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Elsa checked her appearance in her mirror for what seemed like the millionth time. After having breakfast with the family and staff, she immediately rushed back to her room and began to meticulously go through all the outfits that were hanging in her closet. She didn't know how long she'd spent perusing the different style of clothes she had, but it seemed like she just couldn't decide on what to wear; one minute she wanted to go with something semi-formal, the next she decided that a casual look was more appropriate. The constant changing of styles lasted for nearly twenty minutes, which only served to make her even more stressed.

'Gud fordømte det*, this shouldn't be so hard!' she screamed in her mind, ignoring her slip back to the Norwegian dialect. Pinching the bridge of her nose, she sighed exasperatedly at how the pressure of her situation had gotten her so agitated that she had relapsed into another one of old habits; she just counted herself lucky that she didn't completely cover her room in ice, that would've been flat-out embarrassing. 'Why am I overthinking this?! This is just our first date. We're going to the movies, not some five-star restaurant.' After deciding to go with her usual outfit of turquoise pants, light blue loafers, and a light blue T-shirt with pink sleeve borders, she checked her reflection in her bedroom mirror once more and immediately felt much better. Spotting a pink bracelet on her dresser, she decided to slip it on her left wrist in order further complete her look. Once she was finally satisfied with her appearance, she grabbed her purse on the way out of her bedroom, all the while making sure that she had all of the essentials: her phone, money, lip gloss, breath mints, and just about everything else that normal teenage girls carried. Elsa was just about to enter the hallway when she suddenly realized that she'd forgotten one important accessory. Rushing back to her dresser, she plucked her pseudo glasses and put them on before she quickly strode back out.

Being as quiet as possible, the blonde crept past her sister's room so as not to draw Anna from her slumber. Regardless of the fact that she'd just eaten breakfast a few minutes ago, the middle schooler had somehow managed to fall back to sleep. It was because of her sister's insistence to sleep in during the weekend that the platinum blonde figured that it'd be best if she didn't accidentally wake Anna up. Plus, with her snoozing away, the cryokinetic princess could avoid the chance of her sister catching wind of her plans, and being subjected to the endless amount of sibling teasing that would inevitably follow. Luckily for Elsa, her movements were silent enough not to disturb Anna, and she was able to quicken her pace once she reached the staircase. Seeing the front door practically right in front of her, she hurried down the stairs as quickly as she could, and nearly broke into a sprint once her feet made contact with the floor.


The girl in question jerked to a halt merely three feet from the door. Looking to where she heard her name being called, she was surprised to see who had spotted her.

"Mother?" Sure enough, there was the disguised queen of Arendelle standing in the kitchen, dressed in a violet robe and quite surprised to see her eldest daughter rushing out of the house. Elsa mentally cursed herself for not paying more attention to her surroundings, but quickly but those thoughts aside as her parent approached her. "Um, good morning. H-How are you?"

"I'm doing well, but I'm surprised to see you heading out so early on a Saturday. You and your sister usually like to sleep in on the weekend." observed Amalie. "Where exactly are you going?"

Elsa bit her lip as she tried to formulate a response that didn't give away too much information. She still hadn't figured out how to tell her parent that she had begun a relationship with a boy without instigating any unnecessary drama or awkward "mother-daughter" talks. She didn't even want to think of how her father would react. Focusing back on present matters, she answered her mother in the most truthful yet ambiguous way possible.

"Er, well…you see, I'm…meeting up with a friend for a movie at ten o'clock. We…um…texted last Friday, and…well…thought that it would it be nice to meet up. We're usually busy with school work, and this was first free day that we had." explained Elsa. I'm…er…sorry that I didn't let you know ahead of time, but it was, um…kind of on the spur of the moment."

One of Amalie's eyebrows rose as she silently regarded her eldest child's explanation. Although she was a bit annoyed that her daughter had made plans on such short notice, she merely chalked it up as Elsa adjusting to a more "normal" teenage lifestyle. Furthermore, since the girl seemed remorseful for not bringing up her plans sooner, the queen had a feeling that her daughter would do well not to make the same mistake again. Still, she needed a bit more information on what Elsa was planning on doing.

"So it's just a movie?"

Elsa's expression became somewhat uncomfortable as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. "Er…not exactly. We were thinking about spending time at this cafe that h-we heard about at school."

"I see." Amalie's expression remained neutral, giving no indication that she noticed the young woman's near slip-up. "Do you have any idea of when you'll be home?"

"Um, I believe around 5 PM; 6 PM at the latest."

The queen continued to regard her silently, which kept Elsa on edge. "Do you have your phone with you?"

"Er, yes, I do; fully charged and everything." The blonde fished it out of her purse and showed it to her mother for emphasis. Once again, her mother looked at her without speaking a word, and for a moment Elsa was worried that her mother was going to forbid her from going out. After what seemed like an eternity, a small smile broke Amalie's expressionless façade.

"Well, you'd better head out if you're going to meet your friend on time. Just remember to give me a call if you end up staying out later than 6, but be sure to get back home before 8, okay?"

It took Elsa a moment to realize that she was given permission before she happily engulfed her mother in a quick hug. Amalie was quick to return the gesture; she was still getting used to her eldest being more openly affectionate again.

"I will, Mother." said Elsa as they broke apart. "Thank you for being so understanding. I promise to be more thoughtful when making plans in the future." She then quickly dashed towards the front entrance, only to turn back to the woman once the door was open. "I'll see you later!"

"Have fun, dear!" replied Amalie as she watched her daughter walk out of the doorway. "And say hello to Danny for me!" she called just mere moments before the door closed.

