Ahiru was nervous.

It had been so long since she had last danced ballet, and it was the first time she would be dancing in a class filled with all normal humans instead of a mix of animals and humans. This new (well, the original teacher, but she was new to Ahiru,) teacher had an odd way of choosing partners. She held out a big brown box and told them it was filled with different colored ribbons. She explained that the beginning class members would choose from the box she held, and their potential partners would choose from the box upstairs on the balcony.

When it was her turn, Ahiru shakily placed her hand in the box, thoughts running rampant through her mind.

The box shook, causing Ahiru to eep.

The teacher laughed, "don't be so nervous, no matter who your partner is, I guarantee you they will be kind and lead you right."

Nodding, she stuck her hand back in and pulled out a soft yellow colored ribbon.

"That's everyone," called the teacher, a giant smile on her face, "now I want everyone to pair up with the person holding the same colored ribbon."

The students all murmured their understanding and waited for the advanced students to walk down into the practice room. Ahiru's thoughts went off on a tangent again. What if she was paired with someone she didn't know, or worse, what if she knew them but they didn't know her and she created an awkward situation by saying their name—

"Hey," there was a tap on her shoulder the same moment the words were spoken, "idiot, don't be so nervous."

All the tension drained as she turned and there in Fakir's hand was a soft, yellow colored ribbon. A smile lit her face in realization.

"We're partners!"

He chuckled and nodded, "yeah, I had to convince a few others to trade with me." A hint of red colored both their cheeks.

"I'm glad it worked out," she admitted, "I wanted to dance with you."

Smiling gently, Fakir tied his ribbon gently around her neck. Taking the tie from his hair, he let it fall loose before taking the ribbon from her hand and using it to tie back his hair once more. The bow he created shimmered softly against his dark colored hair, and Ahiru thought that perhaps yellow suited him.

Creating the customary mime for 'will you dance with me,' Fakir held his pose, smiling, his eyes warm and inviting. Smiling her own smile, she took his hand, their yellow ribbons catching the light as they moved instinctively together.