This story has more than one POV but you will know it. I wrote a story called the Snark, Emma's burn on the Scrubs board. This is a continuation of that.


I have some idea what I want to do with my life. My dad wants me to be a neurosurgeon and my mom says it is up to me but I know she hopes that I will keep medicine going in the family. I mean why my brother Zach couldn't keep it going, I don't know. I adore Zach. He is eight and I am 16. I am a senior in high school. I attend the ? Academy. Both Cam and Spencer attend as well as Lila and Joss. Both are my friends although, Joss is more of a frenemy. She lives with her father and I truly believe he helped her become a better person.

Cam, Lila, and Spencer are my best friends. Spencer moved back to Port Charles when his father married Sarah Webber who at some point wanted to be married to him anyway. They had met in Rome and an unlit flame was ignited. Somehow Lucky and Liz remarried but things are no longer awkward the past is left in the past. As twisted as it is. He has been hanging with us since.

Lila is an honorary Scorpio since my uncle married her mother. Yes it is odd. With Frisco back in town and settled down he and Felicia got back together and to be honest it pissed me off. I didn't speak to her for a year. No one could convince me otherwise.

My parents are back together but things are looking rocky. I don't what is going on but I do know AJ Quartermaine has something to do with it. He and my mom have been spending a lot of time together but she would never cheat, right? They are great parents. They have high expectations for us but still we don't feel too much pressure. My biggest problem is my dad allowing me to live so called life. The deal was at 16 I could date. Hell I will be going to college in the fall. I chose Harvard to be away from him and he said that he was considering moving the family to Boston. Since I am a minor I need supervision. But sometimes I sense his guilt and I also feel guilt of my own as he and my mom drift further apart.

The thing is Lisa faked her death many years ago. Then she came back as Dr. Britt Westbourne. She was obsessed with our family but after Lucky helped bring my mother home she backed off but just until we let our guard down. She kidnapped me. She was caught and arrested and three months ago was released. Years of pent up fury exploded like nothing I had ever seen from my mother. I don't blame her. I learned the awful truth about Lisa and my father for that matter and I am disgusted. I am also conflicted because one thing I do know is that he adores me and Zach.

So tonight my boys and I are going to rock the spring fling concert. It is a fund raiser for community outreach that us teens put together. We sell tickets and carwashes. You know your girl, Emma Drake organized it. It is not as extravagant as the ball but we couldn't be so artistically free at the ball. This concert was in protest of that. Times had changed. I peek out from behind the curtain. My parents are in the audience. Michael Quartermaine is letting us use his club.

You should also know that I have taken many dance lessons over the years but competitive dancing like in the movie step up is my favorite but my dad hates it. Emma Drake making all kinds of statements tonight. Besides that title of my story is my so called life. It is named that because my Mommy and I love the show. My parent's marriage is questionable. My brother Nol is adorable but nerve-wracking. I also have my very own Jordan in Brandon Baker. However I caught him and Joss in the back of his truck. She should have had more class than that. Cam has just had his heart broken by Kelly Lawson. She is a college freshman but she is the same age as Cam. I know she cheated on him for some guy who turned pro football. Whoochie, I hated girls like that. He said he was over it but based on his performance, one I would cameo on, I wasn't so sure about that. He throws his arm around me.

"You ready Pip?" I look at him. Cam and I are almost the same height when I am wearing pumps. He is taller than Lucky but not as tall as my dad. I am taller than my mom but her height is mixed in so I am about 5'6 to Cam's '5'10. His style is real laid back, jeans and a tee shirt. He has curly dark brown locks with dark eyes. His face is marred in a permanent frown almost when he is thinking which is all of the time. I had a mini-crush on him when I was in eighth grade. I know that I am supposed to marry Spencer but my plan is to sow my oats first. High school romance never lasts.

Cameron sees me as his little buddy so needless to say that my crush went unnoticed. He calls me pipsqueak. I am adorable but I am skinny and a little underdeveloped. Well let's face it. I am not going to have big boobs. Look at my mom and grandma. It is the genes but I am bootylicious. Yes there is that Drake arrogance, a girl cannot help it. I am the perfect blend of my parents Cameron repeats himself and I snap out of my flashback and self-adoration.

"I am ready but this is going to be so bad for you." He shrugged. He had found out that Lucky wasn't his father. He was having a serious crisis of identity and decided to embarrass his parents much the same way he had been when he learned who his father really was.