Elsa hadn't made it ten feet down her driveway until she realized that her mother had specifically mentioned Danny by name. The gravity of the revelation was enough for the blonde to stop dead in her tracks as a slew of questions assaulted her mind. How did her mother know that she made plans with Danny? Did the queen know that they were dating? If she didn't, how close was she to finding out about their relationship? And if she did know about their relationship, how long would it be until she confronted her about it? She didn't even want to even think of how her father would react.

'No. No, I'm just overthinking things.' Elsa mentally reassured herself as she resumed her trek to the meeting place. 'Mother only assumes that Danny and I are going to the movies as friends, so our secret is still safe. I still have time to think of a way to tell her about your relationship on my terms. That is, if I can gather the courage to actually tell my mother that I'm actually dating a boy.'

'Alright, one last check before I head out.' mused Danny while standing by his bedside table. 'I've got enough cash for movie tickets as well as refreshments at the cafe, my cell phone is fully charged and set on vibrate, my breath is minty fresh, I have a full pack of breath mints in case of an emergency, and my parents are oblivious of the true nature my day out. And on the off chance that a ghost decides to start trouble, I have the Fenton Thermos on hand. Everything seems in order, so why do I feel so nervous?' The teen sighed wearily while running a hand through his spiky locks. He couldn't understand why he was constantly worrying about his date. After all, it wasn't like this was an entirely new experience for him; he'd gone out with Valerie and even an overshadowed Paulina a couple of times in the past. But unlike those previous dates, he really wanted his current relationship to last. While he found the few days that he dated Valerie (and even Paulina until he realized that Kitty was really in control of the girl) pleasant, Danny found every second he spent with Elsa far more enjoyable than all of his past experiences in romance. He felt like he could be more open with his fellow cryokinetic whenever he was with her. She was always kind to him, and could always find a way to lift his spirits whenever he felt down. It was like he could just be his true self whenever he was with her, and not subconsciously hide things like when he did with his family and friends. That was the reason why he was so determined to pull out all of the stops to make sure nothing went wrong with this first date.

'No point in worrying about all of the possible things that can go wrong. I've just got to out there and do this.' Taking a deep breath, Danny walked out of his room and made his towards the front door. He was especially grateful that he'd remembered to explain his plans to his parents beforehand so that they wouldn't pry too much. Thankfully, they were preoccupied all morning with yet another wacky ghost invention; one that they'd most likely have no clue on how to properly operate it. The ghostly teen didn't pay much attention to his sister as he passed from where she was sitting on the couch, but the same could not be said for the older teen.

"Danny? Where are you heading off to?" Jazz asked suddenly, making Danny inwardly groan.

"To the movies." he answered as calmly and collectively as possible. "I made plans with a friend last night to meet up and catch a flick, and then hit up that new café everyone's been talking about."

Jazz's eyes narrowed. "Just a friend?"

"Er…yeah, a friend."

"Do I happen to know this friend of yours?"

"Well, y-yeah, you do." Danny couldn't help but avert his gaze away from his sister's eyes. The intense look that Jazz was giving him was beginning to unsettle him.

The eldest Fenton child narrowed her eyes before a wry smirk stretched across her lips. "You're meeting up with Elsa, aren't you?"


"HA! You're blushing, so that means that you are meeting up with her!"

"I am not that easy to read." groused Danny, his pink cheeks burning bright with embarrassment.

"So, does this count as the first date?" Jazz inquired teasingly.

"Yes, yes, but don't say a word about this to Mom and Dad, okay?" the brunette answered in a quiet yet terse tone. "As far as they know, I'm just hanging out with one of my friends, and I'd like to keep it that way."

Jazz's teasing grin faltered a bit. "Come on, Danny, don't you think that you're taking all of this secretive stuff a bit too far? Sure, our parents can be a bit embarrassing, but I think that they're capable of not overreacting to their son is going on a date with another girl."

"Really? So you're telling me that you'd have no problem whatsoever in telling Mom and Dad when you start a relationship, let alone that you like another guy, after all the times they made spectacles of themselves?"

"Wha-Wha-What are you talking about Danny? Th-They're not bad. I mean, name one time when they ov-"

"Johnny 13."

"That one doesn't count!" The redhead always hated whenever she was reminded of how she became enamored with the unlucky "bad boy" biker ghost. "And if I seem to recall, you spied on me and practically egged them on."

Danny held his hands out in a placating manner as his sister shot him a stern glare. "Okay, I admit that I had a hand in riling up our folks, but this is completely different. For one thing, Elsa's not a ghost, and we were friends before we decided to start dating."

"If that's the case, then why are you being so secretive about all of this?"

"Well, when one of our parents got word that I was dating Valerie, I got to have an awkward father-son chat with Dad before he gave me a class ring to give to Sam, and I'd rather avoid experiencing something like that again."

Jazz looked confused. "Sam? Why would he-"

"Dad automatically assumed that I was dating Sam when I was with Valerie, and decided to help by ordering a class ring with her name engraved on it." Danny quickly explained. "Look, could you please just keep this between us for now? I'll tell Mom and Dad eventually after Elsa and I've had some time to get used to the idea of us being in a relationship."

Jazz pursed her lips as she contemplated her brother's words. While she still thought that he was being a bit paranoid, the redhead wasn't about to try and force him to tell his secret to their parents. After all, it was his relationship, and she had no right to interfere with his personal affairs. "Oh, alright, even though I still kind of think that you're overthinking things, I won't tell Mom and Dad."

"Thanks, sis, that's all I ask." replied Danny, before he blanched at the time displayed at the clock. "Oh geez, I gotta go Jazz, otherwise I'm gonna be late!" Without another word, the young man dashed out of the door and rushed to the meeting place. 'Okay, I should be able to make it with a few minutes to spare. There hasn't been any ghost sightings all morning, so there's a good chance that there won't be any activity for the rest of the day, and I would have ended up bringing the Fenton Thermos for nothing. Hopefully, this will be a nice day with no unexpected surprises.'

