I Did

By Dark Moon

Disclaimers: I do not own Series of Unfortunate Events, they belong to Lemony Snicket if that's his real name.

Author's Note: Right now I'm just sending a summary to get a feel if I should continue or not. So this is sorta a disclaimer page for all the chapters if I chose to continue with the idea. I will be rating this PG-13 for now until I think it starts getting a bit too graphic, but I don't think it will.

Summary: What if Violet hadn't switched hands in time? Join Violet eight years later as she discover some disturbing news about a VFD, that her parents maybe alive, and a plan so evil that she runs away to stop Count Olaf before it's too late. Read on as Violet races with time to find her missing family meeting friends and foes along the way all the while trying to save the life of her unborn child......

Interesting or no?