I haven't seen a lot of Samurai Jack fics that involved romance from within the series so I decided to make one of my own. I'm sure it's something that not many people have tried yet. Enjoy.

"Did you honestly think that you could escape the all powerful Aku?" Aku asked his targets, who were surrounded by hundreds of his beetle drones. They were in a secluded area, far away from the reach of mortal eyes. He always prided himself on instilling fear and terror into anyone that was in his presence and these...things were no different.

He spent centuries fighting the Goddess of water, Alverah, for the Jewel of Neptune but even he had to admit he could not beat her and that scared him a little bit. No being was supposed to be anywhere near his equal except for the three gods, Odin, Ra and Vishnu. Hell they were the ones who almost killed him in the beginning and he was lucky to be alive at all. Alverah never listened to what he said when he would ask, numerous of time, to wield the jewel so he could have access to all the water around the world and obtain greater power in his rule over earth. He was delighted when he heard that she left the world, although where she went was not disclosed to anyone, and she left the jewel here.

His happiness tragically ended when he discovered that Alverah had left the jewel in the trusted hands of her Elementals. They could match his abilities as well, even if they were a tad weaker than the Goddess herself. He had given up on the prospect of even obtaining that powerful artifact, but that all changed one day.

He was looking through his all-seeing TV screen on the worlds activities when he picked up something peculiar. People seemed to be buying over-priced water from someone mysterious. Upon further observation he discovered the culprits to be that idiot mob of gangsters that worshipped him, selling the water and using the Jewel of Neptune to purify and control the liquid substance around them. Now, this gave him two questions. How did those good for nothing mob idiots get their hands on something that he never came close to possessing? How the hell did he not discover this sooner? It had to be Samurai Jack's fault. He hated that Samurai with a passion because he, to Aku's dismay, feared that man. The Samurai was the only person that truly had the power to destroy him with that stupid sword. Aku did not know how many times he escaped within an inch of his life because Jack felt like finishing him off. He will get Jack for his actions one day but at the very moment he was focusing on different matters.

"Come on, Boss! We meant to tell you about it but we didn't know when would be the right time," The Boss of the group nervously sputtered.

Aku rolled his eyes. They already knew that they were as good as dead since they kept this from him but they still wanted to press their luck. Disgusting mutts. He did not even bother to use his true height, opting to make himself the same height as a human, since he felt these 'people' didn't deserve his true power when facing their deaths. He ordered his drones to step aside. They did so without pause, opening the circle originally created to trap the gangsters. He looked at them indifferently. He would only use a finger to kill them all.

"Give me the jewel," He commanded, to which they hastily complied. He looked at the jewel to make sure that it was not a fake and was mildly satisfied to discover that it was the actual magical jewel. Now, no one could ever oppose him or risk dying from lack of water - hopefully Jack would be the first. He looked back down to those small people and decided to end this rather bland interaction.

"Any last words?" Aku asked none committedly with a hint of finality.

"How about a drink for old times sake?" The Boss suggested carefully while offering a glass of water that seemed to have come out of nowhere. They already figured out that this was coming sooner or later, so they decided to accept their fates. No need of upsetting the Shogun any further. It was a good run while it lasted.

"It couldn't hurt to have a drink. Besides, even if it is poisoned it wouldn't work on me," Aku said boredly and took the glass in his other hand. He proceeded to gulp it down in one go. It tasted just like water should and he had to admit, even if he never ate or drank anything, this water was very refreshing. Oh well, now that was over with and it was time to rid himself of these...ticks.

"Water is very good indeed. Through my rule over this world I have never taken the time to exercise my use of the planet's many minuscule resources. Now, it is time to speed up your deaths," Aku said, never noticing the jewel giving off a faint pink glow.

"Not in the face!" The Boss and his group coward before the Shogun.

Aku tossed the glass aside and prepared to kill the gangsters by forcing his left hand forward, but he suddenly ceased his movements mid-thrust. There was a brief pause before Aku's face began to show discomfort.

"What is this?" Aku asked confusedly. He felt strange. He was quite aware that nothing in this world could possibly injure him except for the Samurai's sword. So for him to be feeling something - more specifically anything - that he never felt before, deep within himself, was very alarming to him.

The Boss looked up from his position and was awed to see Aku stop his attack before the Shogun killed his group. He was even more surprised to see Aku's face showing mild discomfort from something that he himself could not possibly fathom. He didn't dare say anything out of fear for his life.

The sensation was slowly increasing and Aku did not know what it was. This should not possible. He was not supposed to be feeling anything. He glared at the gangsters. What the hell did they do to him?

"What is the mea-Arg!" Aku said as he put his clawed hands on his stomach. His body was starting to ache. What the hell was going on?

"Uhh, boss?" The Boss said rather stupidly. He couldn't make ways on what was happening.

"I-Grra! This- mmbp! What is the meaning of this!?" With every word he spoke, Aku's voice started increasing in pitch, on it's own accord, and the pain was getting worse. Something was definitely wrong. He had to go to one of his hideouts to figure this out. He shape-shifted into a bird like creature then hurriedly took to the sky but he left some parting words to the people who did this to him.

"L-Live y-your d-days w-well. F-For w-when I-I f-find y-you o-once a-again, I-I'll w-will k-kill y-you," Aku gasped out in a high-pitched voice, struggling to fly brazenly away from them.