"Cam Luck is your father in every way that counts. He doesn't deserve this." He considers what I said for a split second then moves his arm effectively dismissing me. "He has been there for you Cam." Cam clenched his jaw.

"Except for when he wasn't like when he left on Christmas Eve. Look Pip, I need to do this and it is more about Kelly than them. Are you in or out?" I had some things to say to Brandon so I was in big time.


Here we go folks. I watch as he starts the performance.

Chapter 1

Cameron stepped on to the stage with his band. He looked around at the crowd. He found who he was looking for then flashed her a killer Colgate smile. He didn't smile a lot but when he did it lit up his face. The music plays.

"Kids cover your ears. Parents I have the artistic freedom to sing how I feel and this is how I feel. What's Kel." He grinned as the music started and he did an intro as a guitar solo. Then he started in.

I left my girl back home
I don't love her no more
And she'll never fucking know that
These fucking eyes that I'm staring at
Let me see that ass
Look at all this cash
And I emptied out my cards too
Now I'm fucking leaning on that[/i]

He strummed the guitar then put it down and took the mic while the band continued to play he danced a lot showing that he felt the words.

Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shame
Bring the drugs, baby, I could bring my pain
I got my heart right here
I got my scars right here
Bring the cups baby, I could bring the drank
Bring your body baby, I could bring you fame
That's my muthafucking word, too
Just let me muthafucking love you

Listen ma I'll give you all I got
Get me offa this, I need confidence in myself
Ohhh yea
Listen ma, I'll give you all of me
Give me all of it, I need all of it to myself
Woahhh ohhh

So tell me you love me
Only for tonight, Even though you don't love me (Only for tonight)
Just tell me you love me
I'll give you what I need, I'll Give you what I feind
(Even though you don't love me) [/i]
Emma walked out on the stage wearing a wig and dressed similar to Kelly's style as she danced.

Let me see you dance
I love to watch you dance
Take you down another level
Get you dancing with the Devil
Take a shot of this
But I'm warning you
I'm on that shit that you can't smell, baby
So, put down your perfume

Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shame
Bring the drugs, baby, I could bring my pain
I got my heart right here
I got my scars right here
Bring the cups baby I could bring the drank
Bring your body baby, I could bring you fame
That's my muthafucking words to you
So let me muthafucking love you [/i]

I moved forward then pulled off my wig and coat revealing my swag. "Emma Drake everybody." He smiled as I yelled remix.

[i]Want my body baby so you can bring the pain.
Give you my body baby you bring the shame
no you don't mothereffing love me

I know you don't love me

You want all of me.. All of this
But I am off of this I got confidence in myself

I don't need you to love me
Don't want you to love me

See you lost your chance

Now on I'm on a higher level
So I won't hanging with the Devil
Take a shot of this
But I'm warning you
I'm on that shit that you can't fade
thought you was just pimping

And in the end you got played [/i] I danced to the beat as I sang.

[I ] You want all of me when you want but then

You don't even know but I

I saw you banging my friend.

That was some ish right there

Thought I'd never go no where

But I will tell you right here

No apology not a one damn thing

Don't want nothing from you

Cause I don't muthafuckin love you


Cam joined in making it a duet as we sang and danced

[b] Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shame[/b]

Can't have my body baby you can't bring the pain.

[b]Bring the drugs, baby, I could bring my pain
I got my heart right here
I got my scars right here

We rocked it earning applause from the kids our age but they knew not to meet the eyes of our parents. So we rushed off stage. My performance was coming up after the next performance which was Joss doing a cheer routine. I think the blonde one is trying to steal my thunder. Joss came back stage to talk to me.

"Emma it wasn't like that. We were drunk and I never meant to let things get out of hand. I was testing him." I ignored the bitch. Whatever she was always taking my cast offs but Brandon was different and she knew it. I couldn't believe I had actually become her friend. I was determined to end the vendetta because she loved Brenda, Jax and Alec. Our mother's problems didn't need to carry over into the next generation.

"She needs to get ready Joss." Cam said protectively. He had been there when I had cried, well my version of crying which was to sit in total silence then listen to some loud rap music or classical. Cam always found my coping mechanisms odd. I hated tears and hadn't cried since I was a child. Still Cam had this way of reading me. He said that my facial expressions and my eyes betrayed me every time, another imperfection in the perfect girl. Still lying took too much effort. I don't see the point.

