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Warning: Gah! L-a-n-g-u-a-g-e. What does that spell? There's fucking language. Also a warning of severely strange Inception, dismembering and the last of Alice's family angst! Oh and there's some fluff as well. Quite touching really.

Alice P.O.V.

I went to bed feeling exhausted. Anko had made me experiment with the Henge so long I had chakra exhaustion! Well considering the fact I was ridiculously overpowering the technique might've had something to do with that. I hadn't got much further in transforming, it seemed the best I could do was change my hair colour slightly. I had changed it to Sakura's bubble gum pink after I practised changing into Anko.

So not too much success so far, but I was still excited to do more training on the Henge.

I crawled silently through the window Anko had unlocked to kidnap me and staggered over to my 'bed.' Although the couch wasn't the comfiest place to sleep, it was almost like a home base. I always felt safe under the thin blanket there.

Unfortunately I seemed to forget my comment from earlier on that day.

I woke with a start. Anko wasn't here so why did I wake up so quickly? Gazing at the off-white ceiling I tried my best to wake up and think. Slowly a thought came to me, wasn't everything in Sasuke's house either white or a warm brown colour? The colour of this looked exactly like….

I sat upright and stared around at the once familiar room. My keyboard and guitars sat in the corner of the small room and the chest of draws I had for so long rested at the end of my patchwork bed.

The frame of my bed shook as I slowly crawled out of it. I brushed my fingers against the chest as I walked to the end of my bed. My school uniform was folded over the bed like it always was, waiting for me to get changed for school.

I bit my lip and changed into the uniform as tears threatened to spill over. I glanced at my alarm clock and yelped when I realised that I was going to be late for the bus if I didn't leave now.

Racing downstairs, I grabbed a banana and my schoolbag that was always waiting for me at the door. Cramming my shoes on, I ran down the street to the bus stop. I knew my parents and brother were either at work or training when I woke up, so I wasn't too worried about not seeing them.

I was a bit curious as to why my guy friend wasn't at the bus stop waiting for me. He normally rode the bus with me until where my old school used to be. I brushed the thought aside as I leapt onto the bus and flashed my bus card at the bus driver. I ignored the weird look he gave me as I walked down to the back to my usual seat.

I didn't have my IPod, but I was content to simply stare out the window as the bus began its hour trip to school. The trip seemed to fly by, the only noticeable thing was that everyone seemed to be acting strangely on this bus, a lot of whispering to each other. Curious.

Also, none of the kids from my school were on the bus. Maybe I didn't realise there was a teachers strike or something along those lines. Ah well, it didn't really matter, one of my friends was always there at school anyway.

I hopped off the bus at the train station and began to walk to school. Again people seemed to be whispering to each other as I walked, but I couldn't see through the tinted car windows to see if it was them. Where was the whispering coming from?

Ignoring the chills going up my spine and the sense of foreboding now lying heavily in my gut, I slowly trudged to the lights in front of the school. As I walked across the street, the whispering increased and I could now feel stares of the people queuing in their cars. Mega creepy.

I could hear the normal noises of school as I swiped on the swipe machine just inside of the main quad where my girls sat.

My girls….That weird dream about the Narutoverse made it seem like I hadn't seen them in ages! I could feel my pulse quicken as I hurried into the cool light of the open area where most of my year sat.

A flash of red dyed hair caught my attention. That was….haha Rich Bitch! My ever rude friend Molly's hair flicked from between a sudden crowd of people. I halted as many people of my year group blocked my view. The soccer boys, drama kids, the book readers…

"Hey guys!" I smiled at them, "what is it? Did I miss something? Am I wearing the wrong clothes? Like is it mufti-day?" I was wearing the same uniform as them, what I wasn't wearing was the looks of what I knew to be disgust and fear on their face.

Backing away slightly I tried to look over them to where my friends were. "MOLLY?!" I jumped up to see, "where the hell are you Rich Bitch?!"

Scowling at the crowd in front of me I tried to reason with them, "c'mon guys stop messing around."

A boy from my class last year, Julian, stepped forward. I watched him cautiously as he slowly walked towards me, "Julian? What are you doing?" Unlike the others, his face was a look of….pure, cold…..rage.

Deciding to just go for it, I sprinted straight into the crowd. "MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!" I should've realised something was up when I managed to do a deep slide under a boy's grasping arm. I could've never done that, I didn't have enough flexibility. Ignoring the thought, it took another two minutes for me to muscle my way through the crowd. When I basically fell through the last gap, it seemed like everything was silent.

