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Due to the author's sudden boredom and lack of imagination, Luffy and his two brothers went home two days later. Luffy went back to school and continued his normal routine there. After all of Luffy's classes had finished, he would go over to the gym and practice for the large martial arts competition that was coming up. Afterwards, him and Zoro would drive home in Ace's car that he stole every morning and would spend the rest of the day with one another. Nami would complain to them about how they never took anything seriously, which would instead make the young man smile because he could see that she was getting more and more comfortable with them everyday. Sanji had started to eat lunch with them, however it was just because Nami was there. Usopp seemed to make something amazing almost every single day and he had quickly become the best student in Shop class, almost instantly making him the teacher's pet for their instructor Franky and blah, blah, blah, let's get to the main point, blah, blah, blah. Yes, life seemed simply perfect. It didn't seem like it could get any better.

One day, Luffy had gone over to Zoro's house to spend time with him. The young man lay flopped across Zoro's green-colored bed, his head hanging off of the side of it with his hair draping down and almost touching the carpet beneath him. "Ugh...! I'm so bored, Zoro...!" he groaned.

"I know...!" Zoro groaned back lying draped against his bean-bag chair in front of him, his head also pressed against the top of it. "There's nothing to do..."

"Well, we could make something to do, man," Luffy told him.

Zoro lifted his head up. "And that would be...?"

"Hmm... I dunno... I hadn't gone that far..."

"You wanna piss off a few people?" Zoro asked him, raising an eyebrow.

Luffy laughed at the suggestion, springing up and sitting straight, turning around to face his friend. "Oh yeah! Something along those lines! But what...?" They thought for a long time before Luffy spoke up again, "We could do that thing that we had wanted to do before I left for Sabo's cabin!"

"What do you mean? What was that again? You left like a week ago, dude."

"Oh, that's right! You have a short-term memory!" the young man chuckled.

"Do not!"

"Do too, dude! There's no point denying it, either, because it's a fact that can't be denied," his friend told him with a wide grin. "The thing where we saw that guy ramming into that empty house, man! We should be heroes and stop the evil that the government has thrust upon this land! They haven't given the world enough stop signs!"

Zoro shot up in his seat. "That's a wonderful idea!"

"I know right! I always make the best ideas, don't I?"

"I'm... I'm not sure, dude. We don't have many ideas."

"Oh... That's right..."

"But, listen, man," Zoro told him seriously, "Where are we gonna get those stop signs? Do we make them?"

Luffy looked at him in disgust. "Are you insane, man!? How could you even suggest such a plan! People are put in jail for such a thing! What's it called again...? Counter-fighting! It's illegal to make your own government-made things, dude!"

Zoro stopped. "Isn't that 'counterfeiting', not 'counter-fighting'? And I thought that that was only for money..."

"No, I'm pretty sure that it's for everything," Luffy told him matter-of-factually.

"Oh..." Zoro blinked, wondering if he should believe him or not. In the end, he decided to go with it, "So, if we can't make our own stop signs... What do we do? I don't think that there is any other way to do this without it being illegal as well."

"Isn't it obvious?" Luffy said.

"I... I didn't think so."

"That's because you're stupid, Zoro."


"The obvious thing to do is to take them from places that they're already at and putting them in the places that we think that they should be!" Luffy told him, a face full of determination plastered onto his head.

Zoro paused for a while before replying, "But... isn't that more illegal that counterfeiting?"

Luffy hesitated. "I... I think so, yeah."

"Then should we do the first suggestion?"


"So we're going with...?"

"The stealing one."

"I'm confused," Zoro interrupted. "Why are we doing it like this? I have a feeling that this is going to be very illegal and very dangerous, but you still want to do it? And you were so mortified by the counterfeiting idea because it was against the law, but stealing - and in this way, actually - is worse!"

"Zoro! Don't you understand?!" Luffy's voice rose with a deep tone to it, "Sometimes, a hero must break the law to keep the peace!"