The stage was dark as the dancers took their spots. Then the music played over the speakers.

"I know what boys like. I know what they want." My recording sang then laughed. "Kidding dad."

My voice narrated the performance while the dancer's stood still. "The battle never ends. I mean what boys think is so swoon worthy about baggy pants. I don't need to see your underwear. Hell some of them aren't even clean. What is so swoon worthy about a player? Are we desperate to be drawn to the unattainable? I have news ladies, he ain't unattainable that is the game, see. My biggest pet peeve the double standard. A girl sleeps around and she is a slut. A girl wants to date and daddy lays down the law but when his son wants to date he shoves him out the door. What if women were more like men?"

The music played and the dancers separate onto opposing sides. The men on one side and the girls on the other but me I am disguised as a boy. We dance to Like a Boy and I approach the girls on the stage acting like how I felt when dudes approached women but conveyed through dance. Then the music pauses and my narration says "New Beat! I am an equal opportunity competitor anything they can do we can do. Battle on!" The music starts and Usher's My Way plays and I can see that my parents are impressed. This fuels that Drake arrogance and I show off doing my break dance moves. When it was over there was a team hug.

"I want to thank Team Bricks from the Out Reach center. Your donation helps to foster art programs and to keep kids like me actively engaged in the community." I waved then made an exit with the team. I thanked the group then made a mad dash for the exit. Cam opened the door to his car from the driver's and I hopped in. He peeled off.

"How are you going to get out of this?" I grinned.

"I may have accidentally on purpose left my cell phone at the table." He chuckled. "Hey if I am going to get grounded may as well make it count. Where are we headed?" Cam sighed.

"Wyndemere. Port Charles is a small town but Spence has a credit card and his own bat cave that he has managed to keep a secret." I just shook my head.

"Let's go Robin." I teased and he just rolled his eyes.

Cam led me down the secret tunnel and passage ways. "So you two like share everything?" I look at him.

"Em, Spence is still eighteen and you are 16 and just barely. Technically you have to be 17 for him to think about you in that way." I frown.

"Technically I will be in November and besides that I am going to Yale in the fall." He thought I was going to Harvard. "I was just being rebellious." He laughed.

"I think you like making waves in your perfect little life." I bristle at that because my life is far from perfect. He bumps my shoulder with his.

"Compared to most you have a pretty perfect life." I look at him.

"Barring paternity issues of the past and covert ops, you know the whole Spencer thing your life is pretty perfect." He laughed out loud.

"Remember when you panicked about my mom and your dad hooking up?" I shook my head not needing a reminder.

"Hey man after Lisa kidnapped me I was a little paranoid. I didn't trust men and woman as friends." He chuckled.

"Having a Maxie in your life doesn't help does it?" I put my hands on my hips. I adore Maximista.

"Maxie is wonderful." Cam laughed.

"A wonderful airhead who is as about as deep as a mud puddle." I punch him in the arm. "Ouch." He dead panned. He doesn't know that I am trained by my bad ass grandma and the male Scorpios. I could take him.

"I will have you know that air as you call it is actually a pretty sharp mind at work." He shrugged as if to say 'if you say so'.

"So is Spence still at the concert?" Cameron nodded.

"I figured that we needed to make a run for it fast if we were to enjoy the last moments of freedom. Damn we shouldn't have done this so close to senior prom." I shrug.

"Look Em, I don't have Kelly and Brandon is a jerk. If we don't find dates a month before we will go together and if one of us finds a date and the other doesn't then we will still go together." I smile.

"Ooh we could tell some tawdry lie. You know drop a hint and let their imaginations run wild." He shook his head as he opened the door to the cave by entering a code.

"You are a bad influence. I don't know why I hang out with you pip." I snort at that.

"Please you just had me cursing up there on stage." He laughed at that.

"You cursed because you wanted to. Patrick will think that I have been turning you out all of these years." I look at him not knowing what to make of it. With Cam you could never tell of he was serious or not.

"My dad loves you." I defend him. My dad has mellowed out a little but he and the men in my family can be a bit obsessive when it comes to me and boys. Heck, Lucky is even in on it as well as Nik.

"Maybe when I was 10 but as I became a teen he has seen me as a threat. He loves me enough but he keeps his eye on me in case I try to use our history to deflower you." He was honest but crass.

"Yeah well who says that I haven't been deflowered as you so eloquently put it." He laughed and my feelings would have been hurt if it weren't Cam. I told him everything in 'excruciating detail' as he says."