"I'm really sorry about all of this, Elsa." apologized Danny as he stuffed the Fenton Thermos into his backpack, which now contained one very troublesome ghost. It took him ten minutes to get to their agreed rendezvous point (which just so happened to be the café that they were going to visit later), but he'd managed arrive on time. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when a large, hostile ghost cobra reared its ugly head out in the open. For a brief moment, Danny had considered ignoring the serpentine specter and possibly letting his parents handle it, but his overwhelming sense of moral responsibility and Elsa's urging convinced him to dart into one of the cafe's restroom to go ghost away from prying eyes. With his past experience in dealing with the snake, the ghost boy easily managed to herd the snake away from the civilians and stun it long enough for him to capture it in his Thermos, before finally sneaking his way back to the bathroom to revert to his human form and rejoin his girlfriend. Despite how well the capture had gone down, he still felt guilty about how his unofficial heroic duties had interfered with their plans. "This day's just getting started, and I've already caused us to be late. So much our first date going off without any major difficulties." he groused as the couple started heading to the theater.

"Aw, Danny, it's not that big of a deal. If you hadn't stepped in, that ghost could've hurt a lot of people; you saved all of their lives." comforted Elsa, before her expression took on a more a sultry look. "And I wouldn't say that this was a bad start to our date. I like watching you work; I find it very heroic." she finished in a low whisper, the last two words sounding almost like a seductive purr.

Danny felt his cheeks burn brightly from her praises. He was really starting to like Elsa's new flirtatious attitude; it was like he was seeing an entirely different side to the young beauty that no one had ever seen before. "Well, I'm glad that you were pleased with the free show, milady. Fortunately for us, the fight didn't take too long. Plus, the movies here are loaded with trailers and ads. We can still make it to the movie if we bo-OOF!" The teenager had been so focused on talking to Elsa that he didn't notice the person that had walked in front of him until Danny had ran straight into the man.

"Watch where you're going, you imbe…WWWeeellllll, isn't this an unexpected surprise." The adult man's initial annoyance at being bumped into drastically changed to a more pleasant attitude. Yet for some reason, Elsa felt as if the man was merely hiding behind a façade. The adult was a tall skinny man dressed in a smart black business suit. A white undershirt was visible underneath the blazer jacket and on his feet were black pointed shoes. Completing the outfit was a red bolo tie and the small red handkerchief tucked away in the jacket's left breast pocket. The man had a full white goatee, and his grayish white hair tied in a low small ponytail. He had a pointed noise and thick black eyebrows, all of which really help draw her attention to his midnight blue eyes that were surrounded by small dark black rings. Despite the friendly air the stranger seemed to exude, Elsa couldn't help but feel somewhat uneasy with being in the man's presence.

"Funny meeting you out here of all places, isn't it, little badger?" the man continued, causing the frown on Danny's face to deepen.

"The same thing can be said about you. Shouldn't you be in the office, hard at work?" queried Danny, his snappish tone almost on the verge of being rude, leaving Elsa surprised that her boyfriend would speak to the adult in such a manner.

"I needed to make an appointment for a possible business venture in this area, and I decided that it would be more professional if I attended the meeting in person." The finely-dressed individual's gaze then shifted onto the blonde. "And who is this charming young lady?"

Finally, Elsa's curiosity couldn't be contained for much longer. "Do you know this man, Danny?"

"Um, yeah…yeah, I do." her boyfriend answered, although she could tell by his voice's strained tone that he wasn't all that comfortable being around the stranger. "Elsa, this is Vlad Masters, the mayor of Amity Park." The girl's eyes widened in disbelief at meeting the mayor in such an unexpected manner. For a brief moment she almost mentally chastised herself for not being dressed appropriately when meeting the elected government official. The one saving grace was that she didn't fully revert to her princess etiquette and dip into a formal curtsey. "Mayor…Masters, this is Elsa Smith, she's a friend from school."

Vlad's expression brightened considerably as he flashed a bright smile to the teen. "Ah, yes, the Smiths! I had heard news of a family from Arendelle moving into a house located in Amity Park's neighborhood for the more affluent citizens. So tell me, my dear, how do you like our humble little town?"

"Oh! Er…I…really like it here. It's certainly different compared to my home, but it's a nice different. Thank you for asking, Mayor Masters." Elsa answered cordially, yet her unease seemed to worsen now that the mayor's undivided attention was focused on her.

"My, such refined manners, but I guess that's to be expected from someone born and raised in Arendelle." Vlad's gaze swiveled over to Danny. "She's certainly not like your other two friends, Daniel. Speaking of which, where are those other rascals? The three of you are usually always together." His smile then morphed into a knowing smirk. "This wouldn't happen to be a date, now would it?"

Almost instantly, the teens' faces lit up in bright blushes. "NO!" they immediately answered in unison, until they realized how crazy they sounded and tried to clarify.

"We-We're just friends." explained Danny.

"R-Right, just really good friends." added Elsa.

"You don't say." The way Vlad replied clearly showed his disbelief in their hasty defense.

"Yeah, we do say. I wanted to thank Elsa for tutoring me in math class by treating her to a movie," Danny then glanced at his watch, "which we're going to miss entirely if we don't hurry. So if you excuse us, Mayor Masters, we need to really get going." Grabbing a hold of Elsa's hand, he quickly led the girl away from Vlad without another word to the mayor. The cryokinetic blonde found it somewhat troubling to see such a drastic change in Danny's behavior when they were with the government official. She had never seen him act in such a manner, even when Dash and his gang were harassing them. So why did it take only one specific person to bring about such a reaction from the normally laidback teen?

