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Chapter 14

If Felicity had her way, the show would have ended the night she was kidnapped, but unfortunately, she didn't have her way. Few days after her rescue, their contracts were discussed and lawyers had gotten involved, and even then, even after everything that had happened, the network was given the green light to continue with the show.

The audience needed closure, they said. Give them a chance to prove that they were not in any way involved with Sebastian's vendetta, they said. Because of one not so justifiable or logical reason or the other and much to Oliver's discontent, Felicity once again found herself at the Billionaire Bachelor mansion.

"Miss Smoak, it's time now. Mr. Queen is waiting for you," one of the production assistants reminded her.

Giving a little nod at the smiling woman, Felicity stepped out of her room. She felt giddy as she walked through the hallway – the tail of her red dress, dragging along the hardwood floor.

Red was Oliver's favorite color. He had never said it out loud and neither had Felicity ever asked about it. However, she had just always known that Red was his color. So, when the show's stylist had given her a choice between a blue dress and a red one to wear for the finale, she hadn't even given it a second thought.

"This way," another crew member directed her towards the staircase.

Felicity turned the corner, her eyes searching for Oliver. She spotted him, standing at the bottom of the stairs – wearing a tuxedo, possibly with suspenders underneath. There was a hunger in his eyes – a hunger she had in fact seen many times before tonight. Although, it was only now she was able to understand what that look in his eyes truly meant - love and longing - a feral gaze that screamed, 'Mine!' But this possessive gaze that he seemed to have kept reserved only for her, had always been more noticeably present whenever she would wear red.

Her mind ran back to the time, she had first seen that look. It was when she had worn red to the Annual Christmas Ball at QC, three years ago - exactly two weeks after they had met.

That Christmas night, she had gotten all flustered under his gaze and babbled something about, how she had always found men wearing suspenders to be hot.

"Then, it's a good thing I decided to wear suspenders tonight," suppressing a smile Oliver had then held his hand out for her. "Time for a dance?"

"I guess," blushing furiously, she had taken her boss's hand and let him lead her to the dance floor. She recalled the jovial Christmas tune suddenly changing into something slow. For a second, she had stood awkwardly in the dance floor forgetting what little ballroom dancing steps she did know.

Then Oliver had pulled her closer to him, "Beautiful…." She could still remember how her heart had thud against her chest at his voice. "Song," he had then added a beat later, as if he had sensed her nervousness and wanted her to feel more at ease around him.

It was the first time they had danced together. It was the first time she had dared to dream, how it would feel like to wake up cuddled in those strong arms of his every morning. Sure, it wasn't the first time she had caught herself fantasizing about her 'suspender wearing boss'. There were lots of wild sex against his desk and the glass walls of his office, fantasies running on her mind from the moment they had met. Yet, this particular picture she had envisioned as they danced had somehow felt different. More intimate, warm and something she probably had never wanted with any other man before. Never this badly, for sure. The need, had felt so powerful it had frightened her. It had scared her so much so she had run off, in the middle of their dance. "I forgot to light my menorah," She had lied before fleeing the scene.

This was her first job that allowed her to live in a place that didn't look like a closet. So, from day one she had been determined to not to ruin it all by falling in lust or especially, in love with her boss.

Oliver had a quite a reputation with women and she didn't want to be another notch on his belt. Moreover, back then, he was allegedly still in love with Laurel Lance. So, Felicity had tried to keep their relationship as professional as she possibly could. Well, "tried" seemed to be the correct choice of word. Not that they had ever indulged in any hanky-panky at office time or after hours. Nonetheless, just three weeks after being his EA, they both had dropped the honorifics – using them mostly at QC, when someone was around or whenever they felt like it.

As much as she had tried not to fall in love with him and thought it was a bad idea for her to be with someone like him, secretly, she had been somewhat disappointed to realize that Oliver may not see her nothing more than a good friend. Other than the playful banter they exchanged, Other than the a little teasing gesture here and there, Oliver had never really made a move on her.

