Note: This is an AU Where the Ori Arc did not happen since the Alteran communications devise was not placed in Glastonbury Tor.

Millions of years ago, an ancient and very advanced race known as the Alterans fled from their homes and arrived on our side of the universe. They seeded the local cluster of galaxies with life resembling their own. Under their care a thousand thousand civilizations flourished. Natural scientists that they were, pushed science and knowledge to godlike levels. They destroyed malevolent threats that lied in our small place in the cosmos. Together with three other races they entered into a grand alliance that was to last an eternity.

Then tragedy struck, stricken down by an unknown plague, many died, most ascended, yet a few thinking it was safe, retreated to a dwarf galaxy known as Pegasus to recuperate, rebuild and recover. However they were yet again proven wrong, they were attacked and in their infinite arrogance defeated by beings of their own creation. The Wraith feasted upon the Alterans and the seeded civilizations that were under their benevolent care.

With their disappearance their alliance disappeared as well. The Nox retreated to isolation, the Asgard retreated to their own home galaxy too busy with their own problems there, and the Furlings disappeared without a trace. Paving a way for a parasitic species known as the Goa'uld to fill up the power vacuum that was left in their departure, wiping out countless civilizations and enthralling countless more.

And then they came, the Tau'ri, the first race, the children of the Alterans themselves, they took out the Goa'uld and the Replicators with one fell swoop and accomplishing what their forefathers failed, they drove the Wraith to extinction.

Now over five centuries later, our portion of the cosmos is locked under an uneasy peace. A three way cold war, standing in a brink of war between these intergalactic juggernauts.

The Tau'ri led League of Midgard. Filling up the shoes of their long dead fore-bearers, taking up their Mantle of Responsibility. Idealistic and proud, with technology to match and an industry that is second to none. They however are hindered by their naivety and relative youth.

The militaristic Free Jaffa taking up the spoils of their dead masters, and unrivaled in their courage, discipline, ferocity and sheer military size, but they cling to their traditions and resist change.

And the enigmatic Lucian Alliance, which stated out as an alliance of malefactors and thieves is now a full flung superpower armed with an intelligence network that is an envy of their rivals and a highly efficient military despite its relative size.


16th of March 2552
Edge of the Tucana Dwarf Galaxy
Intergalactic Transfer Point, League of Midgard

At the edge of the galaxy where no stars lay, sat in space a eight kilometer long cylindrical structure. The station stood in stark contrast from the infinite void of space as it was glowing with different lights and sleek silverish colored carbon-tritanium-naquida plating. Beside it was a Supergate and of course the civilian commercial traffic that came with it, hundreds of ships going in and out of both the Supergate and the Station.

This was the League's answer to intergalactic gate traffic. People coming from other galaxies would come here via Supergate and here they would go to their final destination via ship or Stargate. While this one belonged to the League, the Lucian Alliance and the Free Jaffa also had their own transfer point in the Galaxy and other galaxies they had a sizable presence in.

Inside the station, is also a busy place, in fact it was busier than the outside. Countless people were busy in their own affairs. A scene that would have been reminiscent of 21st century airports this however involved a much larger scale.

Standing in a queue for customs was Martin Walker. He was of average height, a professor and an expert of Pre-Alliance Alteran history in Oxford. And aside from the fact the he was really smart, there was really nothing worth noting about him. He's a bit chubby, has ginger hair that was obviously uncombed, overall the type of guy you would forget within three minuets of seeing. He was busy reading notes from his tablet when he bumped into the guy in front of him causing him to loose grip and drop his tablet.

"Sorry" he said in a low and timid voice as he picked up his tablet, while the guy in front of him who was a few inches taller than he was simply nodded, as if saying it was OK.

"Ahh! Professor sorry it took so long, but the souvenir shop had a big sale and with the prices they were selling, they were practically giving their goods away and I couldn't just say no to a deal like that. Plus this is actually my first time this far out and I had to buy souvenirs." said his student slash assistant Becky Smith and gave a quick smile to the Professor, as she came neared him. She was a short blonde girl who looked and sounded peachy, and she was carrying a few more shopping bags in her arms than what should be humanly allowed.