"Danny, is everything okay?" she asked with mild concern. "Why did you re-"

"I don't want to talk about it, at least not out here where anyone can listen in." Danny briskly interrupted, surprising the girl even more. "I promise that I'll explain everything about Vlad before the day ends, but can we please not talk about it right now? I don't want him to ruin things for us."

Although Elsa was a bit put off by Danny's secretive nature about the mayor, she was glad that he was at least willing to talk about it. For now, she decided that it'd be best if she put that troubling thought behind her; at least, until after the movie was over. 'At least there aren't any more distractions to get in the way.' thought the blonde. 'It should be smooth sailing from now on.'

"What do you mean you aren't selling tickets anymore?!" demanded Danny. He and Elsa were standing in front of the ticket counter, dealing one extremely unhelpful cinemas employee. He was a fellow student of Casper High that the couple had run into from time to time, but he wasn't a pleasant acquaintance by their standards. The teen had a reputation of being a grade-A asshole to every student, regardless of their "status", and was a known to work at the cinemas. Danny had hoped that the jerk wouldn't be at work today, but it was clear that they would be having no such luck. "This movie's been playing at this theater for nine days, so there's no way that you could've filled the entire theater."

The jerk smiled pleasantly at Danny, but the latter could clearly see the spite shining in the former's eyes. "I'm sorry, sir, but the 10 o'clock showing of the movie in question has already started playing, which means that we have to stop selling tickets. There's another showing at 2:30. If you'd like, you can reserve your tickets for the show in advance."

"That's too long of a wait!" argued Danny. "And besides, we're barely ten minutes late for the show. That means that the trailers are still playing and the actual movie hasn't started, so we should still be able to buy tickets for the 10 o'clock show. And even if the actual movie was playing for a couple of minutes, we still should be able to buy tickets for that time slot; we've done it plenty of times in the past."

"The other employees may have allowed you to buy tickets to an ongoing movie when they were working the front booth, however I'm not as lenient as my co-workers." The smugness in the jerk's voice was downright irritating, making Danny very tempted to overshadow the obnoxious prick and toss him around like a ragdoll. A soft hand grasping his arm stopped him from giving the teller a piece of his mind, reminding him that he was in a public space. So with a deep breath, the ghost boy calmed himself down and effectively shelved any thoughts of vengeance that were forming in his mind.

"Alright, do you have any shows that are still available at this time?"

The teller glanced at his screen, his haughty expression becoming even more infuriating to Danny. "Looks like you two are in luck. You get to choose between Our Small Horsey: The Magic of Friendship or Dusk Light: New Beginnings."

Danny colorfully cursed his luck in his mind. Because of his damnable moral compass and the abrasive prick working the ticket booth, they had missed the movie they'd intended to see and were left with the choice of seeing either a kiddie movie about cartoon horses or a terrible chick flick about vampires. Danny couldn't help but feel more and more disheartened at how badly things were turning out. He'd wanted his first date with Elsa to go off without a hitch, but everything just seemed to be going wrong.

"So what do you feel like doing?" he asked his girlfriend. Feeling responsible for their current predicament, Danny felt that Elsa should have the final say in what they did next.

"Well, I don't really feel like going to the café only to come back here four hours later. That is, if that's alright with you."

"Um, yeah, I'm okay with that. It's just that I thought that you'd want to see a better movie than what's being offered right now."

"I don't really mind that much. I mean, it's just a movie, and we can see it at another time."

Even though Danny was put off by the fact that his original plans have been upset, he was glad that Elsa was so accommodating to the unexpected changes. "Well, if it's really not that big of a deal, I'd rather watch a crappy vampire romance over talking animated horses."

"That's fine by me. Besides, I've always wanted to see how that terrible excuse of a teen romance novel was made into a movie." joked Elsa.

"Hey! You take that back!" exclaimed a thirteen-year-old girl that was standing behind the couple.

"Yeah! Dusk Light is a masterpiece that explores the deep emotional thoughts that girls everywhere experience at a personal level." added the girl's friend.

Elsa simply stared at the two Dusk Light fans in utter disbelief. Dusk Light was anything but a good novel series, and was heavily panned by several book critics. Yet for some reason the series was a huge success with the female preteen/young teenager demographic. On some odd cases, older women found the books enjoyable as well. It baffled the blonde as to how the series about an overdramatic and improbable romantic relationship did so well in the open market, but the fact that the love interests of the main "heroine" were a shirtless muscular werewolf and an immortal vampire that sparkled in the sunlight may have played important factors in the books' overall appeal. Her gaze shifted from "offended fans" back to Danny, silently asking him if he could believe what they'd just heard.

"Eh, these two aren't so bad. Trust me, there are far more obsessive Duskies out there, and those are never pleasant sights to see." said Danny as he paid for the tickets. The ghost boy ignored the angry glares that the two girls shot towards him as he led the girl into the building. "Man, it's just one thing after another, isn't it? Even though I'm going to sound like a broken record, I'm really sorry about messing up our plans. I'm starting to regret ever getting involved with that damned cobra."

"Danny, it's okay; really, it is." reassured Elsa. "There was no way that you could've known that jerk was going to be working the ticket booth, or that he was going to be such an ass. Let's not let him ruin everything, and at least try to enjoy the movie."

The young man quirked an eyebrow in confusion. "Even if it involves vampires that sparkle in the sunlight?"

"Actually, yes. Maybe if I see the book in movie form, then I'll finally understand why this drivel is so popular."

"It does sound more intriguing when you describe it that way," chuckled Danny as they made their way to the concession stand, "but I'm paying for snacks to make up for missing our original movie, and I won't take no for an answer." Elsa didn't say a word, knowing that he'd stubbornly insist no matter what she said. In the end, they bought two boxes of candy, two large soft drinks, and a large bucket of popcorn for them to share. "And besides, if the so-called plot is too terrible, we can always ad-lib it."