Six of them. All six of my girls were sitting down on the benches that we always sat at, chatting with no care in the world. Like a mob didn't form right in front of them.

I crept slowly towards them, it felt like a dream. "Molly," the whisper came softly from my throat, but the dyed red head stiffened all the same. "Megsy, Josie, Jen, Annie, Lu!" I began to run towards the girls that were just turning to face me. I was about to hug the dark frame of Jen when an iron grip closed around my arm.

"Josie?..." I trembled slightly under Josie's uncharacteristically dark glare. Her naturally ginger hair seemed to sway angrily as her glare bored into my eyes, "Jose what's wrong?"


I recoiled slightly at her venomous tone and her words, "what?! Jose what the hell is-"

A piercing scream came from my left and I turned to find petite Annie had fallen off her bench. The worst part was the way she was gazing at me with terrified eyes as she struggled back into a corner. She was dragging herself by her arms as she kept her petrified blue eyes on me, like I was going to kill her.

I reached out towards her with my free arm when Molly clenched onto that one as well. Her baleful blue eyes glared at me as she tugged on my arms painfully. She was so much shorter than me, but this time she actually looked threatening. Molly was our little spitfire, but this was the first time I felt scared when I faced her.

"You disgust me."

I was choking back sobs as Jen's scared and disgusted voice came from behind me. Lu circled me warily and alternated between glaring and looking terrified.

"What are you doing guys?" My left arm felt like it was burning. I didn't know if it was from Molly's iron grip or not, but judging by the way she hissed and let go of my arm, it was hurting her to. Angry, red burns boiled under Molly's skin as she gripped her wrist, "what did you do freak!"

"I didn't do anything?!" I ripped my arm from Josie's grasp and tried to walk towards her, "Mol-"

"Don't come near me!" Molly was now terrified as she cowered on the ground. "Just get away from here abomination! You're a soulless monster who is going to kill us all!"

Jen shoved me from behind, "just leave us alone!"

Josie shoved my from my right side, "go away freak!"

Meg clawed at my face, "who do you think you are?!"

Lu pulled at my hair as I stumbled towards her and shoved me down, "why are you still here?"

A sharp kick came from the now angry Annie, "I don't want you near me!"

Finally a now upright Molly kicked me under me arched stomach and sent my into a standing position, "go you psycho murdering bitch!"

I was openly crying now as my friends continued to play a cruel game of shoves. One that involved punching, kicking and Karate moves from Josie's way. I stumbled around blindly until the girls were suddenly gathered in front of me. All of them wore cruel smiles, "you were never our friend! We took pity on you, you poor frightened rat. You are just a heartless bitch who lives for no one but herself. You're a freak of nature and shouldn't live!"

I was feeling concussed from the beating, so I couldn't see who kicked me, but I felt the sharp pain as I flew back. I slowly fell, it felt like forever. The mob were waiting for me and began to tear at me as I fell down into oblivion.

The only thing I felt was the cold burning sensation in my left arm as I fell forever.

I gasped and flailed around, oh Kami it was so dark. There was just me and a void of dark nothingness, but I could see blobs of colour coming my way.

"Mum, dad?" I staggered upright as my parents walked towards me. "Mum! Dad! I've missed you so much! I didn't know where you were, and I jus-"

"You are no child of mine."

I flinched as those harsh words came from mum's mouth. "Mum! Please not you to! Why is this happening? I'm so confused and-"

"You never stop talking." Dad's aqua eyes glared into mine. He was the nice one, he would never do this to me! I looked at him pleadingly as I dragged my beaten legs towards him, "you don't mean that Ojii-san. Remember! I always called you Ojii-san a-"

"Yes and I always called you demon child." Dad's mouth curled up in a cruel smile that I had never seen him wear. Mum smirked and grabbed dad's hand, "we simply made sure you were never around when we told our friends that." She laughed scornfully and turned away, "I hope you rot in hell murder."


They slowly disappeared and I was left alone in the darkness. I simply collapsed forward and stared down into more darkness. There was no floor, but I seemed to be able to lay down on something solid. The darkness began to ripple and I watched in horror as it turned into a mirror. I was standing upright now, but I didn't notice, I was too bust staring in horror at what was in front of me.

My body gazed back at me with a twisted smile on its face. A yellow eye glared at me and the black of its eye seemed to never end. There was a purple-black skin colour around that eye that crept down its face and down its left arm. The arm was a mottled colour with long, piercing nails that reached out at me.

