~ Fierce ~

Chapter 1: Request

"Sonic, please!" begged Amy Rose as she chased after her hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. This day was as typical as any other: Amy finds Sonic, and Sonic runs away.

Yet somehow, there was far more tension in the air with this chase. Instead of the lovesick call of the pink hedgehog, there was a higher degree of pain and annoyance present in her tone. Sonic's sixth sense kicked in, informing him that this would not be such an effortless run.

"Amy, what's going on with you?" He called out, yet did not stop. With an inwards smirk, Sonic knew very well that not many could speak and run at the same time without losing a much needed breath of air. Thinking himself a genius for coming up with this plan, Sonic began to mentally pat himself on the back.

Unfortunately for him, his target was much more intelligent than he had assumed. Instead of responding to him, the pink hedgehog only continued to run, nearly breathless, but still chugged on, fueled by her own determination to finally catch him. She dropped her beloved hammer, and charged full force at Sonic. He skidded to a stop in order to cut the chase short, preventing Amy from claiming herself as the victor in the chase.

"Alright, now what is it you had to tell me?" Sonic asked impatiently, already beginning to tap his foot. The blue hedgehog wasn't one for standing still and talking things out; he was more of a doing kind of guy.

"Don't act so fresh with me!" Amy muttered with a glare directed towards Sonic. But, being face to face with him, her anger soon lessened into a pout. "It's just..." she began, not knowing how to continue. There were lines of pain etched onto her face, something that was usually replaced with her cheery smile. Sonic began to worry.

"Listen Amy...you can tell me you know." His smirk hardened now into a serious expression; it was unreadable, however. No one could ever tell what was going on inside of that head that was always moving faster than everyone else on the outside, yet slower than most on the inside. Already 18, Sonic hadn't changed a bit from how he had always been: he was carefree, fast, and furious. Of course, he was still known as a hero, and he remained positive as well.

Softening, Amy looked to the ground. She had finally gotten the opportunity she wanted, yet the words somehow wouldn't flow. Looking up at Sonic, Amy felt just how tantalizingly close Sonic's face was to hers: it was beyond tempting. Quickly turning away with her face beet red, Amy began to explain herself.

"It's just...I needed some advice from you."

Advice? From Sonic? Now that was something he didn't hear very often. Intrigued, Sonic rested himself against a tree. Amy continued to look at the ground before speaking up again.

"See...there was something I've been really wanting to do."

'Here we go again,' Sonic mused, speculating that Amy would be asking him for a date, and simply pulled all of this on him in order to stop him from running away. She was always too good at making him guilty.

Another look at her proved him wrong, though. Amy gazed upon him finally, lifting her eyes from the ground. There were small tears within them, but not her usual cries of him rejecting her advances. Instead they were delicate, crystalline droplets that reflected the sun's light like a prism; rainbows seemed to emanate from her tears. She moved one hand along the seam of her dress as a nervous gesture before putting one hand behind her head. It wasn't often that Amy had gained such a serious look: even in situations where they had been fighting for the sake of the world, Amy could put a smile on anyone's face.

"Alright Amy, I'm willing to listen."

The tears in her eyes slowly faded away as she attempted to make sense of what she had just heard: had Sonic actually taken the time to listen to her foolish little request? Immediately, Amy's face glowed with its normal passion as she shot a smile Sonic's way.

"Oh Sonic! I knew you'd help me!" Amy shouted as she had to resist the urge to tackle him. Regaining her composure, Amy continued, "But I do need help from you to do this...sorry...I would ask someone else if I could, but you're the only one who I'd trust to help me with this. Plus...learn from the best, I guess." Amy added a wink at the end, hoping that it would help convince him.

And of course, anything that fed Sonic's ego was welcome in his world. 'The best, huh...' A large grin formed on his face, and Sonic took a seat in a nearby bench now, patting one side to indicate that Amy should sit next to him. Holding in a squeal, Amy gingerly accepted the invitation.

"So what's this thing? The suspense is killing me," Sonic mused, pretending to choke to death, which was rewarded with a giggle from Amy. He did find himself happy to speak with Amy, but there was still something quite uncomfortable about being on the same bench with her, and Sonic found himself scooting slightly to the side.

"You see," Amy began, "I've been wanting nothing more than to get stronger!" She struck a determined pose, springing up from the bench and startling Sonic. "Whenever you go on missions to save everyone from Eggman, I'm always left behind...it's been so long since I've been able to fight alongside you! And I've always wanted to be able to be of use to everyone..."

Surprised, Sonic looked at Amy quizzically. He had never known that Amy had any more desires than to be married to him with a family of- never mind that, the thought was beginning to make Sonic feel like he had motion sickness.

He did consider turning her down, but after seeing how badly she wanted to train and learn to fight from him...plus she did call him the best...

"Alright Amy," Sonic started with a wink, "I accept. Tomorrow, meet me at- actually, you probably already know where I go every morning." The last part Sonic said with a sigh as he felt exasperated from being around her for so long. He would have to get used to this feeling though if he was going to train her.

But the pink hedgehog could feel none of his anxiety, as she was far too thrilled now. Jumping up out of excitement, Amy quickly thanked Sonic and ran off shouting cheers. Even now that she was 15, the age Sonic had been not too long ago, she was still her same old bubbly self.

"I guess neither of us have changed," Sonic mused aloud before chomping on an apple from a nearby tree.

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