"Ad-lib it?" asked Elsa, following the Fenton teen towards the entrance that lead to the numerous theaters. "How do you ad-lib a movie?"

"You've heard of those comedians who got famous for making commentaries on bad movies, right?" Danny waited until Elsa nodded before continuing. "We're basically going to be doing that. It's actually really fun, my friends and I do it all the time when we watch horrible movies; it makes them more bearable to sit through."

"Well, I don't really have that much experience with ad-libbing, so your commentary will probably be a lot better than mine. But if all else fails, there is one other way that we could distract ourselves from the abysmal plot." hinted Elsa, her voice dropping a few octaves just as they walked into the theater.

"Are you implying what I think you're implying?" The sly smirk that Danny had on his face was easily visible in the dimly-lit viewing room. He led Elsa to the upmost row of seats so that they'd be away from prying eyes. He figured that his girlfriend would want to watch the movie without her cosmetic glasses getting in the way, which made the location all the more favorable.

"I do believe that I am, Danny." The grin on the normally quiet and polite girl was downright devious, which made the ghostly teen's heart beat faster for a brief moment. He couldn't help but feel amazed at how Elsa was coming more and more out of her shell when they were alone together. While she was making progress with their circle of friends, the changes were definitely more noticeable when it was just the two of them.

They'd just gotten themselves situated in their seats when the room's lights dimmed and the trailers began to play. "Ugh, I forgot that old movies come with old trailers, so we get to see a preview of what's already out." jested brunette. Elsa simply slipped off her glasses and stored them in her purse, before she gently gripped her boyfriend's hand. Turning to see what his girlfriend wanted, his lips were quickly sealed in a passionate kiss. Caught by surprise by the blonde's unexpected show of affection, he nonetheless kissed her back with as much passion that she was expressing. When they finally broke for air, he could still feel the heavenly sensation buzzing through his lips.

"Not that I'm complaining," began Danny, "but what exactly was that for?"

"That was for all of the times I wanted to kiss you yesterday. There were so many opportunities, but there was always something or someone getting in the way." Elsa then swooped in to plant another kiss on him. "That was for you dropping everything at a moment's notice to prevent a ghost-related catastrophe."

"Really, now? Most girls would be pissed if their date ever pulled something like that." chortled Danny with a raised brow.

Elsa giggled. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm nothing like most girls." At the moment, the excited chatter from majority of the audience grew louder, indicating that the feature film was finally starting. "Guess we've reached the point of no return, huh?"

"It would appear so." whispered Danny. They watched silently as the title of the movie faded into view against the black background, much to the delight of the countless female fans that made up the majority of the viewing audience. "Alright, so ad-libbing is all about waiting for the right moment to add to the dialogue without any preparation beforehand; sort of like improvising. You can say anything that's on your mind, like what you think the characters are actually thinking in their minds, or just point out something painfully obvious in the plot. Here, I'll show you."

The couple turned their attention back to the screen, which was zooming in on a large wooden house with a wheelchair ramp situated in a wooded area. The light rain, small mist, and the dark stormy clouds helped make the scene exceptionally dreary. Suddenly, a muscular teenage boy tore out of the front door. He looked especially distressed as he ran into the woods, his paraplegic father wheeling down the ramp after his son.

'Jason? Jason!'

"Jason, come back and take your flea bath!"


Elsa barely managed to hold back the laugh that nearly escaped her mouth, but she was at the very least able to disguise her loud snicker as a cough. She just couldn't help herself, the comment was timed mere moments before the angsty teen took off his shirt and transformed into his werewolf form, which only made it seem even funnier. As the father was picking up what Jason had dropped on the ground, Danny decided to strike again.

"Oh, those bloody smug vampires, they actually had the nerve to laminate these damn wedding invitations."

That time the platinum blonde couldn't help but giggle. The Duskies that were sitting around them, however, didn't really appreciate the disturbance and quickly made their displeasure apparent. Ignoring the angry glares and loud shushing, the couple simply grinned and turned their attention back to the film.

One hour and Fifty-Seven Minutes Later; at Jitter's

"Aw, man, can you believe that the producers actually thought that it would be a good idea to make a movie out of any of the Dusk Light books?" laughed Danny as he and Elsa sat at one of the outdoor tables.

"I know!" giggled Elsa. "Even though we just sat through such a travesty, my mind is still trying to accept such an idea." Throughout the entire movie, the couple ad-libbed several pieces of dialogue and internal thoughts to make the movie more enjoyable for them. Of course, they also made sure to take a few minutes to catch their breaths and silently "watch" the movie so as not to agitate the rest of the audience enough for them to call in an usher. Being thrown out of the theater was not something they wanted to experience. They'd even managed to sneak in a few brief make-out sessions throughout the film. Even though both teens had no problem showing affection for one another, they were still at the "awkward" phase of a relationship, considering that one had very limited experience when it came to dating and the other had never been on a date until just recently; that was something that the couple intended to fix in the future. Needless to say, several Duskies left the theater very annoyed with their antics, but the couple took no notice; they were too busy laughing and joking about what they'd seen all the way to the café. "I still can't believe how Mella decided on a name for her child. IT was just crazy, right?"

"Yeah! Let's give her a name that's a combination of my mom's name and the island where she was conceived. That is such an original name for a girl. I can only imagine the living hell that poor girl would experience when it comes time to start school. Can you imagine if that baby was conceived on Alcatraz? And what about when Mella was giving birth to the kid, and her husband performed that emergency C-section with his fangs of all things?"

