"Having fun?" Peter whispered into Emmas ear.

Emma wanted to die of boredom, actually. But her boyfriend probably didn't want to know that so she forced that perfect plastered smile, turning her head to look at him and nod.

She wore a black mini dress, not too short, and not to risky either. She looked beautiful, especially with her naturual sunglowed tan. She had her long blonde hair with lighter highlights styled in a salon blow out.

"You look, beautiful." Peter told her, astounded by her beauty, lots of boys and men equally were.

They were at a charity event. Peter's father was the host and let's just say, well, his father was some big shot that the media just loved to feed off of because he was rich, and proclaimed himself as a good man, someone who wanted to help the needy, and cared. One day, he was going to even run for mayor.

Emma could tell you first hand that these snobs did not care. Was she happy with Peter, you may ask? Sure she is.. she's happy she found a guy who could support her, and make her family happy, and let's just all admit the money his family had wasn't bad either. She was a smart girl herself, graduated from Georgia where she had met him.

Peter was making his father pretty happy too. Fresh out of college, and just 21 and he'd already launched his own charity for unfortunate children who came from bad homes, or gangs. This led to another thing he's done but with his fathers help, and the police. They shut down most parks where dealers and gang members were meeting up. Their was curfews now and neighborhood watch. They put up cameras on certain streets. They paid off the kids in their charity that they 'saved' to rat out other gangs, and to tell them what they were up to next.

So. Peter and his father were loved by Parents, and most staff, but hated mostly by criminals, or even small time crooks, teenagers, or rebels, or just people who didn't like their privacy or choice taken away. Some people in Emma's own neighborhood even admitted they didn't like the cameras on their street.

Emma didn't know what to think of it. Well, she did, but she kept her mouth closed. She tried to justify Peter's actions with wanting their town safe, but now, just because of the praise he got from his father and friends, he seemed to be trying hard to piss off the wrong people. Acting like Zorrow or something. It was going to far.

"I want to thank, everyone! Who put as much effort in this charity as I did." said Peter's father, up on the stage and making a speech.. yet somehow always making himself standout.

Emma let her eyes wonder, and was feeling a bit bored. She sipped her glass of champaign as she noticed she was probably the only 20 year old here. She couldn't help but swallow her drink hard when her eyes fell on someone.

The guy stood more in the shadows, behind the crowd, up against the wall but instead of facing the way everyone else did to watch the speech, his eyes were on her. He had the most smoldering look, and a small smirk on his face as she caught him looking at her. He had brown hair that brushed back in a messy stylish way probably just for tonights event, and he was tall, lean, wearing dark blue jeans and a long black sleeve shirt the U'd around his chest line. The sleeves were rolled up and his arms looked strong. His hands were in his pockets, and he glanced at the speech before narrowing his eyes at her one more time.

Emma tried to snap out of it, focusing on the speech just as Peter's Dad had said something about his son and everybody in the room clapped for Peter and turned towards them.

She clapped as well with the glass in her hand and gave a small nervous smile when Peter kissed her cheek infront of everyone and she looked down and found herself glancing cautiously back at the mysterious stranger as Peter wrapped an arm around her waist.

The guy seemed to eye Peter with her now, who didn't even notice the stranger watching them. Emma tried not to keep watching him, but there was something about him.

Emma finally turned from him when the speech was over and Peter grinned down at her, "One day, my Dad will be mayor, and I'll be next." he told Emma sincerely, looking proud of himself and he smirked down at her, "And when my Dad says it's right, you'll be joining us and wearing a cute diamond ring on your finger pretty soon."

Emma smiled, knowing thats what her family really wanted too and insisted that's what would make her happy. She let him kiss her and then he whispered he'd be right back.

Emma sipped the rest of her drink and a waiter went by, taking it for her. "Thankyou." she smiled, then curiously looked to the corner of the room again, to find that guy gone.

She frowned but let it go.

"Emily." Mr Stone started to come over, wearing his best tailored suit.

He was a smug son of a-

"David." Emma greeted, letting him lean in and kiss her cheek and knew he liked it better when she called him Mr Stone, but she hated to be called Emily, so..