You are a monster child.

I shook my head at the hissing monster version of me, "no I'm not!"

Oh yes you are my dear. You can lie to yourself, but you can't lie to your 'loved ones.' The true fact is that no one truly loves you. You're despised and scorned. Feared and hated. You are an abomination to human nature.

I guess what was the equivalent to Yami-Alice smirked at me, the strangely coloured skin was slowly taking over the regularly coloured skin. Its hair was spiking up and I could see a horn slowly twisting out of the left side of her head.

"Screw you!" I put the finger up at Yami-Alice, "I'll never be like you!"

It merely chuckled and ran its grotesquely long tongue over its sharp teeth.

Just embrace your inner nature, your true nature. I promise that everything will be better. Let the darkness take over, become part of me.

The long folds of Shingami's cloak swept over me and I went tumbling backwards again. I only fell for a short time, but I now found myself back at home in the living room.

"A dream," I panted, "it was just a dream." I clutched at my chest as my heart beat wildly, "everything's alright Alice." I felt myself calm down and my heart slow. I looked around the room that was joint to the kitchen, "I wonder what day it is?"

A low thrum of noise brought my attention to the teenager who was facing away from me as he bobbed his head along to the earphones in his ear. I grinned at the back of his dark hair with natural blond highlights, "Dobe!"

He didn't respond as he continued to listen to his music at full belt. As usual. I flipped over the long couch he was sitting on and leaned into him, "you won't guess the dream I just had!" My brother usually listened to my dreams and so I rambled on loudly (so he could hear) about the strange dream of meeting Shingami and going to the Narutoverse. I described my experiences with Team Seven and how I had Anko as my teacher. As I finished telling him about how I had made Sasuke trip down the stairs at his house, my brother finally moved.

But he stood up and walked away without another word.

"Hey Dobe!" I marched after him, "are you on your male PMS again? I don't especially want to deal with you being all pissy and shit again."

"Well imagine my pain of having to experience living with you for fourteen years." Normally I would've laughed at such a comment, but that wasn't the bored tone he normally used, or the slightly amused one. It was mocking and pain-filled, like it had actually hurt him to be even near me.

I stumbled slightly at that, "what do you mean Dobe?"

His frigid aqua eyes bored into mine with such a look of hatred, I felt tears begin to well up again. "D-dobe please!"

"D-dobe please," he mocked in a high-pitched voice. His eyes hardened again as he advanced on me, his three inches felt like much more when he towered over me. "I'm so sick of you! I'm always putting up with your bitching and moaning, you're not even worth a second of my time!" He smiled kindly at me, something that scared me more than his unusual yelling. "Remember all those times we had so much fun together?! Laughing, playing, wrestling? Well fuck those times!" His hand snapped across my face, "they mean nothing to me!"

Another hand crashed across my face, this time it was a fist. A merciless beating came from my brother as I tried to half-heartedly fend him off, "please stop!"

A fist stopped right before my nose, "stop?" His eyes glimmered dangerously, "I'll stop when I've eradicated your useless existence off this planet!" The fist smashed into my face and I felt my nose cave in from the force of it.

I cradled my nose and tried to blink away the blurriness that blocked my view. I saw the shape of my brother stare at me before spitting on me and walking off.

A cold, burning rage began to build up in my gut. I couldn't hear anything over the roaring sound that filled my ears and drowned everything else out. I gnashed my teeth as my nose clicked into place and I began to advance towards my laughing brother's form. I curled my clawed fingers and flexed out my mottled arms. I brushed against my brothers' neck and laughed when his startled face turned to me.

"Repentance." I stabbed my claws into his aqua eyes. Red blood stained his tanned kin as I slowly slid the nails down through his head, like a hot knife through butter. I continued to slowly dismember what used to be my siblings, taking my time with each and every limb.

I watched as a creature feasted on my brothers' corpse. That is me?...What is going on? I'm so confused…

I let out a scream as the creature, which looked halfway transformed between me and Shingami, turned to face me. Blood slid down its fanged mouth as it snarled at me, before licking its lips. It prowled towards me slowly, a predator never hurried after easy prey. I stood stiffly as it circled closer and didn't make a sound as it leapt at me.

I woke up with a scream.

My throat was hurting and my scream was hoarse, but I continued on loudly. I couldn't breathe under the suffocating darkness that seemed to surround me. I couldn't tell if I was dreaming, or truly awake. What was really reality?

