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Lucy's POV

Sting, Minerva, Rogue, and I were all currently taking the train to a place known as Poshley Town. Frosch, Lector, Froakie, Fennekin, and Chespin had also come with us but Sting kept the three strange creatures in their Poké Balls to not make things too crowded. He had given Flabébé to Rufus, since it tended to disobey him at times. Still, did Minerva have to join me and Sting on this job?

She had made me sit next to her, most likely not wanting me next to Sting, and she seriously had to get over her jealousy. Sting was dating me now, and I actually treated him better than she did. At least I didn't separate him from Lector to win the Grand Magic Games, and I didn't resort to dirty tactics to get what I wanted. She was up to something, and I wanted to find out what it was.

However, I also had to keep my mind on the job. In Poshley Town, we supposedly had to go to the sanctum and just guard an item from thieves. That seemed really simple, and I highly doubted that anything bad could happen. After all, the item was known as the Mega Dawn. It seemed pretty important, but it didn't sound all that valuable. Would anyone try getting to it?

"Try not to screw up this mission, Serena. Actually, if you do, I can take all of the credit when the job is seen as a complete success." Minerva told me in a condescending tone, smirking at me like I was lower than her.

"I was the one who picked out the mission, so you shouldn't try to hold me back." I retorted fiercely, power building up in my violet eyes while I frowned at Minerva and had the thought of crushing her into dust.

However, we were both interrupted by groans from Sting and Rogue. They were both sitting across from us, looking utterly sick with their faces turning green, and I used the Cosmic Hearts spell to heal them. Much to my surprise, this weak spell from the Dawn Stone was really strong. It produced many pink hearts in the air above Sting and Rogue, before the hearts all popped to let pink dust fall down on to the dragon slayers. A pink aura surrounded both of their bodies, instantly curing their motion sickness like Wendy's Troia spell, and this spell's upgrade made me curious.

Ever since I had gotten stronger with fusion spells, did my basic spells evolve as well? I would test them out one day, but probably not on this job. It may not have called for any fighting to be done, since all we had to do was guard a stone known as the Mega Dawn, and I wondered if the sanctum would be a sacred place. Poshley Town was an extravagant place like Lumiose, making me feel a bit more safe about going there.

Speaking of going to places, I had to wonder how Wendy's visit to Fairy Tail was going. Was she okay, and was the guild being rowdy like a bunch of hooligans? Were Lisanna and Natsu continuing to make out, having their smooch sessions in public?

At the Poshley Sanctum... (Lisanna's POV)

Aside from not liking Lucy, the new girl was much worse for kissing Natsu in front of me. She was very lucky that I took this job with her, or I'd be beating the crap out of her right now. She kissed my boyfriend in front of me, and she had the nerve to want to join Fairy Tail? This girl was an even bigger idiot than Lucy, especially since she didn't even argue about me tagging along with her instead of Natsu. She told me that her name was Cheri, and that name was disgusting.

We were currently in a white building known as Poshley Sanctum, a large building with tiled flooring and an elegant pink carpet that led to a small round pedestal where a pink star-shaped stone was situated while it was glittery as well. Getting close to it with my eyes twinkling, I wanted to touch the stone and claim this valuable treasure for myself. Cheri may have taken this job, but beautiful jewels like this looked fascinating on a sexy girl like me.

However, as my left hand moved closer to the stone, Cheri grabbed me by my right arm and pulled me backwards. She wanted me to get away from the stone, but I definitely didn't take orders from someone who wasn't even a mage. She wasn't going to stop me from getting my hands on this pretty gem, and it would definitely be mine in the end.

"Oh, I see. You're jealous of me having the stone, Cheri. It will be mine, so butt out." I told her with an evil look in my blue eyes, going into my Animal Soul: Tigress Take-Over while I smiled.

"You stupid girl. The stone is not meant for you at all, and you must die here." Cheri told me with a smirk on her face, having some kind of plan.

Why had she not asked Natsu to come with her? He could've gladly helped her, but why take me? I wouldn't exactly be of any help if we had fire enemies, and now she wanted to kill me? I ran towards her at high speeds, ready to slash at her, but Cheri had disappeared from my view. I turned around quickly to see her fire a spiraling black beam of energy from her left palm, and it sent me sliding backwards.

That attack had just grazed my back, but it did feel powerful. Cheri quickly jumped into the air, and she used a spell similar to Serena's. It was known as Darkrai's Night Stars, causing her to have five star-shaped black projectiles in each hand. She threw them all at me, but I was quick enough to dodge them all. I noticed that the projectiles left black streak trails behind in midair, and they suddenly came back around towards me.

I kept being agile, dodging all the stars, but they detonated in midair when they all surrounded me! The black blasts hit me with tremendous force, sending me crashing into the tiled floor, and I groaned in agony from taking such a powerful attack. However, I quickly got up to try and slash at her once more. She disappeared into the shadow of a window, before reappearing behind me and delivering a harsh kick to my back.

I was sent stumbling towards the window, panting heavily, and I wondered what Vivian wanted from me. What had I done to make her have a truly evil side, or was she just evil? However, I had to stay alive for Natsu's sake. He needed me, and he was my boyfriend. He saw that I was better for him than that trashy whore named Lucy, and I would prove it by beating Cheri right now.

Giving her a fierce look while I saw her standing near the stone, I lunged at her once more. However, she stepped aside and let two of my sharp nails be stuck in the cracks of the pedestal. Cheri then unleashed many black needles from her mouth, creating miniature explosions while they hit me with great force, and I got my hand out of the pedestal while falling over on my butt. My Lacrima Communication Crystal wasn't even turned on, so I couldn't contact Natsu to warn him of this woman.