"... Does that mean we leave them be?" One of the beetle drones asked another. It was met with something akin to a confused shrug.

With Aku.

He was struggling even harder to keep to the skies. The pain was slowly becoming unbearable and his whole body felt like it was on fire. Damn those little thugs! He will slowly torture them before he took their lives, only after he figured out what was wrong with him. He was flying over a city but he paid no attention to that. His vision was starting to blur and that was a panicking revelation.

The pain..it was just...it was just too much to bare and Aku couldn't handle it. He'd rather have Jack stab him repeatedly than experience this. His eyes started to flutter. He felt like he was losing control of his body but the exhaustion and pain made it difficult to focus. His eyes finally closed and he plummeted to earth, more specifically, the city. His body hit a number of buildings, clothing lines, telephone lines and even a few birds, but that was not enough to wake The Shogun. He hit the floor of an alley with a loud thud. Some of the things he bumped into on his way down fell on top of him.

For a while, nothing happened... until that light pink glow from the jewel came again and Aku's body started to glow the same colour.

It took three hours before the glow stopped completely and it seemed there was nothing different from Aku... but upon closer inspection the differences were made clear. The cloak like body he used to have seemed to have vanished and a naked body was present, his horns were no longer there but in their place was black hair that was waist long. The body had taken on a much more feminine shape and the parts that weren't covered by hair, like the arms and legs, showed pale green limbs. It seemed to be a woman who was unconscious. After quite some time a silhouette came into the alley. The figure spotted the body and froze. After the pause, the figure took the body away from the alley.

Some time later.

Her head hurt like hell. She could not think of anything coherent. There was just that blackness that couldn't be countered. It wasn't a dream or a nightmare, just nothing.

"Come on now. It's best that you wake up. You can do it. I saw you trying. Just open your eyes." A feminine english accented voice coaxed delicately.

She opened her eyes groggily. Her eyes burned and tried to adjust to the change in lighting. When she was sure she could see around her, she was confused. Where was she?

"Ahhh! She finally wakes," The voice said. The girl looked at to who had uttered those words. It was a female. She had short brown hair, blue eyes, and was wearing what looked like a doctor's uniform or lab coat.

"Where am I?" the girl croaked out with a grimace. She couldn't describe how sore her throat was. She wondered if it was due to lack of use or something else.

"You're in my house. This is one of my many rooms. I found you in an alley nearby...naked. Now, I dont really know what prompted such a ludicrous decision given the cold night weather, but I will not pry. I brought you here to check and make sure that you weren't raped or anything, which was a relieving negative. Oh! My names is Aster and It's nice to meet you...?" Aster silently inquired.

"...I-I can't remember anything," the girl said in shock. Her mind was a complete blanket of nothing. No memories of even the subtle amount were surfacing. Her mind's page was completely spartan.

"Amnesia, huh? Well you're not the first person I've had to deal with that has the same problem. Don't worry though, I'm sure it's only temporary," Aster said reassuringly.

The girl looked down at herself. She was wearing a black shirt and shorts, she had pale green skin, which she somehow suspected was quite strange. There was something familiar, but she couldn't really tell. Who was she? What happened to her? She tried to get up but a firm hand on her chest stopped her.

"Just rest for now. We'll figure this out tomorrow," Aster said gently as she eased the girl on her back to the bed.

"Could I have a mirror?" the girl asked. Maybe looking at her own face would help her remember?

Aster stood up and searched for the requested object. After a few stumbles with scattered clothing - and some choice words - she was able to locate a book-sized mirror. She came back to the girl and proceeded to show her companion's mirror image.

The girl was certainly shocked with what she saw. She knew she had pale green skin but she didn't expect her face to look like...this. She had black eyes, long lashes, dark rosy lips and a very young feminine visage, which was complemented with a well endowed - as well as slender - figure. She looked... She looked...

"You look very beautiful," Aster commented, staring down at the girl.

The girl blushed but nodded in thanks. She briefly noted that she had a small spot in the middle of her forehead, but decided to pay it no further mind.

Aster put the mirror away and turned her attention to her companion, sporting a worried frown.

"Uhhm look, I know you don't remember anything, so for now I don't know what to call you. Do you have any ideas in the least. Dont force yourself if it is too much to ask for?" Aster asked carefully.

The girl was too exhausted to think extensively but she still made an effort. Nothing was coming up. No memory. Nothing. She felt so vulnerable, so lost. She didn't know what to do, what to think. It was as if someone decided to play the worst prank on her by taking away her memory. She was about to give up until something came up. She didn't know where it came from, or if it was significant at all but this name was the only thing that she could think of in short notice.

"...Ikra," the girl announced..

"Ikra?" Aster asked, raising a sceptical brow. That was a very strange name to come across. Aster was perturbed in the fact that someone with amnesia could come up with such anice alias when so many others would be best suited.

"Yes, Ikra," The girl, now known as Ikra, said. The name felt familiar and she could not come up with anything better. So she would make do with that until her memories came back.

"Okay, well it's a bit late now so I'm done for the day. Sleep tight and I'll see you tomorrow," Aster said as she left the room and softly closed the door.

Ikra closed her eyes and instantly slipped into unconsciousness.

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