"Peter's going to be a while.. but you should go introduce yourself to my staff that he's with." Mr Stone said, putting his hand on the small of her back and led her to the group of older men, chuckling and talking over another.

"Ah yes," The one with a grey beard said when Emma arrived, "You must be the lucky lady."

"No," laughed another man, "Peter must be the lucky one." he took Emma's hand and kissed it.. and once Emma kissed all their asses and pretended to be the perfect girlfriend, she was a little exhausted.


"Can we go home?" Emma whispered to Peter. Almost begging. "I got school tomorrow, Peter." she reminded. She had just graduated, but wanted to take a view more classes at Torontos University for business.

Peter sighed and gave her the keys, "You go, sweetie. I gotta stay here and..well, look good." he joked and leaned down, kissing her.

Emma sighed, watching him go but nodded and left while rolling her eyes.

"Careful Miss Nelson." the door-man at the front told her as she walked out and he explained, "We had some hooligans try to crash the party, the security got them though."

"Why'd they want in?" Emma asked, and wondered if it was just some rowdy teenagers, but the pit of her stomach turned. Peter and his Dad had been getting threatening letters from actual real life criminals. Even a small time crook was caught trying to break into their place to 'warn' them off.

The man replied, "To probably stir trouble."

Emma slowly nodded, right.

It was scary now that she had just kind of moved in with Peter. She says 'kind of' because she still has her apartment on the other side of town that she still had incase she wanted to get away. But living with him, she had no clue if someone else was going to break into their place; but now they have security and cameras.

So tonight, she'd go back to Peter's like he asked since she had his car now anyways.

When she got home, the place was dark and quiet. It was a nice three story house.. something a 21 year old shouldn't have but...Peter was very privileged.

She moaned in pain, taking off her highheels. "Finally.." she breathed, and went downstairs to the basement. She kept her clothes down there since there was a huge walk in closet. Sometimes guests stayed down there too when they visited, it had a bed and it's own personal bathroom too.

When Emma went down the stairs, she missed the dark figure in the kitchen. Someone was in the house.. and it seemed there was more when Emma made it to the basement, and someone watched her through a closet door.

She stopped at the bed, and began to zip down her dress after she moved her hair to one side, away from the zipper.

From inside the closet, the same stranger at the event, watched Emma. He stood next to another guy, who held a gun, and they've been waiting for Emma to come home for quite some time now. The familiar strangers eyes fixated on Emma in almost an infatuating way as she slid her dress off from her gorgeous body.

The strangers name was Jay, and the clown next to him with the gun was his buddy, Spinner. They were here to scare Emma into telling Peter to stop working with the police, and invading their territory . The police were ruining the 'meet up' spots for many mobs and gangs. It's Peter's fault that one of Jays friends was arrested the night the cops invaded another meet up at a warehouse, and it was one of Jays closest friends.. He took it very personally.

He eyed Emma, who had no idea they were even there. There was two other guys hiding in the bathroom too, waiting for Jays signal.

Emma stood in the dim lit room and finally peeled her dress off slowly, careful not to rip it. . it was nearly $500 and Peter may of had the money, but she didn't.

Behind the closet door next to Jay, Spin was smiling and almost laughing from the hot show they were getting and Jay grabbed his collar pointing a gun at his throat to shut him up. It worked.

Jay looked back and tilted his head watching Emma now standing in only a black lacey bra and panties, her blonde hair now fallen around her shoulders. His eyes hardened, and he watched her look around for something and eyed those curves of hers, so smooth and sexy.. the legs on her body were long and begging for someone (who wasn't poin dexter) to wrap them around.

His breath got caught in his throat, shocking him a little since that's never happened before, but did happen earlier this week when he saw her for the first time. He then tried ignoring it again when he took his gun out when she was coming straight for the closet they were in.

She opened her closet to scream as Spinner ran out and around her, clamping her mouth shut with his hand as her eyes widened and stared at Jay still in the closet, who slowly came out, and never tore away from her eyes either. She remembered him from the event. The other two guys came out of the bathroom and her heart started to pound and her eyes held fear in them.

There was guys in here the whole time!? And she was half naked.

