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Am I the only one that wishes my dreams were that famous?

Chapter 1

"If it rains one more time…" I muttered to myself, French-braiding my bangs back and tying my hair up in a ponytail.

When I moved to La Push, this was not what I had signed up for.

It was shortly after my father had died that I learned of his house down here in La Push, which was odd, because he wasn't Quileute, and we lived in Seattle.

But then of course, I learned my mother was Quileute.

A woman I had never met, had no idea what she looked like, and yet she was the reason for my existence.

Screwed up much?

And the best part was, the one parent I did know, my father, was a horrible person. He was a mean dad and a meaner drunk.

And I suppose I was a horrible person too, considering I had only felt relieved when he had died of an overdose on alcohol, and I had yet to shed a tear over his death.

Which was how, a few months later, I found myself living in this quaint little house all by my lonesome, juggling school in one hand and a job at the local diner in the other.

I took one last glance in the mirror at my brown eyes, tan, slightly russet-colored skin, and dark brown hair before I slung my backpack over my shoulder and raced out to my truck.

My truck was old, a strange aqua color, and it had taken a lot of glamorizing to make it look halfway decent when I inherited it from my father, but I was quite thankful for it when it came to the option of a fifteen minute walk to my school in the pouring rain.

I passed two familiar boys racing down the sidewalk, and after a moment of deliberation, I pulled over, rolling the passenger window down.

"Hey Quil! Embry! Need a ride?" I called, and the two boys looked up in surprise, before shaking their heads.

"We couldn't do that," Embry yelled over the rain, and I shrugged.

"It wouldn't bother me any."

The two teenagers looked at each other in deliberation, before they opened the passenger door, Embry sliding in next to me and Quil following him, shutting the door.

"Thanks, Audrey." Embry shivered, and I grinned.

"Just making myself useful. You don't happen to have a tip on you, do you?"

Quil snorted. "Not exactly. Nice try though."

"Eh, it was worth a shot," I murmured, "So, how have you boys been?"

"Not too good. We still have that project to finish," Embry reminded me, and I groaned.

"Thanks for the reminder, Embry. But hey, look on the bright side. You copy my answers to begin with!"

Quil cracked up laughing, and Embry was blushing furiously. "I do not-"

"No, you really do." I finished, and I winked at him, showing him I was kidding. Quil rolled his eyes.

"I'm just happy I got paired up with that one hot girl instead of Jake. I love the guy, but he's an idiot. And have you seen the rack on that girl?"

Embry whistled, high-fiving Quil in approval, and I smacked him in the back of the head, causing him to yelp in surprise.

"Show some respect. I have a better rack than that bimbo any day."

Quil and Embry whistled in approval, and I grinned, laughing as we pulled into the parking lot.

"So where is Jake today?" I asked as we got out of the truck, referring to their best friend.

"He skipped to hang out with his friend Bella," Quil muttered.

"Ooh, Bella, is it? Is this a new squeeze?" I asked, and Embry shrugged. We had made it to the cover of the school, so it gave us a chance to dry off.

"He likes her, but she just got out of a relationship. She took it hard, went a little crazy."

"Like the good kind of crazy?" I asked, and Quil shook his head.

"More like the comatose kind of crazy."

"Oh. No, I guess that isn't very good," I admitted, and they shook their heads in agreement.

Embry's head suddenly snapped up, and Quil and I turned to follow his gaze.

He was staring at two boys…

No wait, those weren't boys.

They were monsters.

I recognized one as Jared Cameron and the other as Paul Lahote, who was surprisingly not hanging out with his group of friends, who were currently staring at him with a mixture of shock and disgust.

"They do know what steroids do, right?" I whispered, and Embry made a distorted wheezing sound that resembled a laugh, had he not been trying to hide it.

"Apparently not. They are the three current members of Sam Uley's gang," Quil spat in disgust, and I shrugged.

"I'm just saying, women don't appreciate that whole steroid-"

"I don't even want to know," Embry interrupted, and I laughed.

"Hey, aren't you friends with Kim, Jared's girlfriend?" Quil asked, and I cringed at the mention of it.

Kim Connweller was the first girl I had really gotten along with when I had first moved here. She was the only person that knew I lived alone, and we had been pretty close.

Until she dated Jared Cameron.

She had always had a pretty big crush on him, and when I say big, I mean obsessive.

It was harmless, of course, until the day he came back from being home sick for a week or two, tall, muscular, and very intimidating.

That day he had looked into Kim's eyes, and never looked away.

We had continued to be friends, me and Kim, for a while. But she had slowly edged away from me, towards Jared, and now I barely talked to her.

"Not anymore," I said firmly, and Embry smiled apologetically, while Quil wrapped an arm around my shoulders, leading me towards our next class, Embry laughing at his antics.

"Never fear, pretty lady," Quil announced, "For you have three hot gentlemen friends already. You have me, Embry, and Jacob. Now can Kim say that?"

