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Matt sat scowling as Mello used plastic gloved hands to none-too-gently massage a browning goo into his hair. Matt being unhappy was the understatement of the year. Had the situation been different—and the fumes not stinking up the apartment—he might have thought a bit more on why Mello had volunteered to do this for him; rather than send him off to the bathroom to fend for himself with the use of a mirror.

As it was, his thoughts were stuck on one singular fact: Dye was being applied to his previous mop of dark auburn hair.

He may have been made fun of when he was younger for his unique hair color, but he learned to love it. And never once had he deemed it necessary to mess with it.

Even out of Wammys Matt had never had the notion to change his hair, style it in any way or really do anything other than brush it. And that was only when he remembered—in his defense it was usually only forgotten if he'd not had his coffee quota for the morning.

Point was, now he had to get rid of it.

And he was not happy.

Still, he sat through the process without a single word. Waited the half hour, rinsed, allowed Mello to massage in the creamer and then took a shower to get that out of his hair. He blow dried his hair with eyes closed and only opened the bathroom door after Mello's boot connected with it, yelling "What the hell is taking you?"

With the door open and the steam flowing out, Matt wiped the mirror down with his towel and stared at his reflection. He ran fingers through the now dry brown locks and his frown deepened. He really, really hated Kira right now. And Linda.

"It's not so bad, Matt." Mello tried, wincing a bit as his eyes roamed the dye-job.

Right, like Matt would believe him.

"How is it I have to change mine and yours is as blond as ever?" He grit out. He was trying not to snap, he really was.

"Because i'm Mello." -and the blond sauntered from the bathroom leaving Matt flabbergasted.

Just wait, Matt thought venomously, you will gets yours when you sleep; and you do have to sleep at some point.

"Oh, and I left your contacts on the kitchen table. Best put them on Matty-dear." Mello called sweetly from wherever in the apartment he was.

Matt took one last look at his green eyes and his shoulders slumped in defeat.

His life sucked.




AN: So this little drabble was spawned by the supposed 10th anniversary of DN (and my Mello, MelMat, who suggested i write a drabble dealing with this); it had a web page count down until march 3rd and then it would reveal something(s) for the fans. ("Touch this note and your memory will revive") Well it was a let down for the most part, but there is the fact that they will be re-releasing the manga. In full color. Not some random pages in the front or back. Full color.

And as stated in How to read: 13, Matt has brown hair and blue eyes. But that has never stopped fans before, and will not now! I am from some of the first generation of DN fans (waiting for weekly hard subs as the anime was being released in japan, having already read the manga I could get my fingers on) and somehow we gave him red hair and green eyes. :D

This is my nod to cannon, but the ONLY way Matt will have brown hair, and blue eyes.

~gami, out.