Alteran Ruins

It has been two days since Becky and Professor Martin activated the Alteran devise. Their unconscious bodies are currently laying on a make shift cot, and were constantly being monitored by medical equipment. All of which were brought along when the help that came via stargate. Both their cots were beside and parallel towards each other and on the head of each cot were monitors tracking each of their vital signs. They were showing a lot of data that would mean little to an untrained eye.

Besides the two of them there were currently two other people. A tall and skinny Caucasian guy who was an expert on Alteran technologies and a short dark skinned doctor who was currently was very diligent in monitoring the vital signs of both Becky and Martin. While the other guy was still busy reading the Alteran devise with his portable computer with a hot cup of coco beside him.

"Hey Saul! Please tell me you already have that thing figured out." Rodriguez mentioned as he went beck in the library, from taking a quick leak outside as the library had no where to vent his fluids.

"Yes sir! Already found a way to disconnect them. If that was what you meant. Already figured out how before you took a leak sir." The Caucasian guy was startled at first as he didn't notice Rodriguez come in then proceeded with a calm voice midway in his reply. He was currently wearing what looked like a vintage glasses that would have been commonly used during the late 20th and early 21st century but was actually a monitor for another one of his personal computers.

"Ohhh, Saul, why didn't you tell me that a while ago? Taken back by my dashing good looks or something." Ended it with a smile and shifting the angle of his face a bit. Like what you would normally see models in tooth paste commercials do.

"What? No. Its because. I still haven't found to do it without risking doing damage to their brains." Saul replied then returned to tapping his portable computer and accessing his personal computer using voice commands.

"Very well. Get back to that. While I uhhhh... test the structural integrity of this book shelf." Rodriguez responded with a smile. Then proceeded to bounce a ball he was carrying to one of the sides of a shelf. This what he was doing to pass the time since both Professor Martin and Becky went unconscious.

"Sir! Both patient's body heat went up exponentially and still rising! I'm also reading heightened heart rate. Sensing increased anxiety, distress, and fear on both subjects." The dark skinned guy, announced with a hint trouble in his voice.

Not bothering to even catch the ball he threw, Rodriguez hurriedly stood up and went beside the Doctor watch the monitors.
"Doctor, what do you mean by body heat went up? Went up as in having sex went up or middle of the desert went up?" Rodriguez asked when he was beside the doctor.

"As in tossed in to the middle of a freaking star went up. Uhmmm Sir." The doctor rectified.

"Damn it! Saul disconnect them now! And preferably with a working brain if possible."
Rodriguez commanded with a panic in his voice. Since this is the first time he was placed in this kind of situation as normally people from the BSP usually have uneventful assignments. The greatest trouble he had before this was to drag someone who tried to sell Casa to the locals in this planet back to the stargate. Casa is the number one illegal drug in circulation, it's highly addictive and looked a lot like corn from Earth.

"Already on it sir!" Replied Saul who was already busy typing in his portable computer.

"Sir! Body temperatures are now dangerously high!" The doctor panicked.

"Saul! Now would be a good time to disconnect them! Damn it, forget about brain damage disconnect them now!"

"Sir I'm having a trouble with the algorithms. The devise uses something quite unique. It is nothing like …..." Saul explained his in ability to disconnect both of them before he was cut off.

"Pull the stones then!" Rodriguez commended Saul as he went near him and the devise. Saul then proceeded to pull the stones. First with his bare hands seeing the futility of this method then went to use few of his different tools, sadly all of which was to no avail.

"This is getting worse. I'm administering sedatives which would hope fully bring their temperatures down." The doctor said, while he was placing for the said sedatives in his hypo spray. While Saul and Rodriguez were still busy trying to pull put the stones.

"Sedatives doing no effect Sir." The doctor stated the obvious while still looking at the monitors and seeing their body heat still rising like the morning sun.

"Ohh! Hell no!" Rodriguez yelled as he pulled out his side arm. It was a standard League side arm, same size and function as an old System Lord era zat-gun except it had a longer range, better rate of fire and a power source that gave it more shots before running out of juice. Seeing it and realizing what Rodriguez was about to do, Saul went in between him and the devise.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't shoot!" he nervously stated with both his hands up in the air. "You might cause a surge. You might kill them both. You might detonate the power source. You cant just shoot! It derives its power from subspace." Saul stated with an awful amount of alarm.

"You got a better idea?" Rodriguez stated while moving his hand trying to get a good angle to shoot. Saul simply replied with a side to side movement of his head.

"Well at least try to hit the crystal on the top to avoid detonating the power source." He added.

"Now move aside." Rodriguez ordered with that Saul moved aside. Now having a clear shot he fired. Releasing a blast of energy from his side arm to the devise. After hitting the devise the energy simply dissipated leaving no sign of damage. To see if it was futile or helpful, he then looked at the monitor, saw that they were still linked to the devise. He then let loose three more shots to the same result. Then another half dozen more, still with no effect.

Sensing the futility of his enterprise, he went to one of the shelves where he rested his plasma rife. The rifle was also standard equipment given to League armed forces, it had a thin sleek look. He then hoisted it at shoulder level touched a button on beside the trigger changing the rifle's mode from safe to semi-automatic. Then aimed for the crystal on the summit of the devise. He was about to pull the trigger when he looked into Saul to see if there was any objection. There was none, Saul simply stood there, gazed at him, and waited for things to unfold. So he pressed the trigger releasing four quick pulses of plasma, shattering the crystal into a million pieces, with the first shot alone, while the rest simply striking the floor.

