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Peach trembled in her chains, sitting on the floor of Koopa's throne room. She didn't like the new Luigi, who loomed over her like an animal, waiting for her to move. The new Luigi was evil, the old one was good. This one eyed her like his prey. She looked away when Bowser's shadow fell over her slight form.

"Comfortable, Peach?"

"No," she retorted firmly through clenched teeth. She whispered tearfully. "How could you do this to him?"

Bowser shrugged carelessly. "I never even planned on it to happen. But since it has, I'm ecstatic. Why, I might as well infect you and Mario while I'm at it." Peach's blood froze.

"You wouldn't," she breathed, disbelieving eyes locked on Bowser's.

"Imagine! Taking over the Mushroom Kingdom by making them just like me…" Bowser grinned at the thought. "No sense in wasting time my dear. It's time for you to become one of us…"

No," Peach cried softly, unable to tear her eyes away from the once-plumber that stalked nearer, baring his gruesome teeth. "No, Luigi!" He grabbed her wrists forcefully, ignoring her pleas and drawing his mouth closer to her neck.

"Luigi! Stop!"

He turned his head at the voice, growling deep in his throat. He stood up slowly, turning around, and Mario gasped at his brother's appearance. Almost all of his visible skin was that sick, light color green, his eyes were still bright yellow…but now two nasty fangs jutted from his mouth, and his fingernails were long and sharp.

"I know no Luigi," he rumbled, his voice frighteningly deep, like that of a demon. Mario was tempted to think he was not looking at his brother…but a monster.

"Y-yeah," he stuttered. "Yeah, sure you do. Don't be stupid. You're Luigi!"

"You try my patience, human." Luigi stood up, lowering his head but focusing his eyes on his brother.

Mario began to back away until he remembered something. He dug around his pocket, pulling out Luigi's hat. "See? Remember this? You're lucky hat?" Still the demon-Luigi advanced, unheeding his brother's pleas. Mario took two more steps backwards.

"Luigi! You can't forget your hat! Try to remember!" he cried.

"Of course he can, he's forgotten everything," interjected Bowser with malicious glee. Mario shot him a nasty glare out of the corner of his eye.

"Who asked you?" Mario's eyes grew wide in panic--no, terror, when his brother revealed a twisted knife. He backed away more quickly, careful not to walk into any walls. "Whoa, Weegy listen. Listen to me!"

"Why should I listen to you?" Luigi growled, his deep voice running chills up Mario's spine. The latter floundered for words.

"Because....because I'm, I'm your brother!"

Luigi stopped in his tracks for only a second, closing his eyes. Then she shook his head, still advancing with the same fury and murder.

"Kill Mario."

"No, no Luigi, let's talk about this!"

"Kill Mario."

"Weege! Listen to what you're saying!"

"Kill Mario."

Finally he had enough. Waiting for Luigi to come close enough, Mario dodged every swing he took with the knife. "Luigi!" Duck. "Just…!" Shy away. "…cool it!" Another swing, and Mario raised his leg, kicking the knife out of Luigi's hands. The literally green plumber glared at him, advancing still. He needed to knife to infect his brother.

Out of ideas, Mario was cornered, literally. Luigi's face came close to his own, and he caught a glimpse of ugly yellow teeth.

"Weegy, no!" Mario grabbed his brother's face in his hands, trying to stop its course towards his own. He strained with the effort and fear, surprised at his brother's strength. He felt hot breath on his neck, whispering, "Join us."

Mario squeezed his eyes shut and pushed with all his might.

"No!" Peach shouted from across the room trying to break free from her bonds. "Luigi, stop it!"

The distraction was enough. Mario kneed his brother in the stomach and slid towards the knife, picking it up in one smooth motion. Not believing he was doing so, he aimed it in the monster Luigi's direction who still stalked closer, unafraid.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Weege…Luigi, Luigi listen to me!"

No answer. Just ominous dark footsteps.

"Luigi, you can't forget you're brother Mario! You can't!" He found himself uselessly backed into a wall again, not even realizing he had been moving. "You can't join the Koopas, they're evil!"

"And who will stop me?" Luigi growled in his thunderous voice, drawing nearer. "You?" Mario still grasped the knife in two hands, but as he grew more intimidated he slowly lowered it to his waist, the butt of the handle pressing into his stomach, the sharp point facing outward. He swallowed, throat suddenly very dry. The monster threw himself against the wall facing Mario, his hands slapping against cold stone to stop his momentum. The plumber cringed.

"You think you will stop me? Our race is undefeatable." Mario shook his head, not wanting to believe what he was hearing. Not wanting to believe that the unearthly voice was coming from his brother. Not wanting to believe this beast before him, the beast that wanted to kill him, was once his brother.

The monster's face drew dangerously close to Mario's. "What are you going to do?" he challenged intensely. "Huh? What?" The monster stepped even closer, and the blade of the knife sank into his midsection. Grunting softly, he lowered his head, looking at the hands that grasped the handle of the blade. Everything seemed so slow…

Mario's eyes grew wide, his mouth flew open, and he too glanced downward. His fists, slowly being covered in blood, were pressed up against his waist; the knife kept as far away as it could have been. He and the monster's overalls were staining dark red.

"No!" Peach screamed, her eyes never leaving the scene before her. Mario's did however, and he gazed, stricken, into his brother's dark mass of hair.

