Liam's Beach House

Steffy got out of the car and ran towards Liam's house. She came to a complete haught seeing Liam about to place the ring on Hopes finger but instead of stoping the wedding she turns around and leaves. Taylor follows her shocked that she didn't stop it.

"Steffy why didn't you stop it. If you would have told him he would be with you" Taylor tells her daughter.

"Exactly mom because of the baby or at least that's what Hope and her clan will say. He is marrying her but I didn't lose he did. I am not going to keep him from his child. I will let him be there but not Hope. I am going to start putting my shares to us. Either grand-pa will let me be apart of this company I will use my shares all of them" Steffy said.

Steffy had a ruff weekend coming to terms with everything but she knew come Monday she would be starting over. She would be brining new ideals to the company she worked all weekend on drawings for a new line she even called a meeting now she was just waiting for knew how she was going to do it to. She had been at her grand-ma's because Eric told her that his girls had gotten all the Jewlery they wanted and wanted Steffy to have the rest. While she was their she found a letter and what that letter contained left her floored but she didn't want to do anything other have a lawyer look at to be sure it was legal since Stephanie had it notarized under law it was. Now she was felt like she was left with no choice.

Monday Morning Forster Creations

Everyone was in the office waiting for Steffy who in Ricks mine had no right he was the President he was who mattered but boy did she have a surprise for him. Steffy walked in the office looking beautiful with a special glow. She smiled at the group which had Brooke, Hope,Thomas,Eric,Taylor and Ridge on video conference.

"Well , Well hello everyone" Steffy said greeting the room.

Eric: Why are we here.

"Yes Steffy what do you want" Brooke asked not really curious at all.

"I have a honeymoon to get back to" Hope said while looking at Steffy.

Steffy just smiled at the group and passed around a folder with the designs. They where lovely clothing Maternity is what the letter head said. Everyone sat down there folders and looked at Steffy wanting a explanation. Steffy farther mother and brother did not though they already knew and loved her ideal.

"These are great Steffy but why are you showing us these" Eric asked.

"Well I think this should be our new line. It's close to my heart" Steffy had a scent glint in her eyes.

" Sweetheart I support you fully and think this is a great one. It's about time you and your brother be used to so I support all you decisions fully" Ridge words held secret meaning.

"Well I don't and this line will not be used" Rick said tossing the folder on the table.

" I will do this this I have share in this company and I will use them all 75% of them"Steffy tells the shocked room.

" Wait wait wait did you say 75% how did you get that much" Rick asks.

" I foun fa letter where grandmother said that the company should go to me because I am the reason why we have it and she know I deserve it more than you and grand-pa because I actually fought for it. My lawyer will explain" and with that Steffy let him in.

The lawyer walked in holding a file and looking positively dapper.

"Hello my name is Nicholas Crane 2 and I am Steffy Forster lawyer. The letter in question states that Steffy should have the company. In it she also speaks of a Brooke Logan who tried to convinced her to make the DVD which she did. She had time to think though and gave them to Steffy. So now you know I will leave you she is now the majority owner" Nicholas says smiling at Steffy.

The room is shocked but scared Steffy in control. What will they do she owns most of the shares. They watch as Nicholas leaves the room.

" Well you herd him and effective immediately Rick your demoted I am President Now. Thomas your Vice President and You and grand-pa are co-CEOs. As for you Hope your line will not be front and center anymorE" Steffy tells the group rising and getting ready to leave.

"What do you mean my line won't be from and center" Hope asks angry.

"Well let's see I didn't say it won't be anymore just not top. We are going to put all our lines front and center now if you excuse me I have more news to deliver" Steffy says walking out the door.

Steffy leaves the room shocked. Hope wonder where she's going then thinks Liam.

Liam's Beachhouse

Steffy walks in Liam's house and right up to him and smacks him.

"You needed time to think to think. I hope you are happy with what you married her and now you have lost the chance of a family"Steffy tells Liam.

"What do you mean Steffy a family" Liam answers.

Steffy rubs her belly and smiles" I'm pregnant with our baby".

"Pregnant" Liam says.

"Yes Liam pregnant and just so you know I will not have Hope around our child you can see the baby whenever you want. Infact I want you at every appointment but not your wife" Steffy says.

"His wife what Steffy Liam married me so your little tricks your little stunts are over why are you here" Hope says from behind Steffy.

" Hope I don't care what you are. I am here to tell Liam about his child I'm pregnant" Steffy says with a smile.

" What Liam when did this happen" Hope asks.

"Hope do the math Liam and I where in a relationship thats when it happened"Steffy says.

"Steffy why didn't you tell me sooner"Liam asks.

" I wanted you to choose me for me but you didn't so now this is what you get a part time dad without her involved" Steffy says pointing to Hope.

"I am his wife and I will be there for him through this rather you like it or not"Hope says.

"Liam let me make myself clear Hope has hit me knocked me down on slopes and just the other day she pushed me. I will not have this dangerous woman near me or our child either you agree or lose your rights" Steffy tells Liam with anger.

"Ok Steffy whatever you want I will do" Liam says looking at Steffy lonely.

"Good I will call you about the next appointment. Hope you are on notice come near me attempt to hit me or come in my office unannounced you will be fired and put behind bars" with that Steffy leaves a stunned couple.