His initial surprise with Naru's test score's and comprehension of the shinobi arts melted away to a violent sense of- well, violence as Iruka watched what must have been the fifth batch of male students walk up to the girl and try to strike up a conversation with her.

Tightening his hand subconsciously on the ink pen in his hand as his dark eyes strayed not once, not twice but three time from the small pile of papers that he'd carried outside with him, he bared his teeth and silently snarled at the group of- of- boys.

How dare they bother Naru while she was trying to swing on the swing set! He thought in utter disgust as the Hokage flopped down on the bench beside him with a huff and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Lord Hokage-" Iruka started to ask the elder why he wasn't doing something about the kids bothering Naru, but thought better about it and shut his mouth as the Hokage tilted his head slightly to the left and then smirked evilly before saying in a sing song voice,

"Someone's about to wind up with a broken nose," To which Iruka could only turn his head to gape at the man before the elder reached out and used one hand to force his head back around and then pointed at the group of kids and said almost gleefully, "Watch."

Iruka blinked and looked back towards where Naru and the group of boys- ew, he was starting to hate that word now- were all gathered and saw that two of the older kids had grabbed Naru and were pulling her back and forth in a bizarre game of tug-of-war.

The young man face palmed at the sheer stupidity of the kids yanking the poor girl back and forth and arguing over who she was going to play with first, and silently apologized to Naru on behalf of his gender when he heard a loud crack followed by a collective gasp of horror and two howls and removed his hand from his face to look at the group again in time to see a furious looking Naru standing in the middle of a circle of boys, rubbing one of her wrists and glaring at- Oh shit, Iruka thought as he suddenly registered why the two boys were howling like wounded beasts.

It was because she had punched them both in the face and broken their noses. And were both bleeding...badly.

Iruka's jaw went slack and fell open as Naru glanced towards him with a peculiar look on her pretty face. Almost a cross between ire and wariness. Accidents happened all the time on the playground so- Just what did the girl think would happen to her for punching her classmates? Iruka wondered as the Hokage sighed and muttered something inaudible under his breath that might have suspiciously sounded like, 'Hn, damn. Missed it.' If Iruka had bothered to pay attention.

Setting aside his papers, he quickly got to his feet and walked towards the horrified group before things could get out of hand (like the last time someone had gotten punched and he'd wound up with his whole class rioting on him) and before any of the boys could recover from their shock and jump Naru, he grabbed the girl and yanked her by the wrist until she was hidden behind him before turning his attention to the two.

And oh dear god- it looked like she had partially mangled their faces with something! Iruka thought as he leaned down over the two to inspect their wounds. There were what looked like slash marks going from one side of their face to another, each slash was over an inch deep and pretty much covered their whole faces from forehead to chin. ripping open the skin just under their eyes and across the bridge of their noses.

Iruka frowned at the sheer savagery of the wounds knowing that they would leave scars and with a quick look back at Naru, from over his shoulder, he saw her flicking her index and thumb nails together in what had to be an anxious manner as he collected the boys and started back towards the school building after asking the Hokage if he would mind watching his class until he returned.

The Hokage waved him off and continued to sit where he was as the rest of the kids that had been bothering Naru slowly edged away and rejoined the rest of the children. Leaving her to her own vices once again. Just the way she liked it.