"I don't think that this will keep any peace, actually... I think that this will only create chaos, Luffy," Zoro told him seriously.

"You wanna talk about chaos?! Look out your window at all of the destruction that that one person created, Zoro! That's chaos!"

"But, you just said it yourself: 'that one man'. It's just one person. I actually don't think that he was...all there," Zoro said to his friend.

"Are you chickening out, Zoro? This is the peace of the entire world that we're talking about! The entire world!"

The two paused for a very long time.

"Are you sure that that's why you're doing all this, Luffy?" the green-haired man finally said.

"No," he answered, "I think it will be really super fun."

"Yeah, me too." Zoro nodded with a grin.

"So, you in?"

"Hells yeah, dude!"

"And if anyone asks..." Luffy began.

"...it's for the sake of world peace," they both finished, "Awwwwwwww yeeehhhh...!"

A large, black truck drove to a slow stop at a peaceful intersection, two young men staring at the stop sign out the passenger's seat window with wide eyes. "There it is..." the green-haired man whispered.

"I know..." the other whispered back.

In front of them and across the street was a little, old lady watering her petunias on her bright green lawn. She stared at them for a while as Zoro whispered, "Go get it, man...!"

"Okay...!" he replied back.

Luffy slowly opened the car door and cautiously crept towards the stop sign. He grabbed firmly onto the metal pole that held it into place and, with what seemed like little effort, pulled the stop sign out of the ground, leaving a large chunk of brown rock still beneath the pole. The black-haired teenager looked up at the old woman, whom was now holding her watering can to one spot on her side with her eyes wide open with surprise and shock. Luffy raised his hand up and waved to her normally. The old woman waved back.

"Have a nice day, old lady!" Luffy called out as he jumped back into the truck, throwing the stop sign in the bed of Zoro's truck.

"You too, dearie!" she called back as they drove away. The old woman turned back to her flowers as she continued to water them, muttering under her breath, "Kids these days and their Stop Sign Thieves..."

Back in the truck, Luffy and Zoro let out a howl of excitement. Luffy laughed heartily, "Hell yeah, man! I feel so awesome! We're so amazing, dude!"

"Right on, dude!" Zoro nodded coolly with black shades covering his eyes.

"I feel so alive, Zoro!" Luffy chuckled. "I wonder how far this'll go!"

Four Weeks Later...

"Why are we doing this again...?" Law muttered behind the wheel of his Volkswagen car.

"We need bonding time because we hate each other too much!" Kidd replied from the passenger's seat beside him. "Don't worry! Bowling will be fun! Just do me a favor and don't be a dick during it, though. That's the only thing that'll ruin this. You know, actually, just...don't be yourself."

"I did nothing to you, Kidd..." Law snorted as he turned the car to the left. "My dream was to become a doctor and be one by the time I was twenty-five or twenty-six just like my father did, and his father, and all of the other people in my family. But now, since you've gotten me held back three shitty years, I'm going to be thirty by the time I'm a doctor! But that's the least of my worries... The medical school I want to go to, where all of the Trafalgar's before me went, won't ever accept me now!"

"Did nothing to me!? I got you held back!?" Kidd scoffed. "First off, sure maybe I was half of the reason why you were held back - but let me remind you that the other part is your own damn fault, yeh bastard! Also, don't you dare say that you did nothing to me! Don't you remember? All those years ago?"

"I'm not sure, Kidd... It was three years ago, after all... What? Did I stare at you and it pissed you off?" Law muttered.

"No! Well...sort of! But it wasn't exactly like that," Kidd said. "You flipped the bird at me, man!"

"Yeah! Maybe, but just because someone flips that bird at you doesn't mean that you have the right to attack them, Kidd!"

"Well, what else was I supposed to do!?" Kidd growled.

"You either let it be or you flip the bird back."

"I hate both of those suggestions!" Kidd screamed.

Law turned to Kidd to reply with a snarky comment but ran out of ideas. He turned back to look out the window with a scrunched-up, angry expression. As they continued driving, Kidd's eyes suddenly flew open wide.