He watched as Luigi weakly lifted his head only enough to meet eyes; to his horror, rather than relief, the green tint had left his face, and the yellow had left his eyes. Luigi stared at Mario, his boyish features restored, his expression curious, his brown eyes anguished. He tried to form his brother's name on his lips, but it seemed to take all eternity.

"Mm….Mario?" His frail, trembling voice cracked, and his knees gave out beneath him.

Eyes still wide, Mario caught his brother under his arms, lowering him slowly to the tiled marble floor. Mario sank down with him, carefully twisting his brother so he lay on his back, his head resting in his lap, Mario's legs straddling his body.


"No no, shh, don't talk," Mario whispered hurriedly, holding a finger to his brother's lips. Luigi's every breath was a fight, his eyes were locked on some far away object in a corner where the ceiling met the wall.

"I'm…I'm s'rry…"


"S'rry fer…hurtin' Peach."

"No, she's okay, she's fine."

Peach watched with a horrified stare, blinking back tears.

"Sorry for…not being careful…"

"No no, don't worry about that." Mario snatched his brother's right hand and grasped it tightly.

"M' sorry…" Luigi breathed. Mario cursed softly and wiped away his tears with his knuckles clumsily.

"No, Luigi. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for…for not letting you go back and get your lucky hat."

Luigi smiled faintly at the joke, then gasped, mouth opening wider, needing the air that wouldn't come. Mario held his face in his hands, as if trying to help him achieve his impossible goal.

"Maybe then…none of this would have happened," Mario mumbled. "I'm sorry I let you down. I'm…sorry I--"

"N't your fault…" the younger plumber sighed, staring at that distant spot near the ceiling. "…Mario."

Chin trembling, Mario glanced away. "Yeah. Yeah it is." Looking back down at his brother, he wiped away his tears so could better see. Luigi wasn't moving. His eyes frozen, his mouth parted slightly--not moving.

"No. No Luigi! Wake up!" His brother never answered, never moved…never breathed.

"Luigi I'm sorry!" Mario sobbed, losing control. He cradled his brother's face, stiff in death. "I'm so sorry…" Peach felt herself go limp in shock, and would have collapsed had a sudden strength and anger not coursed through her viens. She shouted at Bowser, unvisible through her tears. "You did this to him! You murderer!" She sobbed uncontrollably. "You murderer!!"

Mario stared again at his dead brother, growing silent. This isn't happening, he thought. He's not dead...this isn't happening...he's not dead.... He closed his eyes in despair and defeat, the hands that cradled his brother's face beginning to tremble as Bowser's maniacle laugh grew louder and more mocking. Disturbing the anguished moment, Luigi blinked hard, squinting. "Ow…"


"No!" someone shouted close by. A girl stormed towards the unhappy scene, throwing a clipboard down on the ground. "Dang it, Luigi, can't we do this right for just once?" She looked over her shoulder, more than aggravated. "Cut!"

"What?" Luigi asked innocently, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. Mario shook his head and sighed. From afar, Peach threw up her hands in exasperation, the plastic chains on her wrists making odd clacking sounds.

"You blinked!" the director retorted.


"You're not supposed to blink, moron! This is supposed to be a heart wrenching moment! We can't have one if the dead guy comes back to life! Make-up!"

"But my eyes were dry and stinging!"

"Suck it up, Weege."

Luigi cast a "shut-up-or-die" look at Mario while listening to his director's harangue.

"First you sneeze, then you fart, and then you can't stop blinking? This is taking forever! You can't stop blinking for just ONE minute?" Two people rushed to the scene, one cleaning Mario's red hands, and one trying to help Luigi, who kept brushing her off.

"Maybe if Tubby back here would…shut my eyes or something. They do that in movies, ya know!"

"No, Tubby is not going to shut your eyes…"

"Hey!" Mario protested.

"Look, Haley Joel Osment did it in A.I., so I am likely to believe that a grown man can do it too."

"Ah, Haley Joel Osment's a brat!" Luigi waved his director off, tearing away his Velcro shirt, the bloody stains and fake knife handle going with it. He dropped it on the floor and waltzed away, hands in his pockets, trying not to care.

"Don't you walk out on me, Luigi Mario!!" she screeched.

"Why not? I can find better work in some other town, maybe on 'The Sopranos'!"

"Weegy," His brother ran to catch up with him. "Luigi, come on…"

"No. I've had it with her and her stupid "eye-openers"......literally."

"Come on, I know you can do this." He put a hand on his brother's arm.

"She doesn't think so," he muttered, tilting his head towards the director.

Peach looked at her watch while a woman powdered her face, growing angry. She tapped her heels on the floor impatiently, gesturing wildly with her hands. "Hey, is this going to take all day? I have to meet my agent about the Seven-Up commercial!"

"Come on, let's do it for Peach," urged Mario.




"......I'll ask her if she'll let me close your eyes. How's that sound?"

Grumbling and mumbling a lot, Luigi finally nodded. "Fine. But I'm not doing this for her!" she said loudly in the direction of the director.

"Whatever, guy. Make-up! Get back here and make this guy green!!" the director screamed. They hurried to fulfill her commands as Bowser crossed to her in two big steps, leering.

"That twerp doesn't have a chance…"

"Shut up, or I'll fire you too," replied the director calmly, glancing over pages in her clipboard.

Bowser went red in the face with anger, then lowered his head sadly and walked back to his spot by the throne, forgotten by the camera. "Yes, ma'am."

"Okay, people. One…more…time!"

The End (Sad, but true.)

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