Birth of a Hero

Ouranos, Ruler of the Skies, paced back and forth in front of a door. This wasn't the first time he waited for Gaea to give birth to his children. Every time a child was born, Ouranos would toss him into Tartarus. He feared one of the children would try to over throw him, due to the evil aura he sensed. Yet, here we was again, awaiting for a new child to be born.

"Lord Ouranos, the child has been born. It's a male." a male servant spoke.

"Bring the child to me." Ouranos replied. Ouranos walked to the edge of his hovering palace, waiting for the child to be brought to him. Down below, there was a deep hole, going straight to Tartarus. He waited impatiently, his bright blue eyes thinking of the new child.

Finally, the servant arrived with a child. He gave Ouranos the child, and hurried back in to help Gaea give birth to her next child. After he was out of sight, Ouranos looked deep into the child. His eyes saw his future, and alternate future. He knew everything about the boy, and what his future is.

"My child, you will deliver this world from the great evil that has over come this world." Ouranos spoke softly. He put his hand on the boy's head, expressing his love for the boy.

"You will live on, and you will take my legacy with you." He said, "You are my son. You are Perseus, Son of Ouranos, chosen by me to rid this world of the savages that run wild."

Ouranos looked at Perseus once more, and summoned the winds to take him to a mysterious mountain. He thought more vividly, and dismissed the thought of betrayal. He saw a bright future, and what he didn't know, is that this is his final day of being on the throne.

The wind servants set the child on a stone tablet, at the very tip of the mountain. One of the wind servants put their hand on the tablet, and chanted in Ancient Greek. When he finished chanting, the edge of the tablet burst into fire. When the fire died down, there lay ancient letters.

"Περσέας, γιος του Ουρανού" (Perseus, Son of Ouranos)

The wind servants were about to conceal him, until they heard foot steps coming to the top of the mountain. They quickly dissolved into the wind, abandoning the task assigned by Ouranos.

"Look here, scum. I told you, your old masters sold you to ME. I am your Master!" The sound of a whip sliced through the air, and painful screams came just a few feet below. They made it to the top, and saw the child. The 'Master' looked at the child, then at the letters.

"Slave, read this for me. I have much better things to do." He stated.

The slave walked to the tablet, and leaned on it, for he was weak from the torture. His eyes opened, and he examined the tablet more sincerely.

"It reads, 'Perseus, Son of Ouranos.'" The slave told the man. He looked at the child, it was quite confusing. The child had green eyes, but the tablet claimed he was the son of Ouranos.

"This looks like a fake, sir." He muttered.

"Well, screw the child! I'll let him rot up here, for such false claims!"

"He's just a child! Would you abandon your child for making 'false' claims? You would never do such a thing!" He replied.

"If you wish to have your own child survive, I suggest you shut up, and head back to the village. I'd gladly burn them in their own home!" He spat. He then started to descend the mountain, knowing the slave would follow.

The slave looked at the child, and said, "I am sorry, child. I cannot disobey him, let the gods bless you, and guide you through the toughest of times." He descended the mountain, and followed his master.

"They do not accept you into their own hands, Perseus, Son of Ouranos." A female voice said. Perseus, too young to understand, just muttered gibberish.

She looked sad, as she looked down at Perseus. She grabbed him, and placed him at the center of the stone tablet, awaiting for the great death of Ouranos, Lord of the Skies.

"You will never see your father face to face again, but his spirit will live with you." She stated. She put her hands up, and waited.

All of a sudden, the skies began to rumble feriously, and the sky turned red. The earth itself shook lightly, as divine light hit the woman, and she reflected the light towards Perseus. A loud yell screamed from the skies, and was heard from around the world.

"PERSEUS, SON OF OURANOS, WILL LIVE ON!" a booming voice stated to the world. The voice was followed by a yell, and the voice vanished.

The rumble stopped, and the skies no longer looked normal. The woman sighed lightly, and put her hands on the child's head.

She closed her eyes, and her body revealed her true form. The light incinerating everything in it's path, except Perseus. She opened her eyes, and divine light came out from her powerful eyes.

"Παγιδευμένος στο χρόνο, θα βρείτε την ειρήνη, και θα αναδυθεί μια θνητή, με την ψυχή ενός θεού." She chanted, and a sphere came from within her, and engulfed the child. The sphere started to rise, and then it plummeted into the mountain. When the light faded, he was no where to be seen.

She began to mutter, "Trapped in time, you will find peace, and you will emerge a mortal, with the soul of a god."

"The Mountain of Legacy, he will dwell, until he is accepted, by the people of his own cause." She said, and she dissolved into air.

Παγιδευμένος στο χρόνο, θα βρείτε την ειρήνη, και θα αναδυθεί μια θνητή, με την ψυχή ενός θεού.

[A/N: Chapter One, Birth of a Hero. Remastered, may the old chapters dwell in peace.]