Title:  Tenchi Muyo - Tokimi Strikes!

Author:  Rowan Seven

Teaser:  Lady Tokimi sets her diabolical plans in motion!  Will Washu regain her memories?  Will Tenchi grow a spine?  Can Tsunami bring herself to stop watching soap operas long enough to help?  Can Kagato be a good guy?  Will the universe be saved?  All this and the identity of Tokimi's avatar, the mysterious 'Z', revealed!

Disclaimer:  Tenchi Muyo belongs to Pioneer and AIC.  Other characters belong to their respective creators.  I am not making any money off of this story so please don't sue.

Notes:  This story was inspired by snippets that have been released about the 3rd OAV series.

And so the universe was saved from darkness and chaos yet again.  Jurai was retaken by the Masaki family, Tsunami became Sasami again, and they all went back to Earth for a special event.

Yosho:  Do you, Tenchi, take this 5,000-year-old female alien science experiment and goddess to be your awfully wedded wife, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?

Tenchi:  (Smiles.)  I do.

Yosho:  And do you, Ryoko, take this young male Juraian/human crossbreed, Prince of Jurai, and avatar to be your awfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, till Tsunami stops resurrecting him?

Ryoko:  (Smiles.)  I do.

Yosho:  Then by the power invested in me by my status as a Shinto Priest and a prince of Jurai, I now pronounce you husband and wife.  You may now kiss the bride.

Ryoko and Tenchi:  (They kiss yet again.)

Azusa:  (Smiles in a smugly satisfied manner.)  Mwhahaha!  Now that Tenchi is married to Ryoko I no longer have to fear him marrying my daughter and assuming the throne someday!  My nightmare is over!  Mwhaha!

Noboyuki:  (Sniffles as he records the entire event on a video camera.)  Congratulations, my son.  I'm so proud of you.  Now if only I could get some more lines…

Misaki:  (Cries loudly.)  They're so…beautiful together.  Weddings always make me cry.

Funaho:  (Smiles softly.)  (Thinks to herself.)  Perfect.  Should they have any children their power will be phenomenal and a strong asset to Jurai.  I'm looking forward to the future.  Besides, I'll have kids to spoil again.

Aeka:  (Smiles a pained smile.)  So…it is finally over.  Ryoko has won.  Whatever will I do now?

Sasami:  (Cheerful.)  I'm so happy for you Ryoko and Tenchi!  I hope you live the rest of eternity happily ever after!

Azaka:  Hurray for-

Kamidake:  -Ryoko and Tenchi!

Mayuka:  Waaah!

Ryo-ohki:  Miya!

Hishima:  So this is a wedding.  What an interesting custom…the joining of two souls for all eternity.  I wonder…

Yume:  (Grits teeth.)  Grrr.  You haven't won yet Washu!  You may have created a goddess, but I'll still find a way to surpass you!  Just you wait!

Ibara:  (Sighs sadly.)  At least Ryoko is happy now.  I wish you the best, beloved.

Gohgei:  Yay!  Three cheers for the happy couple!

Asahi:  (Holds Gohgei's right hand while her other hand is placed protectively on her stomach.)  (Giggles.)  You know, if Ryoko and Tenchi have kids anytime soon we should arrange a playdate. 

Mihoshi:  (Wails and hugs Kiyone.)  I'msohappyforthem.SureIlovedTenchitoobutheandRyokoreallydomakeanicecoupleandI'msurethatthey'llbehappytogether.Still,Idowishthat-ohno,I'dneverbesoselfish.WhatamIsaying-

Kiyone:  (Has a resigned expression on her face.)  Some things never change…

Washu:  (Wearing a radiant smile.)  I'm ecstatic!  Once those two get back from their honeymoon off to my laboratory they go!  Mwhahaha!

Minagi:  (Cheers.)  Way to go Mom!

Pixy Misa:  What are we still doing here Rumiya?  I want to blow something up!

Rumiya:  (Lowers and shakes head.)  Will you ever grow up?

And so on.  Ryoko and Tenchi tossed the flowers and garter and immediately left on Ryo-ohki (decorated with cans and with a banner draped across her crystalline protrusions reading "Just Married.") to escape the ensuing chaotic struggle that destroyed the house yet again and woke Godzilla from its restive slumber.

Azusa, Misaki, Funaho, Sasami, and Aeka (with Kamidake and Azaka in tow) returned to Jurai and continued to rule it with an iron fist.  Eventually Aeka did end up marrying Ibara, and they lived happily ever after till the next threat to the entire universe.

When Sasami was finally old enough she fused with and permanently became Tsunami.  Now having no choice but to get along, Tokimi and Tsunami did their best to set aside their differences and eventually got their own sitcom series telling the wacky and bizarre adventures of two goddesses forced to become roommates. 

With Tenchi preoccupied with Ryoko and Kagato dead, Hishimi got bored and had Yume build him a time machine so that in his spare time he could travel the timestream and fight the most powerful fighters who ever existed.  He was last seen challenging Himaru Kenshin.

Yume spent the next thousand years frantically trying to top Washu's achievement and eventually succeeded in building a cybernetic superbeing with potential that surpassed even Ryoko's.  Unfortunately for her, before she could show it off to Washu Mihoshi visited her lab and, in an accident involving a banana, two ionic rods, an antimatter tank, and a rubber band, sent it to the world of El Hazard where it eventually become known as the OAV Demon God Ifurita.

