"Goodnight, Sherie!" She called to the woman, quirking her mouth as she realized that she had never changed her name in the ten years she had been married(?). But then again. . .what could she possibly have changed her name to? Vejiita had no family name that she was aware of, and calling him by the planet he was from simply struck her as ludicrous. She snickered to herself and continued on her course to the parking lot.

Once out in the open, and glancing around to make sure she had enough room, she reached into her pocket and retrieved a small, cylindrical object better known to all of Japan-all the world now-as a capsule™. The trademark had finally been added after Bulma's father had revolutionized the world of accessory and encapsulated several objects using a shrinking and condensing compound he had formulated. Bulma pressed her thumb to the small button that sat on the rounded edge of each capsule and threw it to the ground before her. After a small explosion and a quick whiff of smoke, her car appeared and she threw her bag into the passenger seat.

Sighing heavily as she plopped in back of the steering wheel, Bulma took a quick glance in the rear view mirror. Grinning to herself, she flicked a few strands of azure shaded hair away from her face. She liked it short. . .she intended to keep it that way now. Admitting that she still looked young for her age, she managed to frown at the slight fade of her brightly colored hair. Speeding off towards her home, which now only sat five blocks from Capsule Corporation itself, she wondered suddenly why she never walked to work. Perhaps it was the drone of traffic and the difficulty of actually crossing the street on appendages called feet that humans seemed to have abandoned recently.

Bulma mused about her life as she made the slow, yet short trip home. There had been a change in her husband recently, and she wasn't sure she enjoyed it. Vejiita had always been a cold, emotionless man who rarely expressed himself in words or expressions other than that deep, characteristic scowl he always wore. But there had been times when they'd been alone. . .times when they'd touched that no one else had witnessed but she. . .times when the burning insistence of his body was all she needed to reassure herself that he cared-that perhaps he loved her. Those times were rare, but they had still occurred on a regular basis no less than five months ago. But during the course of the succeeding months Vejiita had become even more detached than usual, and it troubled her deepest emotions as well as the surface of her heart. Bulma sighed as she pulled into her driveway, hearing a large rumble from inside the domed building. . .**what a surprise. . .they're training.**

There was no way that anything Bulma said could ever get through to Vejiita, especially when it came to training. But she had suddenly been determined to at least have it out with him-to query him as to why he felt the need to ignore and neglect her. Perhaps it would accumulate nothing, but there was always a slim chance.