Spirit Blessed

Written by AndiCullen104

A/N- Another idea that popped into my head and had to be written! This is another Bella/Pack pairing but with different wolves. Bella/Ephraim, Bella/Levi, Bella/Quil II.

PLEASE READ: I want to let you know that this story does take place in the present (meaning the time where our wolves are phasing). I only did this prologue in the past and there may be flashbacks later on in the story but everything takes place nowadays.

The reason that Bella and her wolves are still around will be explained in time.

Now without further ado...


First Beach, 1937

Bella huddled her sleeping daughter closer to her chest as she wrapped the thick blanket more securely around them. She thanked whoever listened that it was not raining because she wanted to relish this place as much as she could before going back to the train station for the next leg of her journey.

Although a tingling feeling fluttered in her chest that this was the place she was meant to be.

It didn't surprise her in the least as she had dreamed of this place for the past couple years and she had always pictured this exact beach during that the times her husband beat her. This spot was her safe place and she didn't even know it really existed until she had ended up here when she accidentally took the wrong train.

Those kind of mistakes never happen to Bella, but she was grateful that she was able to see this place even if she was going to leave it soon.

A little drop of rain ran down her porcelain cheek and she sighed thinking it was now time to go. She stood covering the blanket over her daughter Anna so that she was shielded from the rain. Bella didn't need to have her sick on top of trying to outrun her husband.

By now she knew that Michael Hunter was after her but she hoped that he had lost her trail.

She began to make her way back the way she had come knowing that the rain was going to get worse soon.

"Hello, Miss?" A husky voice asked and she turned to look up at the impossibly tall man who was thick with muscle in all the right places. She tried not to let her eyes wander as it was improper but she couldn't help but gape at the bare chested man. His long silky stands of his ebony hair lying straight down to the middle of his chest gave him a sort of beauty that she had never seen before.

She knew she should feel fear at the sight of him especially how she had been skeptical of any man due to the abuse she had suffered.

However, looking at the man before her made her feel the most safe that she had ever felt since becoming entangled in the life of Michael.

"Yes?" Bella asked shyly.

"I couldn't help but notice that you were going to walk in this rain." He paused his eyes landing on the sleeping child in her arms. "A storm is coming and a lady such as yourself ought to be in a warm place especially with a child so young."

Bella's eyes darted around not sure why she seemed to want to trust this man.

"I'm Ephraim Black, Chief of the Quileute tribe, and I would like to offer you shelter at least till the storm passes over."

"I'm Bella Swan, and I'm nothing special."

"I disagree, Miss Swan. I think there is more to you than meets the eye."

"If you say so," Bella looked away as a red flush graced her cheeks.

"I do," he insisted.

She followed him home and never left.

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