Emma began to try to fight but Spinner was strong, he had to admit though, "Shit, she's pretty strong." the guys had to laugh at Spinner.

"Can't hold a girl, Spin?" Craig taunted and Lucas laughed beside him.

"Don't say my name in front of her!" Spinner now locked her hands around her back, letting her mouth go which didn't matter since she was too scared for her life to even scream right now.

Her brown caramel, slight hazel, eyes seemed to look back at Jay as he stepped out of the closet, and she couldn't help but wonder why they and him were doing this. When she looked into his eyes before, ya, maybe she sensed danger, but she also thought she sensed a bit of something else too. Attraction, maybe?

"Let her go." Jay told Spinner.

Spinner looked confused. "But that's not the plan."

Lucas, who had dark hair and eyes, with a faded cut, nodded, "Ya, we're suppose to scare the bitch." he smirked to Emma, and let his eyes wonder down her body. She was a pretty little thing.

Jay darted his eyes darkly at Lucas, looking quite intimidating now and not to be fucked with. "Go upstairs." he ordered. This made even Emma begin to really get scared...

They nodded, and went up, followed by Spinner who looked down at Emma before he loosened her wrists, then shoved her to Jay less than gently. Emma gasped in sharply, about to lose her balance, but the leader of this attack caught her in his arms, pulling her waist to his. She tried not to lose her breath, and looked up, terrified, into his eyes.

Up close, Jay was even more gorgeous if possible and his eyes were grey. Emma had never before seen that color on anyone and stared. He seemed to search her eyes for something too when he glanced down at her.

"Hurry and get it done Jay." Spinner said, going up the stairs and revealing his name.

Emma eyed 'Jay' closely. Jay clicked the safety off his gun and felt Emma tense in his arms and he smirked a bit at her, watching her almost quiver against him. She smelt of vanilla too. He was trying not to let it distract him.

She looked so innocent, but her body was anything but. He could tell by her eyes that there was some curiosity too. He could sense at the party tonight that she seemed caged, and bored, with Peter Stone.

Emma gasped in fright again, trying to move her head away when the hand Jay held a gun with, came over to caress her hair with the pinky finger he wasn't using. She felt her heart pounding, and gazed back up at him, to see him gawking the length and color of her blonde hair.

"You never see natural blondes anymore these days." he said with a deep, quiet voice. He easily grabbed Emma tighter into his arms when she went to struggle quick and run... but he was smarter. She whimpered a bit, scared, yet excited at the same time.

He had flawless features. Lips of an angel. Eyes that smoldered her. Dimples when he frowned too hard or just plain grinned.

He noticed, she was shaking like a leaf, and he tried to lighten the mood with a smirk that Emma gazed up at softly... it was an unbelievable smirk, and he finally went for the joke, "Personally, I prefer red heads." his smirk turned into a devilish grin at her glare.

"I don't care what you prefer." She spat. She was feisty.

It was a lie anyways, he loved his blondes. Jay finally sighed, knowing he didn't have the time to flirt.. a shame really. She was real easy on the eyes.

He let go of her but threatened her with the gun not to move and she crossed her arms, "Can I at least put my dress back on?" she sneered.

He grinned at her bravery and let his eyes trail down the front of her body first, and she had the perfect size of brea- Emma scoffed at him, turning around and Jay could only chuckle as now he was very impressed with her nice firm ass. She had turned to grab her dress.

She felt him take a step forward, and closer behind her until she could feel his hot breath against her neck. So it wasn't just her.. there was a ton of tension between them. She felt even disgusted at herself. Just because he was hot? Come on Em, you're better than that! He's a criminal.

"Tell your boyfriend to stop closing down our places of..interest." Jay joked but scowled down at her and then got distracted as he got lost in her beauty again, and softened, wanting to run his hands down her bare shoulders and smooth arms so bad.

He clenched his jaw, not have planning on being this drawn to the girl, she was suppose to be his pawn of hurting Peter Stone back, for revenge..instead he was longing to throw Peter Stones girlfriend on his bed and have his way with her.

She turned back and looked up at him questioningly, tilting her head. He liked that small habit of hers. The first time he saw her with Peter she had done that, he watched from inside of his car as the couple sat and had lunch outside on a patio. Jay and a lot of guys in their 'gang' were spying on Peter and his father. Staking them out, learning their weakness'.