I shook my head, laughing, and Quil stopped when we reached the door of our next class.

"I'll see you in biology," Embry shuddered, and I smiled before he walked away, leaving Quil and I to walk into class.

I sat in the back, Quil claiming the seat beside mine, and when Kim entered, I gathered my courage, and I walked over to her.

Jared wasn't here yet.

This was my chance.

"Hey Kim," I greeted her, and she looked up in surprise, her cheeks flushed.

"Oh! Hey Ree," She exclaimed, and I moved to say something, but someone slid into the seat beside her, claiming her full attention.

"Sorry I'm late. Oh, hi," Jared glanced at me, before he turned to look at Kim with pure affection.

She never looked up at me.

"I'm having a child with your dad, Kim. Thought you should know."

"What happened?" Kim looked up at me, and I glanced over at Quil in disbelief, who was shaking with silent laughter.

"Nothing," I said bitterly, and I stalked back to my seat, hearing her mutter "What about a child?" as I sat down.

"When's the due date?" Quil asked, amused, and I just glared at him, grabbing a pen and beginning to scribble notes down on my paper.

That day went by relatively fast, and before I could blink I was climbing out of my truck, walking into the diner breathlessly.

"I'm here, Sue!" I called, wrapping my apron around my waist.

Sue's head popped out of the kitchen, and she smiled at me.

Sue was a beautiful woman, with russet-colored skin, black eyes, and black hair that fell to her shoulders, though now it was pulled back in a messy bun.

She was the person I wish I looked like. A beautiful native.

Not some random half-breed pale face.

"Start waiting tables, pretty girl!" She replied, and I grinned, before I grabbed a pen and hurried over to a waiting couple.

A few minutes later, the door opened, revealing a tall, gangly boy with a wide grin on his face, his eyes wide with excitement, per usual.

"Hey, Seth!" I called, and the boy looked up, his smile brightening when he saw me.

"Hey, Ree! Got any food?"

"Try your mom, child. I'm busy!" The kid glared at me, and I stuck my tongue out at him, causing him to roll his eyes.

The first hour went by quickly, before the dinner rush started.

The one thing that made me a terrible waitress was my taste in shoes. I loved wearing high heels. I lived for them.

So when I wear flat shoes for hours, on my feet all day, it takes effect.

Who would think my feet feel better in tall shoes than flat ones?

The next time the door opened was when Sam Uley, Jared Cameron, and Paul Lahote walked in.

A shiver went down my spine, but I ignored it. They had never treated me with anything but kindness.

I just had my own reasons to hate Jared.

The three sat down at the table beside me, and I was currently carrying a heavy bin of dishes, making my way down the aisle, when I tripped, landing unfortunately in a pair of muscular arms.

This was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life.

Well done, Lockwood, very well done.

"I am so sorry!" I looked up, meeting the most handsome brown eyes I had ever seen. They softened, and filled with…


No, Audrey. You're delusional.

I felt some sort of pull towards the man in front of me, but I ignored it, focusing on the hand that was currently holding me up.

Well, that doesn't help me concentrate, either.

I moved out of Paul's grasp slowly, and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Sam and Jared were watching us with shocked expressions.

"Dude, are you alright?" I asked warily, and Paul nodded, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Okay…" I began, "This is a little awkward, so I'm just going to go." I turned around walking back into the kitchen, and I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding the second the door shut.

"You okay?" Sue asked in concern, and I nodded.

"There are some odd people here, did you know that?" I asked her, and she laughed.

"Honey, I've known that my whole life, trust me."

When I exited the kitchen, orders in hand, I felt someone's eyes on me, but I ignored them.

Sue gave me the boy's orders, which I accepted begrudgingly, and I walked over to their table, placing each plate in front of them.

"Here you go," I announced, and I noticed that Paul was watching me intently, but I didn't look over in fear I wouldn't look away.

Paul Lahote was a handsome guy, cropped black hair and seductive golden brown eyes. That much was a fact.

He had always been somewhat popular, had a bit of a temper, but other than that, I didn't know much about him, never talked to him.

We merely… coexisted.

So why was he staring at me?

"Thanks," Jared spoke up, as no one else seemed to be able to say anything, and I resisted the urge to glare at him.

"Where's Kim?" I asked, the words falling out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"She's home…" Jared trailed off, confused, and I shrugged.

"Just wondering. It's not like I would know, or anything. She doesn't talk to me." I reminded him, and Jared cringed at the bitter tone, before I walked away, heading to the next table.

I stayed until the diner closed, against Sue's request, because I figured she had enough to do already.

"Thank you, Audrey." She sighed, and I smiled at her.

"Anytime, Sue. I'll see you later," I called over my shoulder, and I climbed into my truck.

When I got home, I had the odd feeling there was someone outside, but I just walked into my house, grabbing some leftovers out of the fridge and heating them up as I worked on my homework.

And I fell asleep that night thinking of Paul Lahote.

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