"I don't get why you bought them now instead of buying souvenirs on our return trip. And did you buy the bottle of water I requested you to buy?" Martin spoke.

"Ohhh that." She smiled. "I totally forgot but could go back and buy some."

"Never mind, It's almost our turn." Martin then dismissed.

An as if on cue the guy in front of him was finished with customs and it was their turn.

"Identification please."the big and muscular guy in the customs desk said, he looked more of a Jaffa due to his build than a Tau'ri or any other human of the league for that matter.

Hearing it the Professor inserted his finger in the transceiver in front of him to scan for his DNA. Becky did the same thing a second later.

"Ahhh, Professor Martin Walker and Ms. Rebecca Smith, bound for Mizufune." The customs guy said as he was reading the data on his screen.

"Since Mizufune is a protected world and as per League directives I would like to see a permit from the Bureau for Sheltered Planets."

Since the time the Asgard downloaded themselves into their core and conducted their great experiment, the Tau'ri assumed the responsibility of replacing the Asgards and took on the protection of the worlds formerly protected by them. That was a few centuries ago, with in that time frame worlds were constantly added and removed from the list. To protect these less developed worlds and prevent their exploitation the League limited their interaction with more advanced powers, requiring a permit from the BSP for its citizens or other more advanced powers to even set foot there. Mizufune was one of those worlds.

"Of course." Martin handed the Tablet which contained an electronic copy of the authorization.

"Authenticity confirmed, your wormhole is scheduled in an hour, please proceed to gate 119." He said after verifying the authorization.

50 minutes later
Gate 119

Due to limitations of a Stargate, only one can be activated at a time within a 1.81 lightyear distance. Creating a bottle neck on how many people could be transported via Stargate which was around seventeen thousand a day, meaning it was far too less to accommodate the usual traffic in Transfer Points. The League solution to the problem, was to use multiple Stargates alternately then attach a modified ring transport to a pedestal on both the destination and departure Stargates, expanding the bottle neck to accommodate more than a hundred times more people per in the same amount of time. Even with this gate travel still could not accommodate all intergalactic travel, meaning a sizable amount of people would still go by ship from the Transfer Point to their final destination.

The place was not special, it was brightly lit like the other parts of the Transit point, there were several Stargates lined up at a respectable distance from each other. The Stargates were similarly not noteworthy, they were the standard League built gates, which means they had some sort of shiny metal appearance. In front of each Stargate was a platform beside these platforms were a small kiosks where Transit Point personnel could guide the outgoing travelers, in front of both were chairs for the travelers while they wait for their wormwholes. Behind the chairs were stores, selling refreshments, more souvenirs and the like.

Martin was stilling in the middle of these chairs, and still busy reading his tablet, even a resurrected Asgard dancing the hula whoop couldn't distract him from his concentration.

Becky however was a few seats away with her shopping bags beside her, swinging her legs back and forth. Currently having a conversation with a guy who sat beside her, he was waiting for the Stargate beside theirs.

She usually had this appeal towards guys, as she was a bit on the fair side. Not shockingly beautiful, but pretty enough to make almost any guy's head turn.

"... actually I study history in one of the best universities in the League, so you I have to be decently brilliant." She said with a small hint of laughter.

"So what did she reply?" The guy she was talking to replied.

"That's the thing she didn't! She simply walked away." Ending it with her high pitched laughter and a casual covering of her mouth, making the guy to laugh as well.

"Knowing the egos that Lucian Plutocrats usually have, you must have struck a nerve there."

But before Becky could reply the Transit point comms announced. "Travelers bound for Mizufune please proceed to Gate 119 ring area."

"That would be me. Pleasure meeting you." She said to the guy with a hand shake and a quick smile.

"Nice meeting you as well." with that the guy walked away, and Becky picked up her bags and walked on the platform, it was slightly elevated and circular in shape. Seeing the professor there she gave him a quick smile. With that the Stargate started to activate, with the lights on the Stargate beginning to move. Like how the Alteran built Pegasus Gates would activate.

Becky moved her head looking at both sides to see anyone who would travel with them. Besides both of them was a lady who was dressed in a long pink and white robe with wide sleeves and a sash in the middle. By the looks of it wouldn't have stood out if it was worn in Feudal Japan. The lady smiled back when her and Becky's eyes met, which she smiled back.

