Chapter 8

Emma had planned a small party of friends for Cameron and Nik going to NYU. She was proud of him. The party was after Kellys that night she received permission to have a small get together after closing. She had invited 20 people; Spencer, Lila, Joss, Morgan, Molly, Rafe, Lauren, DJ, Stone, and a couple of people she knew Cameron was friendly with at school. She had called Cam and said that she needed a ride home.

Cameron walked into KellyWhat the hell is this?This is a celebration of independence. In a few weeks you Spence here will be headed off to NYU so I thought that we should can I talk to you for a second?What she smiled.

t really my scene. I had only planned to pick you up. I have other plans.I want you to know that I am really proud of you. I wish that you could stay but I won She ducked behind the counter and got his present. He opened it.

He said sarcastically.

He looked at her.

He asked.

He laughed.

He winked then patted her shoulder. He walked away. Her face fell she wasnt leave. She was chatting with Lila and Stone when Kelly walked in. She marched over.

t invite any bitches.Relax tiger. I invited her. We were meeting and when I told her about the party she wanted to swing little girl. Cam likes to spend time with women. You know someone he can connect with and get something like herpes?You know I hear that most babies born to HIV.s fist connected with her jaw before he could react.

Cameron yelled while holding Kelly back. He took her outside.

t cool what you did.That little bitch is going she is not. Kelly if you even think about calling the police over this little squabble that you initiated you won He walked back into KellyWhere is Emma?In the kitchen. Why would you do that?I needed to talk her right , It mad at you. You know me. I thought that the way her head moved was hilarious but you know better. You are going to Yale, the last thing you need is an assault charge. So I went outside to tell her to back off.t respond. He moved to her.

t think guac is supposed to look like are the chips?Em I swear to God if you do that again I am going to share it with are a jerk. To me?Fuck you Cameron. Don She walked away but he stopped her.

s not twist things around. Don He said bitterly and she laughed.

what you didnt need your fucking pity. She mocked. He was stunned, he frowned.

t get it.I thought that you weret matter what my misconceptions are. I am truly did you bring her here?Well, she wanted to come and I wanted to He trailed off.

He shrugged.

t feel like working for it. Booty calls are easier Em.I should have declined. So should we get back to the party?I am kind of tired so. I am going to go upstairs. So when everyone leaves come get me so that I can clean , the hostess is going to bail on the party?Yup there is the cake. Have at is Emma?So you didn

Spencer shook his head.

Cameron flipped him off. Then walked away.

Spencer knocked on the door. Emma called.

t you enjoying the party?I don Her stomach hurt and she had realized some things about her feelings for her best friend. It made her feel unsettled.

t think lying on one of these beds will make you feel better.These have all been redone. Kelly He sat next to her.

t know how wise that is. I mean PCU kids like to party.I am not a comedian but I am glad to make you are funny. Not on makes me feel better.I just mean that you can be so serious that your expressions are funny. Where is Lila?I assume she is at the party. Her date is here.I thought you were?I had tried but she hasn She shook her head.

She argued.

He had finally noticed but he realized that Emma feeling sick had a lot to do with his cousin.

t give up. Go for it.And here I thought that you were into me. If you weren She blushed. Then buried her head in his shoulder. He hugged her.

He admitted. He was too much of a gentleman to hold her to it. Cameron walked in.

He frowned then looked at them. When they didnWell come down when you need the ride or let me know if you two are leaving tell me what has you feeling so sick?Nothing I want to talk has nothing to do with a certain guy around my age with the baseball it doesnWell it doesn She shrugged.

He winked then got up.

Emma walked down the stairs 30 minutes later. Cameron was eating a piece of cake off of a napkin.

She shook her head.

He looked at her.

She sighed.

She walked to the door.

wait up.I did not plan this. I have been listening to the oldies because a lot of great music was made before my up. I actually got you is zirconia but I figured every princess or queen needs with or without her prince. I also made you miss prom queen. So I thought that this could maybe replace , you confuse me. I don He shrugged.

t want itt know He frowned.

He leaned back.

He sighed. t going to see each other as often as we are used to. You are going to meet new people, make new friends. I am going to miss you.It is not like I will be in Boston. Just New will make new friends as , you know that I dont be the He smiled.

She got out of the car and he waited until she got in safely.

Chapter 9

My first college party, Cam and Spence shut me down because I was 16 and therefore too young for college parties. I was livid. I did not move to New Haven to be controlled. I know that my father had a bit to do with but I thought they were my friends. Of course Lila was going. Now here it is my eighteenth birthday and the final party before finals and I am being cast aside again. We kept in touch via Skype and emails and we met up twice per month. We were like the four musketeers.

t want me to lose my innocence or anything. You are all being ridiculous but fine go ahead.This is a different type of party. It is a frat party Em and it is for people over I get it. Wouldn I fight the burning in my throat and the pout that is about to form.

