Hi guys.

I recently saw both Wreck it Ralph and Frozen, and I loved them. I loved their stories, their characters, everything. I'm a huge fan of the Icebreaker pairing between Ralph and Elsa, and even drew a few arts of them, but i have read a few fics of them too, and decided to write my own from this idea i had to get them together.

Years had passed since Ralph had tried to prove himself a good guy. And his strive to achieve that had nearly cost him many things, including his game, Fix-it-Felix jr. But upon meeting and befriending the adorable, yet spunky candy themed racer girl Vanellope Von Schweetz, whom he had helped save her game Sugarush and reclaim her place as it's leader, Ralph learned that being hero doesn't mean getting metals or even being recognized or praised for your actions, but about helping others, doing what's right, and most importantly, being yourself.

And since then, life for Ralph was seemingly, awesome. His game was back up and running, all the Nicelanders, were being nice to him despite his villian status, and best of all, Vanellope was his friend. And even as an added bonus, more and more people were playing his game.

Yup everything was great for Ralph...well, ALMOST everything.

Now you might ask, "Well what more could you want in life?" And for Ralph, there was just ONE thing missing: a woman.

You see being the bad guy of his game, Ralph knew one thing, "The bad guy never gets the girl." And because he wasn't exactly good guy material as far as appearance, finding a good woman to be with hasn't exactly been easy for him.

But why this sudden interest in falling in love? Well... let's just say, he's been noticing Felix and Calhoun a lot lately. They're married, they're always near each other. Felix sure was lucky to have a dynamite gal like Calhoun, and Ralph was hoping that one day, he'd have a dynamite gal of his own.

"And so you see," said Ralph ending off his speech to the other game villians in the Bad Anon group. "life can still be a bit lonely."

The other villians applauded quite faintly. It was indeed brave of Ralph to confess his rather embarrassing, albeit not very important problem to the other villians, but being mostly the up front, and tough as nails guys that they were, they were having a bit of a hard time feeling much sympathy for him.

"OOOkay Ralph." said Clyde, the orange Pac-Man ghost. "I see that you have yet another problem on your hands."

"Well you know I'm not complaining or anything, it's just-" Ralph started.

"Aww come on Ralph!." said Eggman from across the circle. "What more could you ask for? I mean look at me, I don't have a girlfriend, but I have a whole army of robots at my command, what could be better?"

"He's right Ralph, besides, the bad guy never gets the girl, you know that." said Kano two seats away from him.

"Well yeah I know, but don't you think that being the bad guy shouldn't always earn you loneliness? Ralph asked. "I mean look at Joker and Harley Quinn."

The other villains stared at him curiously.

"Ok well those two aren't really game villians, but you catch my drift." Ralph finished.

"Once again, we get what you're saying Ralph, but also once again, that is something we can't change. Were villians Ralph, being evil and living our lives alone is what we do, it's what makes us, well, bad guys." insisted Clyde.

"Living in the shadows." said Kano.

"Obsessing over power." said Eggman.

"Smashing people's faces to the ground like potatoes in the dirt." said Zangief.

"Yeah what he said." Finished Eggman.

"Do you get what were saying Ralph?" Clyde pronounced.

Ralph sighed looking pretty dull and disappointed. He was hoping the others would understand his position, especially Donkey Kong or Bowser neither who hadn't uttered any words since the gathering.

"Yeah, I guess." said Ralph dully.

"Good." said Clyde. "Alright guys you know the drill, bad guy affirmation."

All the villians got up simutaneously with Ralph getting up a bit at the last minute. They all held hands and began the speech in unison as they always did every meeting.

"I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be, than me."

Ralph did take the affirmation to heart. He even said it before he nearly died trying to save Sugarush as he fell into Diet Cola Mountain years ago. He knew that he was a bad guy, and learned to respect his job and role, but he firmly believed that even bad guys could use some loving every now and then. He slowly lagged behind the other villians as they left Pac-Man for the night.

"They just don't seem to understand Felix." Ralph said to his co-star and all around best pal Fix-it-Felix at Tappers later that night. "I mean what's so wrong with a bad guy having a good girl around?"

"Well I say love has no boundaries." said Felix trying to cheer him up.

"I know that's what I told them." insisted Ralph.

"Here ya go guys, two beers." said bartender handing two large mugs of beer to the duo.

"Thanks." said Ralph.

"You know, why do you even listen to those guys that much anyway?"

"Well, they're villians like me."


"And the they all understand the many hardships that go with being a villian."

"But they can't seem to understand this hardship." Felix mused.


"You know what I think, I think they're all just afraid." Felix interupted.

"Afraid? Of what?" asked Ralph curiously.

"Well you see Ralph," Felix started talking one good gulp of his beer. "Love is a delicate thing. I think that many villians don't want to dwell in the realm of love and romance because they're mean't to be frightening and evil, and falling in love wouldn't exactly be in their agendas because they want to be seen as tough and hardshelled. They would rather be feared than loved. You know something, I bet you a million coins that at least one of them got the honeyglows from SOME girl that they met. They're just too "manly" to admit it."

"I suppose."

"But at least you were man enough to admit you wanted love. And you my friend most definitely deserve a good pat on the back for that one."

"Thanks Felix."

"No problem, that's what I'm here for, good guy Felix at your service."

The two friends laughed bit. Ralph was beginning to feel a bit better.

"By the way, how's Calhoun?" asked Ralph taking a quick swig of his beer.

"Aww Tammy's just fine." Felix said swinging is bar stool around and leaning up against the bar thinking about his wife. "She was showing me how to handle one of them guns in her game. Those things are awesome!"

"Yeah just be careful with them alright. You know the rule"

"I sure do."

"Die outside your game, and you don't regenerate" they said in unison.

"Hey Ralph listen, those guys at Bad Anon do know what they're talking about most of the time, but I say as far as love, you should just go for it. Find yourself a nice girl."

"Yeah maybe your right." Ralph turned to him.

"Just go out there and take a chance buddy. And who knows who you might find out there. She could be out of this world."

Ralph began to picture himself in the far future. A nice girl to call his own. Suddenly he noticed the clock above the bar.

"Hey it's getting late we better head back." Ralph said finishing his beer.

"Yeah the Mrs is probably waiting for me right this second." said Felix doing the same.

The two got up and headed for the power cord out of Tappers, leaving a few Mario coins behind as payment for their beers.

"Come again boys!" said bartender cleaning the mugs.

So there was chapter 1. hope you enjoyed. I'll be back with chapter 2. This will be the Frozen part of the story. The next chapters after that will be how Ralph and Elsa come together. Keep reading and keep commenting.