"Just three, no wonder this was bloody expensive." She said to the professor and before he could reply. The Gate activated unleashing a worm whole. With that the rings beneath the platform activated, the rings had the same shinny metallic look as the League built Gate with a shining bright-light in the middle it dematerialized the three of them then converting them and itself into a beam of bright white light which then entered into the event horizon.

A second later and a few thousand light years away, in a similar manner the beam of light went to an identical looking platform where it materialized again into a set of rings and a shining bright-light in the middle which rematerialized all three of them.

Upon re-materialization the first thing they saw was a big guy who approached them slowly, he was around two meters tall, some what dark in complexion and he wore a long white robe with wide sleeves which was perhaps a size too small for him, and of similar design with the other lady they came in with.

"Professor Martin Walker I presume." The guy said with a deep voice as he held out his hand and gave a slight smile at his historical innuendo.

Hearing that Martin simply nodded, shook his hand and not mind the historical innuendo the man made.

"I'm Rebecca Smith his student-assistant. A pleasure to meet you." Becky said as she joined the conversation and also shook the guy's hand but with a bit of difficulty as she was holding a couple of bags.

"Welcome to Mizufune. I am Domingo Rodriguez, the agent-supervisor from the Bureau for Sheltered Planets to prevent undue cultural contamination and influence of the people of this planet." The guy said while he opened out his arms.

Martin didn't bother to look at Rodriguez when he said it nor did he notice the lady that came with them walk away, he was too busy looking at the land scape ahead of him.

Mizufune was a temperate planet, it was sparsely furnished with thin but tall trees. The landscape was filled with what looked like grass. Around a hundred meters away from the stargate was a town. From the distance he could easily make out that buildings in the town were mostly single story and were made of wood. It actually reminded him of Edo during the Feudal Era of Japan. Basing on what he read, it was the largest one in the planet. He was quite taken by the sight, being a bit of a fan of feudal Japan tracing back to his fondness of anime when he was still young.

"Were you not informed of the standard clothing here, unless you want people staring at you of course." Rodriguez inquired as he noticed that the two were wearing modern clothes instead of local looking ones. Making them standout like a super nova in the middle of the void between galaxies. Which would subject them to a lot of unwanted stares as the locals were not quite used to outsiders.

"Won't matter that much." Martine dismissed with an accompanying head shake.

"What the professor is saying is, that it would not matter much since we would spend most of our time in the ruins south of town." She replied.

"Ahhh, so that's where you're headed?"

"Yes, and as we already have everything we need, we no longer require a stop in town."

"Let's get going then, it's about half an hour's walk." Rodriguez replied.
"...assuming you can walk at a decent pace with those heels." he then pointed to the footwear Becky was wearing and ended it with a subtle bark of laughter, Becky mainly smiled in reply.

Following day

Alteran Ruins

The place was was made of wood; dusty; and there were a lot of shelves filled with books and rolls scrolls. Lit up only by candles and a few portable lights that the professor brought. It looked as if it was an old library if it wasn't for the Alteran control pedestal in the middle of the room.

Martin stood beside the pedestal pressing its buttons, while glancing once in a while at his pad and one of the books that he took from the shelves. He was looking for a way to get what he was looking for.

Rodriguez on the other hand was somewhat busy being bored and staring mindlessly into one of the shelves.

"Where are you guys from again?" he asked, trying to break his boredom.

Seeing that Martin was too busy with his work Becky was the one to answer since she was just standing beside Martin, reading her notes and waiting for him to ask for her assistance.

"Oxford University". She said.

"No I meant where you live." He corrected.

"Ohhh, I'm from Earth, in the beautiful city of Liverpool, kind sir." She spoke in a more regal than usual accent and ended it with a wink. After over half a millennium of unification and the establishment of Alteran as the lingua franca of United Earth and later on the League, everyone on Earth practically has the same accent and to a certain degree everyone in Sol as well. It's unofficially been dubbed as the high class Alteran accent. While ironically people in the old colony worlds established by Earth usually retained the accent of their old colonizing nations since each planet was usually established by individual nation states.