I began to cry loudly, I was scared and I felt sick to my core. I had killed my brother! I had killed my brother. Killed my brother. Killed my brother.

The mantra kept repeating in my head as I rocked back and forth. My arms were wrapped around my legs and I continued to sob into my chest loudly. The darkness was suffocating and scary, but I was more scared of what I was going to see when the light turned on. I just kept crying and rocking back and forth.


3rd Person P.O.V.

Sasuke woke with a start as a loud, piercing scream echoed around his room. Instantly a kunai was in his hand and he slid silently out of bed. The scream made him cringe from the shrill sound, and from the amount of raw emotions in it.

Fear, despair and panic were all heard in the scream.

Sasuke dropped the kunai as he realised the now sobbing noise was from Alice downstairs. He sprinted out of the room and easily cleared the stairs in his haste to get to the clearly distraught girl.

The sobs were slightly muffled, but Sasuke could hear something being mumbled under Alice's breath as she rocked back and forth on the couch. Her face was buried in her arms and he could barely hear the words she was saying, but when he did catch it, his blood ran cold.

"I killed my brother. Killed my brother. Killed him. Killed him."

Sasuke crept over to the girl and crouched down in front of her so he was in eye-level with her. He reached out to touch her but hesitated.


Alice snapped her gaze up to the barely visible boy that crouched in front of her. She could barely see him because of the way his dark hair, eyes and clothes seemed to blend into the night. But his pale skin shone in the weak moonlight that came in through her Escape window. Her eyes were drawn to the onyx ones that stared at her with an expression she had never seen on him before.

She felt more tears pool in her eyes as the worried eyes bore into hers. Alice slowly hung her head and leaned forward until she was touching his chest with her forehead. He tensed at her touch, but Alice ignore that, she just wanted to feel that someone was alive. And that they wouldn't run from her.

She hiccupped slightly, "Sasuke."

When Sasuke had said her name, Alice's head had tucked out from her arms and her eyes were instantly staring into his. He felt like he was drowning for a moment as her emerald eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. Her normally tied up hair was mussed from sleep and curled around her shoulders and down her back. But Sasuke didn't take any of that in, he was too focused on the tears that were beginning to develop in her eyes.

He felt a weird sensation in his heart when he stared at her sad and panicked eyes. Without knowing, his expression softened further, not pity, but understanding. He too had woken up afraid and alone after nightmares, and judging from what she had said before, it was a bad one.

He watched as she slowly hung her head and leant forward. A hot feeling burned his chest as Alice leaned her head against his chest. Sasuke couldn't help but tense at the contact, but then relaxed when she realised that was all she was going to do.

A small hiccup was heard from her as tears began to dampen his sleeping shirt. "Sasuke."

Her voice was raw and tired sounding, like she had seen so much that night and he was the best thing that had happened. Sasuke huffed out a breath and hesitantly placed a hand on her head.

Instead of tensing like he thought she would, Alice seemed to relax further at his touch. Sasuke began to slowly run his hand down her hair in a soothing manner, much like his mother used to do when he had nightmares when he was little.

Alice sniffled into his chest, "I'm sorry."

Again her voice sounded tired, and unnaturally defeated. This was not the loud and proud Alice Sasuke knew. Her bravado was gone, and she broke down for the second time that day. Only this time, Sasuke was the one there to comfort her.

Alice wasn't too sure what to do next. She was so tired, but the idea of being down here alone actually scared her. It scared her as much as the thought of her brother being dead since that image would haunt her as soon as she was alone.

She gently tugged on Sasuke's shirt, "Sasuke?"

A slight shift of material was heard as he leant down to where her face was buried into his shirt. Alice was suddenly feeling very shy, "do you-do you think I could sleep with you tonight? I just…I don't want to be alone tonight."

She felt Sasuke stiffen slightly at her request, but was surprised at his answer. "Ah..yeah Alice. Just this one time okay?"

He sounded unsure when he asked it, but Alice nodded and began to stand up. Sasuke quickly rose up and grabbed the hand that wasn't fisted in his shirt to guide her. He slowly began to walk up the stairs with the unsteady brunette, very aware that his father wouldn't be pleased about his actions.

But he surprisingly didn't care.

Alice clung to Sasuke as they entered Sasuke's room, a plain room with unassuming features. Alice didn't notice any of the décor though, Sasuke was busy guiding her to the large, double bed that had rumpled sheets at the end.

