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~Six- Plans, Thoughts, and Olaf~

As the morning sun rose it found the three siblings and their host munching on toast and surrounding the table covered in maps, books, and plans.

"You should probably start near the equator so that means any place in South America, Africa, the edges of Asia, and Austrailia. Of course there could also be several private islands we don't know about as well, but I can get someone to look into that. So just pick a place to start and I can get you set up with a few safe houses and equipment," Daniel said, looking up from his study of the map.

"It would be best if we went to South America, our Uncle Monty is studying snakes down there right now. He may be able to help us talk to the locals and he's familiar with what's been happening so far, it could be beneficial if we told him." Klaus pointed to certain regions of the map, "He's somewhere around the rainforests almost on top of the equator so this gives us a double advantage."

"We should pack light then, rainforests are notorious for being extremely damp and hot. It's also best if we take along a very detailed first aid kit, like poison antidotes, rope, plenty of bandages and flares," Sunny stated, mentally going over a list in her head.

Daniel nodded his head as he heard the two's request. He glanced at Violet to see her staring at a map of Austrailia deep in thought. As he was about to ask if there was anything particular about the place Sunny tapped him on the shoulder making him lose his thought and going back to the task at hand.

"Then while you three are there, I'll dig up some concrete dirt on Olaf to put him away and that may even give us clues to where your parents are."

Klaus was about to ask Violet on her opinion but saw the thoughtful look on her face and the large purple bags under her eyes. He made a mental note to speak with her alone before the journey began. Of course he also did not miss the glance Daniel had given his elder sister and was itching to really find out the history between them, but the safety of their parents was foremost on his mind.

"Great! Then we use the rest of the week to gather our supplies and make alternate planning in case anything goes wrong. Do any of you know how to use a weapon?" Daniel asked.

"A gun," Klaus answered. "My job sometimes requires me to carry protection, especially if things got too dangerous."

"Very well then. I'm assuming Sunny does not."

"I can throw a rock!" Sunny cried indignantly. "And this one time I kicked Jonny Peters in the private for pushing me in the mud."

"Uh, I think just basic self defense for you then. Violet could you?"

"Yeah, be ready to wake up early every morning. I'm sorry if you guys could excuse me." Violet walked outside.

Both siblings were about to go after their sister but was stopped by Daniel. "Give her some time. She's had a hard time of it and needs to cope very quickly if she is ever to accomplish what she must."

Watching the door his sister just left out of, Klaus could not help but feel guilty. 'If only I had protested more, looked for her harder. She wouldn't be going through this alone, we used to be so close it was as if we read each other's minds. Now I can barely get her to speak of herself. My dear sister, was your time with Olaf so harsh you can't even confide in me?'

Unknowing of her younger brother's thoughts, Violet once again found herself sitting on the same hill over looking the forest and it's vast greenery. Her eyes not taking in the beauty before her but flashing to the first time she had participated in one of Olaf's schemes.


The simple gleam of his eyes told her he had something in mind. By the evil smirk appearing on his thin lips it was a lucky guess it had to do with her as well.

"My dearest wife," Olaf hissed, leering at her. "I have a job for you to do."

Violet curled protectively on the couch, feeling cold dread crawl up her spine. Olaf sat down and leaned over her, his shiny black eyes never once leaving her face. Though she tried to stop it, curiosity prompted her to ask.

"What job?"

If it was possible his leer got even worse. "I'm glad you asked. There is a client of mine that needs a lesson learned, since he knows all of us but you by heart it's obvious who the likely candidate is."

Violet could tell he didn't mean giving him a stern talking too either. "I don't involve myself in your schemes. You already have my families money isn't that enough to satisfy you."

His long eyebrow narrowed a bit, "I am not asking a question and whether your money satisfies me should not be your biggest concern." Olaf inched closer until his thin lips barely touched her ears. "My love."

Not an ounce of love or even emotion besides cruelty filled those words. Violet shuddered, she knew the threat hidden in those words and knew them to be true since he had always carried out all threats and promises.

Seeing she was cowed to his will, Olaf backed up a bit. "You have one week, be prepared."

"I..I've never even killed a bug! How do you expect me to kill a human being?"

"Efficiently." With that Olaf left.


She felt ridiculous and exposed. It was the look the powder faced women were going for.

Dressed in a very short and revealing black dress, Violet's hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and curled. Red cherry lipstick gave her lips a more pouty look along with black eyeliner and longer lashes. Large black boots with fishnet stockings completed the sexy bad girl look. The noise in the club all but halted when she walked in, then resumed when she spied her target and sat next to him, the last words Olaf had given her resounding in her head.