Rodriguez nodded, "Ahhhh, no wonder you have such an elite accent." He ended it with a smile. "And let me guess, Indiana Jones over there is from New Washington?" Rodriguez guessed as Martin had a very thick American accent.

Becky raised an eye brow at the question as she did not get inference, she was about to ask who "Indiana Jones" was but refrained at the last moment and simply answered the question.

"Liberty actually, but close enough. Its a planet a few hundred light years core-ward from there." She explained since Liberty was not as famous as New Washington.

Rodriguez nodded in reply, he was about to respond when Martin exclaimed "I did it!" which made both Becky and Rodriguez look at him. Martin took a step back from the pedestal as its buttons were moving by themselves, then the entire room lit up for a second thereafter revealing a lot of treasures and Alteran trinkets littering the entire library.

"See professor, it wasn't that hard was it?" She smiled at her understatement.

"Wasn't hard?!" Martin fumed.

"Took me three years just to trace where the devise was transferred from Glastonbury Tor! A year find what planet this Library was on! Six months to to find out how to open the cache! Ten hours to actually input the code! And you say it wasn't hard?!" Martin let out a ton of steam breaking his usually silent self.

"Calm down. I was just joking. Lets just go look for the devise." Becky detracted Martin. Which he simply replied with a nod then proceeded to search for the devise.

"I could help out as well. What exactly are you guys looking for?" Rodriguez inquired.

"An Alteran long ranged communications devise..."She paused as she pressed one of the pad she's carrying.
"It looks something like this." She showed him a holographic image which was projected by the pad. The devise was circular and darkish gray, it looked like a mushroom with veins on its top and a blue crystal on its topmost part.

"... it is a devise that links people telepathically and allowing them to see through the eyes of people from the other side. And this particular one as the professor estimates, the other end would be in the home galaxy of the ancestors. Now, imagine what it means if we could speak to them face to face." Becky explained, it is common knowledge for anyone in the League, well anyone who was open to the galaxy for that matter that knew that the Alterans were not originally from this part of the universe but somewhere from the other end. Where that is, is still the greatest mystery in known space.

"Dios mio! And here I was thinking, that you were just looking for pieces of literature with this library and all!" Rodriguez exclaimed at the gravity and implication the meeting would be.

"Come to think of it. The guys back on Earth didn't believe that we would find it as well. That's why it's just me and the professor here." She explained.

"Ohhh, wait! since your permit with the BSP only covers entering Mizufune. You also need another from First Contacts. And it is my duty as a government employee to require such before you could initiate first contact." Rodriguez required, since the League required such from any of its citizen before they could initiate first contact. In order that only those qualified could do so since first contact between civilizations is usually a very delicate matter. You usually need to take up a few subjects to do so. Thankfully not only was the Martin educated in this subject, he was in fact one of the few in the university who was teaching it, making him more than qualified to initiate first contact and making his acquisition of such, easy.

"Here." Becky handed him a tab with the permit to first contact.

"Looks fine to me." Rodriguez handed the tab back. Then both proceeded to search for the devise.

Few minuets later

"Found it!" Becky exclaimed as she found the devise. Which made both Rodriguez and Martin go near her. The devise was beside her surrounded by a few gold treasures.

"Funny, these things were not in any of the images." She pointed to black stones that were attached to the devise.

"Did I not tell you of the stones?" The professor queried.

"You did not."

"The devise was meant to be used in conjunction with these stones. You had...Nooooo!" Before Martin could finish his explanation. Becky in her usual curious self touched one of the black stones. A second later the Blue Crystal in the devise glowed and another second later Becky went unconscious and dropped to the floor.

"What the hell happened?" Rodriguez asked after jumped and prevented Beck's body from falling to the floor.

"Side effect of the devise. When you gain control of a body in other end you loose control of your body in this end." Martin explained.

"I wanted to postpone which when I was in a place better equipped to handle this. But doesn't matter now, as I need to go after her. Please watch over our bodies will you."

"Wait! When will you be back and how will I disconnect you guys from...this." Rodriguez said as he pointed to the devise.

"...when there is trouble."

"Honestly, I don't know." Martin replied, then touched one of the stones.