He threw back his arm to Law, screaming, "Law, whoa! Check that out! Is that Monkey?"

Law stopped at the small intersection in front of a huge, black truck and looked out his window at Luffy pulling the stop sign beside them out of the ground. "Holy shit!" the young man screeched. "Kidd! Roll down your window! Roll down your window!" Kidd quickly pressed the button to put the window down. "Hey! Luffy!" Law called out loud to him, "That's dangerous as shit, kid! What'd ya think you're doing! You can't just-"

Suddenly, loud sirens started ringing from far up the road. Luffy's eyes flew open wide. He tossed the sign into the bed of the black truck and, without even opening up the door, crawled into the car through the open passenger seat's window. With their window rolled down, Law and Kidd could hear Luffy scream from within the vehicle, "Quick, Zoro! Step on it!"

With Luffy's legs still half-way out of the open window, the truck sped through the intersection, almost colliding with the police car and the other vehicle that were driving out of the intersection. Law and Kidd were left in complete and utter shock for several minutes at the scene that had just occurred in front of them, trying to process it all.

Finally, Kidd turned to Law and said, "So...? You still up for bowling?"

Two Hours Later...

Yellow police tape was strewn all around the border of white house. Inside the building, men hurried about, investigating different parts of the crime scene that was there. On the floor was a figure of a man outlined in white chalk and a body covered in a white sheet being carried out of the door. A blond-haired woman gasped for breath as she watched the men leave before bursting into another fit of tears.

"Now, Mrs. Figgleberg," a tall, broad man beside the woman said, "we'll need you to answer a few questions for us."

"O-of course, officer... Of course..." she replied.

The police chief had white hair, which was surprising for his age. He had thick arms and shoulders, a stern expression, and a fat cigar clenched in between his teeth, gray smoke billowing from it and clouding the air around them. He looked down at the outline on the floor and widened his eyes at it. Looking up at her, he asked, "What happened here?"

"I was..." The woman wiped her wet cheeks of the tears that had been streaming down her face and blew her nose with one of the tissues in the box a police officer had given her. "I was g-going out to get d-dinner supplies, and then...when I got home...he was...!" The woman burst into tears again.

The police officer leaned past with a disgusted face, as if he was worried that she would get some of her snot on him or something such as that. "Mrs. Figgleberg, please...! If you'd just try to cooperate and keep it together, then this would go much quicker!"

"I'm...I'm sorry..."

"So...your husband was at your house at the time of his death?" the police chief clarified.

"Yes... He did die in our house, and this is my husband and I's house...that we're standing in...right now," she answered, confused on why he had asked such an obvious question.

"Just making sure..." he replied. There was a quick pause before the officer continued, almost speaking in a different tone. "Did your husband own his own car?"

"Yes. He did...? I'm sorry, but how does this have to do with-"

"Please! Mrs. Figgleberg...! If you could please cooperate, that would just be amazing, thanks. We're almost done." The police chief rolled his eyes in annoyance at her. "Do you live near any intersections, Mrs. Figgleberg?"

"Yes. Of...of course I do."

"So that would mean that there would have to be stop signs around your house, correct?!" he asked, his tone suddenly becoming quicker.

"Well, of course. If I live near intersections, then I of course lived near stop signs," the woman said in confusion at his strange questions. "I'm sorry, but none of this has anything to do with my husband's-"

"Mrs. Figgleberg, please!" the police chief yelled loudly in anger. "Don't test me, Mrs. Figgleberg! I am just doing my job, Mrs. Figgleberg! I'm almost done. Just one more question and then I think that I'll have cracked the case."

"Is it going to be another stupid quest-"

"Have the stop signs nearby your house been...disappearing?!" the police officer interrogated, a loud, dramatic tone sounded as he screamed the last word.