"Oh, don't even get me started on that! As if turning vampires into emotionally-bland immortals that sparkle in broad daylight wasn't insulting enough, but now their fangs can double as emergency surgical scalpels? The author of these books really has no idea what vampires are supposed to be like, does she?"

At that moment, the couple couldn't hold back their mirth any longer. A few of the other patrons glanced towards the duo in surprise as they laughed loudly at the absurdity that was Dusk Light: New Beginnings, before they finally returned back to their own business. The couple eventually got themselves back under control, slightly winded yet still smiling broadly.

"Re-Regardless, deplorable plot aside, I actually had a lot of fun watching a Dusk Light movie of all things." the platinum blonde said in between giggles, all the while making sure she didn't spill her vanilla latte.

"So did I, but we won't have to go through that again any time soon. Hopefully, we won't run into that jerk again; having to deal with him at school is bad enough." A comfortable silence fell upon the couple, which gave them the chance to catch their breath and gather their thoughts. Eventually, it was Danny who started the conversation up again.

"So…er, Elsa…um, what's your favorite hobby?" The ghostly teen flinched once he replayed the question in his mind. "I'm sorry, that must have sounded awkward didn't it? It's this embarrassingly bad habit of mine. Whenever I get nervous, I end up putting my foot in my mouth and just say something stupid."

"Oh, I don't know, it can't be as embarrassing as speaking in English one minute to suddenly switching to Norwegian whenever you're stressed out about something."

Danny's eyes widened slightly in surprise. "No way, you can speak Norwegian?" His visage then took on an expression of brief realization. "Oh, wait, of course you can; you were only born and raised in Arendelle. There I go again, foot into mouth." he joked. "But seriously, you can actually speak fluent Norwegian?"

"Selvfølgelig kan jeg, min kjekke helten.*" was Elsa's smooth reply.

"That is so cool, even though I have no idea what you just said." Elsa smirked as she made a "come hither" motion with her index finger. Once he was close enough, the platinum blonde whispered the English translation of her previous statement, leaving Danny's cheeks quite flushed when he sat back down. "Oh. Wow, that's quite impressive. Tell me more; I want to know more about the amazing Elsa Smith; the sort of things that no one knows yet."

This time, it was Elsa's turn to blush. "Well, let's see. You already know of my cool abilities and sweet tooth for chocolate, so those don't really count. I can say that even though my sister and I were home-schooled for the majority of lives, but we've done a lot more than just study. I've taken piano lessons since I was ten, learned to ride a horse when I turned thirteen, my favorite pastime is ice skating, and I was born on December 21st."

"December 21st? Isn't that the date of some sort of solstice or something?"

"Yes, the winter solstice to be specific."

"How fitting." chuckled Danny, making a personal note to remember that date for the future. "Special birthdays aside, you've lived quite the life, huh? Learning how to ride a horse, being able to play the piano, ice skating; it's like you've done just about everything in your childhood."

Elsa giggled at her boyfriend's words. "Well, I wouldn't go as far as say that I've done everything a teen would want to do. There were times where I wanted nothing more than to walk through the streets and just interact with other people, but my problem prevented me from doing that. I practically spent the majority of my life in our house, watching events take place from afar."

"Wait, you mean you never left your home for the first fourteen years of your life? Not even once?"

"Well, no, it wasn't as like I was under house arrest. There were a few occasions where the entire family went to special events held in Arendelle, like the Winter Frost Festival, but we always had a security detail that followed us everywhere. On top of that, on the rare chance that I did get to interact with people my own age, they turned out to be arrogant, self-centered idiots. In many ways, Anna truly was the only real friend that I ever had before I moved to the states." The cryokinetic blonde had to resist the urge to grimace from that all too familiar sense of guilt gnawing at her conscious, only now it felt far worse now that she was still telling half-truths to Danny. "But enough about me, tell me more about you."

"Me? Well, I'm not sure that I can compete against you, Ms. Arendelle." Danny teased warmly. "For starters, it's been my lifelong dream to become an astronaut, I happen to bowl with a 150 average, and I'm privileged to know first-hand that the whole comic book teen superhero lifestyle is not for the faint of heart."

"And on top of that, you seem to know the mayor of Amity Park on a personal level." Elsa quickly noticed how Danny's expression darkened at the mention of the man they'd met earlier that day. "I take it that's not a good thing, correct?"

"That's putting it mildly." sighed Danny, making the blonde regret bringing up such a subject.

"If it's too much of a sore subject, then we don't have to talk about. I'm sorry if I ac-"

"No, no, it's alright. Besides, I did promise you that we'd talk about him later. It's just that I've never really told other people about this, so I guess I just don't know where to start." He paused to take a sip of his iced coffee before he continued on. "To be frank, Vlad Masters is the first of my kind; the original human/ghost hybrid."

He would've laughed at the sight of his girlfriend performing the classic spit-take if the conversation's topic wasn't so serious. The brunette patiently waited as she cleared her airways, already having a notion of what she was about to say next.

"What?!" she exclaimed, before lowering her tone. "You mean that Mayor Masters has the same powers as you?! But that doesn't…I mean, it's just…how did it happen? When did it happen?"

"I guess I should probably start from the beginning, huh?" Taking a deep breath, he continued. "Before I was even born, before my parents got married, they were best friends with Vlad when they were still attending college. The three of them worked together on creating an experimental prototype of the ghost portal. One day they were getting ready to finally turn the thing on, when that fateful accident happened. While Vlad was inspecting the machine, my dad prematurely turned it on without knowing that it wasn't properly calibrated and the vital ecto-purifier solution hadn't been added. As a result, the machine malfunctioned and fired concentrated ectoplasm straight at Vlad's face."

Elsa gasped in shock, her hand covering her mouth to muffle the sound she made. She couldn't even comprehend the pain the man experienced during such a terrible accident.