Except, maybe he had made a move on her on his last birthday and she just couldn't remember it. The night did somehow end with her red dress and matching underwear thrown across the room. And, looking back, she realized that same greedy look had been present on his face even that night.

Maybe unconsciously she had been teasing him by flaunting around in all those red dresses, just as he had worn suspenders on more than few occasions, merely to tease her. Anyway, now she finally knew why she had more red dresses and underwear in her closet than necessary. She wasn't actually expecting her underwear to be seen by him, but she had just never been able to resist buying them.

"Miss Felicity Smoak," John Diggle announced her arrival when she took her first step down the staircase.

A strange sense of deja vu struck her.

It felt as if it was just yesterday that Oliver had made her his spy, promising her a month vacation in return. It felt as if it was just yesterday, she had walked down that same staircase, memorizing the awful script Sebastian Blood had given her.

Felicity winced as Sebastian's name dredged up all the horrible memories of being blind folded and dragged up the old Stellmoor building. She tried to shake the thought away, by focusing on Oliver. He had always been her anchor, even before they both had realized their feelings for each other. He always made her feel safe, protected and loved, even when she used to believe he would never fall for someone like her. He was always there for her, even when she used to believe she was just his girl Wednesday and he was probably still in love with Laurel Lance.

Felicity was at the middle of the stairway when her eyes caught the long legged disbarred lawyer. She was standing few feet back with a rose in her hand and Felicity's gut twisted at the sight. That rose was supposed to be hers, not Laurel's! Her eyes immediately shot back to Oliver to learn that he didn't have another rose with him.

Was this some kind of a joke? A twist pulled by the producers to bring the ratings up?

In the very beginning, Felicity may not have expected to be one of the last two girls standing, but it wasn't as if she had never daydreamed about Oliver giving her that last rose. And especially, with all that had happened between them within the last few weeks, Felicity was fully expecting that rose to be hers, tonight.

Had she then imagined all of what had happened? The rescue, the declarations of love, the kisses and the way he held her hand, when he took her to meet his family - had all of it been just a dream?

Or, had she been overly presumptuous to think he would actually choose her? After spending almost every passing hour with her for the last week, had Oliver already gotten tired of her? Had he, at the very last moment realized that he would rather be with his gorgeous Laurel?

No! That just couldn't be! She trusted him. He loved her just as much as she did. Felicity was sure of it. She shouldn't even think about doubting him. The last time she had doubted Oliver's feelings and stormed out, she was kidnapped and had gotten herself almost killed.

"Felicity … I… we…" Oliver stuttered, when she finally met him at the bottom of the stairs.

"Oliver? Is everything alright? What's going on?" Her eyes briefly strayed towards Laurel.

"Felicity Smoak, will you Marry me?" he got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket.

Felicity's hand came to rest upon her fast beating heart. "Oliver… that… it's…" She was only expecting a rose. Not a ring. Not a proposal.

"I know to the rest of the world it might seem like we've only gone out on a few official dates. But, if you really think about it we've been dating for a while, without really calling them dates… I'm sorry I was an idiot for not doing this sooner. Not making you mine sooner." He was smiling, his eyes were hopeful and happy. "I was on my way over here and I realized I don't want to spend another moment without you. So, I … so I got this," He gestured at the ring in his hand. "This just feels right Felicity. I love you. Say yes. Marry me."

She gulped. He was right. They've been dancing around each other too long. This felt right. This was right. "Yes," She had barely gotten the word out and Oliver had already slipped the ring on her finger.

He stood up and cupped her cheeks. "Love you," His lips crashed into hers as he pulled her up into his arms. Instantly, she felt as if she was home.

She kissed back with the same force and fervor as him – fingers running through his short scruffy hair.

The production crew began to cheer and even then, it took both of them a while to remember that they had an audience. Grudgingly, yet still smiling, they eventually pulled a part. Oliver put an arm around Felicity and tucked her to his side.

