Devon didn't object in the slightest when Danziger wanted to hold onto her as they let the current pull them in and transport them to the eastern coastline. And luckily for them, they landed together on the beach.

He stood up and helped her to her feet before unclipping the pack from his back, and letting it fall to the sand. The sound of the ocean's waves was almost music to his ears. He wished they could have made a vacation of it for all of them, but Devon needed this. She was put on a unanimous light duty, and she had already gone stir crazy.

The whole camp had agreed that she needed to relax, and what better way than the beach. And they would work as well. He had promised to scour for the Grendler's fruit and bring back as much of it as they could. He even had a good sized pouch for transporting it back to camp.

He turned to glance at her as he began to remove layers of clothes. They were definitely overdressed. "Gorgeous, isn't it?" He moved slowly to her, helping her out of her winter coat.

She felt his arms going around her waist. He nuzzled her neck. Her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of him against her back. "It certainly is. I feel rotten that we're here, and the others are stuck back there freezing."

"Me too," he admitted. His voice was a low baritone. He thought it couldn't be loud enough for her to hear over the pounding ocean waves so he turned her slowly and took her face in his overly large mitts and kissed her nose, then her lips.

She returned his kiss with fervor. Her hands moved up into his hair. She let out a soft moan as their lips parted. Her nose rubbed against his chin before her mouth sought his throat. She ran her lips along his throat, kissing and nibbling at his soft flesh. "John," she breathed.

His hands tangled in her hair, eager to have her mouth against his own again. He crushed his body against hers, hands moving from her hair to grip her bottom. He growled softly, "No fair."

"Who says it's supposed to be fair?" She stepped away, untangling him from around her and tugged off her winter layer of two pairs of pants. She stood there before him in a pair of shorts and a long-sleeved shirt. She was barefoot.

"Oh? That how you want to play it, Ms. Adair?" He stripped down until he almost resembled her clothing wise. "Remember, Devon. My legs are longer, and I don't tire so easy. And you're healing from a severely broken leg. Julia will kill me if I let something happen to you so soon."

"Always ruining my fun." She pretended to pout and scuffed her toe across the damp sand. "Can't we at least get out feet wet?"

He gave a low, hearty chuckle. "I think that could be arranged. Pretty sure the water is like ice though, Devon. It's warmer here, but it's still wintertime on this land mass." He bowed slightly. "Ladies first." He wasn't about to get his own feet wet before she decided if she still wanted to play or not.

"Alright." She patted his chest playfully. The glint in her eyes was nothing but mischievous. Her eyes cut to the lapping waves as she squared her shoulders. "Not afraid of a bit of cold water." She took several steps as a large wave slapped the shore and it pooled around both feet to her ankles.

The unholy sound that rent forth was one John hoped to never hear again, but it sent her almost running back to his arms so he thought it might be worth it after all. "S'matter, Adair? Too cold for ya?" He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in her neck and breathed her in.

"You are so mean." The laughter that bubbled up was nothing short of melodious. She snuggled into him, letting his strong arms hold her so intimately. She had never been one that liked to be held, but in his arms it felt so right. She couldn't fight it. She didn't want to.

He moved his hands up to cup her cheeks and shifted them so that he was looking into her eyes. He lowered his mouth to hers in a slow, tender kiss.

She barely registered when they'd spread out the blanket on the sand. She wasn't sure how they'd gotten undressed but here they were.

Naked. Naked and tangled with one another. Her lips quivered as his lips brushed against the swell of her breast then lower. Her nipple was between his teeth. A gentle tug before he engulfed it just enough to suckle.

His hands moved beneath her, cradling her tighter to his mouth. He released her peaked nipple and proceeded to do the same to the other. He smiled against her skin as he heard her softly protest with a whimper.

"Don't stop..."

He didn't plan to. Not yet anyway. His hands roamed over her muscular curves. This planet had given them all curves and muscle they hadn't had before on the space station.

She shivered beneath him, hands moving up his back as she tried to shift them and speed this along. She ached for him.

He was too quick for her as he pinned her hips to the soft blanket. "Slow down. Devon, we're not expected back until tomorrow." He nuzzled her collarbone with the tip of his nose and then proceeded to give it a gentle kiss before he ran his tongue along it.

"John," she begged. Her voice was carried away on the ocean waves. Her fingers slid from his hair to grip his broad shoulders. She managed to get right where she wanted to be. "Now. Please now?"

He took her then. He slid deeply into her as their mouths locked together. This union was much different than their first. It was frenzied as they both tried to seek dominance only to have Devon succumb to John's gentle caress. His lips grazed along her jawbone. He found her ear as he heatedly whispered, "You'll get your turn."

Heat flooded her stomach and lower still as she came hard, clenching him tightly. White lights exploded behind her eyes as she dug her nails into his skin. She was certain to have left a mark. "John," she squeaked.

He wasn't far behind her. He collapsed onto her with his head on her chest. He started to move, but her legs hooked around hips, holding him in place. He could feel her chest expanding with each breath in and then slowly retracting with each breath out. He closed his eyes and whispered, "I love you, Devon."

Her eyes moved up toward the sky as the twin moons began to set further still. The darkness was more calming than the sun. She ran her fingers through his mass of dirty blonde curls. "I love you, too, John." And she did. She had for awhile now, but she'd been too afraid of her feelings, of the uncertainity that came with him. What if she gave her heart to him, and he left to go back to the space stations? She forced that thought from her mind as she focused on the here and now. "Couldn't imagine doing any of this without you and True."

He lifted his head then, searching her eyes. He slowly untangled her legs from about his waist and moved so that they were eye to eye. "Best thing that ever happened to us was crash landing on this rock. I can give her a real life here. A real home..." He traced a finger along her stomach, slowly circling her navel then moving to lay his hand against her hip. "You and me and Uly and True... If you'll have me..." His eyes moved to watch the waves roll into the shore.

"If I'll have you?" Devon took his chin gently, turning it so that their eyes met once again. "Of course I'll have you. I wasn't sure you were going to stay. I hoped...but I was afraid to know." She swallowed back the lump in her throat.

"There's no life for me anywhere else, Devon." He kissed her slowly, wrapping her tighter into his embrace. He pulled back slowly, eyes closed. He took a shallow breath. "You're home."