Cam asks but his eyes darken.

Spencer is telling him to shut up.

He shouted.

I look at him. That is what hurts me the most. I laugh to keep from crying.

t worry about it. No need to do that again.Oh Emma. I donSeen me leak. I am fine. Please just leave me alone.I am so sorry. I didnt know what to say and it is ironic because I havenI knew Spence. I am happy for both of you but it is a poorly kept secret. I smile; I just need to be alone .Do you mind if I call you Jordy?No I don I smile. I am proud of my brain. We flirt back and forth and I am enjoying myself.

I donWhat are you doing man? Hurry is a virgin man. I don The door opens and I can feel tears trickle down my throat. I hear a loud crack and a crash. There is some scuffling. Then I see my lab partner Tristan putting my clothes on. He picks me up and he is moving me through a crowd but my face is hidden.

I wake up hours later in the hospital with Tristan by my side. I jump up out of sorts.

I started bawling my eyes out and he tries to hug me but I dons apartment throwing her a party but she never showed up. The guest leave while the trio make calls.

Spencer said earning a surprise glare.

t you get it by now?Get what? You want to blame me but you two are the ones sneaking cover story was just wrong. I hope she is okay it is three in the Tristan. I am sorry that I freaked out on you. Don He said sincerely.

He raised an eyebrow.

He squeezed her shoulder.

He nodded but his face is full of concern.

ll talk but I want to make sure your roommate is here.What the hell happened to your face?What the hell are you doing here?Emma got little drunk at a party tonight and passed out. Her face connected with the hard ground. I made sure she got checked friends are here so I am going to be you around. Don Tristan left.

t you tell us what is really going on?I am too tired to spar and I smell like booze and weed. I am going to get a shower. I am fine as you can see. So you can man I dont you tell me what happened?Look man I don Spencer held Cam back.

Cam inhaled a breath.

t do that. Something happened and it is my fault.Whatever happened we are going to be there for her without self-pity. Calm down she doesn Cam watched Tristan get in the car, he no longer felt like he needed to meet a challenge.

When Emma finally emerged from the shower she heard her roommate rambling about every detail of her life.

Amber cried. t go to the party because Jeff didn Amber rambled.

Emma was red from the hot water and the attempt to scrub herself raw. Amber launched herself at her hugging her but backed away when she stilled in her arms.

t add up.You don

She walked into her room.

Amber looked at Cam with a wicked glint in her eye. She gave him all the info that she could. When Cam and Spence turned to leave she had a word of advice. She walked into EmmaYou have far more rage in you than I do. Are you sure you are not the Cassadine?I see you recognize the name? So you must know that compared to mine your family is worthless. I will end your life. I will ruin your family and leave you wishing you were dead. You are not to look at her. You are not to touch her. You are not allowed to speak her name let alone speak ill of her. In fact, you are going to cooperate when she goes to the police. Yeah you will embarrass the family but it isn Jordan looked at him.

Spencer glared at him then held Cam back again.

t here.He needed to have his legs are doing too much for yourself to let that piece of trash break were pretty passionate about protecting I am, my crush was mutual for a time. She was young and I had other reasons. Besides her attention was otherwise engaged when I realized ?If you don Cam sighed deep.

Spencer put his arm around his shoulder wondering when he would ever admit the truth to himself.

Later that afternoon Emma pushed her roommates to go out to study. She needed to breathe but that was short lived when she found Cam at her door with a duffle bag.

He looked past her.

She stared at him.

t want you here. In fact I don His eyes flashed at her.

t want to see you get hurt. I know how you feel about Spence and you are stubborn as hell. I needed you to get out so we could get things started. Come on Em did you think we would forget?You cannot even look me in the face. Why are you here?That is my shame not yours.I He pinched the bridge of his nose.

t need my shit so I will shut up okay.I am very sorry. I cannot even tell you how sorry I am.I know better. I. I thought yout do that to you again.I don She hugged herself then nodded. She went to her desk to study.

She picked up her book then put it back down. She joined him on the couch.

He pulls her close to him for a tight embrace.

She looked at him. There was a hint of a smile in her eyes that didnI love that movie.I He stood. He answered the door to Tristan.

Tristan met his glare.

Emma padded to the door.

He walked in. He looked at the TV.

He looked at the TV.

Cam turned it off.

s room.Is he your

Emma said with a wave.

t mean to be rude. I have to make it up to you somehow but I am not ready to face people.Got it. Look I will talk to the professor and I will bring your work are going to fall in love with him.t be ridiculous. He knew that she had been infatuated once or twice but love was something else. He also knew once it happened he would lose his best friend.