Summary: After a tie in the Ceremonial Duel, Atem will be needing a few things to help get his new life started properly. But only one person can provide those things, and he's not the type who gives things away for free.

Pairings: Prideshipping - Kaiba x Yami

Warning: Rated M, for graphic lemons (with a side of obligatory Yugioh psychoanalysis). Also, my personal opinion is that these boys would like to play rough, so this fic includes (consensual) kink/BDSM - bondage, spanking, and dominance/submission games. Do not read if you hate that sort of thing.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh is not mine.

Chapter 1: Kaiba

I saw it coming. It doesn't matter that my stomach hadn't been certain and had been fluttering nervously all through the duel. It doesn't mean anything that it only stopped after Yugi had smiled that knowing smile, and that other Yugi had grinned back, and *that* was the moment the rest of my body had finally been convinced, only a few seconds before Yugi's crimson eyed twin had played the last card and brought both their life points down to zero simultaneously. Then I had let out the breath I hadn't realized I had been holding, and indulged for a few seconds in the sudden rush of relief.

Everyone else seemed a little surprised, unsure of what this really meant. They were milling about anxiously as the two Yugis flung themselves into a vigorous embrace. Isis finally interrupted the love-fest to explain that since the pharaoh hadn't lost, the evil boogeyman would stay sealed, but since the pharaoh also hadn't won, the Gods wouldn't grant him access to the afterlife, and he would have to stay here and make a life for himself in this century. I snorted to myself - hadn't all that been obvious?

Mokuba had run over to celebrate with the Yugi-tachi, but I remained standing off to one side. Eventually I'd get what I wanted. After a few minutes, one of Yugi's friends moved out of the way, and I managed to catch a quick flash of red eyes as the man I supposed I should be calling 'Atem' looked up and nodded quickly at me, holding up a finger to ask me to wait.

I nodded back at him and, since it was only him looking in my direction, didn't completely suppress my smile. He clearly anticipated the contents of our impending conversation, which was only natural as otherwise he wouldn't be worthy of having it. But I was actually glad that the Yugi-tachi were still involved in their celebrations, as it gave me a few moments to try and deal with the two warring sides of my own mind. Or rather, to suppress the side that was whispering such absurd nonsense about how good such a simple acknowledgement from him made me feel. That wouldn't even be so bad on its own, but it was just more terrible advice from the same side of my mind that would blindside me with erotic fantasies out of nowhere, about things like losing a game to him, and having him insist that in this type of game, it was the winner's right to fuck the loser...

I shook my head to help dispel the sudden distraction. It wasn't helpful, and anyway I hadn't lost anything here, I'd already won. All that remained to be determined was the magnitude of my prize. If anything, it was more appropriate to indulge in my preferred fantasy, the one where I tied him down with those ridiculous bondage cuffs he always wears, and...


I opened my eyes slowly, casually, as though I hadn't just been startled out of the beginnings of an elaborate erotic fantasy about the man now standing in front of me. I nodded at him, replying softly, "Atem." I hadn't been expecting his reaction, those red eyes widening and his lips parting in a rather appealing gesture. I suppose he was just overly attached to his new name, but whatever the reason for it I made a mental note of the response for future reference. It was always good to have an advantage. I continued, "Look. I know what you want, and you know I know it, but let's do it officially, shall we?" He grinned. "What do you want, Atem?" I emphasised his name again, and his eyes narrowed in pleasure like a cat's.

"I would like a ride home in your plane please, Kaiba," he stated calmly with a smile.

"Would you now. And what will you give me in return for that?" I asked. There was a small scuffle behind Atem as Honda clapped a hand over Jounouchi's attempt to comment.

"Actually, I was hoping you might consider giving me the lift as a favor to a friend." Atem replied. His smile turned hopeful, but I could see the ironic look in his eyes that told me he didn't really expect me to agree to it. Good.

"Hmmm," I pretended to consider. "It seems to me that a more typical sort of favor to a friend might consist of something more like giving them a ride to town in their car..."

Atem interrupted me, "And would you do that if I asked you to?"

I blinked, and decided to consider the question for more than a millisecond before immediately rejecting it. To my surprise, my answer was "Yes."

He gave me a wider, genuine smile at that, and I couldn't help but let the corner of my mouth turn up in response. Damn him for being right, but it actually did feel good to know I had a friend who wasn't Mokuba. But still, we had an important issue to resolve. I continued, "But before we continue negotiations, we both know that isn't the only thing you want. Why don't you put all your cards on the table now before we haggle over the price, hmm?"

He nodded, acknowledging I had scored a point. It felt irritatingly good.

"Alright then Kaiba. I would like four things from you; a plane ride home, official documentation proving that I exist, a job at Kaiba Corporation designing games, and to socialize with you as a friend."

I started in surprise at the third request. I hadn't even considered what Atem might do for a job, but the suggestion was such a good idea, I couldn't believe it hadn't occurred to me. The Yugi-tachi had been surprised as well, judging from the murmured conversation emanating from the group.

"Well," I replied, "Out of those four items, it seems to me that only the last one is something that friends would typically do for each other. That request is granted. As for the more unusual requests, how much is it worth to you for me to essentially grant you your entire life?"

Honda must have finally lost control of the mutt, as Jounouchi burst out of the group yelling, "What?! Kaiba, you bastard! You've already got more money than you could ever spend, and you want to demand more from a guy whose only possession in the world is the body he only just got 5 minutes ago?!"

I was so pleased that, with his idiotic outburst, the mutt had unwittingly given me a nice easy segue into talking about what it was I really wanted. I graced him with a smirk. "Then he'll just have to sell that, won't he?"

Jounouchi's eyes widened in horror and he spluttered for a few moments before managing to form the words "What the FUCK?!"

Honda added "Ahhhh, I'm sure he didn't mean it quite like that... right?"

I looked the Yugi-tachi over. They all looked shocked... apart from Yugi, who was flushing with a knowing embarassment. I just laughed at them all, until Atem said pacifyingly, "It's alright Jounouchi. I was expecting this, and I will agree to be Kaiba's... servant, for a period of time to be negotiated."

"Slave," I corrected him. Atem turned back to glare at me so I clarified, "Servants get paid with money. And have the option of quitting if they want to."

His eyes narrowed and my smirk widened. Even if he'd anticipated having to bargain in this manner, this seemed to be one concession he hadn't expected to have to make, and it was satisfying to know I'd won another advantage in our game. He glared for a few more seconds but he eventually ground out through gritted teeth, "Fine. Slave. For one day."

I snorted. If he was going to start ridiculously low, I would start ridiculously high. "One year." (The Yugi-tachi exploded in outrage before being shushed by Yugi. Atem ignored them all.)

"One week," he countered.

"Six months."

"Two weeks."

"Three months."

"One month."

"Two months, final offer."

"A month and a half."

"Two. Months. Do you have any idea how hard it is to forge official government paperwork?" I lied.

"Fine, two months. Plus the agreement that I won't have to do anything that could cause permanent injury."

Outwardly, I scoffed. "Do you think I'm your friend or not? Of course." Inwardly, I grinned a gleeful and, I admit it, sadistic grin at the possibilities offered by Atem's implicit agreement that non-permanent injury would be just fine. I stepped forward and we shook hands on the deal. With that complete, I stepped back a few paces so that the flaring of my coat wouldn't knock him over as I spun on my heel and swept out dramatically, ignoring the renewed complaints of the Yugi-tachi, and calling over my shoulder "I'll be outside when you and Mokuba are quite finished here."