"Congratulations," Diggle was the first one to congratulate them.

"I'm so happy for you. For both of you," Laurel came up to them, waving the rose. "I think this belongs to you, I was only holding onto it because Oliver wanted to surprise you with the ring."

"Sorry," Felicity heard Oliver mumble next to her.

Shaking her head at Oliver's stupid plan, Felicity took the rose from the brunette. "Thank you,"

"I always knew it's going to be you," Mckenna appeared from behind the crew.

"Thanks Mckenna… for everything," If not for Mckenna Felicity knew she may not be even standing there tonight.

Mckenna nodded, "Helena is still recovering and she said she's sorry she couldn't be here for the finale." She looked over Felicity's head as if she had spotted someone coming their way.

Felicity and Oliver both turned around and saw Isabel approach them with a young man, who Felicity assumed to be her new boyfriend.

"Congratulations," the former ballerina still had that snobby demeanor about her, but yet, there was also a softness about her that there wasn't before. Maybe it had something to do with her new beau that kept whispering things to her in French.

"We have a small surprise for our viewers." Everyone cleared the main hall at Diggle's announcement.

Oliver dragged Felicity away into a corner.

Felicity stood with her back pressed to his front, his strong arms wrapped around her from behind. "Thank you," She turned her head slightly and whispered.

"For what?"

"For rescuing me, for always being there for me, for giving me too many happy stories that I couldn't pick one… And especially, for turning everything that happened in the show worthwhile," She looked down at the ring glistening on her finger.

"I should be thanking you. For always believing in me and for being my happy story. But, if I could do this again, I wouldn't do this the same way. I wouldn't put you in the same position. I would make sure your life wasn't in harms way. Nothing is worth your life Felicity. I don't ever want to feel the way I felt that night."

She squeezed his hand to let him know that she was alright now - that she doesn't regret anything that happened between them in the last three years. "But you gave this story a happy ending…"

"This… this is just the beginning, Felicity. I can't wait 'til we go back home." he nuzzled her neck.

A surge of something powerful rushed through her body as she imagined what his words could have insinuated. "Me too," she mumbled in a shaky, almost inaudible voice and turned her eyes to Diggle, who was about to make another announcement.

"Usually we introduce our next bachelor or bachelorette at the beginning of the new season, but we have changed that this time around," Diggle walked closer to the staircase and looked up. "So, let's meet our Bachelorette then."

A brunette with a bright smile appeared on top of the stairs.

Oliver's arms stiffened around Felicity's waist, "Thea? What is she doing? She wants to do this, after everything that happened to you? Does my mother know about this? She's not even eighteen yet!"

"She'll be twenty in two months Oliver. And you should know better than anyone how hard it is to stop a Queen when they set their mind to do something." Twenty, thirty or forty, Felicity knew that to Oliver, Thea would always be his speedy, his little sister. And Felicity absolutely loved that about Oliver.

"You knew about this?"

She ducked her head. "Maybe," She did know about it, but she had gotten to know only few hours ago. Thea had shown up at the Bachelor Mansion in the morning and told her that she had decided to be the next 'Billionaire Bachelorette'. The younger Queen had sworn Felicity to secrecy or otherwise she wouldn't have kept it from Oliver.

"I thought husbands and wives don't keep secrets from each other," Oliver argued.

"We just got engaged. Literally less than ten minutes ago!" She was quick to point out the folly in his argument.

"Whatever," he muttered, placing a kiss on her bare shoulder.

"Let's meet our first contestant… Bruce Wayne," Diggle stated, as the prince of Gotham walked into the room.

The low disapproving grumble Felicity heard behind her made her smile. Thea would definitely be getting a lecture from her big brother tonight.

Two weeks later…

Felicity yelped, as Oliver scooped her up from the large beach mat and into his embrace. "Oliver!" she turned around in his hold to face him. Despite waking up, snuggling to Oliver's naked body every morning, since their engagement, feeling the hard planes of his body against her curves still made her blush.

