"Having fun?" Peter whispered in Emmas ear.

Emma wanted to die of boredom, actually; but he probably didn't want to know that so forced a smile, turning her head to look at him and nod.

She wore a black lacey evening dress. She had only one sleeve on it, the other one designed to cut off and her bare shoulder glowed with the smooth tanned skin she had. the dress was tight, showing her off in all the right places. She ended the outside with black highheels and her hair in a side bun, slightly curly.

"You look, beautiful." Peter told her, astounded by her beauty, lots of boys did..

They were at a charity event, his father was the host and let's just say, his father he was some big shot that the media just loved to feed off of because he proclaimed himself as a good man, someone who wanted to help the needy, and cared

Emma could tell you first hand that these snobs did not care. Was she happy with Peter, you may ask. Sure she is.. she's happy she found a guy who could support her, and make her family happy, and let's just all admit the money his family had wasn't bad either. She was a smart girl herself, graduated from Georgia.

Peter was making his father pretty happy too. Fresh out of college, and just 21 and he'd already launched his own charity for unfortunate children who came from homes, or gangs... which led to another thing he's done but with his fathers help, and the police; They shut down the ravine. The Ravine was a place teenagers went and was only meant for gangs, or the wrong kind of people, so ofcourse something bad would happen when an innocent teenager would go. The place was used for letting loose, drugs (if you were into it) drinking, having sex yada yada, and Peter had pissed off alot of people when he did that...but he made people in the suburbia and fathers of daughters very happy.

"I want to thank, everyone! Who put as much effort in this charity as I did." said , up on the stage and making a speech.. yet somehow always making himself standout.

Emma let her eyes wonder, and was feeling a bit sleepy. She sipped her glass of wine and couldn't help but swallow it kinda roughly when her eyes fell on someone.

The guy stood more in the shadows of the crowd, up against the wall but instead of facing the way everyone else did to watch the speech, his eyes were on her. He had the most smoldering look, and small smirk on his face as she caught him looking at her. He had brown hair that brushed back in a messy stylish way probably just for tonights event, and he was tall, lean, wearing dark blue jeans and a long black sleeve top the U'd around his chest line. The sleeves were rolled up and his hands in his pockets, and he glanced at the speech before tilting his head to look at her one more time.

Emma tried to snap out of it, focusing on the speech just as had said something about his son and everybody in the room clapped for Peter.

She clapped as well with the wine in her hand and gave a small nervous smile when Peter kissed her cheek infront of everyone and she looked down and found herself glancing cautiously back at the mysterious stranger

He seemed to eye Peter with her now, who turned back to the speech, not noticing the stranger watching them and just wrapped an arm around her waist. Emma's eyes sparkled a bit when she couldn't help but admit this guy was really attractive, and she was never the one to ever think that way by this guy really caught her attention.

Emma finally turned from him when the speech was over and Peter grinned down at her, "Me and my dad are taking over this town." he told Emma sincerely, looking proud of himself and he smirked down at her, "And when my Dad says it's right, you'll be joining us and wearing a cute diamond ring on your finger."

Emma smiled, knowing thats what her family really wanted and insisted that's what would make her happy. She let him kiss her and then he whispered he'd be right back.

Emma sipped the rest of her drink and a waiter went by, taking it for you, "Thankyou." she smiled, then curiously looked to the corner of the room again, to find that guy gone.

She frowned but let it go, but couldn't help but admit she'd never held eyes with someone ever like that and feel that big of a...as lame as it is, connection.

"Emily." Mr Stone started to come with her, wearing a thousand dollar suit to this event.

A smug son of a-

"David." Emma smiled, letting him lean in and kiss her cheek and knew he liked it better when she called him, Mr Stone because it was more professional and modern... but, her name wasnt Emily, so, let's call it even.

"Peter's going to be a while.. but you should go introduce yourself to my staff that he's with." Mr Stone said, putting his hand on the small of her back and led her to the group of older men, chuckling and conversating with Peter.

"Ah yes," The one with a grey beard said when Emma arrived, "You must be the lucky lady."

"No," laughed another man, "He must be the lucky one." he took Emma's hand and kissed it.. and once Emma kissed all their asses and pretended to be the perfect girlfriend, she was a little exhausted.

"Can we go home?" Emma whispered to Peter begginingly "I go back to school tomorrow, Peter." she reminded. She had just graduated, but wanted to take a view more classes at Torontos University for buisness.

Peter sighed and gave her the keys, "You go, sweetie. I gotta stay here and..well, look good." he joked and leaned down, kissing her.

Emma sighed, watching him go but nodded and left.

"Careful Miss Nelson." the door-man at the front told her and she gave a curious look so he explained, "We had some hooligans try to crash the party, the secuirty got them though."

"Why'd they want in?" Emma asked, but couldn't help to remind herself of the stranger. Who was he?

The man went on, opening the door for her, "Why to probably stir trouble with Mister and Peter Stone."

Emma slowly nodded, right... his father was actually recieving death threats for closing down that place. Some people had even egged Peter's house as well, and broke a window.

She had just moved her things in with him since she was mostly always at Peters, but sometimes she was glad she still had her apartment and didn't fully live there..yet . But tonight, she'd go back to Peter's like he asked since she had his car now anyways.

When she got home, the place was dark and quiet. It was a nice three story house.. something a 21 year old shouldn't have but...Peter was very privileged.

She moaned in pain, taking off her highheels.

"Finally.." she breathed, and went downstairs to the basement. She kept her clothes down there since there was a huge walk in closet.

Sometimes guests stayed down there too when they visited, it had a bed and it's own personal bathroom too.

When Emma went down the stairs, she missed the dark figure in the kitchen. Someone was in the house.. and it seemed there was more when Emma made it to the basement, and someone watched her through a closet door.

She stopped at the bed, and began to take the bobby pins out of her hair and zip down her dress.

From inside the closet, the same stranger at the event, watched Emma. He stood next to another guy, who held a gun, and they've been waiting for Emma to come home for quite some time now.