It was hard to forgive when the person you loved, walked up and left to go and recreate his evil domain. The fact that Monroe had left had Charlie broken, but when news came to the Matheson's that he was recreating the Republic with his son, Connor, her flames of passion became flames of hatred. Miles never spoke about it, but he didn't seem to angry about it. After all, Bass had fought with them and helped them defeat the Patriots. She never understood why he had left the way he had though. From the way it seemed, he had already known about her crush, and the bastard had encouraged her. The heated looks, the secret touches, the extra hours training her for whatever he thought was needed, always perfecting her form with small gentle caresses. God she hated him. He betrayed them. He betrayed her. The day he left she could barely contain herself, that was hard enough as it was.

"Where are you going?" Charlie asked.

Bass eyed her, his soulful eyes piercing into her heart and skin, warming her to the very core. "Where do you think?"

Charlie glowered at him. "If I knew, would I be asking."

Bass approached her slowly, a predator pinning its prey, and she couldn't help but back against the wall. Normally she wasn't such a coward, she would have faced him head on, but now her emotions so wrecked within her that it was hard to not give into his chase. His approach never ceased, he continued stalking toward her, pausing several inches away from her with a light devilish smirk on his face. Her breath became erratic, heart pounding out of her chest.

"Your such a brat," his voice was soft and teasing, and his hand moved up to rest on her cheek, stroking her cheekbone with a calloused thumb. She sighed, leaning into his hand. Why? Why did he do this to her? Why did he toy with her heart and her body with a simple gentle touch. Her eyes fluttered shut, lips parting and her tongue snaked out, licking at her suddenly dry lips. She heard his growl, the rumbling of his chest as it pressed against hers deliciously.

"Charlotte, look at me." He only called her Charlotte when they were alone, everywhere else and to anyone else she was just Charlie, but she'd be damned if she didn't like the way it rolled off his tongue. She forced her eyelids apart and met the deep eyes of Sebastian. His eyes were hooded, dark lashes framing his eyes. "God what do you do to me?"

I don't know, she thought. What do I do to you? Is it the same thing that you do to me?

His breath fanned against her face, and he leaned down, resting their foreheads together.

What was he doing? She wanted to feel him, his lips. Doing exactly what she wanted, she gripped the front of his shirt and lifted her lips to his. She waited, waiting for him to react and soon enough he did. His hand drifted to her neck, cupping it for deeper contact as the other slowly made its way to her hip bringing her lower half smashing into his. Her lips parted and his tongue entered her mouth, stroking gently at her, sucking at her tongue. She moaned into his mouth, and the pace quickened. Passion heated the air around them, becoming scorching. Suddenly she needed more, she needed to feel him, to feel his skin. Her hands made their way down to the edge of his shirt and moved the material upwards, her fingers stroking at the muscle of his abdomen. The muscle contracted and tightened under her fingers and a groan escaped his lips.

Don't let this end, she prayed. A naive prayer, she knew, but she couldn't stop herself from begging for just that. Of course, since when did Charlie ever get what she wanted. A knock resounded in the room and forced them to pull away. His eyes burned with desire, the look heating her so rapidly she shifted to try and ease the ache for him.

"What?" Bass growled at the person on the other side of the door, his voice guttural and rasped with passion.

"Monroe we need to leave." It was Connor, his voice slightly muffled behind the door.

"I'll be down in a minute."

Connor's footsteps resounded down the steps. Charlie's eyes swiveled back to Bass, who was now watching her with undermining curiosity.

"You kissed me." The statement sent shuddered down her spine, the lust in his voice making goosebumps appear on her arms.

"And you kissed me back."

He nodded in agreement. Charlie released a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. He stepped closer but kept a distance that irked her and her hormones so much. Before she knew it, she was stepping as close as she could get to him, resting her hand on his nights growth of beard that he hadn't bothered shaving, stroking the prickly hairs with her hand, before stepping in and embracing him. His arms wove themselves around her bringing her closer, and slowly he brought his head down to her hair, inhaling. He breathed a sigh at how good it was, how sweet and innocent and intoxicating.

"I should go," Charlie whispered, her heart not even allowing her to move away from those wonderfully safe arms.

"You should," however Bass made no move to let her go. Slowly she untangled herself from his embrace. Leaning upwards, she brushed a kiss against his lips and whispered, "Don't go."

But Charlie guessed he hadn't cared enough, about her, or Miles, or Rachel or...her. She figured he didn't care about her at all. And of course he didn't, he was much older, way more intelligent, attractive, and so many other things that compared to him she was just average. But right now she didn't care. Sebastian Monroe had broken her heart and she finally didn't care anymore, about anything or anyone.