"That's what I call progress." Rodriguez gave a quick joke to ease the tension a bit.

"Sir?" Saul questioned as he did not get the joke.

"Before we couldn't destroy any of the technologies built by the ancestors with anything short of a tactical nuke, now we can. If you don't call that progress, I don't know what is." He then gave a loud barking laugh.

"The patients are dis-joined from the devise, vitals are returning to normal and are regaining consciousness." The doctor reported. And as if on cue both Becky and Professor Martin made a loud gasp for air as they were back to their old selves. A second later Becky without a word began to cry and Martin just sat there on his cot mesmerized and staring blindly into the foot of his cot.

"There, there, everything is fine. You're safe now." Rodriguez embraced Becky, trying to give her the impression of safety. Normally she would have slapped a guy who hugged her from out of the blue, given that Rodriguez was not really her type. But now she just cried and cried didn't mind the world.

"We...we...almost...died..." Becky said to no one in particular. And notably absent her usual peachy demeanor.

"What's important is you're both safe." Rodriguez assured as he let go of her, as she had recovered somewhat from her initial shock.
"Here have a hot cup of coco." he said as he took a cup of hot coco that Saul was currently holding and was about to drink, and gave it to Becky.
"Hey... that's... Ahh, never mind. Enjoy the coco miss." Saul was about to complain then realized it was for Becky.

"You..." Professor Martin started his sentence then he realized there were now other people beside the three of them in the room. "The three of you saved our lives." Martin corrected his statement.

"Don't mention it. We were simply trying to avoid a ton of paper work." Rodriguez joked to break the tension then, ended it with a smile and a thumbs up. Martin simply smiled in reply, then suddenly a jolt of realization came to him like a bolt of lightning, he had remembered what had happened on the other side.

"We must warn them!" He screamed with fear as if he was a prophet of old proclaiming the end of the universe as it is, while his hand grasped tightly an arm of Rodriguez and continuously shacked it.

"Calm down Professor! You're safe now, it's over. Here have a hot coco" He assured the professor, this time talking another cup from Saul which he just finished mixing. Earning a smirk from him, but simply remained silent and proceeded to make another one.

"From the people on the otherside? No! We're not safe! We must warn them!" The professor exclaimed again this time on the top of his voice.

"Warn who? Warn them of what?"

"Warn everyone. Warn them that the Ori are coming." Professor Martin said in his now somewhat calm voice.

"I take it that it wasn't the ancestors that you found on the other side. It was these Ori." Rodriguez said as he tried to figure things out. "I mean, I did not read anywhere that the ancestors greeted their guests by giving them a tan." He continued with a joke.

"A tan!? They tried to burn us!" Martin exclaimed, then realized that he over reacted to a joke. "... Yes, we did not find the Alterans, and yes it is they that we found on the other side. And because of us they are now aware of our side of the universe. Because of us they have declared a crusade and put us into their fold."

"An invasion?!" Rodriguez relied an accompanied it with a good long laugh in the end. "They can try! We have thousands of warships in this backwater galaxy alone! And that's just one fleet and we have thirty! It would be funny to see their faces when they see one of our fleets." Rodriguez ended it with another laugh.

"Assuming they get here! I mean didn't you say you were connected to the other side of the universe." Saul added to give assurance to the professor, while he was sipping a cup of hot coco and this time no one stole it.

"You know nothing of the Ori. You know nothing of the power and the technology they posses. I did. I have seen through their eyes." Martin warned as he was feeling more talkative than usual. "They are the reason why the Alterans fled from their homes. They..." But before he could continue his ranting, he was cut by Rodriguez's comm badge.

"Mr. Rodriguez sir, this is Smith." His comm badge went.

"I'm reading you John, how's gate duty?" Rodriguez responded to the guy on the other side.

"Still boring as watching a Jaff Kelnoreening sir, anyway we have a 311." a 311 was a situation by the BSP where there an authorized person has entered a Sheltered Planet.

"A 311 John? How? Did you forget to turn on the shields again? Its that button in right side of the panel that says shields." it was rather uncommon for an unauthorized person to enter a Sheltered planet since this usually meant that either you somehow went though the shields on the stargate or you entered though a ship. Which was also quite hard to do since unlike normal planets where you could just stole away on a random ship. In a sheltered planet that was impossible since traffic is either as rare as a Tok'ra or non-existent. Also going in with cloak is also next to impossible since like most worlds Sheltered planets also had cloak sensors that detected ships that exited hyperspace, which was hard to fool even for the best Lucian Alliance cloaks.

"I did sir, well at least I pressed the button. But he simply walked though like it wasn't there."

"What? Never mind I'll find out myself. Rules on procedure state that..."

"Yes, sir I know and I already sent word to Fleet Command. They said they'll forward it to the Admiral first, but is currently unavailable as of the moment so it might take a bit longer than usual." BSP procedure in this situation was to inform the Sector's Fleet Command of the situation since this kind of situation may involve an unknown ship and it is usually prudent to also have one of your own. In situations like this the navy usually sends a corvette or a frigate.

"Typical navy bureaucracy." Rodriguez murmured. "Anyhow I'm on my way. Who's the intruder anyway? Wait let me! guess another casa dealer."

"No sir. Some guy in a gray and white robes with a glowing wooden staff. He's trying to sell some new religion." The guy on the com said.

"A prior of the Ori!" Martin butted in as he was listening to their conversation.

"Yes sir. That's what he called himself." They guy on the other side of the comm said as he heard what Martin aforementioned.

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