Alice let go of Sasuke's hand and shirt so she could crawl over to the other side of the bed. She curled on her side as Sasuke climbed onto his side.

Sasuke lay on his back with his arms by his side, he stared at the ceiling stubbornly. The bed suddenly shifted as Alice leant down and pulled the sheets up and over her, cocooning herself tightly.

Onyx eyes glanced towards her, but Alice's emerald eyes were boring into him. She looked extremely shy and quickly slid her eyes shut. Sasuke stared at her for a moment before turning his gaze back to the ceiling.

A moment of silence passed until Alice's whisper, "Sasuke?"

Said boys gaze drifted down to her, "hn?"

She hesitated slightly before looking determined. She shifted closer to the Uchiha, close enough for the Uchiha to start panicking slightly, but the girl merely tucked her head firmly into his side and curled up next to him.

A burning feeling came from Alice's contact again, Sasuke didn't know what to do. His arms were by his side, but Alice had managed to shift under his left arm. His arm lay limply over her shoulder, hot fire pulsing across his arm.

Alice's body heat was strangely hot, like a small furnace next to Sasuke. Her touch warmed him easily, better than any blanket he had ever had. He mentally shrugged and slowly relaxed, letting his whole posture loosen again.

Wherever Alice touched Sasuke, his cool body temperature seemed to sooth her burning skin. She always felt flushed after a nightmare, but never sweaty. This was also the first time she had screamed because of a nightmare.

It was also the first time Sasuke had ever had a girl in his bed.

A night of firsts it seemed.

Alice was content to listen to Sasuke's breath even out as he fell asleep. She had always craved human contact, so Sasuke was correct to let her lie next to him. Her eyelids slowly slid shut and she fell asleep not too long after Sasuke.

The sun's rays slowly peeked through the open window of Sasuke's room. The sunlight lit up the forms currently sleeping on the bed.

Alice stirred slightly before dropping into a deeper slumber, her arms tightening on what she was holding.

Sasuke shifted and nuzzled deeper into the sweet smelling stuff his face was buried into.

Alice was gripping onto Sasuke's left arm as she lay her head on his shoulder. Her head was tucked under Sasuke's, his face was buried into her hair that was bunched around her head. The two of them were sleeping soundly as the sheets of the bed were tangled around their intertwined legs.

A bird chirped loudly from outside and Alice again stirred from the annoying sound. Her eyelids slid open and then blinked sleepily at the small rays of sunlight that managed to reach her. She felt warm and comfortable, like she felt when she was wrapped up in winter under her blankets.

Alice wiggled her head further into her pillow to get comfortable, but stiffened at the definitely harder surface. The pillow Sasuke had given her for the couch downstairs wasn't quite this hard.

Flashes of the night before sped through her mind.

Friends. Betrayed. Parents. Monster. Mirror. Abomination. Yami-Alice. Shingami. Dobe. Beating. Burning. Rage. Pride. Blood. BROTHER DEAD!

Alice shook away the fears from the dream and focused on what happened next.

Crying. Screaming. Onyx. Soft. Fisted hand. Hand in hers. Sasuke's bedroom. Scared. Shy. Cool. Content.

She stiffened as she realised where she was. She carefully shifted her head and then froze as Sasuke moved. His left arm pulling on the two of her own that were wrapped around his. Her hands in his. Sasuke's arm pulled her more firmly against him, his head buried deeply into her hair.

A slight squeaking noise came from Alice, Sasuke was practically cuddling her! And the deal was sealed when Sasuke's right arm was slung over her.

'Take deep breaths Alice.' She chanted, 'it'll be okay as long as he doesn't wake up!'

She wanted to murder the god responsible for Sasuke to mumble slightly as slowly wake up. 'Yeah fuck you to Karma.'

Sasuke slowly woke up to a scent of apple and something spicy, like cinnamon. He breathed in the delicious scent of his pillow and wondered when it got so soft.

He was still sleepy when he felt something warm in his arms, and didn't flinch at the slight squeak that came from the tightening of his arms. Deciding he should check out what was so warm, he slowly slid his head from the pillow and rested his chin on the top of his shoulder.

His sleepy, onyx eyes stared into wide emerald ones. He smiled slightly at the colour, "such a nice shade of green…"

Again the squeaking noise sounded.

Sasuke leaned back and looked at what was in his arms. A light blue t-shirt and pink shorts with long, tanned legs coming from those shorts. Again a sleepy smile stole across his face as he leaned his head against whatever was on his chest.

