Devil's Child with a hidden face
Beaten and bruised back into his place
A sack on his head is used like a mask
It is ripped off and everyone laughs.

One day the Opera's ballet troupe has come
One young dancer won't join in on the fun
Little miss Giry weeps for the poor boy
If she is to free him from his life as a toy.

The boy with the fingers of skin and bone
Reaches out of the cage that was always his home
He strangled his master until he lay dead
And then with Miss Giry's help he has fled.

He was rushed off the Opera Populaire
There are some old unused cellars down there
With all of his talent he made it his home
The cellars were something that he called his own.

The boy is a man now with music his love
Masked as an angel sent from above
His talent and grace have helped him the most
The Devil's Child is the Opera Ghost!