Greed by Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy

Being included in the SALIGIA compilation has definitely been a highlight in my Fanfic writing experience. Our group of sinners has had many laughs throughout this journey together. So much love and thanks to LayAtHomeMom for being just devilish enough to grab a handful of some of the most special and talented writers out there in order to knock this sucker outta the park. You're the Ouiser to my Clairee. I absolutely love you more than my luggage. Many thanks to Jonesy, Hoodfabulous and LayAtHomeMom for all of their support in pre-reading this bad boy, and to my MFEO beta, LaMomo, who wanted to know where her sweet, innocent, HEA-needing Yummy disappeared to after reading this. Love you to the Motherland and back, my dear. And lastly, huge thanks to our readers who enjoy being just as sinful as the rest of this rockin' gang.

Gluttony by LayAtHomeMom

Special thanks to Planetblue and Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy for pre-reading and to my hetero life mate, Carrie ZM for beta'ing this bad bee. Ladies, thank you for the many hours of discussion, hand holding, tough love and liner notes. You dolls are planking awesome and made this so much fun. I appreciate all you guys put into this one-shot! Thank you to each and every one of The Sinners, their betas and our lovely banner maker Ceci Lolypowski for all the hard work you gals did for the compilation. It was a blast, pals!

Pride by DazzledIn2008

Pride by DazzledIn2008 - I first have to thank all the other authors in this compilation. I was already fans of theirs, and for them to ask me to join their sinful group just blew me away. Love you all! I have to note that HALF of this story (the second half) was written while I was at jury duty. :) Also, I have to include my usual disclaimer about not criticizing my legal jargon - all of my knowledge of everything legal comes from Law and Order, SVU. Shout out to MaBarberalla, who is my pervy fanfic friend (J'Adore!). As always, I couldn't have written this story, or any other, without the help and direction of my fantastic beta and real life BFF, LibbyLou862. She not only fixes typos, grammar, and tense, but she discusses plot and logistics with me until everything is perfect. And we say dirty words out loud, and it makes me laugh. Love you Libby!

Lust by Planetblue

Huge thank you as always to my beta in crime, Carrie ZM who told me I wasn't nuts and got out her holy water for this one. Seriously, I make her question her morals. A gigantic thank you goes to all these great ladies who contributed to this compilation, showing me how wonderful and diverse this fandom can be. I love you all very much, and it's been an honor to work with you. Lastly, to LayAtHomeMom, who isn't only my prereader, but had the vision for this and put it together, joining a truly wonderful group of authors, one I'm proud to be a part of.

Sloth by SexiLexiCullen

Hey, you guys! Many thanks to my Master-beta, the lovely HollettLA, my pre-readers LayAtHomeMom, Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy, and Flora Flor, aka My Unholy Foursome. They've been true inspirations, helping me trust my baser instincts. I'd also like to thank the rest of SALIGIA for including me in this exquisite compilation. It's truly been a pleasure, very gratifying, working with such a wonderfully talented group of ladies. Sinsational, even. Most of all, HUGE thanks to all the readers. Thanks for reveling in our divine vices, letting us lead you into temptation, and the depths of depravity to dance with the devil. Always regard the clouds, chase your fantasies, and watch the wind. Hate the sin, not the sinner. And, remember, don't be a hard rock when you are really a gem! Mad love! (smooches)

Wrath by JonesnDaHood (Jonesn and Hoodfabulous)

We would like to thank LayAtHomeMom for inviting us to write alongside such a wonderful group of fantastic authors. This collab forced us out of our comfort zone, causing us to discover a genre of writing that we both shockingly (maybe not so shockingly) now enjoy, so thank you for that, Lay. We would like to thank our beta, SunflowerFran for all the hours of hard work and effort she put in while beta'ing this hot mess of a fic (and for not stroking out like we predicted). Thank you, Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy, for pre-reading this insanity and for being such a good friend. We would like to thank the readers for delving into this twisted one-shot. If not for you, we wouldn't have written these kooky characters. And lastly, we would like to thank each other for being awesome. :D

Envy by GothicTemptress

I'm so grateful to the goddesses who helped guide me along to turn this into what it became. Planetblue, arts and crafts have never been so enlightening and creatively fun - thanks for holding my hand, for all of your help. LayAtHomeMom, without you, Deep Space Nineward wouldn't exist, and I'm thankful for your humor and all of your hard work in helping me along. RoseArcadia, NKubie and Shay Savage, YOU make naughty fun, and I thank you for being what you are to me, beautiful ladies. CarrieZM, I'm so grateful to you for taking this project on and beta'ing this for me! To my fellow Sinners ... Thank you for making this journey so much fun! I love you ladies, and feel blessed by your support and your friendships. I'd test out double-sided Velco in microgravity with all of you, just sayin'. ;)

Special Thanks

The Sinners would like to thank Ceci Lolypowski for each and every amazing banner she created for this compilation. Ceci, you are beyond talented and so lovely to work with. The banners you made really set the tone for the entire compilation and definitely added to the intrigue. We are immensely grateful and so proud to have your work as the face of our words

Thank you to the FicSisters International House of Fanfic site for all of their help getting the word out about The Sinners. We appreciate it!

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Thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, followed, fav'd, pimped, rec'd, tweeted and lurked this compilation. We hope you had fun playing along. As always, stay classy, fandom!