If My Heart Had Wings

With a sigh, Nicholas Pratt closed his flip cell phone and stood, just staring down at the cold pavement. The back of his neck was stiff and he growled softly as he worked his head back and forth, trying to get it to pop. It was his reaction to stress, ever since he was a little kid he could remember the back of his neck prickling and tensing, then feeling his shoulders tighten. His mother had always been able to tell when he was lying, all she had to do was look at how he was holding his head and shoulders, "Your father is the same way, neither of you can lie to me..."

"Well mom, looks like I can't lie to myself either..."Unfortunately he hadn't been able to join Ash and the others at the movies like he'd said he would. He'd taken the time to do a few personal errands, make sure his assets were set up how he wanted them. He and his mother were set for life, he'd taken measures to make sure that if anything ever happened to him, she would be taken care of and that if he lost his job, they'd still be able to live comfortably. People who worked for Irons didn't cross him without detrimental consequences to their professional life (or personal for that matter)

It was pretty late for the movie, it was more then half way over by now, even though he was standing outside the theater, his back resting against the building as he looked up to stare at the flashing lights that announced the times and movies that were playing that night. He'd just called Ash's cell phone and left a voice message, apologizing for what had happened, but saying that he'd meet them outside. He needed time to be alone and think things through anyway, he never would have been able to enjoy it.

Jake McCarty noticed more things then people gave him credit for, even Pez never really seemed to notice how observant he actually was and his ability to figure things out on his own. All night long he'd been noticing a row of several people glancing back towards them, or more specifically Nottingham. If the assassin noticed, he really didn't give any indication, but Pez was fidgeting ever so slightly, her gaze shifting slightly from Ian to the people, then back to the movie. Only Gabriel seemed undisturbed and oblivious to what was going on, intently watching the movie and absently shoveling handfuls of popcorn into his mouth every once in awhile.

"Alright... So what is it that's got Pez so worked up about these people?" Jake sighed, pursing his lips as he tired to figure it out. They didn't seem to be posing an immediate threat and he doubted they were the ones behind the attempted killing. If he had to guess, he'd put his money on them being connected to Irons somehow, maybe they'd been sent out to tail Ian, keep tabs on him, "But that doesn't flow... why would Irons worry about Nottingham enough to have him tailed... he's Irons' personal body guard... Pez did say Ian was suffering from some head trauma... And she hasn't taken him back to Irons... maybe she doesn't want him to find out who he really works for... Keep him away from Irons..."

Jake snorted softly, shifting in his seat as his thoughts flowed through his mindSara always did seem to have some sort of strange connection to the man that Jake didn't understand but he had to admit, he probably would have done the same thing and kept Ian Nottingham as far away from Irons as he could. But in his opinion, it would take a miracle to separate Ian from the man who controlled his life... Even if it was Sara Pezzini who was helping him.

Seymour Ferguson was a lucky young man, and sitting several rows down from the person he and his teammates had been sent out to trail. Ian Nottingham was legend where he worked. He, his girlfriend Maddie, and his two best friends Ash and Lena had been working for Vorchslag for just a little over a year now, but the reason he counted himself so lucky was because of the fact that Maddie Bronagh was sitting next to him, her head leaning on his shoulder as they held hands and watched the movie.

Maddie was the kind of woman that men dreamed about, she had the smoothest creamiest complexion that any other woman would have died forand it wasn't just her looks that others admired. She was kind and didn't seem to have the slightest idea about how beautiful she actually was. He still wondered sometimes how he'd been so lucky to end up with her.Even with everything they went through concerning the kind of work they did, Maddie always seemed to be upbeat and happy. She had even been happy to hear that it seemed Nottingham had decided to leave Irons. Everyone that worked as closely as they did with Irons and Nottingham knew how things went between the two men, and you did not question it.

So it had come as shock the night they'd been sent out to find Ian, given only what they needed to know and told to speak with no one except the people they absolutely had to concerning what was going on.But everyone knew what it meant if Ian was now A-WALL and the ripples of that catastrophe would send shockwaves through their little group the hardest.Seymour Ferguson may have been a lucky young man, but no one was lucky when it came to weathering the storm of Kenneth Irons' anger...