You had best kill him my dear or you can watch your siblings die.

"Hey there beautiful." The smell of alcohol and cigars was strong as it hit her nose. Barely looking to her right, she could feel hot breathe on her neck.

"Sorry but my business is with him." Violet placed a gloved hand on her target, startling him.

"" Green eyes looked at her expectantly.

She only smirked knowingly.

"Yeah, with me. Back of Johnson." The drunken man did as told, weaving back to his table. Once he was gone her target looked at her again. "I didn't catch your name lovely. I'm Phillip West."

Violet held out her hand which Phillip took and kissed, "Lita Reed."

"Beautiful name and what business do we have my dear Lita?"

"Count Olaf has sent me to give you a reward for your hard work for him. Of course I must insist I give it to you more privately."

Phillip practically leapt out of his seat and dragged Violet out of the club in his excitement for his 'reward'. Violet did as she was ordered and led him to the park all the while trying to tease her way out of him touching her. When he roughly pushed her agianst the tree and started sucking on her neck, Violet jerked away from him.

"This is not where you're to get your reward," she said, trying not to let her fear show.

"I can at least sample it."

"Who said I was your reward?" Violet pulled out a small blade that was hidden in a little opening in her hem. She watched his blue eyes widen as the implications set in. Holding the dagger high she tried to bring back the confidence she held before, but then his face transformed into Klaus. The look of abject horror, of fear and that it was all her fault made her sick to her stomach.

Phillip saw her pause and took the time to slap the knife away from her, then threw her to the ground.

"Now, let me get my true reward."


Phillip's shocked face looked into her eyes before closing as he fell on top of her. Dead. Violet heaved the heavy body off of her, the small pistol still smoking in her hand. She lay there breathing heavily, the adrenaline of the moment already leaving her body. The sound of clapping filled the still air and Olaf came into view, his ever present sneer in place.

"I knew the small pistol would come in handy just as my being here in case you fouled up was well planned too. Though I for some reason thought you would actually warn the fool and let him get away. You seem to be progressing well in my influence." Olaf roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her up, bringing her dazed brown eyes to meet his shiny black.

"I...I killed a man," she whispered, not acknowledging Olaf's presence.

"You will learn to put these deaths behind you my dear. He is but a small ripple in our sea. Come you have dinner to make and then I will give you a proper reward in bed." Olaf said as he dragged the still dazed Violet to the waiting car.

~~~End Flashback~~~

Sunny could only sit quietly by her sisters side as the torrent of emotions flitted over her face, each one so fast and intense she had long since stopped trying to decipher them all. Being only eight, Sunny knew that many things were not going to be explained to her and that her understanding of things was limited but that did not mean she couldn't sit by and be silent support.

"I love you Sunny and I love Klaus too. But Olaf is much more dangerous than you two think he is, the things he would do just to achieve his goal..." Violet trailed off, still looking off into the forest and watching the animals wake and forage for food. "Klaus is too stubborn to listen to me but I want you to promise that if anything happens to me, don't try and find me again. Find Daniel and the three of you bring Olaf to justice. That would mean more and accomplish so much than you finding out what happened to me, okay?"

Sunny looked at Violet, not knowing what to say after such a declaration. When Violet turned her head and Sunny finally saw the ruling emotion in her eyes, it was all she could do not to cry for the time missing since it seemed this Violet was no longer the sister she had known as a baby. The age alone in those eyes prompted Sunny to nod acceptance.

"Thank you. Let's get out of this cool air and back inside, we need to figure out the rest of our plans hm." Violet stood and offered a hand to help Sunny up.


"You dare lose her!! FOOLS! I see now that I must tend to things my own way. You two," Olaf pointed to the hook handed man and the person that looked like neither a man nor a woman. "You will stalk the Qaugmire's. Every move they make you follow. As soon as a pattern is thought to be set you kidnap them quickly and with as little to no one knowing."

Olaf then stood in front of the two white faced women. "You two will disguise yourselves as hotel managers in Germany. I want a room kept empty at all times for meetings. Emse, use your many connections and find out all you can about Snicket and the VFD headquarters. The rest of you, once Esme finds the location of a VFD member you hunt them down and see if they'll side with us. If not kill 'em."

Everyone nodded, fearing the wrath path Olaf seemed to be on.

"What are you going to do Olaf?" Esme asked, batting her eyes at him.

"I'm taking back what is rightfully mine."

~End Six~