"Whatever you say pip." He has effectively dismissed the idea.

"You are not the type that goes slumming in the back seat of some idiot's car. By the way I can pummel him for you. I can't believe Joss." I can but I shrug it off.

"I might. I mean I just want to lose it at this point. I don't want my first time with my prince to be awkward." He smiles at that then his face grows serious.

"Look Em, you are a special kind of girl. So your first time should be. What is the rush?" He looked at me with those eyes. They begged of truth.

"I don't want love Cam. Most girls want candles and roses but I just want it over and done." He let the words sink in.

"Then what?" I wasn't prepared for the question. "Do you just shake off like it never happened or do you fall into a pattern. I don't understand you Emma. I mean you aren't easy but if you go about sex casually you could be labeled." That double standard pisses me off.

"And how many girls have you banged in the back seat of your car?" He looks away guiltily. "So if I don't want an emotional connection then I am a whore?" He looks at me but he doesn't say anything. I could swear he looks angry but why would he be?

"Look why don't we not talk about you losing your virginity it squicks me out." I raise my shoulder in a half shrug. Not like he is going to help me lose it. We decided to play a game of pool on the 'billiards' table. It was always funny at how proper Spencer could be. Many people expected me to be more like my mom. I guess in many ways I am but I think I am a combination. There is a wild child in me who craves adventure.

Spence and Lila come in and I smile at them. "We are playing a game of billards in the bat cave." I say in my British accent. Spence laughs then I realize that Lila and he are at the cave but I have never been here.

"So Spence, you been keeping the cave a secret." I say casually.

"No it took some time to pull it all together. Cam said you guys were coming here so I thought you could use a little company. Mainly though it is a man cave for us men." I look at Lila satisfied with his answer. Not that I would mind he and Lila hooking up but I prefer it not to happen. He has been my crush since I was six.

"So Lila how mad are our parents?" She raised her eyebrow in challenge.

"Do you think that I would risk them running into us? I did not want to be questioned. You both had better enjoy your free time." She laughed but she was right. I may as well enjoy myself for the rest of the night. I think I will go home a half hour before curfew maybe that will lesson my punishment.

"Emma is a golden child." Cam starts. I roll my eyes. "What it is true. You are a brainiac and you have gotten into an Ivy League school at the precious age of sixteen. They can't be too mad. Your dancing wasn't really provocative." I put my hand up.

"Have you met my father? It took my mom a month to get him to consider me taking another form of dance besides ballet. Then when he found out about the battle he grounded me for two weeks. They don't even know that I have continued it." He snorted.

"A true rebel this one." He jerks his head in my direction.

"But Cam makes a good point Em, you are a good kid." Just the words I want to hear from my crush.

"Hey I am just two years younger and 18 is still a teen Spencer." I say with a pout.

"Eighteen is no longer considered a minor. So there is still a difference." He argues but his eyes are teasing. I like it when he teases me.

"Talk to me when you are 21." I wave my hand dismissing him.

"When you will by definition still be a teen." Cam rolls his eyes then takes a shot. He seems annoyed. I don't know what his problem is. It is not like he doesn't get his fair share of attention from the ladies. He has a band and he is going to NYU, which has nothing to do with my decision to go to Yale. I am not Felicity. Spencer will be going to NYU as well which did not please his father. I think it is the sole reason he chose NYU.

Nikolas wasn't the best father in many ways. I suppose someone who spent most of their childhood in boarding schools and being raised by crazy has that impact but he did try. Like Cam's dad Nikolas has a stronger bond with the youngest child. I cannot believe that I didn't realize this. Cam's attitude is about his finding out whom his father really was. Maybe it filled in gaps. Uncle Luke was always more into A than Cam. Cam felt like an outlier. I shoot him a glance. He is brooding over the pool cue but that is just Cam, broody.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny Spidey. " I volley back but my focus drifts to back to Cam. I know that Lucky really loves him but I guess I don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

"Batman or Spiderman, pick one." Spencer teases as he turns on the TV. He and Lila sit on the couch and I join them. Man what is wrong with me. I hate chics like that.

"I guess I am playing myself now." Cameron mumbles.

"So Spence who are you taking to prom?" He sighs.