"Of course they have!" the woman sighed, her expression growing frustrated. "Ever since that 'STAP' team has come four weeks ago, everyone's stop signs have been disappearing! Of course! Of course my husband has a car! Of course I live near an intersection! Of course those intersections are supposed to have stop signs! And of course they're all gone! Are you really here to investigate my husband's murder or are you just here to make fun of me!? Well, I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not in the mood for your kind of attitude right now! My husband was just killed down go mess with some other messed up widow, will you?!"

"Oh! No, no, no!" the officer shook his head. "I wasn't here to investigate your case in the first place. I was just wondering what had happened to your husband and then I started asking you about my own case. I'm actually the one put to the task with catchin' those pranksters. They're sneaky, little bastards..."

"So...you're...not here for my husband's case...?" she repeated in shock.

"Oh, no. Of course not."

"Then who is?!"

"Officer Fugitora over there," the white-haired police officer pointed to the doorway where an old, black-haired, blind man made his way into the house, a wooden cane tapping in front of him.

"Sorry about that, everyone!" the blind officer apologized. "I can't drive so I walked the entire way here. Sorry about being late everyone!"

"Officer Fugitora!" people around him screamed in shock.

"I'm so sorry, sir! I should have given you a ride!" a police man beside him said worriedly. "But then when I asked, you said 'no' and that you already had a ride here! I thought that you mean someone else was getting you here, sir!"

"No. I said that I had a way to get here, actually. But it's completely fine! No need to worry! I enjoyed walk anyhow!"

"No, sir! You took an hour and a half to get here! The station is thirty minutes away! You're blind, you can't-"

"I can't what!?" Fugitora interrupted.

Everyone stopped.

"Don't think lowly of me, boys! The reason why I took so long was because I helping a little boy find his way back to his parents' house," Fugitora replied, which made an even longer pause go through everyone.

"Sir... It seems like that would take longer than the walk. How long did the walk take you, sir?" the police man next to him asked.

"Twenty minutes."

"Sir! You're blind! How did you get here faster than it takes us to get her by car...?" the man asked.

Fugitora suddenly glared at the man sternly. "What're you saying, boy...? Are you saying that a blind man can't walk?"

"No! Not at all! I'm saying that I wouldn't even be able to get here on foot in twenty minutes, and I have 20/20 vision, sir!" the police man said.

Fugitora turned away and began to walk slowly towards the woman as he replied to the man over his shoulder, "I have very fast legs."

As the new police chief came in to interrogate the victim's wife, a young, clumsy, black-haired woman ran in, tripping a few times as she did, calling out the white-haired officer's name. "Smoker-san! Smoker-san! I have news on STAP!"

Smoker quickly strode out of the house to meet up with his assistant. "Ah...! Excellent work, Tashigi! What's happened?"

"Two hours ago, they stole five more stop signs from different locations!" she replied.

"Oh! They're quick, aren't they?"

"Yes! Yes, they are, sir." Tashigi nodded. "I heard some people calling in saying that they think that they know where the pranksters live!"

"Excellent work, Tashigi!" Smoker complimented her again as they got into their police car. The white-haired officer sat down in the driver's seat, Tashigi in the passenger's. He looked over at her and smiled. "Lead the way, Tashigi! Lead the way!"

Finally, they arrived at a small cul-de-sac. Smoker looked around suspiciously as they pulled up turned around the corner.

"You sure this is it, Tashigi?" Smoker asked her. "That doesn't seem weird. It's just so...peaceful here! I doubt that there could be anything going on around-"

Suddenly, when they drove down the road more, they reached the end of the street. In front of them was a row of houses that curved around to meet with the sidewalk. One of the houses in the very middle was lined with white tape bordering it off from people entering it, probably because all that was left of the front of the house was a large pile of rubble that used to be the garage door. On their right, sat a strange pile. It was a very, very odd pile made up entirely of hundreds of stop signs from everywhere in the city.

Without looking at each other, Tashigi finally replied, "So? Do you believe me now, Smoker-san?"

"Hell yeah!" Smoker laughed, excited that he had almost found his criminals. "I think that we should investigate this area a bit more."

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