That nice shade of green was still there and he took time to stare at the lovely emerald. He continued to stare at it, feeling disappointed whenever it disappeared, but it was only for a second.


Whoever had whispered had said his name. Feeling slightly more alert he grunted in reply.

"Sasuke I think you need to let go of me."

He breathed in the spicy apple taste, "mmnnn?"

"C'mon Sasuke, wake up."

The warmth in his arms began to wriggle and squirm, "Sasuke. I'm warning you, wake up already!"

The shout of wake up certainly woke him up. He just wished he could go straight back to sleep, or pass out, at what he saw.

Alice's face was exceptionally close to his, merely inches away. Her panicked eyes looked pleadingly at him, her tanned face looked slightly pink. Sasuke could count the freckles across her nose and cheeks, he never really could see them before.

Her hands were gripped in his left, and he could feel that his right arm was thrown over her. The reason why she was pinned against him.

And judging by the feelings of his legs, he would have to guess that his legs were tangled with hers.

Heat instantly exploded up his face and he betted a hundred yen that his normally pale cheeks were bright red. He slowly leaned his head back from Alice, "uhhhh," he said intelligently.

"Yeah," replied Alice, "I think we should let go of each other's hands."

Sasuke slowly unclasped his hand from Alice's two, instantly feeling the loss of warmth. He carefully retracted that arm, and the one that was slung over her.

Alice gently tugged her legs from his and Sasuke was quick to do the same.

Both of them stared at each other for a moment. "I think you should take your head off…" Sasuke spoke quietly and trailed off at the end.

"Oh! Yeah!" Alice lifted her head off Sasuke's shoulder as the boy let her untuck herself from under his chin.

The two never broke eye contact throughout the whole mauver, both highly embarrassed about the situation. Alice carefully slid out of Sasuke's personal space, "I'm really sorry about that. I am rather clingy sometimes and I always like human contact so…"

Sasuke swallowed nervously, "heh yeah…It can be my fault as well. It sometimes takes me a while to wake up in the morning so...Sorry about, nuzzling your hair and stuff."

Alice smiled slightly, "nah I'm surprised you even liked the feel of it! And I'm sorry for grabbing your arm and lying on you, it must've been uncomfortable."

"Not really." Sasuke paused at the strange look Alice was giving him, "I mean you were warm! And your hair smells really good! And..and!"

"Chill Sasuke," laughed Alice, "let's just pretend this never happened and keep the awkwardness to a minimum okay?"

Sasuke nodded, "I can agree with that."

A more playful smile curled up Alice's lips, "so you were blushing. You were flustered, and you can be clingy. You're sleepy in the morning and if I sleep on you again, I could get this reaction from you once more." She looked thoughtful for a moment, "I wonder if your whole face will flush if I lie on you completely.."

Sasuke spluttered, "shut up Alice!"

Said girl smirked at him, "stop acting so out of character Sasuke! It's just little, ol' me, your friendly neighbourhood Alice!"

Sasuke scowled at her, "you retard."

"There's you usual charm," cheered Alice. She was smiling at Sasuke cheekily, "shouldn't we get up for training?"

"No," disagreed Sasuke, "it's the weekend idiot."


There was a slight pause between them as they continued to stare at each other. Sasuke narrowed her eyes at Alice, "can you get the hell out of my bed."

"Do I have to? It's so comfy!"

"Get the hell out now!"

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Sasuke OOCness.

Sasuke felt both sorry and understanding to Alice. That's why he comforted her, because no one had done that to him in ages and he knew how much she needed it.

Sasuke let Alice come into his bed to sleep purely for a few reasons. Both he and Alice were tired and he knew Alice wasn't going to sleep much that night, when she said she could sleep better that way, he simply did as she asked. He was also tired, it's like one or two in the morning and his brain is fried.

Sasuke let Alice get close to him because frankly, he was surprised and shocked. Therefore he didn't have a chance to say no. He also found her heat quite nice, he thought she would just lie there for the whole night.

Alice woke up first from her slight insomnia, that she wakes with the sun. Sasuke is a trained ninja, but after a week of training, he's just a young boy who likes his sleep. I made him a slow waker in relaxed situations for this reason.

Why was he flustered and blushing? If I found a guy right in front of me, kissing width apart, I would be flustered to. Sasuke (surprisingly) does have a heart, and as they say, no matter who you are, you're still a man.

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