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On with the story. Chappie 1:Realizations?

Umi sighed as she picked up her hair and began to tie it up. She and Ascot had been going out for about 2-4 weeks now and that seemed to be the only time she came to Cephiro. Well, balancing school and Cephiro was hard. She got her stuff ready and walked through the door. Ascot was waiting in the garden. He smiled slightly and said, "So what did you want to tell me?"

Umi hesitated then began."I-I- love someone else. I'm sorry." She expected him to be angry but all she heard was a laugh.

Ascot chuckled and said," I knew all along! I just went out with you to see if you would confirm it. So anyway, who's the lucky guy?" he said with a slight hint of sadness in his voice. But it was gone as fast as it had appeared.

"Clef." She mumbled.

Ascot asked,"huh? Oh. I see! Clewf! Yep yep aren't I good?"

Umi whacked him playfully and said," Stop it you oaf."

"Alright, no go tell him. We're still friends right?" Ascot asked a bit sadly.

"Of course and she hugged him once before going. Ascot turned red as a tomato and said," Clef you're a lucky guy."

Meanwhile, a few minutes ago, Clef had sensed Umi, Fuu, and Hikaru entering Cephiro.'Time to go mediate he thought That girl turned him- Umi walked in. After a few awkward moments Clef asked," DO you need something?"

Umi turned bright red and blurted out,"Iloveyou.'"

Clef was speechless. It wasn't like a book told you what to say when a girl-, no woman said I love you.

Umi turned around taking the silence as something he didn't want to say to her. She said,"Who is it? Presea or Sierra (Is that how you spell it?) right?"Leaving drops of tears on the floor she ran out of the room.

Fuu and Ferio had wittnessed the whole thing. Fuu shook her head sadly, " Poor Umi, dosen't she know? Clef really does love her too." Ferio nodded."I've seen the way he looks at her and the way he acted after the Magic Knights left. Those two, gonna play hard to get huh? Never thought I'd see Clef speechless."

Hikaru and Lantis walked out from the shadows, scaring the wits out of Fuu and Ferio. Fuu scolded Hikaru,"Don't sneak up on people like that!"

Hikaru grinned sheepishly and said," She's going to the Woods of Silence. Lantis and I will meet her there, ya know? To give hints?"

Fuu giggled and said" Good luck!"

But Lantis and Hikaru were gone, riding a horse.

Hikaru had predicited correctly. Umi gathered up some food and set off for the woods. She needed time to think.

Clef had recovered and was mentally hitting himself for acting so stupidly. He sensed Umi headed towards. The Woods of Silence. And so were 2 others Hikaru and Lantis. He strugged and summoned a creature, and flew off towards the forest and landing there a few moments later. Nodding his thanks he returned the creature. He set off towards a waterfall in the Woods and began to walk there. Arriving he sensed that Umi wasn't in the forest yet. He grinned and said;"We'll see if I find you or if you find me." And he sat down meditating, to wait for Umi arrival. (A/N: Right now he's in his taller form)

Umi tied the horse to a tree and started to walk into the woods. She was just about to enter but a pair of hands grabbed her clamped her mouth shut and a voice whispered,"Guess who?"

A/N: Mwahh! Cliffhanger! I think you all know who it is. Well I'm not confirming anything so tune in for the next chappie! (I should have it posted quickly enough) Ja ne!- Yume_damo_shirinai (Translated: It might be a dream)