"I know; not a pleasant thing to think about, is it?" he sighed. "Even though Vlad survived, he was forever changed from the accident. The blast gave him a horrible case of ecto-acne, a skin condition that not only severely weakened Vlad to the point he was close to dying, but also gave him ghost powers. After the incident, the guy practically disappeared off of the face of the Earth as he tried to find a cure for his condition, as well as experiment and hone his newfound powers. Once he finally cured himself of his skin condition, he started to use his ghost powers to make himself stinking rich; he soon had his own luxurious mansion in Wisconsin and even tried to buy the entire Packers football team on several occasions. Then one day, my sister and I were dragged to our parents' college reunion, which just so happened to be hosted by none other than Vlad Masters at his mansion. It was at that very reunion where we both became aware that we weren't the only ones with ghost powers. On top of that, I learned that Vlad, or Vlad Plasmius as he called his ghost half, had been sending other ghosts to attack my dad in order to test him, not knowing that I was the one who fought off every single ghost that he sicced on Amity Park."

He took a breath to clear his thoughts. "Once our alter egos were exposed, Vlad tried to convince me into joining forces with him. He said that he could teach me everything that he learned in regards to his ghost powers, and all that I would have to do was renounce my father. I flat out refused his offer, which started this long secret feud between us that has lasted for over a year. Since then, we've constantly butted heads whenever he tried to enact one of his schemes. Most of these plots involved him using the Ghost Zone for his own profit, humiliating my dad in public, trying to seduce my mom to his side, attempting to convince me into becoming his pupil, or sometimes a mix of all four. Whenever I intervened on his plans, we almost always ended up fighting; a majority of the times his years of training gave him the edge to soundly beat me. And if that wasn't bad enough, he just so happens to also be the elected mayor of my home town, a position which he'd won by using his ghost powers to cheat in the election."

Elsa just sat still for a moment, trying to process everything that Danny had explained. "I…I can hardly believe all of this. I mean, that's…I don't even know how…all this just seems so surreal. How many people know about Pl-I mean Masters' alter ego?"

"Aside from us, only Sam, Tucker, and my sister Jazz. Most of the citizens are cautious of him being mayor, and my mom can't stand being in the same room with him for extended periods of time, but then again just about any woman would feel the same way if that creep constantly flirted with her in front of her family."

"And what about your dad?"

Danny sighed tiredly, taking particular interest in his hands. "Unfortunately, he's completely oblivious of Vlad's true intentions. I don't know whether he's really that clueless, or because he just can't imagine seeing his old friend in such a bad light. Either way, it makes keeping that psycho at bay difficult knowing that my dad will fully support any of Vladdy's ideas."

"That's…pretty rough. It must be unsettling to be around Vlad in his human form, knowing what he's capable of and that you can't do anything without drawing unwanted attention to yourself."

"That's the basic gist of it." Danny then gazed directly into Elsa's eyes. "He hasn't had any interactions with your family, has he?"

It took Elsa a second to realize who he was referring to. "Oh! No, he hasn't yet. Today was the first time that I've met Mayor Masters."

"Are absolutely you sure? Did your mom meet any house inspectors that showed up unannounced or something?"

"No, nothing like that at all. Where exactly are you going with all of this?" She was beginning to feel worried with how serious he was sounding. Was her family already in serious danger from the moment they moved into their home?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. It's just…It's just that Vlad is the type of person who will go to any lengths to get what he wants, no matter the consequences. He'll use anything or anyone to reach his goals, and then thoughtlessly throw his pawns away once he's done with them. The guy's an obsessive, manipulative, power-hungry monster, and I could never forgive myself if he managed to sink his claws into you or your family." he explained while gently grasping Elsa's hand. The blonde was slightly taken aback by her boyfriend's actions, finding the dead serious tone and slightly frightened expression in his eyes somewhat troubling.

"Danny, don't worry. I promise you that I'll be extra careful around the mayor from now on, and make sure that my family has as little contact with him as possible. So please work yourself into a heart attack from worrying about me, okay?" She gave his hand a gentle reassuring squeeze to bring her beau's mind back to more pleasant thoughts. The unsung teen hero looked up to meet her gaze, noticing her beautiful caring smile. Just gazing into her kind glacial blue eyes was all that it took for Danny to feel all of his tension and unease slowly melt away, giving way to a calmer and more relaxed sensation.

"Alright, if you insist, Elsa." agreed the ghost boy.

"Good!" chirped the blonde. "Because let's face it, you've already got your hands full with all of your other duties, Mr. Hero." The couple couldn't help but laugh at the inside joke, causing the other patrons to stare at them in confusion.

As she stared up at the ceiling, Elsa couldn't help but replay everything that happened as she laid on her bed. Even though there were a few hiccups and mishaps, she'd really enjoyed spending the day with her boyfriend and definitely wanted to do it again in the near future. After Danny had walked her home, she felt so exhilarated that she found it difficult not to smile. Her cheery disposition also made her practice sessions a lot easier; it seemed as if the hour flashed by in mere seconds. Thankfully, she was able to calm down from her euphoria in time for dinner, otherwise she was sure that her family would start asking questions that she wasn't ready to answer yet.

Anna quickly started interrogating her the moment she sat down at the table, curious as to where she'd been all day. The blonde simply answered that she'd been invited to spend the day with one of her friends; she was both surprised and relieved at how easily her sister had accepted her answer. Her mother didn't ask for any details about her "outing" at any point of the dinner conversations, but the knowing smiles that the woman sent her way made the cryokinetic princess somewhat nervous. It was if she knew exactly what happened on her date, which made it even more embarrassing for her to be in the queen's presence. She felt much more at ease after she had excused herself from the table, and retreated into the confines of her bedroom to be alone with her thoughts.

