KrissyKat91: I'm kind of ashamed to admit it, but I used to watch Transformers: Animated. Sometimes because I needed something to laugh at, but mostly because there was nothing else to watch. And for Prowl. I liked Prowl (even though I think his armor looked ridiculous and will therefor not be using it. Ever). Ahem. Anyway, this is very much an AU. It's a mix of Animated, G1, and some concepts and color schemes from the first Michael Bay movie (because that's the only one I actually watched). Oh, and maybe a pinch of Armada, because the series that first introduced me to Transformers will always hold a place in my heart, even as I look back and wonder why I watched something so corny.

Also, I have replaced the rank of "Prime" with "Major", "Prime" is still the title of the rightful ruler of Cybertron, Ultra Magnus is only the leader of the Autobots because no one else was both willing and able take the job, and Prowl, Jazz, and Ratchet were officers under Optimus Prime during the War.

I've yammered enough. I'm starting the story.


Ch. 1: Infiltration

New Iacon, Cybertron

All was quiet at the New Iacon Great War Museum. Nothing exciting was happening, the Decepticons weren't attacking, and the single guard at the entrance was bored out of his processor. He wanted some action! Was that too much to ask?

A wise man once said: Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

"Excuse me?"

Starting, the guard turned. Standing before him was a femme, older but still beautiful, colored aquamarine-and-silver.

"May I help you?" the guard asked, eyeing her up and down.

The femme smiled. "I need to get into the museum," she said, batting her azure optics.

"I'm sorry, but the museum is closed to visitors at this time."

The femme pouted. "That's too bad. You see, I can't take no for an answer."

And before the guard could even think of reacting, something heavy crashed down on his helm, and everything went black.


The femme studied the unconscious guard for a klik, optic ridge raised, then looked up at the massive black mech looming over them.

"You didn't have to hit him quite so hard."

The black mech growled, sapphire optics narrowed. "Ah didn' like th' way he was lookin' at ya."

"I can take care of myself, love."

Bending down, she plucked the guard's key-card from his subspace compartment. Straightening, she raised a hand to the side of her helm.

"This is Chromia. Phase one complete. We have the key. Hound, Mirage, you're on."

This is Hound. I read you loud and clear, Chromia.

This is Mirage. Let me just say that after this is over, I am never listening to you lot again!

Chromia smirked. "Fine by me, Mirage, but right now we need your special talents."

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Disconnecting from the link, Chromia turned to her companion. "Ready, Ironhide?"

"Ah still think this is a bad idea,"Ironhide grumbled,"but, yeah, ah'm ready."


Inside the museum

The door to the relics section of the museum slid open, and two sets of quiet pedesteps entered the room. There was nothing terribly odd about that, except the museum was closed for renovations, and the pedesteps apparently had no source.

"Are we there yet, Raj?" a rough voice asked.

"For the hundredth time, Hound," a smoother, more cultured voice replied, "we'll get there when we get—Aha! There it is."

Resting on a pedestal, in the center of the room, was the "Crown Jewel" of the Cybertronian government: the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

After a klik of silence, Hound asked, "So, are you gonna grab it, or am I?"

"...I suppose I will. Be ready with your holograph."


There was a whoosh of air, along with a glow of orange light, and two mechs appeared.

One was of average height, colored forest green-and-silver, with pale blue optics and an open, honest face. Everything about him screamed "country bot."

The other was slightly taller, colored blue-and-white, with bright yellow optics, sharply refined features, and a distinctly aristocratic air.

Most important, however, was the the Autobot symbol pasted on their chestplates.

"I hope Elita knows what we're doing," the blue-and-white mech, Mirage, muttered.

"Just grab the Matrix already!" the green-and-silver mech, Hound, hissed.

Gulping, or making a sound close enough to it, Mirage gripped the silver handles on the crystal's casing, carefully lifting it off the pedestal.

The moment it was clear, Hound placed a small metal square in it's place. The square glowed, the light forming a flawless replica of the Matrix.

As Mirage slipped the real Matrix into his subspace compartment, Hound activated his comm. link. "Hound to Elita. Phase two complete."

Good, the calm female voice on the other end said. Now get out of there before you get caught.

"You heard the boss-femme, Raj. Let's go."

Nodding, Mirage grabbed Hound's arm, reactivating his cloaking field. Kliks later, the two invisible mechs joined Ironhide and Chromia outside.

The instant they were together, all four Autobots transformed and hightailed it out of there like their exhaust pipes were on fire, just as the intruder alarm began to wail.