New Beginnings

Hey everyone this is my very first fanfic so yeah lets get to it!

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A few years have passed and Norman's been feeling better since the witch's curse. He has gone older about the age of 18 and is now very mature. His friend Neil grew as well but in the terms of weight of course. His sister has gone off to work in other cities as well as his parents. Now it's just him and his grandma in the house now. Alvin on the other hand hasn't changed a bit though treating more respect to Norman due to the fact he saved his life a couple of times when the day the zombies came.

Now that he was thinking about it, that was the same day he met her. Agatha Prenderghast

He remembered when he first heard about the curse. He remembered her zapping him off to the ground from the town hall. He remembered seeing her officially. He remembered her trying to kill him.

He also remembered the moment she laid on his shoulder in the tree. He relished that moment before she was gone. "Did I have feelings for her? I guess I'll never know." He thought to himself.

He was quickly awoken from his thinking when his "deceased" grandma was waving her hand at his face "Norman what are you thinking about dear?" she asked. "Nothing grandma." he replied. "Is it her again? Agatha was it?" Norman nodded. "Norman dear this is all in the past I hope you can move on from all of that okay?" He replied "Grandma I am fine of course I'm moving on I was just thinking about her for a moment alright? Anyways I'll head out for a while probably visit my friends."

His grandma said "Okay but you better be back soon Norman Babock" she disappeared into the walls to god knows where

He then walked out of the house to where he last saw her.

I hope this was good for you guys! I welcome tips and advices bad or good. :)