"That's all this is about? You're mad because hes shutting down a place where criminals meet up and cause more problems for our city?" Emma snapped at him, eyeing him down when she said criminals.

He raised his eyebrows impressed when she snickered. Wow... this girl acted real brave. Emma whimpered when he grabbed her back up against him by holding her throat, his face an inch away from hers and she shut her eyes tight, sucking in a shakey breath with another whimper. But then she noticed, he wasn't really hurting her. His hand just stayed wrapped possessively around her throat, but he glared down at her.

"Tell him if he doesn't back down, or his father, I'll come back for him and make it more personal." Jay said, his gaze slowly trailed down her body and she panted a bit, "Or I'll come back for you." his eyes twinkled at that idea.

Emma's heart skipped, and she had no idea why since it was suppose to be a threat. She nodded, and Spinner had run back downstairs. They heard him pounding down the steps and Jay looked a little annoyed at the interruption.

"He's back, lets go." Spinner said and ran back up.

Jay gave Emma a 'too bad' sort of look and took a step back, putting his gun back into the back of his jeans and then went over to the bed, that had a black hat on it, and picked it up, placing it on his head backwards. Damn, it looked good on him. He didn't look older than 25.. it made Emma wonder his age. She then cursed to herself, wondering how she missed that hat right on the bed.

Clue #1.

He walked back to her, not being able to resist touching her with both his hands now as he slid them on around her hips and electricity flew threw them as he gripped them and she gasped, feeling on fire where he touched her and he leaned down, as he pulled her in closer to him, "til another time, Em." he nicknamed her, and she sorta liked that name come off his lips.

Suddenly he leaned down, and captured her lips into his. He kissed her softly, and she was shocked at first, until he slowly cupped her face and she then gave into the pleasant feeling and let his mouth open hers, to then start kissing another more passionately.

The sheer feeling of pleasure and thrill made a moan escape from Emma's lips and he sighed into the kiss, finishing it by going slower and then pulled away when they heard, "Emma?" came Peter's voice and the sound of the door closing from upstairs.

Emma was breathless, but eyes terrified. "Tell him your down here." Jay said, taking steps backwards, but eyes on her, smoldering at her the way he did at the charity event and her heart was going ballistic.

Why the hell did she kiss him BACK!?

She insisted it was the gun, and she was probably just traumatized or in shock, but she felt the tingles he left on her lips and her voice cracked a bit before she finally called back to Peter, "Down here!" she gazed up the stairs and then to Jay... to see him gone. The window in the bathroom, that's probably how they got in.. she sometimes opened it to get the steam out after she showered some days. Lesson learned.

"Emma." smiled Peter, coming down the stairs and clearly had no idea she was stricken with shock until he tried to pull her in for a kiss.

Emma shoved him off madly, and shouted at him as she leaned down to grab her dress, "I was just attacked, Peter! Thanks for staying out late!" she stormed upstairs.

Peter blinked. What?! Attacked!?

"EMMA!" he ran up the stairs to see her back in her dress and putting on her shoes, "Don't go, lets talk about this." he tried to cup her face, and examined her "I don't see any marks."

Emma pushed him away, "They had GUNS Peter! They didn't need to hit me, they gave the message loud and clear."

He stared bluntly, "W-what was the message?"

Emma huffed, thinking about it and sighed, remembering Jay's husky voice and then snapped out of it. "Get your nose out of everything. Stop trying to cause trouble with the gangs of this city. Don't make that speech about closing more parks and warehouses." she told him.

Peter's mouth hung a bit and he blinked and shook his head, "Alright, Emma, we'll go to the police, file the report... did you get a good look at them?"

Good look at them? Hell, she still remembered Jay's name, the color of his eyes and that damn smirk.

"No." she lied. She then mentally kicked herself, wondering why she wasn't telling the truth to her boyfriend

He sadly nodded, but still pulled his suit's jacket off of him and put it onto her, guiding her out, "My dad will deal with this." he promised.

Emma rolled her eyes but let him pull her into his arms as he walked her to the car to go to the Police Station.