It was five years ago, after they recommitted themselves, they discovered that no amount of surgery would ever repair the damage to Olivia's spine. After that revelation she had become depressed and even more despondent than the first time around. In hopes of raising her spirits she had packed the family up and brought them out to the beach house.

It wasn't until they were at the beach house that Alex noticed the change and why. The beach house was renovated to accommodate Olivia in a wheelchair and the penthouse was not. Here if she wanted to fix herself something to eat she could without having to wait for someone. Alex knew she could have the penthouse completely renovated the same way she did the beach house but realized that even if she did Olivia wouldn't be as happy as she was there. So, after a long discussion with Olivia she placed their penthouse on the market, put in her notice with the DA's office and moved her family to the beach.

After leaving the DA's office she began her job with a unit called the International Criminal Court or ICC. She was offered a position abroad but declined it when she discovered that she could not bring her family along. So instead they set her up in the United Nations New York Office assisting with extraditing war criminals out of the US to Hague for trial.

When Olivia discovered she had refused the chance of a lifetime she tried to convince her to take it. She didn't want her to pass it up simply because she felt she needed to be home with her. Now that they were living at the Hamptons she could care for herself and their children without assistance. She had also told her that if it made her feel better while she was gone she would not argue if she hired someone to stay with them. She didn't care as long as she took the job.

Alex pointed out that nothing mattered more than her family and she didn't care what type chance it was. She refused to be a continent away and missing all the mile stones of Jonathan's life. Besides as it was the deal she struck with the ICC had her in New York City one week out of the month and an occasional trip to DC. Personally in her opinion that was too much time away from her family but it was something she could work with.

Olivia had finally made peace with what had happened and began to become her old self. One of the things that had helped was that being at the beach house gave her independence. She was no longer completely dependent on Alex who whoever was around at that moment. There had been several instances that Olivia had surprised Alex with breakfast in bed and cooking dinner her time to reflect.

She would have to say one of the happiest days of her life short of marrying Alex and giving birth to Jonathan was the day Alex arrived driving a minivan. Olivia could only laugh as she watched Alex exit the vehicle wondering if she knew something she didn't, since their SUV worked well for them. She only shook her head as she made her way to the car when Alex beckoned her but was reduced to tears when she handed her the keys. Alex had purchased the van and had it converted so that she could drive it. She finally had complete independence.

It wasn't until Olivia had received a phone call from Elliot and Amaro, the detective that replaced Casey, about fostering an infant that she was thankful Alex wanted to stay stateside for her job. Thanks to her legal skills they were able to approve it with ACS not to directly put him in foster care considering the facts surrounding the case. When they were unable to locate the family after a few weeks ACS decided that he needed be put into the foster care system. They had agreed to keep him for a few weeks till a suitable home could be found for him so he wouldn't be placed in a group home or state facility. As promised they released him to ACS once they found him a home but in less than a month they discovered he had been hospitalized because the foster parents had beat him.

Elliot had called them to inform them of what happened because he had caught the case. At two in the morning Alex dressed and drove back into the city and when she returned the following day she carried Noah in her arms. After watching Alex with Noah and Jonathan play with Noah she talked to Alex about possibly adopting. Alex never said a word but calmly walked away and up the stairs into her office. Olivia was scared that Alex did not want to adopt the child until she came down with a large manila folder and handed it to her. She had pulled the paperwork from the folder and discovered everything they needed to adopt him already filled out and signed by Alex they just needed her signature. Through blurry vision she scribbled her name in every spot that Alex pointed out.

Everything was going great and they were only weeks away from finalizing the adoption when they discovered that Noah's father had been found. Olivia was terrified that the state would take him from them and jumped every time someone knocked on the door. Alex was tired of seeing Olivia live in fear once again so on one of her trips into the city for work she stopped by Langen & Langen to see what Trevor could do for them. Two weeks after that visit Trevor arrived unannounced to their house. After reading the paperwork he handed them Alex began to cry. Thanks to the extensive criminal history and the nature of his charges Trevor had the state of New York deemed his father, Johnny Drake, and unfit parent and terminated his rights. With that information in hand, and filed with the courts, Noah Porter Cabot officially became their son just the past week.

"Hey" Alex whispered as she wrapped her robe around her and made her way to Olivia in the living room, smiling when she saw that Olivia was holding their newest family photo. "Everything ok?"

"Everything is perfect" Olivia answered reaching up and placing her hand over Alex's that was on her shoulder and looking up at Alex. As she stared into the crystal blue eyes that had melted her heart she thanked the lord above for sending her an angel that changed her life forever.

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