For the last couple of weeks, they've been cooped up in one of many private islands owned by the Queen family – far away from the media and paparazzi. The remote island, somewhere in North China Sea, was where Felicity had chosen to spend the vacation Oliver had promised to her, when she had agreed to be his spy. At the time, when she made that deal with Oliver, she hadn't for a second imagined that she would be spending that vacation with Oliver himself.

They both had barely set a foot outside of their cottage - their bed to be more precise, after arriving at the island. And, today, after two weeks, they've decided to lounge on the beach and enjoy the scenery for a change. "I thought we came here to get some fresh air?" she reminded him.

"That doesn't mean I can't hug my wife," Oliver kissed the tip of her nose.

"Fiancée!" it was the twelfth time he had made that mistake, within the last few days. She was now convinced that he was saying that deliberately, just to get a reaction out of her.

He flipped them around, so that he was lying on top of her. "Soon to be wife," his sinful gaze that raked over her body made his intentions known.

"We've just only been here five minutes," and couple of minutes before that, they had been rolling around in bed, lazy hands and eager lips exploring each other. A warmth rushed through her, at the mere memory of what his very talented tongue had done just few minutes ago in the bedroom. Oliver Queen's reputation, when it came to activities in bed, wasn't undeserved at all.

"It's your fault," he whined as he pressed his hardened length against her.

"My fault?" She took her lower lip between her teeth.

"This little red bikini you're wearing…" he pulled one of the bikini straps off her shoulder with his teeth. She tried to squeeze her legs together feeling the moist heat building between them.

It would be a lie, if she were to say that she hadn't anticipated this outcome, when she had put that bikini on. But, she hadn't expected for it to begin this soon. "Oliver," she had meant to call his name in warning, but she had come off sounding horribly needy.

A wicked smirk graced Oliver's lips as his hand wandered down her body, "and, these little bows…" his hand stopped at one of the bows on the side of her bikini bottom, "they've been driving me insane for a while now," he pulled from the end of the string, untangling it completely from its knot.

"Agh..." She keened when his callous fingers crept under the material from where the knot was undone. "I know how much you love red," Her breath hitched as he slowly dragged a finger up her folds, gathering the wetness there. She held onto him tightly, fingers digging into his back.

She was going to wear a pink one piece swim suit today. Then, when Oliver had come out of the bathroom bearing his chest, clad only in a swim trunk, she had opted to go with her red bikini and a green kaftan instead. He had been so keen to find out what she had under the kaftan. If he had the power to tear things with his eyes, she knew the kaftan wouldn't have lasted their walk down to the beach.

When she finally had taken the kaftan off, his eyes had turned darker instantly – once again proving to her, that red was his color.

"Felicity," He gazed into her eyes.

Something stirred with in her at the way he uttered her name – with so much weight and passion.

"I didn't know I had a favorite color until I saw you in that red dress at that Christmas party three years ago, I didn't know I could feel more than half of the things I feel now, until you spilt that red wine on me and then started to babble." he leaned over and captured her lips. His mouth was demanding, passionate.

"Oliver…" her body twitched and burned under the gentle caresses of his fingers as they played with her clit. She gripped his arm, where she knew he had her name tattooed.

He bit on that sweet spot behind her ear, branding her his once again - just as he had marked one of her ass cheeks, last night.

"I've wanted to take this off the moment I saw you in it," his hand slid behind her, simply to unknot the string that held her bikini top together.

She knew, they were in a private island and she knew they were the only people there. Yet, something about the fact they were outside, in broad daylight, where someone could easily walk in on them, aroused her even more.

He threw the flimsy thing aside and took her left breast into his mouth. He suckled and nipped on her nipple as his fingers continued to tease her sex.

"Oh fuck," moaning, she grabbed the band of his swim trunk and pushed it down until she could feel his thick cock brush her bare skin. Her hands skated up his firm body, exploring every dip, every plane, every taut muscle.