"I asked this one but she turned me down." I look at Lila like she is crazy. Only Cam knows of my crush but maybe I have been obvious. Lila has been to me what Brenda has been to my mom. My heart breaks a little bit but my crush is silly. No it isn't. I want to cry but I hold back. Lila is his age. He sees me as a kid. I had hoped to have a chance in a few years but if he dates Lila then that chance is gone. I want to discourage but I am not that person. I suddenly feel tired.

"Lila I thought that you didn't have a date?" I say innocently then she returns the 'are you crazy' look.

"It is no big deal. I just needed someone to go with and I really don't want to go with anyone else from school. She will make a big deal out of it and I am not looking for a girlfriend. I just want to hang out no pressure. Maybe we could make it a quad and the four of us could go.

"Cam may want to ask someone that he could get lucky with at the Metro." I say not to be a bitch because it is true.

"That is still possible Em. Everyone knows we are friends so you going with me wouldn't be ruining my night." He had the nerve to smile.

"That would make my dad happy. It would be like we were going as a group." I say dumbly but I really just want to show up looking great and possibly finagle a dance or two out of my future husband.

Chapter 2

I walk in the door at precisely 10:30 PM. My parents are not waiting for me but they are on the couch watching a hockey game both laughing and talking. I look at them trying to guess their game. I close the door rather loudly but my heart is thumping. For one thing they were laughing so I know something is off. My mom looks up at me then smiles.

"Hey you are home a bit earlier. I thought you'd be off with your road dog Cam celebrating your victory." I look at her and wondering what the heck she is talking about.

"Victory?" She nodded as if it were obvious.

"Yes two spoiled children. You both won. Whatever point you were trying to make you made it. See win for all." I was thoroughly confused. "Never mind that your parents are pillars of the community who dedicate time to community service and who work in public service, no. You are a teenager filled with angst and drama and you are the only one who counts." She was laying it on thick.

"You almost gave your father a heart attack. We have been thinking, maybe you should delay Harvard until junior year." I fight my smirk.

"I have decided to go to Yale." She smirks.

"Well then, maybe it is best if you put it off until you are eighteen. Although New Haven isn't too far. Nikolas has been thinking of expanding our satellite offices." She is smiling and I am trying to keep the color in my cheeks.

"Everyone should receive the benefit of my brilliance. I can work out of GH as my main job but consult closer to New Haven. It is perfect." I don't say anything but I am ready to burst in tears. So I fake a smile and go to my room. Before I clear the landing I hear them talking.

"We are awesome parents." I heard my mom slap my dad.

"What we are." He laughed. "I miss you." He said lowly.

"Does plotting turn you on?" I can picture him grinning but I cringe at what it means.

"No just being a team does that. I miss our being a team." I cannot hear what she said but he takes in a deep sigh and I hear her coming for the steps.

"Are you f'ing him?" I heard him bark.

"Are you crazy? How dare you insult me? I don't cheat Patrick." I hear her spit through her teeth.

"What do you call Brad?" She laughs but it is not her usual laugh, this laugh was dark. It scared me a little. It reminded me of Grandma when she was about to go Le Femme on someone.

"I was sick and you know that and even in my darkest time I knew enough to stop it so that it didn't go beyond the the point of no return. How did that work for you? Oh yeah that is right you courted the bitch. Then you went back to her house for hot and steamy. Then you realize you are wrong then leave only to go back the next night. Don't even get me started." My dad must have been angry because he didn't say anything.

"You didn't answer the question." My heart is beating in my ears as I await her answer. "Listen, don't answer because I don't want to know. I just need you to remember why we make sense. I know that you are angry and I know it feels like you pay more than anyone. More than anyone deserves to. I get that. I get that it has been easier for me. I haven't been the target. But it wasn't easier for me because you were. My biggest fear was always of losing you. So if you are I don't want to know but I want it to stop." I heard my mom coming up the steps and I make a hasty retreat. Once she is in their room I go down to cheer my dad up. I may have my issues with him but I know how much he loves my mom.

I plop down on the couch next to him. "Who is winning?" I ask. We have this rivalry. He roots for Edmonton and I root for Pittsburgh, mainly because of Sydney Crosby and my current crush who has replaced Syd.

"Your team for now but we are about to catch up." He still looks sad.

"So how much trouble am I in? I did not buy the pseudo guilt trip. I am practically a genius you know." I offer up a smile but he looks at me.

