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Nico had never had a problem with going on quests alone. In fact he liked it. He hated most of the people at camp and he was able to do things his way. Nico had been called to Chiron's office early morning August 22, a Thursday. He was still in his pj's, knowing Chiron wouldn't really care, his eyes still filled with sleep, his body not fully awake. Nico liked his sleep, loved it, and that was one of the reasons he liked living with his dad. He could sleep in. Nico looked up at the half horse man he had come to enjoy over the years. "Why am I up this early?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"I have a quest for you, one I think only you should handle, though you may take anyone you like. Or no one at all." Nico sat up rubbing his eyes. He really did wonder why Chiron trusted him so much. Maybe it was because he was close friends with Percy. Nico was 17 now making Percy about 20, he had a job (at seaworld, idiot), his own little apartment he shared with Annabeth, he did always make a point though to visit camp every month and see Nico. Since Percy had more or less moved on a bit with life Chiron had trusted Nico more and more. To be honest it annoyed Nico a little. Nico liked to fly under the radar doing small quests his father put him up to or something. He wasn't like Percy, he didn't need to be in control and helping people. Nico didn't like having lots of friends and he hated people looking at him, which is all they seemed to do. Look its that weird son of Hades. Hes so goth and pale, is there something wrong with him? He's scary. He works with skeletons he must be crazy. As said before Nico didn't like to have a lot of friends, and he didn't. He had Percy, Annabeth, and Hazel. Maybe a few others here there but they were real good friends, more like people Nico knew, and put up with.

"Your father brought this up to me and its high time we look into it. You of course know the goddess of magic, Hecate. She has her own group of humans she's made just to practice and use magic. It is less powerful than some of the things you can do but it is well off and best to be careful around them. They practice wand magic and have their own world, impressive really. There is one wizard though who has cheated death more than once now." And that's how Nico di Angelo ended up sitting in Chiron's office all day in his pj's, learning about wizards Hecate a guy named Tom Riddle a boy named Harry a school called hogwarts and Horcruxes. Nico stood and stretched, he'd spent all day in position for far too long.

"On september first you have to be on the Hogwarts express."

"Noted." Nico said before exiting from the office.

-September First-

Nico was standing at the edge of camp with a trunk in one hand his new 'wand' in the other. The wand wasn't made of wood but bone of a thestral, 11 inches, and unicorn blood core. Nico shoved the want into his back pocket and was getting ready to shadow travel to the train station when he felt a sharp tug at his hair. He let out a (very manly) squeak and looked behind him. A teenage girl stood there half a head taller than him, she had long straight jet black hair, a thin curly body, crooked teeth, and golden liquid eyes. A a red tail flicked out behind her it was tipped in fluffy black fur. "What are you doing here, Andromeda?"

"Seeing you off duh." Her tail flicked back and forth in an annoyed fashion. "I want an IM from you every month. And If you need me I'll be there." She brow creased in worry.

"I'll be fine. I can't see this being too hard." Nico shrugged.

"Bye then." She said shortly looking away.

"Bye." And then Nico was being hurled through the shadows and into a new world.

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