"What's your motive, Cheri? Why do you want Natsu and the stone?" I asked her while struggling to stand up, bleeding badly from my left shoulder.

"It's none of your concern, Lisanna. You pawns have been getting in the way of Team Flare's grand plan for far too long, and it's about time that you be put to rest." Cheri told me with an evil look in her red eyes, making a sword from shadows while she deviously smiled, before stabbing me in the right arm with it. The pain really hurt, especially since this was dark power, and it reminded me of the tag battle against Serena.

Team Flare was behind this, right? They wanted the stone, but why? I couldn't even think while Vivian wasted no time stabbing me, making me lose my energy, and I could barely even lift a single finger. I managed to tap the Lacrima Communications Crystal with my right foot, but it needed time to turn on. Cheri then kicked me aside, giggling evilly.

"You're nothing more than pawns that are expendable, and they get thrown out. I wonder if that brings back any memories for you." She told me with an emotionless frown, making two more shadows turned into fanged mouths that bit down on both of my hands to pin them against the ground. The pain was really hurting, and tears began to fall from my eyes.

I see what was going on now. This was probably the rest of my karma for what I had done to Lucy, and it really was painful. I admit to being Natsu's mistress, but he loved me. I also loved him, and Lucy was weak. She probably wasn't even alive anymore, so apologizing would never be an option. I couldn't even breathe from the tension getting thicker, and I wish Mira-nee could save me.

Cheri couldn't stop being relentless, making shadows pull me up into the air, and they brutally constricted me. I could feel my bones breaking a bit, and she released me quickly to see fall to the ground with a hard thud. I made cracks in the sanctum's floor, and blood trickled down my body. She was mercilessly beating me, not even letting me rest while she grabbed me by my right leg, and she spun me around at high speeds.

She sent me smashing into a wall, and then Cheri evilly glared at me while appearing out of my shadow from behind to punch me in the neck. It hurt so badly, and her shadow fists from in front were just making it worse when they were pounding against my stomach. I couldn't even catch my breath, since Cheri was throwing me around the sanctum like a weakling.

"Please... stop..." I begged while falling to my knees, trembling from pure fear, and still seeing the Lacrima Communications Crystal charging up.

"I will never relent against the trash, especially since Fairy Tail is in the way of Team Flare. You'll stop our plans." Cheri told me while snickering evilly, putting her hands together while exhaling black smoke from her mouth.

Before I could even lift a finger, she fired a black ring of shadow energy at the ground next to me. At first, I thought that nothing would be happening from her misdirected attack. However, in an instant, a black portal expanded outward with the power of sucking in its target. Its shadowy force broke the glass windows, sending the fragments into the hole, and the shadow hole had already consumed me by my legs.

I tried my best to crawl away, but the shadow's force was way too strong. I regretted how I had treated Lucy, and all that I could hear was Cheri's evil laughter while she kept looking down at me like I was worthless garbage. I was really scared of what was in that shadowy void, if anything was there at all, and I heard Cheri's footsteps walk towards me and the shadow hole.

"Are you frightened with fear, Lisanna? You should be, since this spell is Shadow Implosion. Once you're fully into the hole of darkness, it shall close and explode to make you finally meet the end that trash like you deserves. Getting in the way of Team Flare is certainly a bad thing to do, and you fairies will receive the consequences for meddling in our affairs." Cheri told me with a vicious smile on her face, watching the shadowy hole expand more to swallow me up.

Suddenly, the Lacrima Communications Crystal turned on while emitting a blue glow. I could see a hologram of Natsu coming into view, and he knew that I only used this in emergencies to contact him. However, the shadowy hole only left my neck and upwards visible. I had to make this fast, especially since Cheri turned into a shadow and left the sanctum.

"Lisanna, what's up?" He asked curiously, looking around with a smile to see where Cheri and I had gone to.

"Natsu, listen to me! The truth is in Cheri's eyes! Look at her eyes! Don't-!" I screamed frantically, before the shadowy hole made me sink down into it and swallowed me with darkness taking all the light away from my eyes. I could feel myself falling into darkness, getting farther away from the sanctum's light, and I began to hear and feel devastating explosions transpire around me.

An hour later... (Lucy's POV)

We arrived at Poshley Sanctum to see it in a complete mess with broken windows, cracks in the tiled floor, and it looked like someone had recently been here. There had to be a scuffle of some kind, but why would the thieves fight amongst themselves? It really didn't make much sense to me, especially since anyone of them could've had the treasure. What was going on?

I smelled something like angel food cake, similar to the perfume that Lisanna wore, but she couldn't have been here. She didn't come alone, did she? Aside from my assumptions, I noticed a glittery pink star-shaped object on the round pedestal on the other side of the sanctum. It had remained intact for quite a while, it seemed, and the supposed scuffle didn't damage it at all.

Feeling curious, I brought out the Dawn Stone while smiling a bit. The pink star-shaped stone, the Mega Dawn, glowed in accordance with my stone. I noticed it radiating with a pink light, and it unleashed a pink beam of light at my Dawn Stone. This beam didn't damage it all, and it was more like a transfer of power. My violet eyes widened in amazement, wondering what had just occurred right before my eyes.

"Hey, guys. Look at this." Lector told us with a curious facial expression, tapping the Lacrima Communications Crystal on the floor to turn it on.

When the Lacrima Communications Crystal turned on, we were all surprised to see the face of Natsu Dragneel while we all walked up to it to see the hologram. Why was Natsu being contacted, and who had been contacting him? This was a real puzzle, but maybe we could be able to ask him.

"Hey, Lisanna? What do you mean by the truth is in the eyes?" Natsu asked while looking around, before being shocked to see that Sabertooth had contacted him.

So Lisanna was here...

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