He gently slithered down her- his kisses leaving a scorching trail up on her skin.

"I… I want you…" her hands wandered down the same path his lips had roamed earlier.

Her tongue darted out to wet her lips and his tongue moved along his lips copying her. "Oliver… please…" She ached to feel him inside of her. To feel him move inside of her. To feel him come inside of her.

He untied the remaining bow on her thong, as if he was unwrapping a precious gift. After throwing the underwear over his head, he grabbed her by her thighs and spread her legs further apart.

A shiver ran up her spine feeling his stubble first grace her soft mound. He flicked his tongue against her clit and she couldn't do nothing but latch onto his hair for purchase. His tongue delved in and twirled inside of her.

Her hips moved to meet his stokes as she tugged him towards her from his hair. She could hear him moan as he tasted her. She could hear the sound of his tongue lapping against her wet skin. The sounds mixed with his ministrations, were taking her closer and closer to the edge - until he suddenly stopped.

"Fuck!" She sought his tongue lifting her hips, only to learn that Oliver was alteady sitting - staring at her.

She could feel her wetness drip down her thighs as her gazed locked with his.

"Felicity, you're so fucking gorgeous," He drew her up into his lap.

They both gasped when she straddled him, sinking down into his cock. She could feel one of his hands lay sprawled across her naked back, supporting her as she began to roll her hips. His other hand squeezed her ass as he greedily licked her breasts.

Their slick bodies rocked together and amidst the haze, their mouths managed to find each other once more. She smiled into the kiss, tasting herself in his lips.

Her breasts brushed against his heaving chest as she continued ride him – lifting her hips, sinking in and pushing towards him. His hands came to settle on her hips as he thrust up hard and fast into her. Shockwaves began to ripple through her and she came screaming a strangled string of curses. Overwhelmed, she collapsed backwards onto the mat, dragging him down with her. He continued to devour her lips as he cupped her breasts with his large hands – messaging, caressing them.

He pushed deeper into her, seeking his own release. Soon, her name spilled out of his lips as he came inside of her. His movements slowed and he slumped on top of her, burying his head in her bosom.

Their breaths fell unevenly as they lay still tangled in each other. "Do you ever wonder what really happened that night? On your birthday…" She asked a little while later, raking a hand through his sweat-damp hair.

"I used to, all the time," He turned to his side, turning her around with him.

"Now you don't?" She gasped as he slowly pulled out of her and pecked her lips.

"I don't need to anymore," he winked at her.

It took her a second to understand what his mischievous little gesture meant, "You remember?"

"Maybe…" he drew lazy patterns on the side of her neck, where he had put his mark on her earler.

She had almost gotten lost in the moment, but something about the way he was touching her now made her think about that strange night she no longer remembered. "When? How? Why didn't you tell me? Did we do it and was it like super bad?"

"First of all, whatever I do with you could never be called super bad. And I only remembered this morning." He confessed as he stole another kiss from her lips.

"So, we did do something?" She moaned when he bit down on her collarbone.


"Mr. Queen, I thought you said husband and wives are not supposed to keep secrets from each other?" She playfully slapped his chest.

"Well, Mrs. Queen to be…" He wrapped his arms around her and brought her closer to him. "As you've pointed out numerous times, we're not married yet. But I'll make a deal with you… I'll tell you everything, if you do a little something for me."

"What?" She lifted her brows at him.

He explained what he wanted her to do to him and what he wanted her to let him do to her, in the most dirtiest language imaginable.

"Oh?" It was ridiculous how she still blushed, after everything they had done for the last couple of weeks and just few seconds ago. "I might have to think about it Mr. Queen…" She finally managed to say.

"Well, until you make up your mind, maybe we could do this..." He kissed her again.

"hmm…" She hummed in agreement, kissing him back.

He pulled away and lifted her face by her chin. "I love you, Felicity,"

"I love you more Mr. Queen," She snuggled closer to him.

"Not possible," She sensed him smile as he placed a kiss on her forehead.






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