Yet despite all of her pleasant memories, Elsa's mind continuously drifted back to one specific person: Mayor Vlad Masters. It was alarming to think that there was another human ghost living in Amity Park, and that said human ghost was practically Danny's arch nemesis. The way that her boyfriend described the man was unsettling as she contemplated the implications of the threat that the sociopath posed to the world. With his vast wealth and position as mayor, Vlad Masters could have easy access to information about certain people or objects that caught his interest, and then use said information to his advantage. And if his plans were obstructed by the law, then Vlad Plasmius could just use his ghostly abilities to easily complete his goals. Furthermore, the fact that Plasmius was capable of taking control over people by overshadowing them, and could then expand his influence by using that power in conjunction with his duplication ability, frightened her to no end. Her parents had given her several lectures about the types of unscrupulous politicians and delegates that she would eventually encounter once she inherited the Arendellean throne, as well as every possible trick or strategy they would use to their advantage, but they'd never once mentioned anything about potential criminal masterminds that could easily cover their tracks or hire ghosts to do their dirty work for them. The mere thought of dealing with such a character filled her with trepidation.


Her cell phone's text alert snapped Elsa out of her musings. Grabbing the device from where it lay next to her, she opened the new message and saw that is was from Danny.

[Hey! How r u?]

She felt a small smile stretch across her face as she replied. [Hi! I'm doing fine. What's up?]

A reply followed shortly after. [Check ur bedroom balcony.]

One of her brows quirked in confusion at the vague message. Nonetheless, she followed the instructions and turned to gaze out of her balcony door's window. At first she couldn't see anything through the night's sky that blanketed all of Amity Park, until two neon green eyes appeared in midair just a few feet away from the balcony's railing, followed shortly by Danny's entire body. Elsa gawked at the sight in front of her before she quickly unlocked the door and bolted out to the balcony.

"Hey, Gorgeous." said Danny, a flirtatious smile on his face.

"Danny, what are you doing here?!" Elsa whispered tersely. "This the time my mother usually activates the anti-ghost security system! If you're here when she turns it on, you'll be fried by the system's weapons!"

"Normally, you'd be right, but not this time." replied the ghost boy. "My dad is on the phone with your mom, walking her through the installation of a new systems update for the entire security system. While this process usually takes about a half hour to be completed, it'll take at least twice as long with my dad explaining the directions."

"Okay, but that doesn't really explain why you're out here in the middle of the night."

"Well, do I really need a reason to pay my girlfriend a surprise late night visit before going out on patrol?" A bright blush blossomed across her cheeks as she giggled at her beau's antics. It was like she was reliving that notorious balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, only it felt more amazing since she was the girl experiencing the moment first-hand, and they weren't talking in that confusing Shakespearian dialect.

"While I appreciate the spontaneous romantic gesture, is that really the reason you're here?"

"For the most part, but I did want to stop by and make sure that you were alright. You seemed kind of stressed when I told you about Plasmius."

A soft grimace formed on Elsa's visage at that comment. "Am I really that easy to read?"

"Not really, but I've learned to recognize whenever something's bothering you." Danny's gaze grew concerned and somewhat guilty. "Look, I'm sorry if what I said upset you in any way; that wasn't my intention at all. I-"

"Danny, it's alright." interjected Elsa. "I wasn't completely terrified of what I've learned, just a little stunned to learn that there's more to the mayor than meets the eye. I know first-hand that people have deep personal secrets that they keep hidden away from other people, but I never imagined that Vlad's would be so sinister and dangerous."

The ghost boy floated closer, his hands resting on the balcony. "Elsa, I swear to you that I'll do everything to keep you and your family safe. And I'm not just talking about that cretin Plasmius; whether it's Skulker, Technus, Ember, Spectra or even the Box Ghost, I swear that I'll do everything in my power to protect you."

Elsa was surprised by the sudden conviction in Danny's voice. She'd never seen the teen act so serious in the short time that she'd come to know him, and it was a complete reversal of his normal laid-back attitude. Yet for some reason, she knew that he meant every word of his promise. Just by gazing into his eyes she felt as if a massive uncomfortable weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and the dread that was festering in the pit of her stomach was slowly replaced with a calming sense of peace.

"Do you make such sincere promises to every frightened pretty girl you meet?" she teased, stepping closer to the railing and placing her left hand on top of his right one.

Danny's serious expression gave way to a more flirtatious one. "That's a perk reserved only for you. And besides, out of all the girls that I've seen, none of them can compete against the beauty that's standing right in front of me."

The blonde giggled as she leaned in closer to claim her beau's lips in a loving kiss, her right hand gently cradling his left cheek. The ghost boy was momentarily surprised by the sudden action, but wasted no time in matching her affection. After the need for air became too much to ignore, the two finally parted.

"Promise me that you'll be careful out there, alright?" requested Elsa.

"Of course; anything for you." smiled Danny, his eyes briefly glancing towards the house's lower floor. "As much as I'd like to stay longer, I should really get going. There's good chance that my mom took over from my dad, and the system upgrade could nearly be finished."

"Well, we can't have that, now can we?" she joked. "Good night, Danny."

"Good night, Elsa." Pushing off of the railing, Danny slowly ascended up into the night's sky and then raced off into the night sky. Elsa simply watched until he disappeared from view before walking back into her room. As the girl prepared for bed, she couldn't help but think about how her current relationship was nothing like the ones that she saw on television, let alone any of the potential "normal" ones that regular couples had. Regardless, it was that same abnormality that made what she and Danny had all the more appealing.

Norwegian-English translations:

*Gud fordømte det: "God Damn It!"

*Selvfølgelig kan jeg, min kjekke helten: "Of course I can, my handsome hero."