"You should watch your language but for the most part your punishment will be lenient. We are not telling you what it is yet. And you are a genius which helps. We are very proud of you but that doesn't give you cart blanche to do what you want. I get you want to be an individual but what are you rebelling against exactly?" Ah! There it was real guilt. I didn't know what I was truly rebelling against, perfection maybe. Being sheltered and not allowed to fully live. I know it sounds silly all things considered. I shrug.

"I am rebelling against the norm to claim my individuality. I love my life but it is so cookie cutter." He laughed at that.

"Yeah kiddo. Spy grandparents. Mad scientist and villains with rubber faces. Your life is sooo cookie cutter." He was mocking me but at least he was smiling.

"Well most of that I barely remember." I smile at him and Chex snuggle next to his shoulder and dig into the Chex Mix he had been eating. We bicker about the game and he is cheered up a bit. I am an awesome daughter.

Chapter 3

Liz and Robin were squealing with delight as they snapped pictures of the girls. Emma was wearing pink and Lila was wearing silver. They looked great. Cam came in wearing jeans and sneakers but he wore a jacket and tie. Emma rolled her eyes at him.

"Cameron, did you get a corsage?" Liz asked her son shocked by his choice of dress.

"I left it in the car." He shrugged. Spencer stepped forward and pinned Lila's corsage on her while Emma looked on. They posed for pictures.

In the stretch limo Emma looked for the corsage. "You didn't get a corsage." She asked Cam.

"I forgot and besides it is not like it is a real date. It is a group thing." He shrugged. "I would have gotten the wrong color anyway. You look like a fairy tale threw up all over you." He said honestly but she didn't allow the barb to cut too deep.

"And you look like something out of an eighties movie. A cross between John Cryer and James Spader." He frowned. He had watched those movies because Emma had watched those movies which she had learned about from Maxie and Brenda.

"I happen to think that I am much better looking but whatevs." Spencer looked at Emma.

"I think you look great. You both do." He smiled and Emma blushed a grin.

"Emma hasn't worn pink since she was ten and now she is looking like a fairy, don't encourage madness Spencer. " Cam egged her on.

"Cam you don't have to be here. We don't have to go together." Emma sighed she didn't get why he was being such an ass.

"In fact driver can you stop? I can walk somewhere." Spencer glanced at Cameron. The driver stopped and Emma got out. Lila followed her.

"Fix it." Cam snorted then waved him off.

Emma's heels clicked on the pavement. She heard Lila tapping behind her. She whipped around. "I'm okay Li. I am just not really into prom. I have been twice already." She shrugged.

"Okay but you shouldn't be walking out here alone." Her friend urged.

"I am fine. Please let it go." Cam approached.

"I got this Lila. It is chilly you should get in the car." Lila glared at him but then agreed.

"What is the problem Em?" He shoved his hands in his pockets.

"You think that I am the problem. Look I am not some obligation okay." He frowned.

"Listen is this because I didn't tell you how pretty you look? I mean you know that already but you also look like something from a Disney movie. I am not going to start lying to you. Let's be honest you are here for Spence. You aren't doing me any favors so I am stuck in a strange situation." She rolled her eyes.

"I am here because I thought we were hanging out and besides I highly doubt that you would be the attentive companion. The first sight of an available lay and your attention would be directed elsewhere." He grinned.

"Aww Em, you jealous, decided that you are crushing on the wrong cousin? I am flattered but you are too young for me." She crossed her arms to keep from slapping him.

"You are an ass Cameron Spencer. I honestly don't know why we are friends. I mean look at you. Who comes to prom dressed like that?" She put her hands on her hip.

"I am an ass it is part of my charm and you love that about me. Can we go now?" Emma was furious.

"You go but I am not. I am going for a walk." He ran tired hand over his face.

"Look Em the sun is setting and I am not about to let you walk around out here by yourself so get in or I will call your dad to come get you." Cameron met her heated glare.

"Fine call him. I am sure your mom will want to know that you had forgotten your manners and insulted my dress." She worked up fake tears. "My feelings are hurt because you are the first boy that I have ever crushed on." She sniffed.

"Look whatever." He huffed then got into the car.

"Her dad is on the way." He lied and they took off. Emma thanked the heavens. She had no idea where she would go so she pulled out her phone.

"Hey Max I need a favor." She called her favorite cousin and she was there within minutes.

"We can hang at my place." Emma frowned. Her uncle Matt would be there and she did not want to face him. "Matt is away at a symposium. I will make sure that Noel keeps his little trap shut." Maxie grinned.