Minagi continued working as a noble space pirate until she got the notion in her head that it would be even more noble and cool to be a wanderer traveling the universe to help others and searching for personal redemption.  Of course, when she learned how little this paid she returned to piracy and is currently wanted dead or alive by several governments.

Gohgei and Asahi continued to live happily ever after, living their lives together to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it.  They had twin daughters who annoyed the heck out of the son Tenchi and Ryoko later had till they all hit their teenage years and a new romantic comedy began.

Noboyuki continued to live with his father-in-law, son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter, repairing the house whenever it was destroyed in a display of power.  Washu too remained at the Masaki house and eventually married Yosho.  Mayuka had a happy childhood, and as an adult conquered the world.

Mihoshi and Kiyone are still partners, a situation that will seemingly last forever.


Kagato stayed dead unless a sequel is written in which case he cloned himself again and merely laid low, biding his time for the perfect moment to reenter the universe.

Pixy Misa and Rumiya were returned to their own dimension where they continued their rivalry with Magical Girl Pretty Sammy and her animal familiar, Ryo-ohki.

The Funaho and Misaki fanclub, finally realizing that their chances with the queens were practically nonexistent, disbanded and reformed as the Tsunami and Tokimi fanclub.  Currently their scientists are working on way to protect the members from lightning bolts.

D3 quit his job as Tokimi's helper and took a job at Starbucks. 

D3:  They're everywhere.

The 12 Shadows went on an extended vacation, earning the occasional income by performing shows in Las Vegas.

As for Ryouga, he miraculously survived the destruction of Tokimi's Temple and continued his search for Nerima, saving planets and doing many heroic acts over the course of his journey.  After seeing more than half the universe and saving it over a dozen times he finally made it back home.

Ryouga:  (Now in his early twenties and looking at a sign in disbelief.)  (Reads it.)  Furinkan High.  …Yes!  I finally made it back to Nerima, and with my new techniques and powers Ranma won't stand a chance against me!  Mwhahaha!  Saotome Ranma, prepare to die!  (Is about to charge off angrily in a random direction when he realizes how foolish doing that would be and instead decides to wait till someone comes along.  He doesn't have to wait long.)

Ranma:  (Distant.)  Uncute tomboy!

Akane:  (Angrily.)  Ranma no baka!

Shampoo:  Airen!  Eat my ramen!

Ukyo:  No!  Ranchan, eat my delicious okonomiyaki instead!

Kodachi:  OHOHOHOHOHOH!  Don't worry Ranma-sama, I'll rescue you from these witches.

Mousse:  (Angrily.)  Ranma!  You made Shampoo cry!  Die!

Kuno:  Foul sorcerer, verily I have tried to put an end to your evil spells, but alas!  Your trickery and black magic have always permitted you to escape from being smote by my most puissant blade!  No longer!  This is the day I at last vanquish you, Saotome Ranma!  So declares the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!

Ryouga:  (Wistfully.)  Ah, home sweet home.  Time to make my entrance.  Ranma, prepare to die!  (Leaps towards the voices.)

Ranma:  Kuno, shut up-  Hey, did any of you hear something?

Ryouga:  (Lands right in front of Ranma, forming a crater by the force of impact.)  Now Ranma, it is time for you to-  (Stops when he notices that everyone except Kodachi looks old enough to be his grandparents.)  Er…sorry about this, it's just that you reminded me of my friends and-

Ranma:  (Coughs in shock.)  Ryouga?

Ryouga:  Yes?  How do you know my name?

Ranma:  It's me, Ranma.  Where have you been the past sixty years?

Ryouga:  (Shocked.)  Sixty years?!!  I've been lost for sixty years?  But how?  Why haven't I aged?  …Curse you Lady Tokimi!  You never told me that light hawk wings would grant me extended life as well!

Akane:  I'm confused.  Who's Tokimi, Ryouga?

Ryouga:  (Sighs sadly.)  It's a long story Akane.  Suffice it to say that…wait a minute.  How come Kodachi doesn't look a day over twenty-one, and why are all of you still fighting?  Surely you've resolved all the love triangles by now.

Ranma:  Er…eheheh…well…you see…

Kuno:  Come to peace with the black-hearted and foul sorcerer Saotome while he still holds my two loves under his thrall?  Never!

Shampoo:  Shampoo never give up till Ranma is Shampoo's.

Ukyo:  I'll never abandon Ranchan!

Akane:  Certain bakas aren't willing to admit their true feelings, and if they won't then neither will I!

Mousse:  Forsake Shampoo?  Inconceivable!

Kodachi:  Ranma-sama is mine!  OHOHOHO!  

Ranma:  (Annoyed shrug.)  See what I mean?  They won't give up!

Ryouga:  (Evenly.)  But what about Kodachi?

Kodachi:  OHOHOHO!  One of my chemical concoctions bestowed me with eternal youth and longevity!

Ryouga:  ...Well, that explains that.  (Turns to face Ranma, anger discernible on his features.)  Ranma, how dare you string everyone along for sixty years!  Die!  Neo-Ultra ShiShiHoukoudan!  (His green ki blast hits Ranma, knocking him into the next district.)

Mousse:  ...

Shampoo:  ...

Ryouga:  (Surprised.)  That was...easier than I had expected...

After defeating Ranma, Ryouga spent the next week in Nerima, realized just how disturbingly obsessed everyone including himself was, and then left before he could be sucked back into the weirdness sink that is Nerima.  Eventually he and Minagi got together since the author wanted those two characters to be paired up with someone before the story's end.

And they all lived happily ever after until Katsuhiko Jinnai conquered the entire multiverse.  The end.