"Okay I could use a movie and some ice cream." Emma admitted.

"Why aren't you going to your last prom?" Maxie asked seriously. "You look too fab to stay at home. Plus won't Brandon and Joss think it is because of them?" Maxie did have a point.

"I suppose but they know that I am over it. Joss cried and apologized we are on speaking term. Chics before dicks and all that." Maxie smiled knowing Emma would ever use such language at home. She would never let her repeat her mistakes but she acted as a sounding board. "Brandon has pretty much moved on from her. He took her virginity. I guess it was all that he was after in the first place." She sighed.

"Besides I get the feeling that Spencer really wanted to go with Lila but she held back because she has figured out my crush." Maxie gave her a sympathetic look.

"I have been twice so it is no big deal." She shrugged.

Meanwhile at the prom Cam had disappeared and missed the after party at the Metro. AJ had cornered Robin somewhere off to the side while Patrick looked on.

"Look AJ I cannot do this anymore. My husband is getting suspicious. I need to tell someone and I need you to get treatment." He stared at her as if he had been slapped.

"He is suspicious of you. You are the most loyal person that I know. He doesn't deserve you. Robin he cheated on you more than once." She crossed her arms and served him with a hard glare.

"You don't know what you are talking about, Patrick had no idea she was Lisa and furthermore she drugged him. I know how ridiculous it sounds but it is also ridiculous that everyone thought that I was dead for a year. I love him. I never thought I could love anyone as intensely as I loved Stone or Jason for that matter but Patrick is the love of my life. I hate lying to him." Robin said passionately.

"At least let me tell him. He can help us." AJ looked longingly at her. He didn't want Patrick's help.

"He doesn't want you to tell me." A deep voice said under a quickly fading calm. "See he is in love with you and has some sort of delusions about whatever it is that is going on here." AJ whirled around to face him.

"I have no delusions about her heart. You on the other hand take her for granted every chance you get. Maybe you need a little healthy competition Drake." Patrick laughed a hearty but dangerous laugh.

"I don't take her for granted but I don't put up with her shit either and she doesn't put up with mine and it works. So you need to stay away from her. I can retire early so I have no problem breaking your face." Robin got between the men.

"Patrick let's just go. Emma isn't here. Come on please." He took her hand.

"Just remember that Robin is my wife by choice and you won't be getting in between it ever." Patrick allowed Robin to lead him away from whispers and hushed tones.

Maxie dropped Emma off at her house at 12. Cameron was sitting on the porch with a corsage. She looked at him.

"What are you doing here?" She looked at him.

"Prom was lame. I also… I mean… We have been friends for a long time and I don't want some stupid corsage or lack of compliment come between us." He looked his feet then stood.

"Anyway here is a peace offering." He handed her the corsage. She accepted it.

"Thanks. What has you in such a foul mood anyway?" She looked at him but he didn't meet her eyes.

"Just random shit Em. Sorry that I took it out on you. I guess I wasn't in the mood for prom. You changed." He looked at her.

"yeah you in the mood for a movie?" He smiled.

"Depends on the movie. Fast7?" He asked hopefully.

"Nope Space Drive." He laughed.

"Yeah I am up for that. Got some snacks?" She rolled her eyes.

"As if I wouldn't." They went inside.

Cam and Emma were watching the movie when they heard her parents come in nearly tearing at their clothes. Cam put his head down biting back a smile.

"What are you two doing here?" Patrick asked.

"Um I live here." He sobered then looked at Cam. "It is just Cam dad."

"Who is still an eighteen year old boy." Patrick barked. "I was that age once."

"I hear you were a legend." Cam teased.

"Cameron you don't want to be on my shit list do you?" Cam stood and saluted.

"No sir. But Em is like the… She is pipsqueak to me. I keep all those other guys away." Cam knew it was a bad thing to do to a friend but he knew she would appreciate it later.

"True and thanks for that. But still if you touch her I will break your knees okay?" Cameron nodded.

"Good night Mr. and Mrs. Drake." Cam said shyly.

"Cam don't let him intimidate you. You will not address us so formally." Robin said smiling. "We looked for you at the party."

"Cam's outfit was too embarrassing so we decided to forgo the party." Emma said with a smile. Cameron frowned.

"She had Disney puke on her dress so she decided to change." He dodged a chip. "Goodnight pip." He ran out of the house.